(2015-10-22) Packrat
Summary: Kayla and Piper talk about baby names and packing Quinton's tent
Date: 10.22.2015
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A fine layer of frost coats everything this morning and with it being that cold, breath hangs in the air with each exhale Piper makes as she heads into the camp site where the Wells siblings have their tents. Behind her she pulls the caravan of red wagons, all secured together in a single file with nylon rope. She is hoping she didn't miss Kayla before she headed to breakfast or to whatever errand or chore the woman may be getting to. As she walks into view of the clearing where the tents are circled up she absently pats the newborn infants back where he is secured to her chest with the same snuggie type wrap she used to use for Troy.

Kayla hasn’t left her camp, yet – she’s got a backpack on, and is just finishing her usual morning tidying ritual when she hears the sound of wagon-caravan-wheels on frozen ground. Straightening, she turns and grins as she sees precisely who she expected to. “You’re up and about already!’ she calls cheerfully, adding a wave to her greeting. “How are you feeling? Anything you need?”

Piper looks with some confusion at the other woman. The cheerfulness was unexpected and she studies Kayla a moment to try and determine if it is genuine or just a show but on for her benefit, "You're ok?" it’s definitely a question. She clearly wasn't expecting happy, fun Kayla, "I'm good." well as good as one can expect to be after having a baby, and considering that she is quite coherent and wordy today, it must be true, "Came to help pack." she points to Quinton's tent. He's not here and if they are moving someone has to do it. She knows of the poets packrat tendencies, it isn't going to be an easy job.

“Oh. Yeah,” Kayla’s smile fades a bit and she looks to her brother’s stuffed tent before looking back to Piper. “I was just going to scavenge and see if I could find some boxes, or crates or something to bring back to help pack things into.” She looks to her brother’s tent again, and then squares her shoulders and smiles. “And to snag more stuff from the school, too – won’t have long to do that, and I don’t know what we’ll find when we get wherever we are going.”

"We'll need them." the woman replies, "Lots of them." there is a bit of a sigh. "May not be able to bring it all." there is a lot of stuff and room may be limited. "It's a town?" she asks. Piper has heard a little bit about the location, but hasn't asked about it, since the only person that went, that she can speak to stayed there. Yes she isn't happy about it, but she understands and isn't going to fault him for it, "School there maybe." she is hopeful, now that the baby has been born she has been less angsty and more cheerful than she ever was while pregnant.

“Maybe,” Kayla agrees, stepping forward then and starting to reach for the little bundle strapped to Piper’s chest. “May I?” she inquires, before actually touching the child.

By way of answer Piper nods, and helps Kayla remove the bundled newborn from the snuggie. He is dressed in a full body onesie and wrapped in a layer or two of baby blankets from the local hospital. There is no question as to who procured those for her. The movement makes the little cap pop off the adorable afro the baby sports and once Kayla has him in her arms she will bend over to pick it up. She can do that now. It's great. "I can't wait to get him to the new place." translation, I can't wait for Quinton to meet him. "The children are excited." in a nervous kind of way
“I think we’re all feeling the same way,” Kayla is very careful when she takes the infant, but she quickly smiles down at the little, most likely sleeping, bundle. “Such a big adventure for you, little man,” she murmurs quietly before looking up at Piper with a grin. “We need to find a rattle, and make a mobile.”

"Except those few that aren't." Piper means the ones that don't want to leave…or at least don't want to merge with another group of survivors " she looks from Kayla to her son. She is still not used to that thought, even though she has had nine months to prep for it. "It's not…" she was going to say fair to him, but changes the words, "This is no world for an infant."

“We’ll make it a world for an infant,” Kayla states, firmly. She’s brooking no argument in that as she reaches to take the little toque and replace it on the boy’s head. “And sure, not everyone wants to leave, and the idea of maybe mixing with other survivors is a bit scary but…it –is- inevitable.”
Kayla slowly rocks side to side as she looks to the other woman. “I wish I could let Quin know you were okay – he was worried about you when he left.”

