(2015-10-06) Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers
Summary: Quinton and Nora do some scavenging at the hospital. A dog is found Nora insists Quinton keep it.
Date: 10.6.2015
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Business District

This business district stretches for nearly a three-quarters of a mile both east and west. It is all offices, small shops and restaurants ranging from fast food to sit down places. Most of the north side of the district is taken up by the local hospital and various other medical facilities. What isn't medical facilities is taken up by the Fremont Mall.

Get the stuff while you can. That's the word around camp. With winter coming and most of the building projects done, priority has been given back to scavenging and hunting. That wasn't Nora's intention when she left camp this morning, hers was just to go on a good 13 mile run to keep in top shape. When you go out for long stretches like she does, being able to out run everything and everyone is important. And then she ran into Quinton and figured what the heck. She's been tagalong since. "So what's the plan Chief?" she asks as she follows him through the ghost town, thankfully now free of hostiles, though the evidence of them is still clear in certain parts of town.

Quinton wasn't expecting a tag along, but he certainly has one now. They've been making their way towards the hospital and the poet points. He's been fairly non-verbal today, but in a good mood. The house or two they passed has already made the day worth it, another fun coat, junk food and a bottle of sprite. He'll nod again at the hospital, forcing out, "..medicines…" They need that stuff, no matter where they end up for winter.

Nora isn't complaining about what she has managed to find so far. It's not much, and only the socks are useful for anything, but as always she is in a good mood. She's even hung the panhandler sign around her neck, only she has crossed out work and put in SURF in big all caps…not that there is much of that around here, but she can dream. "Gotcha Cheif. Hope those bandits didn't help themselves too much to whatever was left in the hospital." she wrinkles her nose at the building. Thanks to the bandits a lot of the windows in the first floor lobby are broken and litter is spread out all over the place.

Quinton's nose wrinkles as well, "Too…stupid…" He hopes anyway. Quin has very little hope that nay of the pain meds are left, but maybe some of the other stuff…he hopes. He'll then add, "..baby…" It's the camps biggest looming concern medically, he believes. The poet's cheeks puff out as he exhales, glancing around once before taking the lead into the building.

As long as he isn't saying she's stupid she will agree to that one "It was a big cluster of effs, that's for sure." she looks a bit more closely at him "Your shoulder seems to be working at least." she says, going back to his gunshot wounding that started the whole debacle. She looks confused a moment, "Baby?" and then she remembers "Oh yeah, Preggers looks like she is going to pop any day now." but Nora doesn't know anything about that so it's just her opinion "I wonder what kinda things you need for that." she follows him in, glass from the windows crunching under her tennis shoes.


The stench in the lobby of the hospital is nearly unbearable. Unwashed bodies, smoke, burnt flesh, thankfully animal, not to mention other unpleasant smells that will go unamed. The lobby was at one time quite nice, with a little sunken waiting area outfitted with a coffee bar. The sunken area has been used as a fire pit, all the windows that lined the wall on the other side of it busted to give the smoke a chance to escape. Broken furniture and other refuse litter the floor. The coffe bar is partially smashed in as is the large desk/counter area that served as the information kiosk.

An alcove to the left holds a bank of elevators, of course no longer working and near them the door to the stairs. To the right is a gift shop, also in shambles, beyond that doors that lead to the ER. Behind and to the right of the reception area are double doors that lead to other areas of the Hospital.

Quinton instinctually rolls his shoulder, nodding. "Man card." The scar's nasty, but it works. In this day and age, that's all that matters anymore. Another nod, and he pan amines a big, pregnant belly. And then makes an expiating noise and his hands flying out. Sometimes he's a guy. As they walk, his pale eyes scan the corridors, not exactly trusting that the bandits have completely left. His finger raises to tap his temple, like he knows. how he's going to tell her who knows? The poet stiffens though, turning his head to focus on something in a room to the left. his brow is furrowed, not liking whatever it is he's hearing.

Nora laughs "Well that's one way to look at it." she's glad that he doesn't have any hard feelings about being put in a situation where he had to get shot in the first place. There is a lighter giggle at his acting out "Good think that's not really how it works." If he says he knows, who is she to argue. She doesn't know who or what he was in a past life, just that he is surviving now. "What is it?" she whispers when he seems to pick up something.

Quinton doesn't. He's just thankful he was there to help her. He raises an eyebrow, with a 'Isn't it?' kinda look. he knows, but the mystery is kinda still there. a hand goes up as he his head tilts to the side. Very soft, breathing can be heard. It's almost too fast to be human. That seems little comfort tot eh man, who was only yesterday almost murdered by a deer, so out comes his gun.

When the gun comes out Nora takes a few steps away. Serious business is going on and she doesn't want to get in the way in case the weapon is indeed needed. The breathing seems familiar, though she can't figure out why. It's out of context, not fitting in with the surroundings of the abandoned hospital. Having no weapon of her own she grabs one of those poles on wheels, the kind IV bags are hung from. Not the best weapon but if swung hard enough it could hurt "Got your back Chief." she whispers to him and nodding in the direction the noise is coming from.

