(2015-10-08) Liniment and Baby Stuff
Liniment and Baby Stuff
Summary: Quinton provides more baby necessities. Piper provides muscle liniment
Date: 10-8-2015
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The kitchen area is 1/4 of the size of the dining hall, but it is still quite large. Most everything is made of metal, from the counters to the appliances. There is a large doublewide fridge, used as additional storage, with alphabet magnets all over the front of it. There are two large 6 burner gas stoves and a three basin sink. Metal cabinets and shelving units line the walls and are full of kitchen ware. There are two doors, one leads outside, the other into a large pantry full of food.

Mid-afternoon finds the kitchen a hot bed of activity and smelling strongly of wintergreen and mint. Astringent, but not unpleasant. If Piper pouring over the herbology book opened on the counter before her, while she grinds up herbs or some plant using a mortar and pestle, can be considered a hotbed. There is a line of small jars on the counter, some are filled with a white salve with green flecks in it, others sit empty. Clearly she is putting what she has been learning into practice. Lastly, the stroller is nearby, holding the sleeping infant.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Herbology: Success.

Quinton comes into the kitchen, having just deposited the hunt he just managed with some of the other kitchen staff. He's doing surprisingly well. Ducks may be his specialty(Better than turkeys!). He's actually headed towards the sink, but his eyes linger on whatever piper is doing. "…Hey…found more…baby stuff…"He nods at the sleeping Troy. "It's in my tent…" He's washing his hands first though, cause yuck. Beaver.

Piper looks up from the herbs she is grinding into a fine powder, "Hi." she greets, offering a tired smile as she watches him head to the sink briefly. Yeah she looks a bit tired today, but other than that alright. "Oh good." the smile brightens a bit at the news, "Get later. Will need it soon." she looks down into the mortar and deems the herbs crushed enough "Feeling better?"

Better? Than…Oh! He nods, "Not so…squished." Thankfully. The soap is rubbed on his hands and then rinsed. While he dries them, his head tilts, "What's.." He's looking at the ground herbs.

She chuckles at his word choice "Not sore than?" Piper questions the tone a bit odd, is she hoping he is? looking from him to her herbs as she follows his gaze she ohs! "Making salve for sore…" the last word she can't get out so she points to the page in her the book opened to a recipe for salve for sore muscles "Done." she points to the small jars with the white salve in them, then picks one up and hands it to him.

Quinton's head tilts slightly. picking up on something. "Didn't say that…not…squished." The poet steps up and looks down at the page, wiping the rest of his hands on the seat of his pants. "Oh…wow. Good." He nods once, and then looks surprised as the jar is passed to him, "Really? ..for me?" He's actually not used to getting stuff, it's usually the reverse. A small smile if quirked at her, "Thank you."

Eyebrows arch upward as she tries to interpret what he is saying and not saying. "Hopefully." Piper says "First batch." she grins at his surprise "Really." she echoes back to him. "You need it." the more than anyone else is implied "Try it now?" if he actually is sore it could help. She gestures to the other bottles "Other for the doctor." to use in first-aid.

Quinton's eyes narrow, but it's playful. "I only…hurt…around others." gets hurt, but still. His smile brightens and he nods, "Let…me….baby stuff…" The bottle is set down, like he'll return for it. A promise he'll be right back. He'll need it after carrying all the baby stuff! Not that he thinks she'll go anywhere but he makes a motion for her to stay there before heading out. It only takes him a few minutes, but he returns with several black diaper bags filled.

"Porch." she replies, yep he isn't living the falling through the porch down. She might not have been there, but neither was anyone else. She gives him a brief smirk and then nods. She has no problem understanding what he is saying. While she waits for his return she continues her work and when he is back she is mixing the dried crushed herbs into the goopy white stuff that makes up the base of the salve as she adds herbal oils in a few drops at a time. She stares, her work stops, she is surprised. When he said he had baby stuff she thought he meant at most a pack of diapers and maybe a bottle or two…not a few bags full of stuff. "What…Where?" did he knock over a Baby's R Us or something? Setting her stuff down she moves to take at least one of the bags to set at the empty end of the counter.

Lies. He grins, shaking his head and then just shrugs, "no idea…what you're…talking about." The poet returns with two stuffed bags, "Hospital." The meds and supplies have already been delivered to the doc, but the majority of the rest of the stuff is here. There are diapers, but also blankets and pacifiers…mostly give away things hospitals hand out to new parents. Some formula packets. Pacifiers. The striped hats and blankets. The diaper bags are set on the nearest table an he unzips them for her to see. "It's…start." He knows, from many hours of sit com TV shows, that babies require lots of stuff.

So much stuff. Piper is pulling stuff from one bag and then another, then digging through the third. There is a nod at the explanation and she gestures to the hospital logo on one of the little shirts "I see." she doesn't seem mind that though. She's only having one…she hopes…she hasn't been told any different by the doctor. Admittedly she really doesn't let him do much more than cursory examines with minimal if any touching. "I can't…" she shakes her head "I don't…" that's not right either. The size and generosity of the gift is overwhelming her capacity to string words together, and she really didn't have much capacity for that today anyways, "I could ki…" there is a gesture or two to him so whatever she can't, doesn't or could do has something to do with him.

