(2015-10-16) The Great Pumpkin
The Great Pumpkin
Summary: Harmony, Quinton and Pied-Piper, enough said.
Date: 10.16.2015
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The gardens of the camp are a little smaller than a farm but larger than a community plot. Its rows are tended carefully with few weeds managing to make their appearances. Rows of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peas, peppers, onions, carrots, squash (and other vegetables) are laid neatly, each separated such that the demarcations are noticable. In case its not noticed, signs are placed to name each vegetable in its row.

In another area, the fruit garden. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are in various states of ripe.

Just beyond that, but still not far sits the herb garden. Basil, rosemary, parsley and 'other' herbs are grown.

Soaker hoses are connected and lined up along the rows and can be hooked one at a time to a hand pump near the barn. When the hoses aren't in use the connection ends are wound up and kept at the head of each plant row.

Noonday! Fall crispness is most decidedly in the air, and the sun is shining. The light of the sun almost makes the pumpkins in the small patch seem to glow with the sheen of moisture collecting on the orange skins. In the middle of it all, sitting quietly crosslegged, is the resident hippy, her wide-brimmed hat no longer adorned with flowers but instead reds and yellows of the trees surrounding. Small puffs of smoke rise from Harmony's spot, and it could be breath from the fall air, but more than likely? It's not.

It's not raining, at least. Quin's newly booted get crunch on the leaves as he walks the path. The poet's been quieter lately, more lost in his own head. Some would say that's better. At least he's not rambling. The man is sweltered and his mostly empty backpack is on over his holstered gun. His pale eyes roam the patch, taking in the pumpkins and trying to remember if they're good for anything beyond pies and lackolanterns.

Having gotten to the point where no matter what she does she is uncomfortable, Piper has taken to walking, or maybe she is just restless because she can't leave the camp anymore. And since she really didn't have any pressing tasks she was asked by Bea to go see if anything was available in the gardens to augment the evening meal. Sure she wouldn't be quick about it, but apparently Bea wasn't in a rush. So here she is, seeing nothing really but pumpkins, the poet and smoke raising into the air. She gives one of those a wave, and it isn't the first or the last ones.

Of -course- there's more to pumpkins than just jack-o-lanterns and pies! There are soups, salads, mashes, cookies, cakes, breads! One last draw from her pipe is taken, and Harmony holds her breath for a three-count before she lets it out slowly. Only then does she catch the form and figures just on the outskirts of her small domain. She rises slowly, brushing the dirt from her skirts, she tugs her light shawl around her shoulders. She's taken to wearing her cowboy boots, but as for winter gear? A wave is given, complete with a smile lighting her face as she tucks her pipe away.

Quinton waves first to the pregnant woman, flashing her a small smile. She's making him more nervous. He doesn't really understand why, but her restlessness is infectious. Maybe Eli would know, but Quin has no idea what's nearing. Not really. And now there's another wave and Harmony gets a smile as well, "…hey.' that's offered at both. His thumbs are hooked on his belt. "…ok?"

Harmony is so far from the whole 'pregnancy' thing herself, that all she knows is that Piper is getting bigger, which is a good thing, even if it's a 'discomfort' thing. "Welcome to my pumpkin patch. I think the Great Pumpkin will visit this year," is given with a smile, her tones… happy. "I think we might have the most sincere pumpkin ever." That is what the Great Pumpkin looks for, right? "I'm good," even if she's a little chilly, and she rolls her shoulders beneath her shawl. "And if he doesn't like that, we do have other squash…"

Now, Harmony peers at the others, her expression flashing a brief frown at Piper. "Should you be out here this far?" She turns her gaze to Quin, trying to find the answer there, and at the same time, trying to get a good read on him… if that's the least bit possible.

Piper gives a half-hearted smile in return to both Quin and Harmony. She opens up her mouth to attempt vocalization but yeah, that isn't happening. Another day of discomfort so she can only give a hand wobble at his question. There is amusement at Harmony's greeting and short monolog but then she shrugs at the woman, a slight frown coming to her face.

Quinton quirks a smile, "Poor…Linus." He looks a little startled, is Piper too far away from the doc? She yes a study, but the he decides she's not popping right now, so… He shrugs. That's his professional opinion, anyway.

"He'll have to wait until next year," comes back with a decided nod. "We need him more." So there! Harmony begins to come out of the patch, but not before stopping and pulling out a knife to cut a pumpkin free. It's not large, about a pound, but it is cute, and ripe. "I can't wait to roast the seeds," is given the moment she makes it out with a happy bounce. "I don't care if we don't salt them, either."

