(2015-10-08) Cold Season
Cold Season
Summary: Sam is doing some building when Nora and Lincoln stop in to the bar. Lincoln is in denial
Date: 10.08.2015
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Trading Post

The interior of the building has had a bit of a makeover. For starters it's been cleared out. A few tables and some chairs decorate the space. One even has an excellent view of the non-working beverage cooler, with its glass doors and empty shelves inside. Near the entrance is a long counter that is being used as a bar. Several well made stools sit in front of it. Lighting is provided by a few windows during the day, but during the evening its lanterns, small oil lamps and candles. The all hanging from walls, ceiling, or lined up on the new shelves hanging from the wall.

On the wall behind the bar is a wooden baseball bat with the word 'Treasures' engraved on it.

More drizzling rain and cold weather. Will it ever stop. Nora hopes so, and soon. It makes scavenging a lot less fun. Yes she is still around. With Fremont now free of baddies she has been pitching in to clear out houses of things that may be useful for the upcoming winter. Warm clothes, blankets and non-perishable food items. She's done for the day, and it's only mid-afternoon. Her back is stuffed with as much as it can hold. As usual her first stop after scavenging is the 'bar'. She always finds booze. It's like she has some sixth sense. It's not always good booze. But she gets no complaints. She wanders through the door, shaking rain from her hair and already shrugging of her backpack so she can get out what she stopped by to drop off.

The weather was definitely not making Lincoln happy. The cold, the wet, it had started to pile up on him and his sniffling had become annoying even to himself. Having trudged around for the day, he made his way into the Trading Post as quietly as he could only to have his presence announced with a resounding sneeze that echoed, followed immediately by a second to result in him leaning against the wall by the door to catch his breath.

Speaking of at the bar, its not a usual for Sam to say the least. He's one of those faces, seen moving around camp doing stuff, but that's about it. Those who aren't sure what he does, this is the day to see it. Sophia has worked out for him to make something more for her, so she can up out of the sleeping bag and have a regular place in/attached to the bar. There was some compromise, with other things to do, he's doing a makeshift bed thing to hold over until spring at least. If they're all still here, he can make a room proper. So near the bar, he's started something of a cubby (think viking long house bed http://tinyurl.com/oyc9k43), something to sleep in, some way to keep warmer. There he is behind the makeshift bar. Where is this wood coming from, wood reclaimation near the center of the room - which may turn into something like a fire pit to keep people warm in the coming months. The fisrt to slip in doesn't get his attention, the sneeze however does. "Eh," he turns about, seeing the two, "Hello. It'll get better." The weather, "In about seven months I think."

Today it seems the booze is on the lower end, a bottle of Boone's Farm and Manischewitz is set on the bar. "Hey there." she greets the carpenter pleasantly. As a nomadic wanderer and not a camp resident she probably doesn't know Sam's name…but she tends to never call people by their actual real names anyway, so it hardly matters. "Fancy." she says of his project. The sneezing has her looking back to the door and immediatly spouting something in Mandarin in response to it, then her greeting "Heya Nerd." she says with teasing affection "Don't tell me you have a cold." a glance back to Sam "Seven months?! Not soon enough."

Lincoln shakes his head towards Nora when she comments about a cold. His words are a bit garbled due to congestion, but he adamently states, "Not a cold, allergies." This is followed up by another sneeze. Appearances would indicate that he's in some form of denial about his state, but he'll stick to the story of allergies. Looking at Sam when he announces the time until summer there's a bare grin on Lincoln's lips, "Seven months huh? Well, I guess I'll have to put my speedo collection in storage."

"Good, you can stay," grins Sam when its just allergies. Cause, well cold, and spreading, and everyone getting sick, and winter. A year or two ago, not such a big thing. He's teasing about Lincoln staying, its not his place, but its the border tease where it could go serious. Crazy times. "Thanks, she wanted more, but no time, gotta make it look nice." For Sophia that is, then to both, "Yes, if its a good year. I think down here, snow still comes in March and April. I spent a few years in Lincoln." By way of explanation.

"Right." Nora drawls out her reply to Lincoln. She isn't buying the story he is selling. "Try to fire Linc. That's the only place those banana hammocks belong." not a fan of speedos apparently. She digs into her back again and pulls out a box an holds it up for Linc to see "Look what I found." a model rocket kit, mint in box. She goes to hand it to him. "Is that supposed to be some kind of bed?" she asks then looks between the two men "Maybe you should talk to him about your cabin building idea." she tells Linc and gestures to Sam.

