(2015-10-05) Rutting Mad
Rutting Mad
Summary: Quinton and Piper are hunting. Quinton gets squished by a deer
Date: 10.6.2015
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Lake Front

As one approaches the area a cabin can be easly spotted with a small slope down to the lake. The lake area being nicely set up for bathing, and a small trail leading to the fishing area. The cabin itself looking to be in good shape. A nice garden of herbs and spices can be seen and a fenced and caged area for the chickens. They get to roam easily enough. During night being kept in the cabin itself, or whenever no one is home. Just to keep them safe from bandits. The window is barred on the inside. Letting light in but making it hard to break in.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Cool weather, drizzling rain, not so perfect weather to be outside, but it's the hand that was dealt today so living with it is the only option. The bonus is that animals don't care. So hunting while a bit miserable, is still doable. On this mid-morning that is what Piper is doing. She was hoping to get a deer or a turkey, but she hasn't seen anyone those, but ducks are plentiful by the lake as they take a pit stop on their migration south…or maybe these ones stick around all year. Who knows. Barefoot as ever, not even her socks, she moves silently through the ankle deep water amidst the cattails, bow in hand, arrow nocked, she stalks the flock of aquatic fowl.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Quinton's tagging along, not happy with hunting, but decided to give Kayla a little bit of breathing room. His sited has gotten rather insistent that Quin can't do anything alone. And well, it keeps Piper from going off alone, so…today he lets Kayla win. He got a quick and dirty lesson on the bow and arrow and has so far hit //nothing. but that thankfully also includes himself and Piper. The poet managed to find a pair of boots that fit him, so at least his feet are semi dry as the slosh around. He stays near the pregnant woman, letting her take lead, and he's slightly off to the side. He's managing to not be too clumsy, for now.

A glance is given back to Quinton, checking his location before she lifts the bow to take aim. The last thing she wants is to accidently shoot him with an arrow. No chance of that where he is thankfully. The bow is almost to heavy for her to draw back. She has to lift it up to pull the string back and then lower it for aiming. The arrow is let loose, whizzing through the air to impale the poor duck. The impact and death squawk from the duck sends the rest of the flock flapping and squawking into the air. Letting out a breath, Piper grins back at Quinton and starts to wade out to retrieve the creature.

Quinton's trying. He may not be very good at this type of thing, but that doesn't mean he's not wanting to help provide for the camp. He pulls back the arrow and lets it fly, trying to go for a fowl that's scattering in the opposite direction than Piper is. It completely missing the bird he was aiming for but strikes one further back. He winces and will the start off in the direction of the tree line that the hit duck fell.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Good Success.

Duck retrieved the woman wades out of the lake, soaked from the knees down. How she hasn't came down with a flu or cold yet, barefoot and the it getting cold, is a mystery. The arrow is pulled out an returned to its quiver. A thumbs up is given at him getting one of the ducks…so what if it wasn't the one he was going for…no one has to know that…she might not even realize it. She wasn't paying that close attention to where he was aiming. Piper hasn't spoken more than a few words all morning, and one of those was a greeting. The mystery of her having a good or bad verbosity day is solved though when she finally speaks up, though quietly, "We need a dog." as she follows a few feet behind him.

Quinton's been quiet as well, although he's also seem rather preoccupied lately. Something went down with him and Kayla recently, and it's been bothering him. He starts to nod, agreeing about the dog. Not that he'd know how to train one, but the idea is nice. As the poet steps into the treelike though he pauses and freeze. Nosing the dead duck is a rather large antlered buck. The deer looks up, eyes flashing and falls into defensive stance. Quin has no arrow ready, because, well….who expects an angry buck when retrieving a downed duck? Quin's hand goes up, indicating Piper should maybe not follow him in.

Did she notice is preoccupation yeah, does Piper bug him about it no, not yet. He's not taking it out on her so she's good to let it lie while they are out hunting. The duck legs are bound and she is tying it to hang from her belt when Quinton gives her the halt signal. She looks confused at him a moment and then notices the large buck beyond him. It's getting to be mating season for the creatures, so aggressiveness shouldn't be surprising…but it is, because yeah, you don't think of that as a deerlike behavior. She starts to back away, pulling arrow from her quiver and nocking it, but not raising it or anything. It's just for backup at this point.

Quinton hesitates, he's new to this, and that's the poet's big mistake. His hand slowly reaches up, trying to grab an arrow. The stag , knowing what this means, or more likely just not liking the sweater that Quin is wearing snorts and stomps a hoof, agitated(His sweater's not that bad!). He'll not be able to notch the arrow and release with any type of accuracy at this distance. Not with the deer charging. Which it looks like it may do. Quin freezes at the hoof stomp, unsure what to do.

Piper is stuck between two hard places. If she shoots the buck charges, if she doesn't it still could charge. And she knows that shooting it midcharge won't stop its forward momentum enough to keep the poet from getting trampled. Oh decisions. It doesn't take her long to make this one. She takes a sidestep, better to shot the creature in the side at this point, "Run." she says as the readied bow is aimed and the arrow fired, to thunk into the creatures side.