The shrug is so noted, and Harmony presses her lips into a fine line, but there's the smile all the same, and it does reach her eyes. "Well, this is the first to be picked, at least by me, so it's going to be jack-o-lantern-ized." She pauses and looks between the two, "If.. that's.. even a word."

Her expression says it all 'What?' nope not popping yet, soon, but not today thankfully. The thought of roasted pumpkin seeds brings a slightly wider smile to Piper's face and a nod is given to Harmony and her seeming excitement about preparing the snack. The pumpkin that is picked is eyed and she gives a thumbs up. As far as she knows it is the first one that has been picked so far, but she really hasn't been paying attention. Another shrug and her notepad comes out 'It is now.' she writes taking a few steps closer to the two so they can both read it easier.

Quinton bites his lower lip, thinking, "I might…salt in my tent…" He's got some…somewhere. His head tilts then and smiles at the small pumpkin. "Kids will…like…" The poet's hair has gotten shaggy, along with the scruff on his face. "Seeds…keep…good for travel."

Kids? Oh yeah… them too! At this moment in time in her life, Harmony really isn't all that maternal. She offers a grin to Piper and nods once, definitively, and repeats, "Jack-o-lantern-ized. We'll put a few around, and it'll make the camp look festive. Maybe bundle up the cornstalks too." There's no 'maybe' in her tones, however. "Keep the salt. It doesn't go bad, and I'm sure there are better uses for it. It'll be tasty anyway, what with the wood?" A nice, deep, smoky flavor! "And they do keep well. And they're good for you," not that there really is much about now that isn't. "Now," she looks at the two, her eyes narrowing though still gleaming with good humor (or the fact that's she's pretty high!), "What brings you out? Checking on the pumpkins?"

Piper gives a nod to what Quin has said, mostly about the kids liking it, but she assumes he is correct about the seeds keeping well. She is much better at eating the food, than preparing it. Especially recently. Eyebrows lift at the plans to decorate. First Christmas, now Halloween stuff…well at least they are going to do them in the proper order now. "Vegetables." is written in answer to the question.

Quinton seems to agree that decorating the camp is nice. he nods softly, "ok…no salt." The poet shrugs again. Seems to be his go to today. His reasoning is just as meh, "just…walking."

"Oh," and Harmony deflates a little. She's late in delivering the vegetables to the kitchen. She lifts her head to the sky, her hand on the back of her hat to keep it from sliding off. "It's late, isn't it. Oh, gosh…" Spinning about, the flower-child almost looks like a dervish, "Uh.. ok.. squash.. for cubing, boiling up and mashing. There's pumpkin for soup. Just add cream, some spices.." Rats.. and she slumps her shoulders. Still, all isn't lost!

Quinton is given a look, her head canting slightly, and she offers the man a bright smile. "Well, I don't mind it in the least that your feet brought you here."

A confused sorta look crosses across Piper's face as she watches Harmony have a mini-freak out. A quick glance is given to Quinton, a sorta 'what do I do look', it doesn't really occur to her immediately that he probably won't be any help. Of course Harmony's immediate turn around from one emotional direction to another is nearly as perplexing. Forget the fact that her moods can swing just as drastically.

Quinton can't answer for the kitchen, but he points a toe of his booted foot. "New…" He's been very pleased wight hem. Wet feet are the worst. Piper gets a shrug, he's starting to just roll with Harmony's freak outs. She seems to have them a lot. Maybe he attributes them to the smoke.

It's a mini-freak out, absolutely. She prides herself on being responsible. She's a farmer, and she's always had produce into the kitchen by now, and they're waiting for her and… and… Harmony takes a deep breath before she nods. "Right." She's got her harvest bag, and she turns to start cutting stems on pumpkins, ready to stick them in the bag. "I think it'll be too heavy for you, Piper. I'll take it and tell them I'm sorry for being late with it."

The boots gain a smile when shown off and Harmony 'aaahs' softly. "Breaking them in."

And Piper is still barefoot, not even her socks today, but since it isn't freezing like yesterday she sees no need for them. A slightly dubious look is aimed at Harmony, but she refrains from easing toward the comfort zone the poet affords her. Maybe if yelling or waterworks had been involved… A sigh is had and a disgruntled look replaces the dubious one. If she could produce words she would probably state that she can handle it, but no protest except the facial expression is forthcoming, just a nod. Especially given the company.

Quinton's blonde bangs bounce as nods. "Yeah…sorta."They're mostly broken in. Mostly. Piper gets a chuckle, since they've gone round on her carrying things lately. "I can carry it, if you want, Lily." See, it's not just Harmon he offers that stuff to!

