(2015-10-01) Uncomfortable Conversation
Uncomfortable Conversation
Summary: Jules and Piper run in. Becca makes a new friend
Date: 10.1.2015
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Lake Front

As one approaches the area a cabin can be easly spotted with a small slope down to the lake. The lake area being nicely set up for bathing, and a small trail leading to the fishing area. The cabin itself looking to be in good shape. A nice garden of herbs and spices can be seen and a fenced and caged area for the chickens. They get to roam easily enough. During night being kept in the cabin itself, or whenever no one is home. Just to keep them safe from bandits. The window is barred on the inside. Letting light in but making it hard to break in.

Mid-morning finds the weather not quite so agreeable. Cold and drizzling, perfect weather for lounging by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a book. Not so perfect for roaming around in the woods by a lake. Which is what the pregnant woman and one of her many pseudo-children are doing…well not roaming really. They are heading to a specific cabin really. The woman carrying a basket in one hand, holding the toddler's hand with the other. They are wearing matching ponchos to keep dry and its possible they are related in some fashion, the jury is still out on that one. They both have the same light brown skin, kinky hair, dark eyes and small, petite frame. That's were the resemblance ends though.

Of course, Jules hears it before Gabriel does. Even with his hearing quite so sharpened by his blindness, she's attuned for it. Or maybe she just had too many troubles sleeping. Either way, she lets the man sleep in since his body apparently has a wish to do so and now she slips out the front door to greet whatever is coming. She's got the pup the man has adopted on a make shift leash, really just knotted rope, but better not to lose the man's pet. She's wearing boots, too-loose shorts and an oversized flannel shirt which is also probably not hers. It doesn't well hide the gun at her hip. Wary, bleary eyes stare out over the lake and towards the group. She does not yet call a greeting.

Piper isn't the one that usually brings things to trade with Gabriel. That's usually one of the others, like Bea or Quin. This makes her unaware that he has someone shacking up with him, she probably wouldn't be so surprised by it were it anyone else, that it is Jules, someone like her, that's the surprising part. She stops as soon as she sees the woman at the door. The little girl goes a few more steps then looks back in confusion before tugging on her hand. The pregnant one’s eyes are locked on the other woman though. She has done everything in her power to avoid other Silencers, broken or not. Her eyes narrow warily, once more regretting her choice of leaving the camp without a weapon.

Of course, the dog has no bloody clue about the complicated nature of the two women, the sudden tension in the air, or anything other than it had to pee and now there are little ones around to pet it and that's the most exciting thing in the world. The little husky-colored pup strains on it's rope, bouncing around, tongue lolling out as it tries to get in the direction of the children. Jules sighs and rolls her eyes, staring down at the dog. "Trouble!" It's not like she's saying the word to warn something bad is coming. It's as if she's saying it to the dog. "Trouble. Tru. Sit." Oh, that's its name. The squirming beast whimpers a bit but, butt still slightly wiggling, it reluctantly goes down onto it's haunches. Her ice blue eyes look back up to Piper. "If they wish to pet her, they can." She states flatly, but it's an attempt at being nice.

The toddler continues to tug at Piper's hand, pointing to the dog "Puppy!" the little girl who wouldn't stop bawling yesterday about the death of her kitten seems to forget all about that when there is a puppy around. There is a bit of a smirk that plays around the woman's mouth at the animal's name, but it doesn't go full blown, she mostly stays stoic faced. Letting go of the girl's hand she nods and little Becca is off, splashing through the puddles toward Jules and the dog. It's a good sign, a gesture that a certain level of trust is being given. It seems Becca has been taught well though, she stops short of the dog and holds her hand out to it so it can get her scent, before dropping beside it and petting the animal with typical three year old enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Piper takes a few more steps forward and holds out the basket, and points to the cabin, probably indicating the man who resides there and not the actual building.

There is begrudging warmth in Jules eyes as she looks down at the pup and the little girl who is now lavishing attention upon the dog. Trouble needs trained as much as the children and, after a single initial sniff, the pup is all over Becca, licking and tail wagging so hard that her little but is going back and forth. She's entirely happy for all the attention and remains oblivious to the women above. She's made a new friend. Jules keeps a careful hold of that long, make shift leash, but does not move any closer to the child or dog. She gives them time. "…Still asleep. He was out late." She murmurs flatly, perhaps a hint of protectiveness in her voice about the man. Or possession. Who knows?

Giggles erupt from the little one as she rolls around on the ground with the puppy. There is no fear in Becca at the animal, nor does she mind the doggie kisses and she pets and hugs the dog in return.

There is relief on Piper's face when she is told the man is sleeping. She still isn't sure where Jules stands on things, but clearly killing all humans isn't a top priority for either of them, so that's a point in both of their favors. The tone is recognized as one of the two, her eyes dart to the girl and the back to Jules. She knows the feeling, she has it herself about certain people. She draws even closer holding the basket so its contents can be seen. Jars of milk, a few vegetables, some flour and sugar. The last two aren't all that common anymore so one of the camp scavengers must have brought some in recently, she then hands the basket over. "F..f..for….h…h..h..im." its a struggle for her to get the two words out, but they come with a stutter.