Quinton turns the corner, gun first. His aim is chest level, and then drops. He blinks, confused and then sighs, letting the muzzle point to the ground. Inside is a rather emancipated looking dog. It's golden fur is dusty and matted, and it's laying on a small pile of magazines. Upon seeing the two figures at the door, the dogs breathing picks up, and it's tail thumps slowly against the floor. Although strangely enough, it doesn't whine or make any other noises. Quin's immediately torn, unsure. Immediately, his gaze goes to Nora.

Following slowly behind him Nora is ready for whatever menacing beast or human that is waiting for them around the corner. "Dawwww!" the teen girl lets out on seeing the poor dog. The pole is set down and she pushes past Quinton "Oh look at you, you poor little thing." she says in that calm cooing tone girls use for animals and babies. She slowly approaches it and crouches a few feet from it hand held out "Did those big, mean bandits capture you and lock you up here?" she wiggles her fingers at it. "Come here boy." she pats her leg softly with her other hand. Yeah, she doesn't seem to care that it could be just waiting to rip her throat out or that it could have rabies. She just sees a pitiful animal in need of TLC.

Like most animals that have been mistreated, as soon as anyone shows an ounce of compassion, the creature's tail stirs more, and it inches forward on it's belly towards her. Underneath the matted fur it's ribcage and hip bones can be seen. That's enough to get Quin to crack. It's not a charging stag, trying to stab him. His backpack is slung off and he pulls out his water bottle. Not seeing a bowl, he asks Nora, "Cup…hands?"

Nora doesn't move, she lets the dog come to her. "Whose a good boy?" she praises the young dog as it crawls forward "We won't hurt you. Not like those meanies before." she allows the dog to sniff her hand before she finally moves it to gently put in on his head and scratch behind its ears. Hearing Quinton she glances back at him, notes the water bottle and does as he requests, cupping her hands under the dogs nose, "Are you thirsty boy?" she asks the dog "Thirsty and hungry I bet." she continues to hold still so the man can pour the water "We should at least get him out of here." she tells Quin.

The water is pour, not too much, into the girl's hands. not use wasting it, he can pour more if the dog needs it. The pup eagerly laps up the water, it's tail still thumping excitedly about the attention. it's not tied up, there's no collar on it even. When it moved off of the magazines, it became apparent that the critter was also on a small median bag. While Nora coos at it, Quin pick up the bag, finding 4 bottles of antibiotics. "Woah…" Good dog. The bland nods, "Yes…." does that mean out of here, or bringing it home?

"What a good stinky dog you are." Nora continues to coo, and the dog probably is a bit ripe smelling, but that doesn't stop her from petting and scratching the dog, showing it all the attention and love it needs and deserves "And you have fleas too! How gross!" she still says it to sound like it is the highest praise in the world. Her head lifts to Quinton when he lets out the emote "Find something good hidden?" she gives the dog a few more pets and then gets to her feet.

Finally, a small whimper of happiness comes from the dog an when Nora stands, it's immediately standing up and leaning against the girl. Quin nods, rattling the bottles before stuffing them into his bag. He quirks a smile at the friends Nora's made, but then heads out the room. There's more hospital to search.

Well they are pills, that much she gathers, which means medicine of some sort so that's good "I'm sure doc can find a use for whatever those are." if not now than certainly later. "Come on stinky." she pets the dog as it leans against her "You can comes with us." she takes a few steps forward, glances back at the dog, patting her leg. She then hurries after Quinton down the hallway, letting the dog follow them at its own pace for now. "Hold up." she says then pops into the doctor's lounge quickly, coming out with a box of cheez-its. She doesn't have a pack with her so she tosses the box to Quin "Here is another box of crackers for ya." as she passes the nurses station she notes the various dry erase boards mounted to the wall and goes ahead and yanks one of those off as well.

Quinton's bangs bounce as he nods. The crackers are grabbed and he puts them in his bag as well. Junk food heaven. The dog seems more than happy to follow the two of them. She's young, but just out of the puppy age. Although that could be the skinniness making her look younger. Maybe. Quin keeps walking, sticking his head into rooms as he passes.

While Quinton hits one side of the hallway she hits the other. "Hey…" Nora says as she pokes her head into a room, seems it has this floors auxiliary pharmacy. It's a mess, shelves tipped, paper and empty bottles strewn all over. It must be her lucky day though, or the dog comes from police drug sniffing stock because between her and the dog they turn up painkillers and something else that she don't know what it’s for. "Well here is some Oxy…" she shakes the bottle of liquid "Not sure what this is for." it's not OTC stuff, she knows that much. Both are handed over.

Quinton's had some luck too on his side. The antidepressants are eyed, but then he shakes his head. He doesn't need to start self-medicating. He'd probably only make it worse. So in the backpack they go, along with the bandages and mug. Nora's haul seems much better though. he smirks, nodding, "Good…" His back pack is stuffed by the time they're done, and they haven't even hit the maternity ward yet. The word gets the dog's tail going again, even though it wasn't directed at her. Seems any praise causes happy. Quin's lips quirk and as he passes he'll drop a small pat on the dog's head before he moves further down the hallway.