Lincoln looks at the model rocket kit that Nora hands towards him and he laughs a bit, which slides into a small coughing issue before he shakes his head, "Hold on to it for me. Sometime I'll show you how to build a real rocket." He adds the last part with a small grin before nodding to her and looking at Sam. "Been thinking if we're going to stay in the area we might want to look into more stable buildings, log cabin sort of things. At least for those at the campsite."

Sam is definitely avoiding speedo conversation, truth be told. His eyes look at the model rocket, a grin on his face, but the two have some friendship there, and its being held for Lincoln it seems. Back at the current project, "Yeah, that's a bed so far. I worked with a guy south pawning off furniture as being Amish, supposed some story over in Iowa, just past Omaha, that they'd sell it out of." A shrug, he considers the idea of log cabin. "That's a lot of wood and manpower. If we start hacking up trees, someone would probably have to make sure Sonny is good with using it for a home and not something out for defenses." A thought, "Or convert one of the buildings to support more people, tents aren't gonna cut it. Sophie is the second personal project, Harmony and Doc have a loft going up over by the animals to watch during winter quarters. Just, if we all get close - not to judge, but Wendigo effect."

Nora nods at Linc, "Can do." the kit goes back into her pack. His further comment as her smirking, a lot, as her mind takes a side trip, but her mouth stays shut about it. An eyebrow quirks though at Sam "Doesn't the doc have a bedroom in the first aid building?" she asks him, she shrugs though, not really important she supposes "The dining hall is big enough to fit us all over the winter. But I imagine it would be tight, with no privacy…." she isn't sure what the Wendigo effect is so her brows furrow a bit in confusion.

Lincoln himself has no idea about this Wendigo Effect thus he shrugs his shoulders some. "Personally I get worried if people get too cramped up, makes easier targets in some regards too. I think regardless we'll need a few people spread out here and there just for territory control reasons." He glances momentarily at Nora, managing a small chuckle, "I think I have my winter home staked out anyway in case we go that route."

"Sorry, meant animal Doc, the one working with Harmony to care for the stock," returns Sam when the confusion comes out about who gets a real bedroom in a building and what not. "She might not stay, may just be Harmony." If there is shacking up in winter homes, Harmony may have some leverage with a loft, and hay to insulate even. At the confusion, Lincoln furthers the trouble with everyone being close. For Nora, "Its what they call cabin fever up north during long winters. Someone finally breaks, leaves everyone dead, runs off into the snow, only leaving tracks. Like boogie man, that's the Wendigo story." Or the monster it was blaimed on sometimes by superstitious folk before logic discovered what was rally happening. "I can ask if Sonny doesn't mind, but it'll take extra bodies to actual cut trees and move them to further insulate the buildigns we have." For the log cabin idea, which is doable. Funny, he said if someone else asked, he'd be game to make it happen, now he's the pitcher for the idea.

"Yeah, I've noticed some people around here need more personal space than others." Nora doesn’t live here, yet, but that much is clear from what interactions she has had and seen. "Down by the river?" Nora asks Linc when he mentions his own plans. "Oh the vet lady." listening to the story she makes a face, and not a pleasant one. "That's awful. Now I'm going to have nightmares. Thanks."

"Well, If we build it'd be by the river; water supply and ice fishing. If not, I found the university library in town." Lincoln's eyes sparkle a bit, "A place with books, books as far as I can see." He moves to faux sigh and that breaks down into a sneeze followed with a heavy coughing. "Sorry." He apologizes around the hand covering his mouth.

"If there is moving out of the camp, has to be decided soon," returns Sameul, "If we want other places winterized. The buildings here, its a camp, but we've been fixing them up. They'll hold heat. Buildings in town though, we don't know how much they've fallen appart over the summer." And its not Georgia, but there is bits of kudzu here and there in Nebraska. Milkweed grows quick, trumpet vines, pretty flowers and all, is weighty and can pull old structures down just as fast. "How big is the library?" Curiously. The moving, that's for camp meeting, Sam's up for wherever if there is moving.

