(2015-10-13) Camp Meeting
Camp Meeting
Summary: The meeting to decide to stay or go..and then the lights go out.
Date: 10.13.2015
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Dining Hall

The dining hall is a dome shaped building fully capable of holding upwards of 500 people. Tables and chairs surround a large round fireplace that takes up the center of the main room. The walls are mostly windows that let tons of light through so additional lighting isn't need until after the sun is down. In the back a set of double doors, flanked by bookshelves, leads to the kitchen. On each side of the bookshelves is a door to bathrooms, men left, women right. The bookshelves themselves are full of books and boardgames. There is an upright piano partially blocking the view out one set of windows. By the piano is a stand with an old hand crank record player.

A new addition has been recently added to the room. The lower half of several windows have been covered over with corkboard covered plywood. Already they are starting to be covered with lists of things people want/need and things people want to trade for, like goods or lessons.

It's just after the evening meal and instead of everyone going to do there own thing many have stuck around. One reason it is still stormy and rainy outside and who wants to go out into that if there is a warm fire in the dining hall the second is the meeting that Sonny has called and been reminding people of the last few days. As he waits for people to take care of their plates or get refills on drinks, Sonny tacks a map of the multi-state area onto the bulletin board and has propped the bulletin board on a chair so everyone can see it.

The slender ex-cop doesn't come around for evening meal often. Sometimes she'll stop by for scraps of left overs, but generally she keeps on the edges of society. Just patrolling, watching, protecting when she can. However, she knows tonight will have meaning. That important things will be decided and even if she doesn't really have a voice about those things, she is curious. So Jules is here tonight, hovering in the back corner of the room, back against a wall and eyes staring out the two windows across from her as much as at the other people.

She's been busy the last few days, puttering around camp, out scavenging, and taking time to teach the herd of children that follow Piper around when she can, and when the Dining Hall is free. Now, Kayla is here, with the others who have stuck around after evening meal. She's shifted her seat around to face the direction she's guessing the meeting will happen in, given that Sonny is there, and waits.

Bob is similar to Jules in that he rarely embeds himself in camp society. Or at least, until lately. Now he's being included here and there, and he's come out of his shell a bit. That being said, the ex-Sheriff spends most of his time out in the woods or patrolling the camp. The standard duties of police life bring a sense of familiarity to his life.

Still, he'd heard about the meeting tonight, so he showed up for dinner, and stayed after. When the maps are put up by Sonny, Bob meanders on over, offering Sonny a nod before looking over the maps with idle interest.

Quinton's here as well, quiet and waiting. He sits next to Kayla, gently tapping a foot and waiting for the meeting to start.

As summer turned to fall, Terry found himself hunting and fishing more and more. Tonight was no different: he'd set out earlier in the evening, and returned with a fair haul. Nothing to write home about — he's not that lucky — but anything to give the camp that much more of a chance at survival. He enters the dining hall, spots and heads over to Jules, offering a nod as he settles in for the meeting.

After a cursory clearing and wipe down of the tables, and getting the kids occupied in the kitchen with dessert and a quiet activity, Piper finally sits down, with only the snoozing infant to deal with. Glancing at the map and goes to take a seat next to the Well's siblings cradling the infant to her shoulder. It's doubtful she will speak up during this meeting, but she doesn't want to miss it.

Sonny gives a nod to Bob, as he begins to stick pushpins into various places on the map those that have been previously scouted. And then black ones in places further out of camp. Once that is done he turns to the gathered group and looks around, doing his best to catch everyone's eyes "Let's try to make this short and productive." he starts out saying. "This camp wasn't designed to have people living in it year round. When I picked it as a place to hole up I didn't expect it to grow so bit body wise, or to be here this long. With winter coming it comes down to decision time." he pauses to let that sink in.

The sight of Bob gets a brief nod, and then Terry coming in, a quiet nod in his direction too. Men she understood, at least, she respected in a way. Otherwise, she's quiet. She's got a cigarette from somewhere, maybe one of her scavenging runs. It's not lit, but she toys with the filter between her lips as something to do. The itch to smoke still there even as the rain pours outside.

Kayla glances sidelong at her brother as the purpose of the meeting is made clear right from the beginning. It's what she expected, so she doesn't appear surprised. Reaching for Quin's hand, she turs her attention back to the front.

