(2015-09-30) Drone Sweep
Drone Sweep
Summary: Lots of hiding when a drone sweeps though
Date: 9.30.2015
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Yesterday ended poorly, with the drone mission taking a turn for the worse and then the grisly finding by some of the others. The day finally ending was a releif. Today is starting out all that wonderfully either. At least not for Piper, who had to break the bad news to five children. It may be just a kitten to some, but to a child that loves said kitten, well… she's still dealing with the fall out. Usually this time of day, mid-morning, the path that leads to the campsites is devoid of human life, but not this time. The pregnant woman is pacing up and down path, cradling the three year old Becca against her shoulder, rubbing the little ones back as she hummms a soothing tune.

There's always a retain amount of guilt when the thing you brought to someone, even if not by your own fault, causes them pain. Quin didn't sleep well, but that's a combination of being shot at, and then Kayla crying in his tent all night. So now the poet, tired and bruised from yesterday is slowly walking up the path. He has a cut underneath his left eye. An inch higher and he might be sporting an eye patch. he slows when he sees the sight in front of him, his heart breaking a little more. He doesn't know if him approaching will help or hurt the little one.

The woman turns around at the path that leads to the last set of camps and begins to head back up the path. Her expression is stoic, but her eyes are bloodshot and tired. The welt while still there is no longer an angry red and is more her normal skin tone. An ocassional whimper comes from the child, but from the way she hangs limp she seems to have cried herself to sleep. Her tired eyes don't miss the arrival of the blonde and she continues up the path toward him. It's not hard for her to tell that his night was rough as well.

Quinton frowns, and will offer his hands out to take the child, if Piper will allow. Even at 3 years, sleeping children are heavy. and if he can do anything to help, he'd like to. While it's not a priority, his gaze does linger briefly on the welt before going back to the toddler.

She isn't surprised by the non-verbal offer though Piper does hesitate in handing the child over, mostly out of fear of waking her. Her aching back wins out though and she moves closer so he can take the girl. Becca wakes long enough to look from Quin to the woman and back again, any protests forestalled by Piper rubbing the girl on the back and making a calming shushing noise. The girl then settles into her new position, arms loosly around his neck. With the additional weight now off of her the woman arches her back stretching a bit to ease the stiffness. She does her own exmination of Quinton, touching the corresponding spot under her own eye where is cut is. She knows how he got it, the whole camp knows about the mission. She feels bad that she renegged on it. Though everyone else is releived.

Quinton's hands immediately go around the child, rubbing her back just like Piper was. he swallows, sadly and holds her a little more firmly. Even if it's just in sleep, he'd like her to feel safe. He can't answer her, so a shrug of the shoulder that Becca's not on will have to suffice. He clearly doesn't think it's a big deal, it was just one stitch. There's a deep breath, he's going to try to say something in that regard, but then his head jerks as his ears pick up…something.

Piper tries to smile at him, but fails. She doesn't have it in her at the moment to even fake being okay. She nods at his shrug, he could have come out of that worse. She moves to his side, perhaps to continue to walk whereever it was he was heading, his sudden motion, his going on alert though as her looking at him quizzically and then around.

Not thinking about her reaction, Quin's hand darts down and grabs for Piper's. He gasps, but even as the air rushes into his lungs he knows the simple word isn't there. Instead the poet starts running, one arm cradling Becca, the other trying to drag Piper along towards the bathrooms. If it's scanning, he figures a building gives more cover than tents or trees. It may be futile, he doesn't know. He's moving on instinct.

She finally hears it, the steadily approaching buzz that signals a drone is whizzing through the air. By then the guitar callused hand is gripping onto hers and pulling her foward. There is a surprised sound from the woman as she stumbles foward a few steps before hitting the rhythem of the running. If she had time to reflect she would find it strange, but she is just concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other. She may be pregnant and front heavy but she can move fast if she has too, and right now she has too. She just can't run for long, so good thing the bathrooms aren't that far away.

Quinton's long legs have him reaching the door a step before Piper and he lets go of her hand to yank the door open. poor Beca, just when she feel asleep again. He holds onto her, but doesn't have time to say anything(Not that eh could). Hopefully piper rushes in so he can slam the door shut behind them.

She no more than a step or two behind him and through the door so it can be safely closed. Piper only pauses breifly as the door is slammed shut. Now she is grabbing his hand to drag the pair to the tile lined shower stall furthest from the door.

The buzzing outside grows louder as the drone begins to sweep and orbit around the camp.

Quinton doesn't protest, although he moves a little slower, trying to rock Beca slightly and keep her calm, a hand going to the back of her head. Once he gets to the shower he'll crouch low, dying to get Piper down as well. He's breathing hard, and will try to hand the toddler off to Piper. He needs his gun out, he doesn't know if he's even be able to pierce the hull of the drone, but if it suddenly starts shooting lasers, he'd like to be able to shoot back. he does tremble slightly though, so much adrenaline racing through his veins in he past few days!

Getting down on the floor is easier said than done for Piper, espcially after she takes the once more awake and crying Becca. She makes it though, clumsily and huddles in the corner, cradling the girl to herself as she rocks her. Her attention is on the man crouching there with his gun for a moment and hand goes out to take a fistful of the hem of his sweater but she doesn't pull or tug. As the buzzing continues getting louder, softer and then louder again there are a few gun shots heard. One is even relatively close. That one makes the woman start.

