(2015-10-09) Looting 101
Looting 101
Summary: Kayla and Piper loot an elementary school for supplies
Date: 10.9.2015
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Milliken Elementary School. A relatively new school (compared to the others in town) in the northwest of Fremont. It's a bit further to walk, but it wasn't razed by fire in the early spring, so the contents at least won't be fire or smoke damaged.

Leading the horse with an ATV trailer pulled behind it Piper, absently rubs her belly as she ties the creature off to some overgrown buses that grow in front of it. She has her backpack, empty save water and a snack and her rifle. The aroma of wintergreen and rosemary lingers around her. The muscle liniment she prepared yesterday. The whole walk she hasn't spoken much, but did quite a bit of humming of various tunes. The humming stops though "Think locked?" she speaks up with the question, looking from her companion to the school.

The fact that Piper now speaks around her is amazing to Kayla, and something she isn’t about to take for granted. “Probably…but there’s lots of windows.” She voices with a faint grin. She has a pocket knife on her, but no other weapon – her hunting knife was taken by the thugs when they were their ‘guests’.

“I didn’t even know this was here…thank you for coming with me.”

It's amazing how being abducted together will make a person more comfortable around another, enough so to try to talk at least. Today she is succeeding….mostly.

The comment about windows has Piper making an amused noise. There is no way she is going to fit into a window. Not in her current state. She puts a finger to her lips and makes a shhing noise, "Don't tell…' she points to Kayla "brother." he would not be happy if he knew that she was out of camp. She looks around quickly as if the words would conjure him…it wouldn't be the first time she ran into him in town.

"You…" she points to a long set of windows that fronts the school. "I'll wait." she points to a side door, probably an emergency exit of some sort, so should only be locked to prevent entrance, not exit.

“I love when we have the same thought process,” Kayla winks at Piper as she moves off to the windows in question. Grabbing a large rock from out front, she swings it to the side before launching it at the glass. She’s careful to close her eyes and turn her head away to protect against the shattered shards. Once the window has fallen, she pulls her jacket down over her hand and carefully knocks the last few chunks off the base of the window, and sweeps it clean before climbing in.

“Meet you there!” she calls quietly before taking off through the school…it should be relatively easy to find her way.

That was unexpected, the rock through the window. A surprised ohh! comes from the woman as she watches glass go flying. She'll have to note that room, and not go in it with her barefeet. "So different." she says in a low tone with a shake of her head.

As Kayla scrambles through the window, Piper hurriedly waddles to the door to wait for it to be opened. This part she is used to, the waiting to be let in.

Well, the windows were probably locked too…Kay didn’t check but she assumed! She and her brother aren’t precisely the same, but there are similarities. Sometimes.

It only takes a few short minutes for Kayla to make it to the door and open it from the inside – schools all seem to be laid out similar. “Welcome to the first day of class, Miss Piper.”

Well the joke wasn't entirely unexpected and it gets a silvery laugh from Piper. It also helps ease her mind that this trip wasn't a huge mistake. "Scav…" she can't manage the three syllables show switches words "Looting 101." she jests back as she eases past the other woman, trying not to touch her. She's gotten talking to Kayla alright, but touching…she still isn't there yet.

She hasn't been in an elementary school in years…since she was that age really so she looks up and down the hall to get her bearings. She wrinkles her nose a bit, months being closed up hasn't improved that school smell. She doesn't care for it. Smells bring memories, ones she prefers not to remember. "Which first?" so many classrooms she lets Kayla decide where to start.

“Pick one – they’re all going to have some of the same stuff, other than the kindergarten room…that’s not a bad place to check too.” Kayla closes the door firmly behind Piper, making sure it latches, and thus, is locked. “Pick a door, any door. Win a prize!”

Piper nods, thank makes sense to her, though all the kids except Caro are kindergarten, first grade age, so those classrooms should be the first to get hit. At least in her mind "Kinder…." is all she manages to get out for that word, "first." she replies as she looks into the first couple of rooms, plenty of stuff they can take behind the doors, but no prize she wants, nor the kindergarten rooms. "Farther." she gestures down the hall and begins to head hopefully in the right direction.

“Look for some of the messiest art on the walls outside the room,” Kayla suggests. She knows all about display boards, and how the art projects change through the grades. She moves down the dusty hallway at Piper’s pace, watching the walls and following her own advice.

As they turn a corner, they come upon a wall that appears to be covered in pages that are probably finger paintings, with the name written clearly in an adult hand, neat printing proving that. “Let’s try this one.”

"Ok." as she follows Kayla down the hallway she peeks into other rooms that they pass. It's not hard to imagine the place full of kids, playing, learning, but now it is just empty and silent save the noise the two women make. Piper finds it somewhat creepy.

When they come face-to-face with child-like finger paintings displayed on the wall she can't help but smile sadly. All those names, she wonders if any survived and where they are if they did. "Right." she agrees as she heads into the classroom with the other woman.

Behind the door is the typical classroom for kindergarteners. Little tables and chairs dot one side of the room, along with the desk where the teacher sits. The other side is divided into an area for reading and an area for play. Inside the door is a large cubby-hole shelving system, each little cubby has a label with a child's name. Some are empty, some have things in them. A door to a storage closet stands partially open near the teacher's desk.

“Well, I think we found the right one.” The former teacher instincts were correct on finding the room!

“Let’s see if we can find some books – I’ll check the desk for work sheets, pencils, that sort of thing…” Kayla suggests as she moves quietly into the room. She, too, can almost hear the ghosts of the children that used to fill this room.

This classroom, like many of the others, looks untouched, except by the months that have passed since the first wave hit. It's like the students and staff left for the day, fully intending to come back the next, but they never did. The only living thing that has been here are the mice and bugs that take over when people disappear.

