(2015-10-02) 84 Days
84 Days
Summary: Christmas is being thought of already. And something new is learned.
Date: 10.2.2015
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Quinton's not been much help around the camp, so off he goes to do what he does best. Find stuff. He dropped off the bottle of wine to the trading post, and one jar of honey to the kitchen, the rest he's keeping…for now. So his backpack is still rather stuffed. Thankfully it's not rained today, but it may later on wight eh skies looking like they are. It's part of the reason he cut the day short. Small blessings it's still sweater weather. He's not in a good mood, per say, but he seems rather with it, which tends to have him in an up mood. The poet is slowly making his way in the direction of his tent.

The usual cacophony of children at play can be heard near the dining hall. There is some childlike laughter, and there is running and a kickball involved. Nothing unusual there, getting out excessive after lunch energy to make it easier to wind down later…hopefully. A far cry better than they were a couple of days ago. They are all being supervised by Piper who sits atop one of the picnic tables shaking a large mason jar full of what is probably cream. The return of Quin from his explorations and searchings has her giving him a wave in greeting.

Quinton pauses, watching the kids play. It's a thing, but one of the ones that keeps him sane. Well, relatively sane. He then looks over to Piper and gives a small wave before emoting over. If Troy is nearby he gets a finger wiggle as well. "Going good?" The cut under his eye seems to be healing nicely.

The stroller with Troy in it is nearby. He is bundled up as best as Piper can manage against the cool weather and gums a wooden spoon. A rasberry is blown at Quinton..or just in general. He does it a lot. Contining to shake the jar in her hand she moves her head slowly back and forth, not a yes, not a no, the equivalant of a hand wobble. "Ish." she gets out after struggling with a few other words. Today isn't a very verbose one it seems.

The raspberry gets a chuckle from the poet. he'll take it. He just nods, getting her drift. Since the only kid nearby to hear is Troy, Quin feels it's safe to tell Piper, "Kayla and I…we're collating presents for christmas…2 stuffies and legos and a comic book card…" He keeps his voice low, as it is a secret. He seems pleased with it though, the idea of begin able to provide for the kids.

This bit of information has Piper staring at him in a mix of surprise and shock, even the shaking stops. Just when she thinks he can't surprise her anymore he does something to prove her wrong. A glance is given to the children who seem to be playing a game of their on invention and smiles when her gaze goes back to him. Her eyes go up suggesting she is thinking, "84." she supplies, whatever that number means.

Quinton usually can tell what Piper means, but the number has him last, "I…don't think we'll find that many presents…" He then gives a slightly lopsided smirk before turning to look at the kids. "We're thinking…a tree, and…stockings. Nothing too much, but…" He then shrugs, hopefully the rest of camp will play along.

Piper shakes her head, that's not what she meant, though she does find it kind of funny that he thought that. Setting the jar down a moment she gets her notebook and a crayon from under the stroller, "Days." she writes at the top of a blank page. Seems she knows what day it is. Listening to the plan she nods "They will love it." she writes as well. "Help?" she asks verbally.

Quinton blinks, surprised, "Oh! yeah." He's actually completely lost track of the date. It's good someone else knows, or he and Kayla were just gonna pick a day. He smiles at her, and then laughs, "Ideas, mostly…Kayla wants to do…paper chains and…stuff…"

The jar is picked up and she starts shaking it again, vigoursly at first and then just steadily. "Lots…" she swirls a finger around her head, ideas maybe. And today isn't a day she is going to be able to share them. Piper gestures to his pack, "Find?" curse these one word at a time days.

Hey, he'll take the one word. it's better than she used to be! His hair bobs as he nods, "Yeah…some dresses….make up.." He must have raided a woman's house! "Wine…honey…Italina book…" pale eyes look up, "Know anyone that speaks..italian?"

There seems to be some interest from her in the dresses. Piper though just shakes her head at the question. She knows the exact same people he does, and since he isn't people phobic he probably knows them better. "No." then points to herself, "Span…" frowns and trys again "Span…." nope "Espanol." finally a word, not an English one, but it does the job.

Quinton didn't want to offer…she won't fit. But since she's showing interest. "Did you want to look?" Maybe after the baby… His hand goes to the backpack, willing to unzip it and let her have first pick. His smile returns and his head tilts before he answers her in spanish back, "I didn't know that. I have a book or two in Spanish if you'd like to borrow them. Sometimes it's nice to read it, ya know?"

Another nod. She isn't going to be pregnant for much longer. She's going to need something to wear after she pops. Which by the looks of her ever increasing size could be within a few weeks or so or tomorrow. Pregnancy is weird. She's a bit startled to hear the language said back at her, and so fluently. "No one…" she answers, also in Spanish. Though even in that language she has problems getting syllables out, but her speaking problems are purey psychological. She probably means no one does, how could they when she doesn't generally speak. "Yes." she nods at the book offer. She'll then pull the dresses from his pack, if he lets her.

Quinton has no idea how far along Piper is. It's a magical number, far away. The poet laughs softly, "I'd like to learn…maybe i can piece some of it together fem the book…' Can't be that hard…right? The zipper goes down and she can see three different materials of three different dresses. She has her choose to pull any of them, or all.

"Maybe." she repeats back at him. She knows there are some similarties between the two languages, she has sang enough Italian operas to know that much at least. If she knew more than the operatic side of the language she would probably offer to help. Instead she carefully pulls all three dresses out, trying not to pull everything else out with them. The bottle of kosher wine gets a smirk. She stands up, holding each one up to her, mostly to check the length.

Quinton knows better than to make any comments on the dresses. He's learned that the hard way back in new york with an old girlfriend. Just nod. Always nod. "I paged through it. i think between Spanish and French, I can make some of it out, anyway." He settles the otter items back into the bag, so they don't roll out.

All three are too long for the short woman, but she keeps the one that is least so. "Thanks." it'll be a little while before she can wear it. Enough time to see if there is someone with enough sewing skills to hem it for her. "French?" an eyebrow arches as she folds up the other two dresses and returns them to his pack. She only knows enough French to say that she doesn't speak it.

Quinton smiles at the choice, indicating he approves. Not that she needs it. And then he rattles off several sentences in french, not pauses or hitches in his voice, just like when he spoke spanish. He seems amused, and laughs softly, switching back to English, "I learned…when I studied over there…" Ah, poet school.

For all her mental issues, Piper's ego isn't do fragile that she /needs/ the approval. It is nice to get though. And she does look good in bold colors. There is a shake of head, clearly not understanding what he just said. Piper remembers him mentioning going to France, so she nods when he brings up studying there. "I know French songs." she writes out on her notebook, but that is more like memorizing lines and knowing what the song is about instead of what the words actually means, and she gets that.

Quinton leans over and reads, "Yeah? Maybe sometime I can…hear them? I'll tell you …what they mean.." The other two dresses are stuffed back into his book bag. They're going to end up very wrinkled. Pale eyes wander back over to the kids and he gives a soft soft, happy Piper's happy and the kids have calmed down after the whole kitten thing.

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