(2015-10-01) Future Hard Decisions
Future Hard Decisions
Summary: Kayla and Piper converse about the kids and moving
Date: 10.1.2015
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It's morning and the sun has finally freed itself from the horizon, it still isn't high enough yet though to pierce the grey haze and light fog that drifts around the trees of the campsite with its dotting of tents. It's been a rough two days for the Camp. Attacking military brats (leaving Bob and Elijah injured), a crucified kitten and a drone sweep or two. It has left frayed nerves all over. It's this reason that has Piper walking into the camp where, Kayla and her brother reside. She has finally managed to shake Becca for the moment, the three year old was attached to either the pregnant woman or Quinton all day. The child took the loss of her kitten hard. The woman has a handful of kindling and firewood in her arms and dumps it by the fire pit as she looks about to see if anyone is awake and about yet.

No one is up yet, but as the sound of kindling dumping in the fire happens, stirring can be heard from Quinton’s tent. It’s a few minutes before Kayla’s head pops out – she looks a bit better than yesterday, not that that’s hard. She didn’t have to drink herself into a stupor to get to sleep last night, so that helps.
“Hey Pipes,” she murmurs as she carefully gets out of the tent and zips it back up. Her voice is soft, and she motions back to the tent to indicate someone is still asleep.

Piper looks up from her task of arranging kindling and firewood. If she is disappointed in the emergence of Kayla instead of the other Well's sibling it doesn't show. She probably isn't either way. Lifting a hand in greeting she manages a "Hey." for the woman and nods and glances to the tent when it is gestured too. She lifts a finger to her lips and makes a shhhh noise, indicating that she will keep it down. Maybe it’s a joke…since she is always quiet. A lighter is pulled from her pocket and she uses it to light the fire.

Kayla can’t help but smile, albeit faintly, at both the greeting and the gesture from Piper. She isn’t worried about noise, not from this one. Straightening, she arches her back to stretch out before, with a soft sigh, she shuffles to grab a couple of smaller logs. She deposits them next to the firepit before grabbing a seat. “How are you holding up? How’s Becca?”

The fire is fed kindling and wood until it is crackling and shedding enough warmth to keep the pair comfortable. As Piper does that she hand wobbles and then moves to take a seat as well, in a chair if there is one around. Usually there is. "Sleep…ing." the three year old was a weepy mess yesterday. That's enough to exhaust even a toddler. "You?" she gestures to the tent, "Quin?" asking how they are doing in return.

“Quin’s mad…he wants to find who’s responsible. I…can’t get the image out of my head.” Being kidnapped, seeing and burying dead bodies – that stuff didn’t seem to bother Kayla overly much, but this…. “I drank almost a full bottle of Quin’s moonshine the night it happened – same night as you guys fought the kids, I guess.” Kay stares at the fire as she speaks, not up for making eye contact. “I…I’m sorry, Piper. I should have been the one to tell Becca and the kids, to be the bad guy…not you and Quin.”

The woman nods. She gathered a bit of that yesterday. Piper once more glances to the tent. Her expression says it all, she hates that the poet has been driven to this, the anger, the violence, along with the other stuff he experiences daily. Guilt is there too. She cares deeply.
The mention of the moonshine has her looking back at Kayla, and her expression shifts to yuck face. She has smelled the stuff, if it tastes as burny as it smells she doesn't want to touch the stuff. Not that she should. She heard about the firefight with the Kamo Kids, she was supposed to be on that mission, but renegged at the last minute for reasons unknown. In hindsight everyone was relieved she didn't go.
"No." she says to the apology "Better me." she has been with them the longest, she knows them better than anyone. It has hard, but she feels that it was her place to tell them and no one else’s.

Snorting softly, Kayla nods. “Wasn’t the tastiest stuff, but…it did the trick.” She slept without nightmares, and that’s something. Kay, herself, isn’t thrilled about her Brother having to deal with any of this…or herself, or anyone really. But she is glad she still has him – she’ll take what she can get.
“And yeah, but I still…jesus, I’m glad it was me and not them. I just wish…Quin and I are going to find out who it was. Lincoln is looking into it too.”

Piper grimaces it's not hard to imagine what a horror it would have been if the children had found the grisly sight. She takes them to the river often, it could have easily been them to do so. At least luck was on their side in that matter.
"Careful." she says when she is told the plans. Worry is in her tone. She has tried to avoid thinking on what the finding could mean, focusing instead on the pain it brought her flock "First kittens…then?" would someone willing to torture a kitten like that stop at kittens, or eventually turn to larger prey? If movies and cop shows are to be believed no it will just escalate.

“I know…but that’s why we need to find them before they escalate.” Apparently, Kay watched the same cop shows and crime dramas.
“I was going to ask Bob, but since he was shot…he needs a few days.” It’s not that she doesn’t trust Lincoln, but Bob must have done investigations before. He WAS a sheriff, after all.

That is something she can agree on. Someone capable of such acts is capable of anything. She will have to be even more watchful of the children now and the other kittens as well.
Piper has seen Bob, knows the name and the face that goes with it, the same goes for Lincoln, but they haven't made it onto short list of people she will associate with. If the job at the time requires it, sure, but outside of that she avoids them as well as other men and people in general. Except a chosen few. So broken. "Suspects?" she inquires.

