(2015-10-15) Taking a Break
Taking a Break
Summary: Piper runs into Quinton while she is taking a break from weapon sorting
Date: 10.15.2015
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Well it seems today mother nature has decided to skip autumn and go straight for winter temps. Not nice woman! The animals still have to be cared for but thankfully that isn't Piper's job today, especially after spending all morning and half the afternoon in the polebarn where weapons are stored with Dixie and sorting and inventorying everything. They aren't done, but she needed a break so is using hers to take a walk. She is dressed as best as she can be for the freezing weather, coat, that isn't big enough to go around her belly, and brightly colored scarf and knit cap…even her wool socks..still no shoes though. She walks toward the barn, planning on taking a moment to defrost near the woodstove there before heading back to tackle more inventory work. She seems to be in some discomfort and it is doubtful it is related to the cold.

Quinton went out early, figuring that they may not have many more days for scavenging (Either from weather or them leaving). He's definitely not bare foot, intact he's wear thick heavy work boots that he's just recently found. A sweater is on underneath his coat and his blonde hair is hidden by a knit beanie. The backpack is heavy looking, he seemed to bypass the kitchen today and headed towards the other heat sours. Maybe to get some alone time to think. He's standing next to the stove, alone for the moment with his thoughts.

There is mild surprise at finding Quinton hanging out in the barn, the alone thing, doesn't get as much. "Oh..hey." Piper greets as she looks around the empty save the animals barn. One hand is held out to the warmth offered by the stove, the other is used to point to herself and then jerks a thumb outside, her face questioning. Offering to leave him to his thoughts if he wants, even though she believes he spends way too much time with them. She'd never say that out loud though.

Quinton was deep in throughout, so the pregnant woman's approach wasn't noticed till she speaks. AT least he doesn't jump, but his head does come up quickly, "Oh…hey." She gets a soft smile and a head shake, "No…stay. The stove is…nice and warm." Well…as nice and warm as they can get anyway. "How are you?' maybe he noticed her discomfort.

Piper gives a half-hearted smile either in return or at not being kicked out..or both. Moving closer to the stove now that she knows she is welcome she alternates hands the other one held out the warmer one going to massage the side of her baby belly. She curls her lip slightly at the question and her hand wobbles as she "Mehs." in answer. A vague gesture is then made as she furrows her brow, her words aren't flowing as easily today, but she is insisting on trying to work past it today, instead of just going with it, "Over did it." there was bound to be some strenuous work in organizing and sorting the weapons, some are still crated up even.

Quinton for once, seems to be having no trouble with words, "Do you want to sit?" He's sure there's a folding chair, or he can grab a bale of hay or something… "You need to take it easy, Piper. You don't need to stress yourself out." Not seeing any of the chairs he thought were there he slips off the heavy backpack and then moves to grab the hay bale. He grunts softly as he hefts it, it's not as easy as it looks, but he manages to get it over without making a complete fool of himself.

Yes she does, so bad, but plays it off a bit in light of the chiding she is receiving and the fact that he should follow his own advice at times. Nope she isn't going to react to the use of her pseudonym, but a look of relief passes across her face when she does sit down. "Thanks." she sighs. If she thought she could get up again she would probably lay back on it, instead she just stretches her sock covered feet out to the heat of the stove. The stuffed pack is noted and another half grin is given Quin's luck today. She doesn't ask about that at the moment though, "Dixie's place." she starts to say "She wants.." she makes another gesture toward the east. Piper undoubtedly volunteered to go with her, but has, of course, shot down.

Quinton's smile brightens when she sits down. It's the little victories. He nods, "Does she need someone to go with her?" Sometimes the woman grates on him, more because she always feels the need to pick on him, like they're 12, he doesn't want her to go alone. He glances in the direction Piper indicated and then back at Piper, "Is she going today?" A heart beat and re realizes that may be salt on any turn down Piper got, so instead he kneels next to his bag, "Found.." He pauses while he unzips the bag, "Several cans of fruit…" Those always are hers it seems, and he then offers over one of the bags of bbq potato chips, if she'd like. He never knows about her cravings.

"Yes." Piper replies after a brief moment of thought. Needs…wants…someone should go with her either way. Just to be safe. The first answer is followed by a shake of the head. As far as she knows Dixie isn't going today. If she is feeling upset about being rejected for a trip into town it is quashed by the fruit coming out. "Great!" she exclaims the only thing better would be peanut butter, but she still has a jar of that. She doesn't know what her cravings are going to be either, until they hit her. They aren't polite enough to send a warning memo. She eyes the bag of chips and then looks at him "Sure?" she knows how he is with junk food and doesn't want to take away one of his simple but infrequent pleasures.