Harmony's been getting chilled lately, which doesn't make her happy, but it's what's to be expected, right? "I need to apologize to them anyway," she repeats, a little softer. "And you'll be real busy soon enough, carrying loads that you might as well enjoy it now." She shakes her head at Quin, a grateful smile edging her lips, "No. I should. Besides, the walk'll do me good."

The fact that Quinton is spreading his help around doesn't seem to make Piper any less displeased…it doesn't make her more though, so there is that. Another quizzical look comes to her face, much better than her previous one. She doesn't have any idea what Harmony is talking about, Unless she is referring to carrying stuff when the camp packs soon to move. A shrug does come from her, not thinking it is that big of a deal that the hippie is late to the kitchen with the produce.

Quinton's not going to push it, Harm can carry them if she really wants. He'll pantomime holding a baby, to clarify for what Harmony said to Piper.

And, it's a way to keep warm, carrying it all back. She hefts the load, shifting it until it lies just right before she smiles at the two. Her gaze lingers on Quin for a long moment before she looks away, the smile still playing and she starts humming as she makes her way back to the main encampment.

Piper still looks a bit confused, until she realize that the comment was to her and not Quinton. It makes a lot more sense now. The departure of Harmony with the goods for the kitchen has her giving the woman a parting wave and giving a thoughtful hmmming noise before her gaze moves back to Quinton and then to the pumpkins that pepper the garden.

Quinton raises a hand as Harmony laves, when her back to to ten the smile smiles into thoughtful frown. He's not exactly sure who to deal with her. he always feels like he's done something wrong, or his actions are begin dissected. A soft sigh and he looks over to Piper. "You like…pumpkin seeds?"

The pregnant woman can relate to that. Piper still isn't totally comfortable around Harmony, even though they spend at least enough time together to deal with the woman's hair on a weekly basis…sometimes more often. The question is unexpected, but she nods "Pepitas." she calls them by the Spanish name for the snack, and yes she likes them "Are okay." but they aren't her favorite thing to snack on. They never came up on her lists of things she has ever asked for. "Rather," she gestures to the gourds "for carving." with the children obviously.

Quinton's smile brightens, "Carving and seeds….Twofold." The poet shifts, studying her, "are you ok? You seem….exhausted."

Piper nods at him making an attempt at being cheerful about it, it kinda falls short though, for that very reason. She is and she will admit it "I am." she puts her hands in front of her belly and opens and closes them a few times. She doesn't have the words at the moment to explain the concept of braxton-hicks contractions to the poet and doesn't want to try either for fear of freaking him out. After the hand signal she lifts the side of her shirt slightly to show the footprint sticking out of her belly with its five little toes clearly visible. Though that could do it too.

Quinton's not freaked until the foot. His pale eyes widen "Oh shit!" He swallows eyes darting form the foot to Piper's face, "We should…get you…." You know…anywhere safer? Yikes. A small step is closer and both hands lift, like he's reaching for her, but then stops. Not wanting to touch her and freak her out, "You should…rest?"

She is torn between looking amused at his reaction and looking reassuring. A laugh is stifled and she does reach for the hands when he pauses, "Normal." she tells him, but she does nod in agreement with him about the resting part. Not that it helps that much. "Walking helps." she nods back to the camp proper and gives a bit of a tug on his hands to get him moving. She can't rest here.

Quinton nods, "oh…ok. Walking." He moves almost with her tug, staining next to hr as they walk. "Is she…restless too?' seems he's conceded on the baby being a girl.

Unless he pulled it away she really hasn't let go of one of his hands, which could be telling of her actual emotional state. "No." there is no hesitation in answering the question. "Not since…" she makes a vague gesture behind her, maybe indicating recent past.

Quinton lets her hold onto him, if he can be supportive, he will. He frowns slightly, not sure what piper's referring to. Is that good? Bad? Scary? He doesn't know. So he just nods softly.

Piper falls quiet, walking in companiable silence for a minute or two before she ohhhs! "The sixteenth." she looks to Quinton a real smile on her face "Happy Birthday." she knows! How she knows…well Kayla and her have gotten quite chummy since after their abduction.

Quinton's face tells it all. He honestly wasn't keeping track of the days, so it's a surprise to him too. "..uh…I…Thank you?" He then smiles a touch nervous. It's just a huge reminder to him the difference in age between the two of them. "I honestly…forgot." he then laughs, shaking his head, "So weird." Yes, that's definitely a word for him. He'll walk with her for as longs she wants.

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