The young woman seems more thrilled by the river idea than the library, "Seems a bit far away." Nora states in a wondering tone. "From the camp and everyone. Rethinking that hermit thing?" she nods to Sam "There are lots of places we can move too. I'm still not adverse to Mexico, but that's a long way to go on foot." she thinks for a moment, patting Linc on the back lightly "Allergies my ass." she mutters before going back to the topic "Surprised no one has suggested one of the old strip hotel, Motorlodges both south and west of here.

"How was the quantity of bodies at them though?" Lincoln asks towards Nora quietly from behind his hand. "I think that's a concern for folks, too much clean up of the dead." He glances at Sam and then shrugs his shoulders some, "Not super large, about what you'd find in a normal community college library. Not as well stocked with some things I was hoping for, but again, community college." He adds the last bit with a smirk before pausing and shaking his head as if trying to fight an incoming sneeze, which he does successfully. "I like access to fresh water myself, even if the river freezes on the top, it should be deep enough to not completely freeze.

A chuckle at moving to Mexico, warmth isn't a bad thing, less winters to contend with, but who knows, lots of folks probably going to warmer weather too. Samuel is good here, stable. Just being in the camp even, drones and all. He taps his nose and nods to Nora, "Yeah, that's what I was aiming at. A bigger building with multiple rooms, give folks a little privacy, but something easier to shore up, go the log cabin route. If we're doing heat, better it goes to all. Don't know where the scouts go and look, but aside from homes and barns, look for old workshops. The guys here, they get butane tanks, you can put a filter on, lit it, makes a space heater in a pinch. Blue Rhino, they used to have the refill units at gas stations." At the near sneeze, Sam backs up, just in case, like Nora said, its not just allergies. No need for sickness in the entire camp, another reason to not to share common space all winter long. "The main channel is on the south bank," he offers to Lincoln, not knowing himself, plenty of fisherman before the aliens that would talk about it.

The reminder about corpses has Nora wrinkling her nose "I've no idea. There was a few that didn't have cars in front of them and looked to have been still shut down for the season." winter wasn't quite over when the plague hit. The library talk is listened to but she has no opinion on the subject "We can start a polar bear club." it's a joke. She has no intention of swimming in the freezing cold winter water "There are other campgrounds as well. There is one a few days southwest that has cabins already, most with fireplaces even. Probably farther than anyone wants to move though."

"Few days to the South isn't to terribly bad, but it moves away from the town, and the supplies there." Lincoln adds the last part while moving towards a chair to sit down, leaning against it momentarily before sliding into it. "I think my game plan is to go out, find a harem, and use them to keep me warm."

"Yeah, south is away from town, but the town might be more attractive to others," returns Samuel. How many others have been encountered simply because of the small city so close to the camp. Its hit or miss on that idea. "I'd vote the town and some building to start with." Indifferent, lots of work on the camp and the smaller the community, the easier to police for folks like Bob. Finally he gives in, to this alluded to topic, "No, no polar bear club for me, and no sharing of speedos, no matter what you find. Save it for the harem."

"There are other towns with supplies." Nora shrugs again though "I guess I should just stay quiet though. I'm not really part of the camp, so I have no say as to what you all do or where you go." and eyebrow goes up at Linc "But then you is going to keep them warm?" she jokes at the implcation there. "There is the hospital. Lots of rooms and beds. Cheif and I took a walk through it the other day. No dead bodies in the areas we went through. The bandits tossed some stuff around but the place is solid." she then chuckles at Sam's refusal to become a polar popsicle.

"Hospital could be good. Private rooms, pretty decent set up, designed to withstand." Lincoln adds quietly as he looks to Nora, sticking his tongue out rather weakly before putting his face in his hands. "You know full well I ain't going to leave you to your own devices over the winter."

Shaking his head to Nora, about her not being part of the camp, Samuel disagrees. Just cause she doesn't live there, there is some symbioisis of a sort, she can find things others might need, they can trade with her to give her what she might need. "I don't know, not in favor of moving too far. Working on fences for live stock, helping people with rooms here. I don't want to go far. I mean, one place is as good as the next." And here, they're knowing who's living around at least, threats or otherwise. "Hospital is good. If they still have pipes from an old boiler system, would be easier to heat up too." He actually likes that idea, if he makes it to camp meeting, he's voting that way. "But its gonna snow soon, might have to wait it out here, just huddle together more in the ready rooms for staying warm."