Quinton chuckles while he nods, "I found 3…" Bags that is. 5 cans of fruit are set out for the woman, "Kitchen or your tent?" Meaning he'll bring them where ever she wants, she doesn't need to carry them. There's other things in the bag too, but he doesn't pull them out. Instead, after scratching his hair through the beanie briefly, "Want me to open one now for you?"

Well in that case she will take the chips and not feel /too/ bad about it. "Vending?" she asks of course meaning vending machine. "Tent." she answers, she may take a can or two to the kitchen later, but she'll decide that later. Piper doesn't pry either, they get so little privacy as it is, she isn't going to take the privacy of his backpack from him. Picking up one of the cans she looks at it briefly, then nods "Yes." she then hands it over it him since he offered.

Quinton's head shakes, "No…someone's stash, I think." He nods, the cans start going back into his back so he can bring them there. The last one, the one she hands over he pops open for her and then digs into his bag for a plastic fork. "Here ya go…the finest canned fruit on the planet…"

"Nice." Piper says as he explains where he found three bags of chips. Now if only they were the really big bags and not the smaller grab-bag size…oh well. While he opens the fruit she does the same with the chips. May as well enjoy them now, who knows if they will get a chance later. A real smile comes to her face at his words. Considering its the only way that she can have some of those fruits now she couldn't agree more. Not like there is an abundance of pineapple shrubs around Nebraska. Patting the bale next to her, welcoming him to sit. She takes the fruit in exchange for the chips. She'll share both of course, but she gives him first go at the chips, she needs a free hand anyway to eat.

Sitting is better than kneeling, so the poet moves over to sit down, letting a leg brush up against hers. A chip is taken and crunched on, his pale eyes closing briefly. BBQ isn't even his favorite flavor, the crunch is just nice. "First thing, when we win….build a junk food plant." He's in a good mood it seems he's usually not this talkative or jokey.

Well she doesn't recoil, though Piper's hand does tighten a bit on the can that she is poking around in with the fork. She can't help but laugh at his priorities, "No party?" finding a choice piece of pineapple amidst the pieces of pears and peaches she spears it and eats it, she enjoys it, but not as beatifically as he does the chips, but then fruit is easier to come by. She will take a few of the chips from the bag and munch on them after offering the can and fork to him.

Quinton snorts, grinning, "Can't party without chips." He'll switch, but only takes one piece of fruit. No need filling up on it when someone who's craving it is right there. "I mean…I'm sure I can break out some bottles.." His bottles have been needed a lot less since Sophia opened up her 'bar'.

A smirk is given to his comment. She can't help but wonder what kind of parties he went to if chips were a big deal to have a successful one. Their college experiences were so different, of that she is sure. Her nose wrinkles slightly, even the thought of the smell of his moonshine turns her stomach, but not enough to turn her off her food. She probably pulled a Quinton and skipped lunch. "Some?" of course she doesn't know how many he has, though she is sure some won't be enough for this imaginary victory party.

Well, you gotta have munchies, right? The snooty parries were never as much fun, in his opinion. Quin grins, chewing and then shrugging, "It's not gonna happen overnight. I have…time."

A few more pieces of fruit are eaten as Piper listens to his reply. "Can wish." that it would end overnight, in some form or fashion. Of course they probably all wish that this would just end if not overnight, soon. "More soon." more time that is. Once they move, if it is nearby at least and winter settles in they will all have more time. Part of that makes her grin.

Quinton sighs softly, sticking one of his newly booted shoes closer to the wood stove, 'Yup….I specialize in wishing…I'm pretty good at it." Maybe that's just being a poet. "We'll be going out scouting soon. …The sooner the better for that, anyway."

Piper nods at him. Hopes and wishes they have in spades. There is a frown at the mention of scouting. The previous scouting mission was her last, she realizes that. Especially since the places that are left to scout are so far away. "Drones." unless they want that scouting mission to take weeks, they will need a drone powercore to get a vehicle running "Tomorrow." once Dixie and her dig out the larger caliber ammo needed for that. They have found enough to make a attempt tomorrow, and they know there is a lot more somewhere, finding it is the harder part "Need to…" she gestures out "Dixie waiting." she reaches for his hand to give it a squeeze "Thanks." she lifts the can in her hand then gets to her feet "I'll go easy." she assures before she heads out to continue her project of the day.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Pairs of Work Boots
1 3 pack Condoms
3 Bags BBQ Chips
2 Cans Fruitcocktail
3 Cans Pineapple
1 Scissors
1 Bottle of Antibiotics - (8 left)
1 Beginning to Knit Kit
2 Cans Pet Food

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