While Kayla searches the desk on one side of the room, Piper takes the other. She nudges a beanbag chair, starting a bit in surprise as a mouse runs out from under it and across her foot, scrambling toward the closet. The chair has several holes chewed in in, and is probably now a nest for countless mice like the one she scared out. A book rack is against the wall in the brightly carpeted reading area, though there aren't more than a handful of books. The children were probably allowed to check them out. Despite there being so few she takes them anyway, shrugging off her backpack to begin to fill it. "Dr. Seuss." she says happily "Anything good?" she asks.

“A few practice sheets for letters and numbers, and some pencils. Not enough for everyone, but a few.” Kayla agrees as she swings her backpack off and carefully begins to stick the pages inside. No point in taking them if they are all crumpled! “Oh…phonics cue cards!” she chirps, holding up a box.

Piper wanders to the play area. There are some toys, blocks and dress up clothes. She leaves all of that stuff alone for now. The children have plenty of toys at least. Not as much as they did prior, but enough. They can always come back later. She picks up a silver, plastic tiara from the dress up shelve and pushes the little combs to keep it in place into her hair. She's a pretty, pretty princess now. "We'll find more." she is sure of that. It's a big school.

She moves over to where Kayla is, eyeing the large white board hanging on the wall, which she points to "Later." she suggests for that, maybe bring back Quin and Terry, let them do the heavy lifting. Her attention then goes to the closet "Shall we?" she's hoping this is one of those schools that had decent funding, (and the teacher didn't have to spring for classroom supplies), and there will be supplies in there.

“So pretty,” Kayla teases Piper when she finally looks up after snatching a few red pens for herself, and some blue ones for Quinton. Grinning, she moves back around the desk and nods to the closet. “Here’s hoping it isn’t just brooms,” she announces.

The motion to the whiteboard has her grinning, and nodding again. Good idea.

Piper gives a small curtsy. She can be silly too. Her moments though are few and far between, and usually only shared with a select few.

There is a nod in agreement and she pulls the door open the rest of the way. "Not brooms." she says as she stares at its contents.

It's not chock full of stuff. The kids were already half way through the year when the bad stuff started, but it does have a enough to last the children they have until mid-summer if they are careful. Bottles of finger paints, boxes of clay, markers, crayons, pencils, etc.. As well as construction paper, scissors, other art and class room supplies. Boxes of snacks as well, animal crackers, goldfish and shelf stable juice boxes, as well as other kid friendly snacks. A few of the boxes are mouse or bug chewed, but not all.

Kayla actually gasps from behind Piper as she sees what is in the closet, her hands flying to her mouth as she stares at the wonder that is the supply closet! “Oh my god…” comes an awed whisper before she actually claps her hand. “Piper! Oh my GOD…this is amazing!”

"Is it?" she questions, partially turning to look at the woman behind her. She's glad that the supply closet is stocked with stuff, but not as excited by it as the other woman. But she isn't the teacher. She takes a few steps into the closet. "Boxes." she says, they will need something to carry the stuff in. There is bound to be boxes somewhere, probably in another closet somewhere else in the school. Or milk crates. She does grab a box of the goldfish and a pack of juice boxes which go in her pack. She's always hungry these days.

This is a great start to filling a classroom for the kids – it isn’t everything they need, but it is a good start.

“Yeah…we can use some of the bins from the shelves to carry the stuff back.” Kayla whirls around and rushes over to some of the storage bins. She scoops out the toys located in them (they can come back and get some later, if they want) before carting them back to the closet.

“Then these can be storage in our school.” Bobbing her head, Kayla begins to try and strategically pack the loot into the crates.

Piper hmmms thoughtfully as the other woman speaks. Well both Becca and Caro will be thrilled. They are the artists of the group, Caro showing actual promise. "Hoped," there is a pause as she works on getting the complete sentence out, "reading books." there is a dropped word there, but the point is clear. She retrieves bins as well, empting the contents onto a table before heading into the closet to fill it. Filling the bins is like a game of Tetris, she was never good at that game, or any other video game really. "good idea." she nods, loading the bin with crayons and other writing and drawing implements. "Toys…Christmas?" she gestures back to the toys they are leaving "Quin told me." she explains.

“He said you did…and yeah, I thought Quin and I and you and I could come back ‘shopping’ another day. Maybe keep some of the choice finds back for adult gifts, too.” Kayla agrees as she works on packing her box.

“And if we want reading books, we need to hit the library.” Duh, that’s where the majority of the books will be!

"I wish…." She starts out as she begins to fill another bin, "children birthdays." Knew their birthdays that is. "Know Becca's." She shakes her head to indicate she doesn't know any of others. She does tap her temple at the rest of the idea. "Like gifts." She grins, who doesn't.

Another shake of head, "Not reading books." She frowns a bit "To learn."

“OHhh…work books!” Kayla nods as she hrms softly. “They should have level 1 and 2 readers at the library…we can try to find a first grade class too – it should be in this wing.” Schools usually are organized by age groups.

“Birthdays would be great, but….like Quin said, it’s hard without a calendar.”

"It's October ninth." Piper says without any hesitation or doubt. How she knows this she couldn't say, she just does. It's part of her 'programming', also something that she is unaware of on certain levels. She only finds it odd that she knows this because it was pointed out to her.

"Library next?" They can at least grab a few reading primers. Reading and writing is an essential skill, especially now.

Kayla nods as she grabs the last couple of items from the shelves in the closet. She then grabs the tub, and settles one edge on her hip and the other in her hand, much like a laundry basket. “Yeah, let’s take a look – we’re going to need to make more than one trip to get everything we need, if we want to be ready for the future years.”

Kay seems happy as a clam with what they’ve found so far, but she also knows how much more is needed.

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