The infant takes after his mother in the hair department, and almost all babies are adorable so it is hard to know if he has inherited her looks or not, but the potential is there. Piper isn't going to argue about that, "We have too." she reaches out to caress the babes face with her fingers, making the boys eyes drift from staring up at Kayla to the touch. "We can't isolate." she agrees that joining with others is a good idea.
That doesn't surprise the new mother at all "I wish that too." agreement there too "And about little Quinn." yes she named him that, Quinn though, not Quinton. Close but not the full name. "We have more to worry about." he's the stranger in a strange land, not her.
Kayla blinks at the name, and tenses slightly before she eyes the other woman. “You know anyone we meet is going to assume Quin is the father, right?” She’s not sure how she feels about Piper actually going through with using her brother’s name as inspiration, but it’s not her place to say, really.
“I know, I…need to keep busy, or I’ll go crazy. That’s why I was going out today – I’m leaving Page here though,” At the name, a dog’s whine can be heard inside Kayla’s tent, and scratching near the door.

Piper gives a nod, that thought has crossed her mind "And?" she doesn't see the problem with it. And she thought that neither Kayla or Quinton minded the name when they didn't protest her calling the unborn child that. Now she is worried that maybe she offended Kayla or Quinton or both.

The worry remains as she nods in understanding. "Wish I could go." she can't though, she isn't about to take a newborn out there..maybe in a few weeks. "Want me to watch here?" she gestures to the tent when the pup is locked "Becca would love it."

“Well…he’s not, is he?” Kayla was sure her brother told her he wasn’t, but…she sometimes forgets these things. “And I just…I dunno. It’s a great name, clearly I love it – it’s my brother’s name. And I get why you chose it, it’s just…I dunno. I’m being stupid. Ignore me.” Kay smiles then, and nods as she turns to look at the tent. “Would you mind? I’d take her, but she’ snot trained well enough yet.”

"No." Piper will readily admit that much, though she has never once spoken of the father, who is was or what happened to him. Of course that last one probably assumed…dead by plague. "He's named for person who matters most to me." and everyone else can go hang if they don't like it. It's not like the gave the child his last name…or any other name for that matter, it's just Quinn, nothing more than just the single one. Much like she is only Piper to everyone. "I don't mind." she smiles though to show that despite the little disagreement she has no hard feelings.

Kay knows Quin has his own feelings on it, but if he hasn’t voiced it, it’s not her place. So she just grins, and nods. “You’re amazing, Pipes – I know Page’ll be happy to not be stuck in the tent all day.” Kayla leans down and lightly kisses Quinn’s forehead before carefully extending him back to his mama. “So anything special you need? Formula, or…diapers or something?”

Piper nods, smiling at her baby as she takes him back from the other woman, "Your tent…" she pauses to tuck the infant back into the snuggie or maybe because she is starting to loose her words but she manages to finish her sentence "will be too." the pup trapped in there are day can't be good for the tent or its contents either. The woman shakes her head "Enough for now." and she is using the old fashioned method of feeding the newborn, which saves the formula she does have for Troy. "Pack later?" she asks eyeing the other tent and reminding the other of why she originally stopped by.

“Yeah – I’ll let you know when I get back. I’m hoping to look like a mule when I come back, having so many flattened boxes strapped to my back!” Kayla teases with a grin. “And then we can tackle my brother’s tent…that’s really why he went, you know. To avoid doing that.”

"Get tape too." Piper will remind the woman. They are going to need some way to keep the boxes closed. The mental image makes her give an amused smile and when Kayla jokes about her brother she even laughs some "I would to." if she had that much stuff. But she doesn't have much when compared to the packrat poet. "Come on Page." she calls to the dog, patting her leg "Be safe." she says instead of goodbye and will head off to the dining hall, with puppy in tow.

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