Piper's stuttering gets a soft grin, Quin's happy she's happy. Although the last has his smile drop. Ki-? Kill?!? Oh god, he quickly explains, "no…it wasn't..trouble. Looking for medicine…" Well, that wasn't his first reason, but it's a good excuse. he doesn't want her mad about this. He's just wanting to help. His hands come up, not quite defensively, "Please…I just…help." He flashes her enough smile and a hint of the puppy dog eyes. "Good stuff…right?" He didn't miss anything obvious, right?

Wrong consonant(s), but she doesn't know what he is thinking, so his rambling has her looking at him a bit confused amidst her happiness. Not mad at all, further proof that she doesn't want to kill him is when she goes to hug him when he lifts his hands up "More than help." whatever that means. She nods at his question, her cheek against his chest "Very." she assures him "Thanks…words not enough."

Oh! ok, good! Quin smiles, letting an arm fall gentle around her. He's still gun shy about touch her and Kayla after kay's freakout. "Good." His heart is beating strong and steady and a low chuckle rumbles through his chest as he repeats himself, "Good." A gentle squeeze back, "They're …enough." Hell, she's speaking them. It's enough!

She was the instigator of the contact so no wierdness about it this time. Piper is fine standing there listening to the steady thump in Quin's chest for a few more moments, but it seems the unborn one doesn't like being squeezed in such a fashion. A rolling and kicking sensation comes from the woman's belly. Strong enough where Quin can feel it and elicits a ohh from her along with a hand to her belly "It doesn't stop." could explain why she is kind of tired looking.

Quinton gives a surprised laugh at the kick. Taking a small step backwards to give both mom and baby space. "Restless?" Isn't that a sign of birthing soon? he'll motion for Piper to sit down, "Drink?" He can get her water, or juice, if they have any.

Piper nods "Unless singing," she gestures around "moving. Yes." the restlessness could be a sign, but she wouldn't know that, but she did mention earlier that baby stuff would be needed soon. She does sit, she is on her feet way to much during the day. It surprising her ankles aren't swollen to twice their size. She shakes her head at the water her eyes falling on the salve and bringing it back to the forefront of her mind "Now?" she asks him as she picks up the jar he set down before going on his quick errand.

Quinton could get that. babies here things, right? "She has…good ear." He's already half way to the fridge before she calls him back. looking to the slave and then the woman he'll nod. "Ok…yeah." He gets wanting to know if something works or not. So off goes the gun holster, and then his sweater. His t-shirt underneath has the logo for American Eagle on it. White with blue print. The jar is taken and then opened. And then on instinct sniffled.

"Of course." Piper is in agreement with that. She's probably assuming the child will be musically talented like she is. She watches as he removes his outer layer, her expression curious and a bit expectantly hopeful. She hopes it helps, or else that was time and work wasted. The salve itself smells like one would expect, a mix of wintergreen, mint with a undertone of rosemary and other herb or spice that isn't as readily recognizable. (It's cayenne, to add that muscle relaxing warmth)

Quinton makes a contemplative face, like maybe he's trying to decide what he's smelling, but then just goes for it. a finger is dipped into the goo and out comes a blog, "Just…rub it?" Yikes. Before she can answer he's moving to stick his hand into the collar of his shirt, reaching for his left shoulder. Ever since the gun shot, that's what bugs him the most, really. Not that he would admit that. His left hand is holding the shirt at the collar , to got get the goo everywhere.

There is a head cant at the question, her mind doesn't take the same pathways other peoples does, she starts to say something but thinks better of it an just nods. She watches, realizing he doesn't have enough hands to hold his shirt, the jar and rub the salve in so she takes the jar and holds it at least, "Got it?" she isn't sure "Can help." she offers, though she isn't going to press if just holding the jar is enough.

Holding the jar seems to be what will help him most at this point. He's just testing it out on his shoulder, not trying to reach any hard to reach places. "Thanks…" The poet makes a small face as he rubs, again not liking to admit the shoulder bothers him at all, but then as he rolls it…yes, there's a surprised face. "It's…tingly!" Seems to be a good reaction though, and he keeps rubbing. Maybe between this and a shot of booze he'll sleep tonight!

Piper lets out a breath when he gives his surprised report. It's doing what it's supposed to. That's a relief "Tingly." she nods "Warm soon." once he seems to have enough she caps the jar and will offer it back to him. Now that she knows it works she takes a jar and drops it in one of the diaper bags for herself. "Help get this back?" she gestures all the diaper bags. He brought it all here to her, now it has to go back to her tent. With Troy sleeping in the stroller she can't just pile it all in there.

Quinton keeps rubbing, happy with how it's working. But he nods, "Yeah…I'll…carry…" What's left of the med is rubbed on the back of his neck to clean his fingers before he shrugs his sweater and holster back on. He's much better at that now. practice. the bags are quickly packed up, and he'll carry them back to her tent. "Thank you." For the medicine.


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