Quinton's a city boy, no instincts for these things really. Won't running make it chase him? Or is that lions. Shit. It's like he and the buck are connected though, who knows which takes the first step, or if it's simultaneous. Either way, both have started once the arrow lands in the side of the deer. Quin desperately reaches for the hunting knife he thankful grabbed on his way out. Hearing the creature barreling down on him, he dodges to the right. Enough to miss the pointed antlers, but not enough to not get clipped by the stag's shoulder, causing them bother to go tumbling in a ball of human and deer limbs. The ground is wet here they stop, the deer mostly on top of the poet. He's not been impaled by the deer, at first glance.

For Piper the scene plays out in horrific slow motion. Quinton grabbing for his knife, the buck letting out a deep bellow and then leaping forward toward the poet. The bow drops from her hands as she rushes forward, feeling like she is in slow motion as well. She'll never get there in time. When the buck falls on top of the man time resumes it's normal pace for her "Quinton!" she calls out, the worry in her voice clear.

Quinton can't call out, there's no air in his lungs to use. It's not unlike the moment in the pit, except the spikes were moving at him, not him falling towards the spikes. Although thankfully it is like the pit in the sense that he's not impaled. His right hand buried underneath the buck, but his left hand twitches in some kind of response to hearing her voice. The heavy creature and the angle pretty much means Quin's laying there pinned. In the mud.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Body +50: Great Success. (Luck Spend)

There has been many documented cases of humans, in an adrenaline fueled state, being able to lift heavy objects of people, like cars and such. And while the buck is not as heavy as a car it should still be more than the pregnant Piper can man handle. She can barely drag a picnic table and the table is certainly lighter. Such is not the case at the moment. Grabbing the still switching buck by the antlers she heaves upward and twists the head, not knowing her own strength apparently, the buck lifts a bit, mere centimeters, allowing Quinton some breathing and scrambling room before the whole body flips the other way, following the neck movement.

Quinton gasps as soon as he's able to. It's ragged and pained, but a sure sign of being alive. His knife is stuck in the deer, now visible after the whole creature is hulk flipped. Not quite comprehending just yet what she did, he peddles backwards. His backside is covered in mud, his front is covered in deer’s blood. Pale eyes are wide and slightly freaked out as they focus on the pregnant woman.

Piper hasn't processed what she just did yet, or so it seems, she is far more concerned about Quinton than feats of strength, or knives sticking out of deers. "Are you okay?" she puts hands on his shoulders, leaning forward to study his face briefly before her eyes wander up and down his body to make sure nothing is bending where it shouldn't or no bones are showing.

Nothing obvious is out of place, besides his gasping and freaked out appearance. He grimaces though. Deers are heavy, and having one barrel you over and land on you is gonna leave some bruises. After a brief glance to make sure it's not going to come at them again the blonde groans and lay's back into the mud. "No…deer just…killed me…"It's a joke, but not. Ouch. He focuses on getting enough air into his lungs, and then starts doing a mental checklist, making sure he can feel everything. Kayla’s gonna freak out.

The woman grimaces as he lays back down in the mud. Not that he can get any muddier, unless he rolls around, but still, "Just about." Piper looks to the deer briefly and then back at Quinton. "Does it hurt?" she leans over his prone form so he is looking up into her face. "Breathing." she clarifies, flipping one of her braids over her shoulder so it doesn't smack him in the face.

Quinton frowns, slowly taking in a deeper breath. Finally he'll open his eyes to look up at her and shakes his head slowly, "…no…just…sore." that could be referring to his whole body. "Dead?" Him? the deer? And then he blinks a thought suddenly hitting him, "You…ok?"

His denial isn't enough to alleviate the worry. Especially since he hasn't moved much yet, "Very." using her sleeve she wipes some mud off his scruffy face. "Yes." there is a beat, "I'm not the one that just got squashed by a mad deer." not only a completely lucid setence but a whole 12 words, sure they were all one syllable ones, but it's a lot to string together without any verbal hiccups.

Quinton blinks, a confused moment…… he hit his head again? His eyes are wide as he studies her, "Not…mad……ruttting……" And apparently Quin looked like a threatening stag. Yikes. A hand is lifted, a little shakily to grab at her's. He's trying to reassure her, although the tremble probably doesn't help his case. "…ok…"

Piper really doesn't seem much difference, the end result would have been the same either way, the phrase rutting mad had to come from somewhere. When his hand finds hers she gives it a squeeze, ignoring the mud and possibly deer blood on it for the moment "You stabbed him." she tells him, not sure if he realizes it or not "Clean kill." which is the best kind, no prolonged suffering…for the deer at least. Can't say the same for th poet though.

Quinton's head turns to look at the dead creature, surprised. He didn't think he struck true. "..oh…" There's a few emotions that flitter across his face, some rather opposite of each other. He's a complex dude. Finally though, with a groan he forces himself to sit up. He is rather gross, on both sides. But then the physics of how he ended up not smothered to death by the buck dawn on him, "Did…you.." He motions at the deer, surprise and a hint of concern. he's always silently afraid she's going to do something that makes her go into labor, an he'll be the only one around to help her.