Nora moves to sit at the table with Linc, she doesn't seem all that concerned about cold germs. She didn't succumb to the plague, a little cold isn't going to have its way with her either. She grins at Linc "I'm slow, you'll just have to keep reminding me." she recalls him saying similar words to her "So when is this snow supposed to start?" she looks back to Sam since he seems to be more local "And if we are snowed in does that mean the Kamo Kids will be too?" the huddling bit sounds good to her and Linc gets a wink.

Lincoln shakes his head to Nora, "No… I don't think they would be, at least not in the ways we'd be. Standard deployment would have access to cold weather gear and if they're locally based they probably have heavy equipment for the trucks. Back at the base there was an abundance of cold weather gear, hell we had to train in it regularly." As he speaks, he's looking at the wall, smiling a bit slyly at Nora when she winks.

Military and what they have, if that's what Lincoln is referring to is beyond Sam. He's not couunting on that, or them coming into access of a lot of cold winter gear. He's trusting the woods, burning things, using stoves found or making their own. Much like the wood he's taking from this room from the floor to make the bed nook, it'll open up a pit. An obstacle for drunks, but if they fall in, that's Darwin speaking (or his contemporary who actually said Survival of the Fittest). "Any time, october every few years. Sometimes Halloween is sort of cancelled, or the city says not to do it, cause its freezing." Zero freezing, even this far south, been awhile. He looks away from any looks between the two, and with them turning faces, he won't catch the wink itself, but that they keep looking at one another, he just gives them that, no comments.

That's not the answer that Nora wanted to hear. "So not only will we be having winter to contend with but continuing a hostile force as well." the good news just keeps coming.

That's not the answer that Nora wanted to hear. "So not only will we be having winter to contend with but a continuing hostile force." the good news just keeps coming. And even more follows with the snow forecast "As early as October…" she glances between the two men "It's October now. At least that is what Harmony and I figure, between the plants that are being harvested, the leave changing and the weather being how it is." there is a sigh "I guess if I am going to make another run I better head out soon, so I can get back before the snow comes." she gives a shiver as if she can already feel the snow and freezing cold around them.

"I don't know if that's what they have." Lincoln says towards Nora when she sounds concerned. "That's just what we did at the Academy. But we were different." He opens his mouth to speak further, his brow already etched into concern before he buries his face in his elbow to cough once again.

"Hit or miss, just it can snow this early." Samuel is trying to make sure no one is completely surprised, he seems closest to a local perhaps, at least with those present. "I'd expect at least flurries no later than November, first real snow well before christmas, might not stick around though. We'll have more sources of heat this way, even if only primitive. We'll be like vikings." Literally, and the show was on his play list before aliens of course. A look to Lincoln about the academy and stuff, he's not sure what this place was. "You good there?" That part that almost came out, but didn't make it, provoked Sam's curiosity.

"But we can't assume they don't have similar equipment." Nora understands that he is trying to give her some comfort. He isn't the only one looking concerned "You should go see the doc." she gets to go retrieve a glass and her bottle of water. Which she pours into the glass for Linc "Sounds like we are at crunch time." if snow comes in October they don't have much time to prepare warm places to hole up." she nods at the Viking comment "Without the horn hats and grav lox." grav lox, sounds kinda like Klingon but it is actually way to salt fish for preservation.

Lincoln sips some of the water but shakes his head, "It's fine. Really, just allergies. Sinus season and all." He coughs a bit again before straightening up. "Speaking of vikings… I've sat here long enough . I believe there's pillaging to be done." The man manages a small smile while saying it, starting to push himself up.

"Its is crunch time," grins Sam, looking to the bed nook. Implying there's a few projects for patching holes to be ready for winter. Just getting the heat part, but he's not the mechanic, can't make engines, or wood stoves so to speak. He has his work ahead of him. "All right, best of luck, take care of those sinuses." Then to Nora, "And you, if you find horn hats, I'll be in the market for them."

Scavenging Rolls

1 Socks
1 Sweaters
1 Nail Polish
1 Chain Saw-gas powered
1 Book-Fiction-Spanish
1 Bottle of Manischewitz
1 Tubes Chapstick
1 Bottle of Boone’s Farm Wine
1 Stale coffee
1 Pairs of Boots
1 Vitamin C chews
1 Model Rocket Kit

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