Bob hummms quietly at the pins and tilts his head to the left as he considers. Then with a non-commital nod he moves over to a table and sits down.

"So we got some sort of order to our options there?" Bob nods towards the map and pins more importantly.

He stands then moving off to get himself some sort of beverage, preferably coffee.

Quinton lets Kayla take his hand, he seems distracted though, pale eyes on the map studying it. Finally he gives her hand a squeeze before looking to her and then Piper and both get a reassuring smile. "Build or…leave, right?" That's the first step, he's pretty sure.

Piper quietly listens to what Sonny says. It's all known stuff, nothing new or surprising. When he pauses she casts a look around, her expression pretty neutral though there is a brief upturn of mouth to show that she is at least okay to the poet.

Holden has been quiet in the back, but he steps up a few steps and he nods, "Yeah. That's what I've been saying for a while now. We can't stay here. There's no infrastructure. We're in tents. Even if we figure out how to get more electricity, there's no wires, no buildings with lights, nothing. We can't get running water here. We can't get rid of our sewage properly here." He exhales, "Some of those neighborhoods are gated communities. There are walls around them. We can use that to help keep us safe."

"The red ones are possibilities, except this one." Sonny points to the one where the explosion happened "No real order. Some are better options then others. Of the red ones this is the best." he points to an area north "It's the Native American reservation an hour north of here. It can be fenced in pretty easily enough. There are plenty of houses standing empty. Not the best shape but they will get us through winter, warm and safe." he begins to point out the black pins, specfically one in New Mexico and one in the panhandle of Texas "These are farther, but the weather is more favorable and they each have a small gated community, hotel or hospital that we can make habitable easily for winter." a nod then is given to Quinton "That's pretty much our choices, build or move.

"How hard will building be here? Just… realistically? Is that actually an option?" Jules' husky voice cuts into the room, actually willing to speak up for once. She's even pulled the cigarette out of her lips and is toying with it between her fingertips so her voice can be heard loud and clear.

"That's assuming no one else has already done that by the time we get to them?" Kayla inquires as the topic of placces further away are mentioned. She looks fromo ne face to another before settling on Sonny again

A glance is spared for Jules by Bob, "Time 'n material is your issue for building. Once winter kicks in full force, kids need more than walls and a roof. Insulation, solid construction, indoor fireplaces…Those are the things that take you out of survivin and into livin."

And then he looks to the map, "What're the estimates on movin all our people further south? And how dangerous is the road?"

Quinton just nods back to Sonny, but doesn't give any other opinions just yet. He wants to hear the others out first. Jules speaking up has him turn to look at her and he gives her the same encouraging smile he did for Kayla and Piper. He will add to Kayla, "We'd send scouts first…"

"So…what I'm hearing is that build isn't really an option. I didn't think it was. So… move. That's what we're deciding tonight. Honestly." Jules' flat, cold voice offers into the room, as stoic as ever but not going to bandy gentle words when she'd much rather them be upfront and honest.

"Sewage issues will be a problem anywhere we go Holden. So will running water. But looking at the span of history those are relatively new inventions. People have survived longer without them than with them." Sonny says to the young man and history lesson over gets back to answering questions "We would never be able to build enough cabins for everyone before the snow starts. So there would be a lot of shacking up or people would have to camp out in here throughout winter." he looks around and nods to Bob as he adds to the conversation "Moving everyone and all our goods….if we can take down a couple of more drones we have be able to get some buses running. Load one with people the other with all our supplies. We can be moved in a few days. Depending on where we decide to go." Quinton gets a nod about sending scouts "Some of those scouting missions will take a few days if he get a vehicle running. Weeks if they have to be done on foot.

Holden rolls his eyes, huffs, and moves to the door. Opening it, he heads out.

A brow is quirked as Holden heads off in a huff. Bob sighs and shakes his head, "Young'ns." he mutters quietly and then sips at his coffee as he sits back down. "Alright…So we need some more drone disassembly operations…And some scoutin missions."

Bob scratches at his chin idly and continues, "We could go local to get through the winter…Look to move south after that, once the weather clears. Long term, better off somewhere we don't get trapped in by snow and cold for months on end."

"I agree - I think Holden had it right - Quin and I already checked out some of the gated communities. Quin had one in mind, in particular…" Kayla squeezes her brother's hand as she mentions him.

