(2015-10-19) Drones and Loot
Drones and Loot
Summary: After a successful Drone take down, Sonny and company scavenge a farm house.
Date: 10.19.2015
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Two Mile Road

This road runs in a straight mile east and west. It cuts through woods and large abandoned farmland. The occasional farmhouse, barn and grain silo can be seen. The area is dotted with small ponds, lakes and streams.

It's a party…not the fun kind of music, drinking and eating chips type of party. It's the not so much fun kind, that involves guns and shooting drones out of the sky. Successful yes, but nothing to tell wild stories about in a few years. It's approaching mid-morning as the group, lead by Sonny heads back to the camp with the incapacitated drone taking up part of the ATV trailer being hauled by one of the horses. He has eyed a few farm houses as the pass by them, "What say he stop at the next farm house," he points to the one they are coming up on "and see what we can scrounge up?"

Sure maybe Piper shouldn't be out, but they didn't go far. Distance isn't a requirement to shoot at drones…and she is a sure shot. And getting out of the camp has improved her mood substainally. She is even humming, and not her usual classic tunes, but more modern songs, like Coldplay or something. She leads her own horse, no riding for her. Getting on and off is just to difficult for her, but she has one get in case.

Quinton's King of scrounging (Possibly the worst Royalty ever) , so the poet nods. He can do a run through quickly, if that's what Sonny wants. Or this could be an excuse to rest for Piper. He'll move from the side of the trailer where he was trying to study the downed drone. There's their answers, right there…he's sure of it. "I can go, if want?" He's been mostly quiet, as usually, but today when he speaks there's very little pauses, indicating a good brain day. He even flashes Piper a small smile.

"Right then." Sonny says and begins to lead the way across the barren field toward the next farmhouse "You two can search the house and we'll," he gestures to the other two with them "search the barn and storage sheds." he says.

She won't readily admit it, but Piper could use a break from all the walking. At least it is warm, warm enough to her that she has removed her flannel overshirt to cool down a bit. Being pregnant though she runs hot. To the scavenging she nods her agreement. She's not as good at it as others, but she manages. When Sonny gives his 'suggestion' of how to split up she glances at Quinton, giving him a bit of a quizzical look.

Quinton pauses, glancing at the rest of the group and then nods. Better her come with him than be left alone he guesses. "Yeah. Come on Marie. Myabe we'll find something good.." She gets a smile, and then Sonny gets a nod before she starts making his way towards the house. He does go first, drawing his gun as usual.

There is always a slight frown when he gets her name wrong, and this time is no exception, and it could very well be a bit more intense, but only marginally if so. Piper moves to follow him, watching the other three head to the barn for a moment, and then walking fast a few steps to catchup with Quinton. "Maybe." she echoes back. Her first word all day.

Quinton blinks, the mess up isn't realized for a few moments, so he just looks confused. But he doesn't apologize, instead he just looks slightly embarrassed and turns away. Not like he'd get her name right when apologizing anyway. When she speaks to him though, all that seems to wash away and he's flashing her a small smile again. "Maybe food and kid stuff." that usually seems to make her the happiest. And Quin's no dumby. Keep the pregnant woman happy.

As least she doesn't hold it against him. Piper understands, but that doesn't mean she has to like it. "Uh-Huh." she replies to him. Following him up the large wrap around porch she walks from one end to the other, checking out the other sides of the house for other entrances while Quin does his thing. "Door." she gestures to the east of the house, in case the front door is locked.

Quinton checks the front door and it rattles, locked. So off he goes to the second door that Piper indicated, checking in windows as he passes. Always better to know if there's a body to trip over or not. He'll mumble to himself, "Should learn to pick them…" Not that he has any idea who he could even ask for that skill. Once he gets to the second door the handle is jiggled and it's unlocked, but sticks slightly. the poet has to shoulder the door to get it open, which is fairly loud.

The noise of the door being forced has Piper wincing, and instinctly looking around, though the only ones that could hear such a noise are them and the guys searching the barn. She sees no reason to wait at the front door this time, not with the side door so close so she follows him around to go in the side door as well. "Careful." she tells him, her tone dropping into worried tones.

Quinton just nods, he's always careful, despite what everyone thinks. He doesn't enter just yet, scanning the room as some dusty flutters around. he's not got on a jacket, but the sweater now has a smudge of dirty on the shoulder. It's the kitchen, and bonus, no bodies are visible. Although there's the distinct smell of something dead. Thankfully it's faint, so not in this room at least. "If it's too much, just let me know and wait outside.." the smell, that is. and into the kitchen he goes.

That symptom of her pregnancy still lingers with her and she gives him a nod, her nose wrinkling at the faint sickly sweet order of rot, mingled with dust and stale air. Of course just knowing there is the potential of seeing a dead body has Piper dubious about going any further than the kitchen. "To much." she already is looking a bit green at the faint odor. It doesn't take much for her with that particular scent. She gestures around the room, maybe suggesting she will just stay here, her going to sit down at the kitchen table pretty much solidifies that.

Quinton leaves the door open so some fresh air can get in. Maybe that will help Piper. "ok…rest some." After a quick run through the house to make sure they're alone he'll start going through the kitchen. immediately he finds Piper two cans of pineapple which he sets down on the table for her to see. and then he finds, underneath the sink, someone's stash of booze. Wines and Vodka. Nora will be so jealous. Those get set on the table as well. Quin's backpack is shrugged off and set down. He'll fill it up when he gets everything. "Maybe they'll find something good in the barn." He's had worse luck in places like that. houses though… The junk drawer has a box of tooth picks, if only Dixie was around more! This place seems to not have been touched, so the kitchen is well stocked.