Quinton's body tenses. he guesses not everyone got to cover. Pale eyes glance to the two huddled and tries, and probably fails to lay a calming hand on Piper's shoulder before trying to stand. If camp's trying to take it down, they may need help.

Oh the hand can find the shoulder just fine, but it's going to take more than that to calm the woman. Piper's hand is still clings to his sweater as he gets up but it's easy enough to tug the material away from her fingers. Her wide-eyed fearful gaze follows him up and goes to the weapon in his hand and then to the door. They probably both know the handgun won't be effective against the drone but she nods at him and gestures that she'll just stay until he comes back.

There's a line of poetry there, fingers grasping knitted yarn…Quin can't think like that now though, and he shakes his head trying to clear it. He looks at her a moment before nodding. It may not even come close again. Hopefully it goes close to someone near the big guns. Quin turns and head to the door, listening before slowly pushing it open a crack.

Piper watches him leave the stall and then he is out of her visual range. She can't see through walls. She turns her attention to the toddler still crying on her shoulder. Comforting the girl as best she can without having any comprehensible words to use. It comes down to back rubbing and humming a soothing lullabye.

Meanwhile outside, the buzzing and gunfire continues. The buzzing is getting louder again and the drone seems to be sweeping back through the area from the west this time. Another gunshot, the sound of metal pinging off metal quickly follows. But the drone continues to buzz.

Quinton's gone a few minutes, a loud gunshot, very close goes off. There's no ping of metal though. The poet's about run out of adrenaline to keep him going and his hands are shaking too much. the camp, in theory, was supposed to be safe. And now it's not. he'll stay at the door, guarding it as well as his shaky aim can.

There is really no such thing as patience in a situation like this, but there is nothing Piper can do but huddle and wait, wait and huddle while she handles the three year old. Her head lifts quickly at the so close gunshot, and strain her senses listening for both the return of Quin and the departure of the drone. She figures that the latter will probably come first.

The drone zips through the sky above the camp, at times it is close enough to see the dents bullets have left on it. One even peirced the metal but didn't hit anything vital. After another sweep it then disappears to the west, leaving everything eeirly quiet in the absence of its buzzing noise.

Quinton holds his position for an extra minute, just to make sure before he slumps into the door. Pale eyes close briefly as he counts to ten, trying to calm himself before he turns and moss to the stall in the back. Make makes sure to scuff his show a little so Piper hears him. he's sure she does anyway, but he does anyway. Once he's in, he'll crouch down and place a hand on her shoulder, nodding and trying to express they're safe.

Hearing the door open and close Piper will assume it is him. Drones can't open doors are far as she knows. That doesn't stop her sigh of releif when he appears though. Friendly fire can be just as dangerous at the enemies. The hand on her shoulder has her tilting her head to rest her cheek against it as a hand goes up to rest it against his scruffy bearded one. The question is in her expression, is he ok? Of course he /isn't/ and she knows that, but her concern isn't something easily hid.

Hearing the door open and close Piper will assume it is him. Drones can't open doors are far as she knows. That doesn't stop her sigh of releif when he appears though. Friendly fire can be just as dangerous at the enemies. The hand on her shoulder has her tilting her head to rest her cheek against it as a hand goes up to rest it against his scruffy bearded one. The question is in her expression, is he ok? Of course he /isn't/ and she knows that, but her concern isn't something easily hid.

Quinton nods, causing his beard to rub against her the palm of her hand. "…k?" He manages to not let his voice be too wobbly as he asks. He then looks at poor, poor Becca and drops his hand to her back. He doesn't' attempt words, just makes a soft sound, not quite a hushing noise. But hopefully it's calming to the toddler. Or at least, hopefully it doesn't agitate her more.

The woman is still to shaky to try to get up, not that she could while holding the child. Piper leans against Quin as he works with her to sooth the toddler. Poor Becca, first the kitten and now scary drones and gunfire. She just doesn't understand the nightmare world she woke to find herself in today. Becca has always been the cuddly one, so another pair of hand doesn't bother her. She reaches out her little hand to pat Quinton on the arm, in a similar gesture that the woman uses. Probably where she learned it actually.

Quinton forces a smile at the child's attempt to sooth him. in fact, he'll slip the gun back into the holster before offering to hold her, so she's not smothering Piper. They need to go check in with the other. He needs to make sure Kayla's ok, and the other kids. And Harmony.

With the toddler awake Piper just gestures for her to go to Quin, but quickly wipes the girls face with her shirt sleeve. No use getting Quin's sweater all damp with tears. After the girl shifts from her nearly non-existant lap to his she shifts to kneeling and then uses the wall to get to her feet. She offers a hand to help him up should he need it.

Quinton gives a small grimace, his body is just sore from being so tense. But he's able to make it to a standing position. his arms wrap around the kiddo, rubbing her back. He's looking at Piper though, trying to determine is she's ok or not.

Piper is about as okay as he is. Which isn't very as far as she is concerned. She has been far worse though. The day it still young though but hopefully the worst is behind them. As he looks at her she gestures toward the door indicating leaving and she finally speaks her tone resigned "Day over?" the yet is implied. She would probably love nothing more than to crawl into bed and hide away the rest of the day, but yes there are other people to think of and check up on first.

There's a small nod, Quin's feeling close to the same. the oblivion of sleep would eb very welcome. The poet heads for the door, using his backside to push it open and hold it for Piper. The sun is shining obnoxiously bright, is juxtaposition to what just happened. They need to go find people and check in. Sonny's gonna want head count.

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