"Doesn't sound like a poor choice. There's plenty of us willing to go out on missions, disassembly, scouting, whatever you like. We just need the thumbs up and the extra clips incase shit goes wrong. Tell us where to go, we'll go." Jules looks over to Terry, seeing if he'd back her up with those words. She's willing to be a soldier, that much is clear.

Quinton's free hand runs through his hair as he watches Holden leave. Kayla brings him back to the present and he shakes his head, "Not…if it's in the helicopter's flight path…" They really need to figure out where the army base is. He nods though, "Drones are needed no matter where…right?" Knowing this won't go over well he adds, "I can go scouting….if that will help." He's better at scouting than shooting.

Listening as the discussion moves from one person to the other, Piper remains her silent self as she absently pats the sleeping baby's back. Holden does get an eyebrow quirk as he leaves, but that's about it for breaking her neutral expression. There is a nod though in agreement about having plenty of volunteers.

Sonny sighs, and seems that he is going to stop Holden, but the boy moves to quick for him to say the words. "That is also an option." is said to Bob's idea about staying local and moving later. His eyes fall on the others in tuen when they speak, "Just get a team together Jules and I'll make sure you are well armed and let you know where." then he looks to the Well's siblings "Which one would that be?" he asks, there are several, some close, some far "Yes, drones are a sure source of power. For buildings and for any vehicle we may need for moving." if he has a problem with Quinton volunteering himself for scouting he doesn't show it. Probably because he doens't have one

The lithe woman didn't actually expect to be given a command of a team, her lips parting to protest for just a heartbeat, but hen she closes her mouth and just nods. She might as well, at least she can trust herself to lead the team, "Sure. I'll have something together this week. If… anyone else is interested, talk to me sometime tomorrow. I'll try to be around a bit more." She offers, trying to make her words sound warmer and even… Nice? Well, nice in compare to her normal stoic, ice queen self.

A shrug is offered by Bob and he leans back in his chair, "We got enough ordinance to take down drones? Heavy caliber rounds." He pauses and looks to the map, then to Sonny. "Pick two spots and we'll work on clearing out drones patrolling the opposite directions. Should give the impression we're moving that way, buy us some time to make the move, give us some clearance."

Jules falls quiet after that, letting the others continue planning as she remains lurking in the shadows.

Quinton gives Kayla's hand a squeeze before he lets it go to stand up and move over to the map. He points to the island that they were on when they saw the helicopter and the explosion happened. "Flight path…probably not…good." He's not a strategist, but… "We should…figure out the army base…to know where to not go…" He looks up to see if that makes any sense. it does in his head.

Watching Quinton go, Kay listens to his suggestionb efore she nods. "Best to start with where not to go - easier to map out good options from there," she agrees from her seat. She maybe a relatively new member of acmp, but she's vocal.

"We have enough ammo for taking down drones. It's the smaller caliber ammo that we are starting to run short on. I have weapons and ammo stashed other places. A team will be needed to go retrieve some of it." Sonny answers Bob and then watches Quinton get up to approach the map "Cheyenne Mountain." it's a simple answer, "Now that is a place where we could hole up and survive…well just about anything. If I was in charge of this rogue military group that's where I would have my base at. If not there than Fort Carson." which means no where in Colorado is safe.

A sip of coffee is taken and Bob offers a nod, "Alright then…Run the scouting ops, pick the target options, and then work on the drone take downs." A beat pause and then Bob remembers that this isn't his Sheriff's station and he amends, "That's what I'd do anyhow."

Quinton eyes the map, taking a moment to find the Mountain Sonny's talking about before looking to the others. He'll inhale, folding his arms. He'll scout what they tell him too, army or possible safe place. he just needs to know which.

Kayla remains where she is - so much of camp politics are beyond her. She's said her peace.

Sonny listens and then looks at the map for a moment, thinking about all that's been said and suggested. "Well I guess it is decided, we are moving. Just have to decide where too. To scout these furthest locations," He points to the ones in New Mexico and the panhandle of Texas "we need vehicles, which means drones. So we will send one group to scout the closer locations and then two will go out to take out drones. You two," Bob and Quinton "work with Terry and Jules to get it done. If you need more able bodies just say the word." there is a large flash of lightening outside, followed up a booming sound of thunder that rattles the windows and then everything goes dark as the precious lights go out. The unshakable Sonny takes it in stride, despite the sudden squealing of kids coming from the kitchen "I guess this means our meeting is over."

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