“Quin mentioned a crazy blonde he ran into outside camp. But other than that…” Kayla shakes her head sadly. “No one. I’m no Nancy Drew, so, I thought Bob would be a good investigator, since, you know…sheriff.” She rolls her shoulders in a final shrug before taking a hard left with the conversation.
“So, I was talking to Quin – I want to set up a real classroom for the kids. They need routine…”

"Crazy." Piper nods as she swirls a finger around an ear "Was there." unless Quin met her a second time which is quite possible. "Mostly harmless." that's her non-professional assessment of the woman. Mostly is probably the big word there.
The subject shift has her arching a brow at Kayla. She isn't opposed to the idea, she is more curious, "Where?" she isn't going to argue the routine thing. She tries to do that, but it isn't easy for her and she is young, the same age as Kayla, so child rearing is still new for her.

“Not sure yet – Quin and I are also trying to find somewhere folks can live comfortably for the winter, so…maybe in a living room or something. Finished basement. I don’t know…it’s just an idea, for now.” Kayla admits. “But…I can go find some decorations and stuff from the old school in town, and…make it like a real classroom.” This part she adds shyly.

The idea of a classroom outside of camp doesn't sit well with Piper. The farthest the children are allowed is the lake where Gabriel's cabin is. One of the empty cabins there might work for a classroom but she doesn't suggest it. "Surviving…" Piper gets out, "More important." she can do without too much comfort as long as she is warm and has food.
A smile is had at the bashfulness of the comment, "Several schools." she gestures in the direction of Fremont. The town is large enough to have at least two or three grade school. Plus there is a university in town somewhere. She roamed around it enough early on to know this much. "One burned." partially at least.

“That’s just it – Quin and I were looking at the Peninsula – there’s enough houses for everyone in camp, it’s defendable and it’s better suited to surviving the winter,” Kayla explains. She sighs then, and shakes her head. “This camp isn’t viable for the long term…but we do need somewhere safe.”
Kay perks up at the mention of several schools, and she tilts her head. “I’d say want to go see with me, but…we have bad luck.”

A thoughtful hmming noise comes from Piper as she thinks about the area. There are plenty of cabins, spread out like the campsites are. If enough have fireplaces it could work. If not there could be a roommate situation she supposes. She nods "Maybe farther." there has been to many Kamo Kids in the area for her safety and there could be more. Best to move on to someplace new really. But no one really asks her opinion on the matter.
She chuckles at the comment "Big one…" she points south, could mean Cedar Bluff. It's relatively close too. "Take Quin." her brow furrows a bit "He needs…." she tries to finish the sentence but can't so she just makes a vague gesture to her head.

“He needs…to get out?” Kayla can’t quite figure out what that gesture is supposed to mean, and so she simply asks for a bit more clarity in her own way.
“And it might be better to move farther, but I don’t know the area.”

Piper nods. It's close enough. Out of camp, out of his own head. There are a few other things she thinks he needs but those are two big ones.
"From here." she gestures east "Omaha." not here, here but close. Which makes her more familiar with the area than some that now call this place home. From Omaha, lived in NYC, she's been all over. "Map?" she asks, she doesn't have her pack, so she doesn't have hers at the moment.

“I can dig one out, sure,” Kay pushes up out of her chair with almost no stiffness. It hasn’t quite been a week, and the stitches are still tight, but she’s less stiff every day.
Kay moves off and digs around in her tent for a brief moment before reappearing, map in hand, and taking it to Piper.

While Kayla gets the map, Piper pokes at the fire with a long stick and fees it another log. She kinda wishes she had brought her camp kettle. Coffee would be nice about now.
When the map is handed to her she unfolds it, laying it across her lap. There is another thoughtful noise as she scans a finger tracing the Platte river south and then another river back to the west. A finger finally stops and she circles an area in Kansas "Nothing." nothing but small towns all far apart, separated by miles and miles of plains and some forest here and there.

“So you think we need to pick up and move to…” Kay peers at the map, and then arches both brows. “Kansas?” She hrms softly as she settles into her seat, and then nods. “It’s not a bad idea, but…how harsh are the winters?”

Her expression is indecisive when she is straight out asked that. She makes a weighing kind of gesture with both hands. The implication is that there are pros and cons. "Same." Piper answers "Mostly." she hand wobbles. It's not far enough south to be below the snow line. Going that far south would take to long with this many people, unless they got a bus or two working.

And even if they did, would they have enough supplies to get them through the winter? Doubtful, at best, and that leads to hard decisions.
Kayla leans back in her seat, stretching her feet out in front of her towards the warmth of the fire. “What happened to the hardest decision I had to make being whether I work my skinny or bootleg jeans? Damn.”

That brings a chuckle to Piper as she folds the map back up. "Not alone." She says as she gets up and hands the map back. "Going…" She gestures in the direction of the dining hall "Help." She always helps at meal times and it's past time she get her butt there. "Later." She waves as she heads off.

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