(2015-09-29) More Than One Way...
More Than One Way…
Summary: Lincoln, Kayla and Holden make a rather disturbing discovery down by the river.
Date: Sept. 29, 2015
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Holden is sitting on the bank of the river, leaning against the trunk of a tree. He has three walkie talkies sprawled in front of him, and a fourth in his lap taken apart. He's tinkering with a little screwdriver, still trying to get all of the walkie talkies to work. As he fiddles with the electronics, he's quietly singing, not at all good.
"Tonight's the night when we forget about the deadlines, it's time uh oh
I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22
Everything will be alright, if you keep me next to you
You don't know about me, but I bet you want to
Everything will be alright, if we just keep dancing like we're 22."

With her brother off doing…something Kayla has managed to get out of camp for a little while. Sort of. The off-key singing has drawn her down to the lake, backpack slung over one shoulder, and she grins as she sees who it is. "So, you definitely weren't in a choir before the waves, were you?" she teases to announce her presence.

Lincoln is doing his Lincoln like things as he is walking along the bank of the river, avoiding the water itself. His notebook is out, his pen is busy writing and he pauses at the sound of voices to glance, realizing once more he's wandered into the midst of others. How terribly awkward for him yet again. The man stands there, staring at the others in the area with a blank expression.

"What?" Holden turns to see who snuck up on him. "Huh? Oh." He sighs, shaking his head with a little smirk, "Everyone's a critic." He finishes with the walkie talkie and then begins to close it up. "What brings you out here to my office, Clutch?" He looks over her shoulder, seeing Lincoln. "Well, both of you, out here?"

"Both of us…?" Kayla twists around - the fact that Holden doesn't look worried about whoever it is, so she doesn't panic. She blinks and then grins, offering a wave to Lincoln before she turns back. "Just getting out…but since you're here, I found something you may be able to help with…or use parts from."

As he was staring blankly, and not terribly far off, Lincoln blinks himself 'awake' and shakes his head. "I'm just surveying. Seeing if there's good places out here for… things." The vagueness has him coughing and folding up his notebook to put in the waist of his pants.

Above the gurgle of of the river is low buzzing off to the right. It's not mechanical. It's almost too low to pick up and it comes and goes.

Holden furrows his brow a little, studying Lincoln. "Things? That's right mysterious then, eh?" He looks at Kayla, "Please tell me you're not out here checking out Lincoln's thing?" He smirks, and then asks her, "What do you have?"

"Stuff?" Kayla echos before she wrinkels her nose and sticks her tongue out at Holden. "Uh, not on your life." she assures him before tossing a wink in Lincoln's direction. She swings her backpack off her shoulders as she speaks, and reaches into its depths to pull out a flashlight. "I think it is broken but thought maybe.." She trails off with a shrug and tosses it to him

Lincoln opens his mouth to say something but then stops, brow furrowing some. "Does anyone hear that?" He asks the others before shaking his head. "Nevermind, probably just my mind again. What were you saying about things?"

Holden tilts his head as well. "Hear what?" He sits the walkie talkie with the others on the ground and he pushes up to his feet. He moves to stand beside Kayla, almost a little protective, as he looks around. "No, Lincoln… I hear it. What is that?"

That soft buzzing sound continues, melding into the rhythm of the lapping water.

"Yeah," Kayla turns and moves towards the edge of the water, backpack still in one hand She frowns as she looks over the water and then to each of the men beside her. "Any ideas? Doesn't sound much like a drone to me…"

"I'm not sure. It's not familiar to me." Lincoln replies towards the other two. He takes his notebook out of his waistband and sets it on the ground before starting to make his way towards the river where the sound is. "I'll check it out."

Holden takes another step after Lincoln, so he's between the river and Kayla. He looks around, watching the sky a bit, then the woods, being careful. "Keep your eyes peeled, Clutch. Might be militia…" He then takes a few more steps, following Lincoln part way.

Kayla still hasn't met the miitia, and she hopes to not meet them now. "I think…" She pauses, because she isn't really sure what she thinks. Her shoulders can almost be seen tensing as colour slowly drains from her face. The ast time she heard a sound she couldn't place, she ended up kidnapped..

The buzzing is actually coming from down the bank some and into tree line a few feet. the closer the group gets the louder and more disjoined it sounds. And it's not one noise, it's many layered onto of each other. It's flies, all centered on a spot on a tree about 4 foot up. The approaching humans disrupts enough of them that the form of a small kitten can be seem. It's been crucified, nailed to the tree and seems to have been partially skinned.

Lincoln comes to a stop and glances behind him, motioning with the 'go away, back up' hand gesture towards Holden as he's coming and then looking back up to the tree. "Ain't worth looking at." He attempts to warn the others, meanwhile however his brow is furrowed. He's seen some things, certainly nothing akin to this.

Holden furrows his brow and keeps coming. "What ain't worth looking at? What is it?" He comes to a stop beside Lincoln, and he tilts his head a bit, and as he stares at the dead creature, he asks again, "What… is it?" And then his eyes open a bit, "That's one of the kittens… That's…" And with that, he turns away, dropping to a knee and throwing up.

"What is it, Linco…oh my god!" As her cry sounds in the woods, Kayla's hands fly to herm outh as her eyes widen at the sight of the kitten on the tree. The already pale woman actually looks like she's turning a little green, but she manages to not lose her lunch. But only barely. Since Holden is donig what she was thinking about, she instead burrows her face into Lincoln's shoulder.

