(2015-10-15) Weapon Sort
Weapon Sort
Summary: Dixie and Piper sort through what they have in stock for weapons and ammo
Date: 10.15.2015
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It was reported at the camp meeting the other night that small caliber ammo was starting to get low, but that larger caliber ammo was still well stocked and it is the latter of the two that are needed to take down drones. When all the weapons and weapon accessories were stored they weren't organized just stacked where they fit. To get a good count how how much is left of what organization has to be done. Piper knows how to fire a weapon pretty well, but being able to look at a gun and tell what caliber it is, or be able to recognize a bullet in the same way is beyond her skill. Half of what is stored in the polebarn has been sorted through and put away properly, but they still have more to go. Another unlabeled crate of rifles has been opened and Piper looks down into it and then up at Dixie, before lifting one of the weapons up to examine it quizzically.

Dixie has been cautious of being around people, especially since people started to come down with sniffles and the cold. After all, she was one of the military guards during the height of the red tsunami, and the sole survivor from her unit - that she knows of. Not talking about things she's done during that time, as well. She's wearing a mask, as she has to be near people again. With weapon sorting being assigned to her, she's been rather quiet and removed as she helps to sort the weapons. She glances in Piper's direction, her brow furrowing as she considers the rifle. "That looks like a .22 rifle," she comments. "You ain't noticing any modifications on it?"

Piper is sniffle and cold free at the moment, even though she hasn't taken any precautions and her own little flock of children are starting to get symptomatic. Not looking forward to that. Maybe that's why she volunteered to sort weapons and stuff. She hmmmms as the weapon is identified and gives a bit of a frown. Useless for drones, good if you want to go after squirrel or rabbits. She examines it a little more then shakes her head, not that she can tell. A few had to be pointed out to her, but these ones seem to be brand new, never been fired. She hands it over to Dixie, letting the expert double check it. She then begins to sort through the rest of the rifles in the crate. Most are the exact same, but she does set aside a few that are different, one being more of a bolt-action and other a shotgun.

Dixie is cautious to get too close to Piper. She's seen fit people struck down, so she's not taking the same risks herself. She takes a few moments to inspect the rifle, seemingly grading it by how it appears. Her brow furrows a bit, and she puts it to the side. When Piper starts to sort, she starts to pick through them. Some go onto a pile that the first rifle started, a lot more are put aside. "Spare parts," she comments, as she motions to the pile. The bolt action rifle does get her attention, and she takes her time to inspect it. She looks thoughtful, and puts it down on the side of weapons to keep pile. "That's a nice find, Piper," she comments. Her attention then falls on the shotgun. "Well, this ain't all that useful for long range, but clearing buildings will be easier. I should be able to make up different shots for this. Just get me some ball bearings, wax and a loaded shell, and I can make things to breach doors."

Piper gives a grin, if she hadn't already replaced her rifle she would probably see about requisitioning the bolt-action, but she is pleased enough with her semi-automatic. She with this crate sorted she begins to put the weapons where they now belong. When the shotgun is spoken of she gives a questioning look and makes some handgestures, miming holding a rifle and firing, sound effect included and then hand antlers above her head. Something about hunting perhaps.

Dixie most likely is used to Piper's hand gestures, and she offers a nod. "If you're after game, then use a shot round, though it depends on the grade," she comments, as her attention falls on the shotgun that she's inspecting. "The hunters can make use of it, though if they collect their spent shells or any that they find, it would make it a considerable amount easier to restock the rounds. If we get the time before we move, someone should go through my apartment. There might still be molds in it that can be used. I doubt my benches are still there, though." She takes a deep breath and then sighs. "If we keep on going through ammunition, we might have to consider muskets and black powder."

The woman does try to be consistent with her signs. Piper is learning real sign language, but not everyone knows it so just sticks to pantamime and charade like gestures mostly. She nods in understanding. In the months she has been here she has learned that shells can be reloaded. She pats her chest and then mimes pulling and shooting a bow. That's what she has started using, for hunting at least. Arrows are reusable and much easier to replace. Another grin and she points between the pair of them and then in the direction of town. With the town bandit free now it's safer to go back there, and she seems to be volunteering to go with Dixie….even though she isn't supposed to leave camp…she is to close to popping to make it really safe for her to wander.

"You want to play Robin Hood? I ain't sticking an apple on my head," Dixie comments when it comes to the pantamine of firing an arrow. She motions towards her rifle that is resting near the door. "I kind of prefer a solid kick back to the shoulder, and I only fire when needed. I ain't like some other military types around here, and I know my rounds are rare. That, and I ain't got an idea about how to play with bows and arrows." She continues to sort through the weapons that are passed towards her, though she does give Piper a critical look. "A couple of months ago, I would have taken you up on that offer. But you're due soon, ain't you? Sonny, bless him, would skin me alive if we went out into town. I ain't a mid-wife, so if you did give birth, there's a good chance if anything went wrong, I ain't able to bring you or your baby back alive."

That brings a silvery laugh from Piper but she shakes her head. No shooting at people, apples or no, even if she thinks she could pull it off. She only uses a bow for hunting. Another nod, this time agreeing with Dixie. She isn't one to just fire of her weapon either. She only does so if she knows she has a sure shot." a sigh is given and a slight frown, she isn't surprised though. She holds up three fingers then hand wobbles. She must mean three weeks, she's to big for her to mean three months. She isn't going to argue, there are others that will go with her. She moves to check out the contents of a military style ammo box that's so old the letters on the side has mostly faded.

Dixie smiles brightly at Piper's laughter, and she shrugs. "Hey, I'm honest about that," she admits with a laugh of her own. It's not often that she actually does laugh in a sincere manner. She does catch the hand gesture, and she smiles. "You know, Dixie ain't a bad name if you ain't already decided," she teases. She actually seems to be in a rather good mood, despite the precautions she's taking, and she makes her way over towards the box that Piper is near. "What you found there? Hopefully something in a larger round. If it is hopefully there's something around large enough to take it."

If Piper has picked a name it isn't known to the general populace of the camp. Of course without a way of knowing what the gender is she could be waiting to make a decision until after its born and she knows for sure. A thoughtful look is given so she at least is taking the suggestion semi-seriously…or is at least pretending too. She makes an oofing sorta noise. Whatever is in the box it's heavier than she expected it to be. When she sets it down and opens it found inside is boxes of .45 caliber ammo.

Dixie doesn't seem to worry about the fashion that Piper is acting in. In fact she seems amused by it. "Kind of reminds me when my eldest brother and his wife had a child," she offers cheerfully. "Ain't ever decided on a name coming up to it, and then they decided after the child was born. They went with John, as it's a good old fashioned name." Though when Piper moves the box of ammunition, she frowns at it. "Also, you could have told me you wanted that moved. I used to like lifting heavy things, and putting them back down again." However, she does move up to inspect the box and pull out a tray of ammunition and she gives a soft whistle. "Oh, ain't a bad find for hunting rifles. Ain't bad for hunting at all. Now finding weapons its good for, there's a few revolvers that come to mind. If you can find a lever-action, it might be a good match for it. It originally started out as a black-powder cartridge, but I'd guess that's smokeless looking at the age of the box. Very accurate and powerful."

Piper nods, giving indication that she is listening to the anecdote from the other woman. Looking up from the ammo she quirks a brow, not sure if Dixie is joking about lifting things for fun or not…she is reminded though of that commercial though and gives a smirk. A glance goes to the ammo again and then around the barn. They still have a lot to go through, she taps near and eye and then gestures around. Keep searching probably. They are sure to find something. Sonny seems to have gotten his hands on a lot of everything…and it is up to the pair of them to go through it all.

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