If Jules cares about the stutter, or looks down on it, she certainly doesn't show it. Her reaction is as if she were talking to another utterly normal human being. Or perhaps her reaction is wrong for having no reaction at all. She looks down into the basket, moving a bit closer but not so much so that she is violating personal space. "…Uh…I can wake him up. You two trade or somethin'? I don't know what he has in stock…" But she looks a bit hesitant to do that, sleep such a rare thing these days for almost anyone. The wind catches some of her dark hair, pulling silken locks across her face. She looks like she should be in some fall catalogue as a model, in that flannel shirt with her still too perfect hair.

Piper shakes her head "No." that word is easy enough, but which question she is answering is debatable. She waves off the rest of the statement "Trade later." she continues to hold out the basket to Jules, waiting for the woman to take it. The gloom under the trees makes her pupils unnaturally big (nightvision is one of her things) and giving her own exotic beauty a bit of a creepy look to it.

The woman reaches her left hand out, right still on the dog's leash, and accepts the basket. This leaves her without a hand to pull out a gun which, almost automatically, makes her a touch more tense and quickens the trip of her pulse, but she tries to swallow back the nerves. She wasn't going to shoot the woman previously, no reason to do so now. She nods simply, "I'll give it to him and let him know."

At the moment, weaponless and to pregnant to be any good in a hand-to-hand conflict Piper is hardly a threat. Even more so with the three year old playing with the puppy nearby. Her mouth opens, she struggles to get the words out..and words out "Thanks." she finally manages to articulate. Why the aliens would choose someone inarticulate to download into is a bit weird, but talking really isn't really a necessity when you are supposed to wander alone and kill people. She brings new meaning to the word Silencer. "Where?" she asks context unclear.

"…Where? Uh… was I supposed to…you know? Fremont… trustable cop. No one would worry, right?" Jules flashes a bitter smile, something hard and completely conflicted behind it. Because she was the trustable cop. Since arriving, she's done nothing but patrol around the town, protect those she finds and, apparently, shack up in a blind man's bed. And yet there is tension through her frame. Doubt and fight.

Piper's expression at the answer suggests that wasn't exactly what she was asking, but it is the answer she got so she nods with a slight grimace. Being in a similar position she can relate somewhat, at least to the conflict. She points east, which is also the direction of Fremont, but Jules would know she wasn't assigned there, further east more than likely, maybe Omaha or somewhere between Fremont and the city. She's pretty far from her area, so something drastic must have happened to get her here. Evidence suggests its the whole pregnancy thing, which shouldn't be possible but is.

Subtleties are something Jules is entirely good with reading. She might not be entirely human, but she's good at watching them. Years of interrogations, witness questioning, everything that made her excel at her job still is in the back of her head. So, as she realizes that wasn't the question, her lips twist in a bit of a frown. "..Where what?" She asks, giving the girl another chance to better explain. Meanwhile, the dog has slightly tired, stretching out along Rebecca and lazily licking at her arm.

The words are struggled for, Piper's eyes shift a bit as she tries to frame it in as few words as possible, "Been." she finally concludes. As far as she knows she has been the only Silencer in the area for a few months. It's quite possible she even took care of any that may have been reassigned to the area or passed through. It may be clear now that she is asking where has Jules been. A glance is given to the toddler and dog. If she wasn't all twitchy from this encounter the fact that Becca is cuddling on the ground with the pup might make her smile.

The dog is going to be thoroughly unhappy when it's time to go back inside, because this is the first body its size with which it can cuddle, and one that won't stop giving it attention. So, Trouble is entirely content with her new friend, muzzle laying across Becca's shoulder, though the tail still wags subtly against the girl's leg. Jules looks down at the entirely too charming picture, an indifferent line coming to her lips, before ice eyes turn up to her counterpart. "…outside of Fremont.. watching… watched this place get built up, from a distance… should have done things. Couldn't…didn't want to. Guess I am rather fucked up, really. So are you."

The explanation has her nodding. Her roaming beyond Fremont has been limited, Cedar Bluff a couple of times and Omaha once, but lately she has been keeping close to camp. Everyone wants her safe. It is annoying at times but she sticks to her grounding for the most part. Piper looks more sad than insulted at being labeled as fucked up. "Broken." she corrects, at least for herself its true. She is completely broken in various ways.

"Yeah. Broken. Both of us. Hopefully it stays that way." Jules mutters lowly, still a hint of doubt and worry behind her husky voice. With that final, not too comforting, comment, she pulls upon the dog's leash lightly, "Come on, Trouble, back inside.." This is about as long as she'll chit chat or talk about tender things. It just simply not comfortable beyond this. The husky pup whimpers, licking Becca's chin once more before trotting back with Jules. "I'll tell Gabe you stopped by with the things. He'll find you."

"Yes." Piper agrees easily. She prefers being broken to the alternative. Even the deaths she has caused thus far, in self-defense weighs on her soul. Becca protests when the puppy is called back, "Puppy!" she gets to her feet chases it a bit before Piper saying her name stops her. The little one pouts and moves to the woman. "Thanks." she offers as she picks up the child and turns to head back to camp.

"Sure." Jules response to the thanks comes. Not the nicest of women. She watches the pregnant woman and girl go, that cold line still on her lips. As the dog strains after the girl on her leash, Jules sides and rolls her eyes. "Reason you're called trouble." She mutters to the beast and leans down, scooping it up much like Piper did the girl, then heading back for the cabin to find the sleeping cook and the warmth inside.

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