There's a bare sigh from Lincoln as the pair approach and soon he finds himself reaching up to place an arm around Kayla when she hides her face and glancing at Holden as he alleviates himself of lunch. "Was…" He stops himself and takes a breath. These people are compassionate. "Let's head back towards the river, get some fresh water to drink." He offers to the pair, turning to try and guide them.

Holden finishes up, wiping his mouth on his wrist, and then moving to the river. He rinses his arm and then cups some water onto his face. He mumbles, "…sorry… sorry…" After another moment, he pushes back up to his feet. "Sorry…" He sniffs, looking back at the cat again, squinting, and then looking at Kayla. "That's one of the kids' cats."

Kayla is guided fairly easily away from the scene, at least for a few feet. "We…we have to bury it." she gasps, lifting her head and looking back over her shoulder with tears in her eyes. "We have to." She sniffs, herself, and nods to Holden.

"Are you certain it's one of the kids' cats?" Lincoln asks quietly as he continues to lead them to the river bank. Water is soothing or something, right? "I'll take care of it in a little bit, once I'm a bit calmed down."

Holden takes Kayla's arm as he looks at Lincoln. "Yeah. It was. Who would do that? Right here, so close to our camp?" He furrows his brow again, "You think the militia are trying to mess with us?"

Swallowing, Kayla reaches trembling hands into the water to cup a bit and splashes it onto her face. Still dripping, she sniffs again. "Who could do something like that? Quin…Quin said there was someone new nearby, crazy…a woman. Blonde, dirty." She reaches up to put her hand over Holdens

Lincoln glances at Holden then towards the tree before shaking his head. "It's possible it was something like that, but I don't think so." He is quiet for a few moments before reaching down and getting his own hands moist with water, splashing it on his face. "It was … " He hears what Kayla is saying and nods his head towards her. "That might be a more solid idea."

Holden shakes his head a bit, "It's gotta be the militia. No one- None of us, at the camp, would do that. That's crazy." He looks at Kayla, "Right?" Then back at Lincoln. "We've got a couple veterinarians. Maybe should one of them, I don't know, do a… cat autopsy or… something…?"

Kayla shakes her head slowly before she squeezes Holden's hand. "She's not part of the camp. Quin said he thought she was going to attack them over a book." She shudders, and looks back towards the kitten-tree. "Let's bury it and go back to camp Now."

Lincoln nods a bit towards Kayla, "I think that's a good idea, well most of it. Let me handle the kitten. I'm going to take a few notes in my book about it." He says it softly before looking at Holden, "Can you make sure Kayla makes it back ok?"

Holden listens to Kayla, "We'll need to make sure he know. Do we tell anyone else?" He looks at Lincoln, "Of course I can," he says, with just the slightest hint of defense in his tone.

Kayla nods. "I'm going to tell Quin - the rest of them, I…we shouldn't tell Piper, but…the kids need to be watched, closely." Kayla still looks pale and slightly green.

Link nods a bit at the others, "I'll talk to Sonny about it as well, just so the patrols know to keep their eyes open in case anyone is lurking around that's suspicious." He goes to his notebook to pick it up and start taking details of the 'scene'.

Holden nods to Lincoln, "Don't be too long, in case whoever did that is still around." He takes Kayla's hand, "Let's get back to the camp then. We'll find Q." And if she allows, he begins to lead her away.

"We can't just leave him here…we should wait." Kayla insists, even as she stands and reaches for Holden's arm to give it a squeeze an then motions him to what he was working on. "You get your stuff…I'll keep watch."

Lincoln writes some stuff in his book while looking at the tree, making slight notations and a crude drawing. If the ickiness of it troubles him he doesn't give an outwards indication. Turning after several minutes he sighs and shakes his head, muttering quietly. "Burying a cat…"

"My stuff? What- Oh, my um…" Holden lets go of Kayla and walks back to the tree, "My stuff. Right." He takes a minute to pick up the walkie talkies. "I'd kill for a glass of milk right now," he mutters, and then he smacks his lips together a few times and spits.

Kayla winces on behalf of Holden, and she tries (and fails) to force a smile. "They probbly have some at the kitchen. We can check." she offers. Her head swivels back and forth, trying to keep her eyes on both of them.

Lincoln sets to work, using a stick to scrape out a hole in the ground then stops and looks at the nailed up cat and sighs, shaking his head. Over his shoulder he calls out, "I'm going to need to get a hammer or something most likely."

Holden finishes gathering his things and then walks back over to Kayla. He closes his eyes for a moment when Lincoln mentions needing a hammer. That's just awful. He inhales, and looks at Kayla, speaking to them both. "Should we all go back together so you can get a shovel and a… hammer…?"

"Only if Lincoln's coming too. I…my skin crawls at the idea of leaving anyone out here alone." Kayla whispes as she reaches to take hold of Holden's arm after reachign down to pick up her own empty bag.

Sighing a bit, Lincoln turns and nods back towards Holden, "I think that's a good idea. I'll come back with the tools in a bit." He starts walking back to the pair and nods his head indicating the camp.

Holden grinds his teeth a moment, shaking his head about this whole thing, and then he nods, "Let's get back so you have time before dark, then." And he begins to lead Kayla back toward camp, along with Lincoln.

Kayla keeps hold of Holden's arm, and falls silent as they make their way back to the park. She's going to haev nightmares tonight

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