The fresh air does help and while he searches the kitchen Piper rests, watching him search as she absently rubs the side of her belly. The humming starts up again at least briefly. The appearance of the pineapple has it stopping as she smiles, and makes a thoughtful hmmming noise "Upside-down cake…" at the beginning she couldn't eat and now she can't eat enough, she flashes a smile at Quinton though "Maybe." she echoes once more.

Oh…Quin would love some cake…maybe they'll find a box mix at some point…those don't go bad, right? He smiles either way, agreeing. "I bet the kitchen can…do something with the juice…if you want. Like…Hawaiian bread type something. Oh look Peanut butter. That's set next to piper as well. He wipes his hands on the seat of his jeans, "I'm gonna go…through the rest of the house. Yell if you need me."

Piper nods at the suggestion, at this point any cake would be good, she wouldn't be that picky about it really. Oh! Peanut Butter! Is more like it. She takes the jar as soon as it is set down and glances about, then searches a drawer or two for a spoon. "Ok." she agrees. It may be a wordless one but yelling she can do. As she searches for a spoon she does find a colored pencil, which she tucks behind her ear.

Quinton smirks, more to himself as he sees Piper going for the peanut butter as he leaves the room. He doesn't expect any real drama, not with Sonny and the rest in the barn. He starts his pilfering of the house, finding coffee and beef jerky in a storage room, and then a hymnal book and kids pants which are always needed. The bathroom he only stays in for a short time, there's a cat, laying in the tub, having dehydrated. He grabs the two items he finds and doesn't even look till he's out and the door is closed. Hair gel and tooth paste. Could have been worse, he guesses.

Piper hasn't been totally sedentary while Quin has been searching the house. There are three pair of children's shoes now on the table. And the way children grow and wear out shoes, they will be needed sooner or later. The same goes for the stockings, they make a good starting layer under clothes for the winter as well. She waits patiently, eating the peanut butter straight from the jar as she hums another song, occasionally she even sings a few of the lyrics of her song of the moment, she's sticking with the Coldplay it seems. She's done Clocks and Yellow and other songs so now it is the sky full of stars one.

Quinton makes his way back in with his loot, smiling at her song choice. Seems he liked that song from the way he nods. He sets his arm load down and starts arranging it to all fit into his backpack. he leaves the peanut butter out for Piper, but the canned fruit, and then the other things she found get put in his bag as well. He'll carry it for now. "Feeling better?" Peanut butter and fresh air, right?

She grins at him when he comes back with some decent stuff though her brow kind of furrows "No meds?" with the cold and flu that is running through the camp, that is in high demand, though they have been doing fine with the herbal remedies that Harmony and herself have been brewing up. "Much." she replies, the calm before the storm "You ready?"

Quinton head shakes, "They may have taken those with them.." To be honest he didn't look very hard, but he's not going to tell her why. His smile brightens some as he nods, "Sure…let me…finish backing and we can go check on the barn…" His head keeps bopping slowly to whatever ear worm Piper reminded him of.

She wants to say something about that, but the words are to much…or the sentiment too complicated to boil down to a word or two so Piper just nods. Piper will hand him the stuff to help him get things in the pack properly. "Okay." she closes up the jar of peanut butter and hands that over as well and slips the spoon in her backpocket "For scouting." she clarifies. It's a small camp, everyone knows what is going on as far as that is concerned.

Quinton asks, You sure you don't want another bite?" He doesn't mind, and no one is going to deny the woman food, especially now that she's eating. Either way once it's handed over, he packs it away. Speaking of scouting, "You going to be ok while I'm gone?" It sounds like a day or two run, but he worries about her. Who knows when she's gonna blow! He worries about Piper, and he's not even talked to Kayla or Harmony about him going yet. He imagines there will be lots of demands he not go, and he just doesn't want to have to yell at them.

There is another nod. As it is Piper is going to have to have a hit from her water bottle when they start heading back. That's a hard question to answer. Does she tell him the truth or lie? She never knows which is better, and really doesn't want to do the latter. "Hope so." that's the best she can do "Kayla?" what exactly she is asking about his sister, well who knows. Though Piper talks to her too, though not as easily as with Quinton. There are no demands for him to stay and not go. There never has been. A bone of contention between her and Harmony in the past. The only thing she asks is that he comes back safe. So no yelling at her.

Quinton chuckles, leaving the doorway first after glancing around, "No…she's staying. She's needed here…" For the kids. And that damn dog. Who Quin kinda likes, but doesn't want to say he does. On the price he stops again, taking a moment to shrug on the backpack and then scratch the almost full beard on his cheek. He kinda looks like some weird hipster, mountain man. "She'll be…anxious. Let her help with the kids?"

That's a relief, at least that gives Piper someone to talk to over the age of 7 while he is away. "We'll look…" she pauses as she follows him out and struggles with the next few words "for each other." Kayla and her that is. "Yes." though the look she gives him pretty much scream she is going to be anxious too.

"You two ready to go?" Sonny calls out as he secures some gardening tools and a few gas cans to the trailer. He assumes that they are and mounts his horse, as do the other two guards and begins to slowly lead the way head back to camp.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Plague Corpse
1 Box of toothpicks
1 Bottles of White Wine
1 Vac Bags of Beef Jerky
1 Bottle of Boones Farm Wine
1 Jars Peanut Butter
1 Bottle of Vodka(top shelf)
1 Hair gel
1 Tooth paste
2 Cans Pineapple
3 Childs Pants
3 Vac Pack of Ground Coffee
1 Religious Hymnal
1 Colored Pencils
3 Childs Shoes
2 Tights / Stockings

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