She'll take gross and alive then not gross and impaled any day of the week. Piper will help him sit up if he needs it. The question and gesturing has her gaze moving back to the deer "Move it?" she finishes the question for him and doesn't answer for a long moment as she stares at the creature. Finally a shrug "I guess I did." she looks back at him "No choice." pause "Ready to stand?"

Quinton just eyes her, making sure she's ok before he nods, "Yeah…stand…" This is going to hurt. His poor back never seems to actually get all the way heal up before something else happens. He rolls to a knee first, grimacing again. he twisted an ankle, but nothing is broken. Looking down at the blood and gore he now kinda wishes it was raining. There's going to be drama if he walks back to camp looking like this.

At the moment she is good, muddy and soaked from the knees down, but a whole lot better than what he is at the moment. Piper hovers, getting to her feet as well, and ready to stabilize him should he start to topple. Once on his feet she looks about ready to hug him but from how he is moving realizes that could hurt so instead puts an arm around his waist, to get him moving to one of the many nearby cabins in the area. "You need cleaning up." she nods to one of the cabins around the lake. "I'll see what I can find."

Quinton sways some, but doesn't topple. For once his head isn't the thing hurt. he tries to not get her to gross, "Careful…" Instead of a coin, he just motions for her to let him go to the river. He's wet anyway. Better to be clean and wet, right? there's not going to be any running water for them to use in a house, and he highly doubts they'll find clothing for him. Usually it's a dress, and he's not wearing a dress back to camp. He gets enough looks.

"No worries." Piper isn't worried about getting gross. Okay she is a little, but she isn't going to let him know that. She sighs and gives him a look, when he wants to go one way and she the other. "So damn difficult." she protests half-heartedly as she goes his direction to the water. Where she leaves him to head back to retrieve her bow and his knife while he cleans himself up.

With Piper out of eye sight (He thinks) Quin grimaces again and does a quick pat down to really make sure nothing is broke. Damn deer. It takes him almost full minute to get the courage up to slip off his boots and socks(The only thing not gross) and then he starts to try to wash off. Eventually it becomes clear that it's not going to work this way and he slips off his sweater and t-shirt. How is it he keeps ending up wet and half naked? He stands in the water, rinsing off the clothes as best he can while he shivers. Two days in a row? he's going to end up with pneumonia.

And she is for awhile. It sure is taking her longer to get their weapons than it should. Maybe Piper is being nice and allowing him some privacy for her makeshift bath. Or the more logical conclusion is that she went ahead and checked out one of the cabins anyway. Which seems to be the right one. When she does return, probably just when he is finishing up and starting to wonder and worry about where she has gotten off to, it is with a fabric wrapped bundle, along with their weapons.

Currently he's wringing out his shirt, trying to get it semi dry before slipping it on. he has no hope for the sweater. And his jeans, while clean, or not wet and clinging to him. Misery. Pale eyes do keep flicker up and in both directions, trying to pace where she went. He's shivering, but manages a short, "…good?"

"Good." she repeats back at him, eyes staying on his face while he pulls his shirt on. She's seen him shirtless before, but it's the polite thing to do. "We'll have to field dress it." she means the deer. She removes her quiver and dumps the arrows to put the contents of what turns out to be a large flannel shirt into it. Three jars of peanut butter…one might even make it to the kitchen. Six pairs of shoes of child size, stockings and a pair of knitting needles. She wonders if there is anyone at camp that knows how to knit. She shirt, size XL is handed over to him. "Best I could find quickly." and it isn't a dress.

Quinton shivers again, but nods. Not that he knows how to field dress anything. His head nods, "No…thank you…good" The flannel is taken quickly and put on. It'll do! He's just happy to have his arms inside, but then he starts to button it up. His mom's voice is yelling about how he caught pneumonia is 6th grade…blah blah blah. He manages a small smile at the rest, "P-peanut….good.' Not only for Piper, but everyone. He worries that they’re just going to end up eating meat, and nothing else. The knitting needs are frowned at. It's like the key to his heart, he just doesn't know anyone that could work it! He has yarn! "I….don't….deer…"He's willing to help, but has no idea what to do. He'll then sit down to pull his dry socks and boots on. Small blessings.

There is a grin both at him taking the shirt and her findings "Very." she agrees, but peanut butter is her favorite food, so of course she would be happy about it. Her brow furrows thoughtfully, she figured he wouldn't know how, but she had a little hope that he did…"Not good at it." nor does she like doing it, all those icky inside bits and pieces. Gross. She gestures between them "Get it to camp. Let them figure it out." once he gets his shoes on she sticks the arrows as best she can back into the quiver and gestures in the direction of the deer, then heads in that direction. It is going to be a slow walk back to camp.

Scavenging Rolls

6 Child’s Shoes
1 Tights / Stockings
3 Jars Peanut Butter
1 Pair Knitting Needles

Hunting Rolls

1 Opossum
1 Duck
1 Turkey
1 Deer
1 Duck

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