It seems between the two of them they are going to have at least a little to take back to the doctor. Won't he be happily surprised at their haul. "I guess the bandits didn't get everything. Probably a lot more that missed. The big stuff was probably kept behind locked doors." it's a big place. It would take the two of them days to search every last room. She follows him around the corner and through another pair of double doors that lead toward the maternity ward. They pass by the windowed room where the newborns are displayed in their little plastic cribs. It's empty of both living and thankfully dead as well. Not a corpse at all to be found so far. The little placards with last names and genders still cling to the empty cribs. "Well I guess if you want baby stuff this is the place to be."

Quinton slows, eyeing what can be seen n the dark. He's unsure exactly what's typical for newborns, but he does know that the name cards, are important. He only hesitates briefly before grabbing a few, and then any other stickers or anything that indicate sex of baby. Stuff mom's would make a scrap book out of, really. he doesn't think Piper would really care either way, but he'd rather give her have that choice. A sigh and he nods, this is definitely the place. After finding a few of the white blankets with the blue stripes and the tiny hats the poet starts looking for the bigger stuff. Are there cribs beyond the bins the newborns seem to be stored in? Anything that can be moved? After a though he'll ask, "Linens?" Maybe they should grab as many blankets and things as they can…

"Oh yeah linens and blankets…don't they put little feetie things on newborns too?" Nora has no idea. Only child and a teen to boot. Nora digs through cabinets herself pulling out three packs of newborn size diapers "She'll definitely need these." she sets them aside so he can pack them up. There are other things, bulb syringes, pacifiers, baby bottles and onsies with the hospital logo, all sealed in the original packaging and stored in bins in the cabinets. She'll point them out to Quin but not grab those herself, she doesn't know how much room the poet has left in his pack so will let him decide to either grab now or save for later.

Quinton's eyes widen, "…socks?" What's a feetie thing? His backpack is filled, but he's not going to just leave this stuff…one never knows when another group of bandits are going to roll in. He starts looking in cabinets and under desks for bags. Diaper bags or take home. There's got to be something. As he bends over he grimaces, his body still pretty sore from the threshing he took from the deer yesterday.

"Booties!" the word finally comes to her. Those are probably pink and blue too and stashed somewhere in the room. Nora has no idea what he is looking for, but assumes it is more stuff. Another cabinet is opened.."Huh, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, paper towels… Guess they need to keep this place just as spotless as the rest." it doesn't dawn on her how messy even newborns can be. She leaves all that alone as well.

Quinton frowns slightly, the garbage bags would work, but he'd prefer something with a strap. easier to carry on the walk back. Finally he finds a box of generic cheap black diaper bags. Free give ways with a name of a formula on the side. Those will do. He only fills two, not wanting to overload himself. It doesn't dawn on him to make Nora carry one…to be honest, he's not sure she's even coming back to camp. The dog, keeps moving between the two of them, just happy to not be alone, and to not be yelled at it seems.

"You grab anymore stuff you aren't going to be able to stand upright..or walk." Nora points out as Quinton stuffs the bags. "I'll make it easier for you and carry the diaper bags." she moves to take them from him. Yep she's going back to camp…all her stuff is still there. "We probably have enough to head back now." she looks down at the dog and pets it again "You going to come with us?" she coos at the dog then looks quizzically to Quinton "You found her, by finders keepers rules she's yours. Whatcha going to name her?" the dog that is.

Quinton gladly hands the bags over before adjusting his overly stuffed backpack. He passes though, looking form the dog to Nora. "…huh?" Publisher writer, right there. An almost nervous expression passes his face and he'll glance down at the dog, who seems to sense this is an important moment and sit, watching the two. "Mine?" he's never owned a dog before. Name? The dog sits there patently, head tilted slightly, waiting.

Nora nods, "Yours." she emphasizes the word "I have a hard enough time keeping myself alive and feed out there." she gestures indicating the world at large "I can't do it for two. I love animals and would love a pet, but not something I can handle right now." a glance is given from man to dog and back "Besides, look at that face, who can say no that that."

Quinton just stands there, alternating between staring at Nora like she's slightly insane, to the dog, who's tail thumps against the floor. "I…" He swallows, the sudden realization that Kayla will kill him if he doesn't bring the creature home. and then it dawns on him and he relaxes some. Kayla. She'd love a dog! "ok…" His hand pats his thigh one, and the dog is immediately at his side. "…home.." He's not in any mind frame to name anything currently.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Will Work for Food sign
6 Pair of Socks
3 Small boxes of staples
1 Fur Coats
1 Bottle of Sprite
1 Cute Lost Puppy
2 Box of Cheez-Its
1 Snickers Bar
1 Car Magazine
3 Assorted Magazines
2 Combs / Brushes
4 Bottles of Antibiotics
1 Dry Erase board
1 Stained Logo Coffee Mug
2 Bottles of Anti-Depressants
2 Packs of Adhesive Bandages (various sizes)
5 Bottles of Oxycodone
1 Bottles of Stomach Medicine
1 Plastic Splints
3 packages of diapers

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