(2015-10-26) Packing the Bar
Packing the Bar
Summary: Sophia is packing her bar stuff up. Nora comes along and helps.
Date: 10.26.2015
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The interior of the building has had a bit of a makeover. For starters it's been cleared out. A few tables and some chairs decorate the space. One even has an excellent view of the non-working beverage cooler, with its glass doors and empty shelves inside. Near the entrance is a long counter that is being used as a bar. Several well made stools sit in front of it. Lighting is provided by a few windows during the day, but during the evening its lanterns, small oil lamps and candles. The all hanging from walls, ceiling, or lined up on the new shelves hanging from the wall.

On the wall behind the bar is a wooden baseball bat with the word 'Treasures' engraved on it.

Sophia's moving just a touch slower than normal. She can handle alcohol like the best of them, she just hasn't in some time, with her supplies limited. So last night with Bob was an exception. But now, she's packing up , yet again, what's left of her bar. She's taking her time, she doesn't have tons, and wants to be careful. Shotglasses are much harder to come by than one would think. The sound of the rain is soothing though, at least she has that as she hummus and gently wraps the glasses.

Packing isn't something Nora has to worry to much about. She doesn't have anything that doesn't fit in her back or at most in her little bike trailer. And since she spends most of her time on the road she is in a pretty much constant state of packed. So she has spent the day wandering around and helping where it is needed. First-Aid and the Kitchen has plenty of hands to pack those areas so her next stop is the bar. Brushing the rain from her hair with a hand she comes in, glancing about and spotting Soph "Need a hand?" she asks as she takes in what is being packed and how.

The older woman smiles from behind her makeshift bar, "Hola Nora….Sure, if you'd like. There's not much here, but I'd rather not lose any of them." Most of the shot glasses anyway have a logo that matches the print on Soph's bat. "You ready to good already?" Soph's backpack with personal items is probably small than most, she carried quite a few of the glasses in there when she first got here. It's grown though, a few more shirts and a flannel…She may just wear as much s she can tomorrow during travel. "I was going to bring the empty bottles for if i ever get a still up and running, but…I don't think that's very practical."

Nora bounds the rest of the way in. What is it with teenagers and having lots of energy…especially this one. "I don't have anything better to do." she takes a spot across from the woman "I'm always ready to go." she says "I've been in a constant state of packed and ready since I've been…twelve or so." she has to think on that for a few moments "Maybe younger." she gives a shrug as if it really didn't matter how long "Empty bottles are pretty easy to come by…it's the full ones that's harder." there is a nod "Travel light going out, heavy coming in." at least that is how it is for her now, being a nomadic scavenger an all. After watching Soph wrap a glass or two, she begins to do the same.

Oh, Soph forgets that Nora's knowledge of booze has been to choke on it and make faces. "A good bottle is sometimes hard to come by.." But she nods, agreeing that they aren't as important as filled ones. She has some pear, but it's mostly dish rags and her won clothing she's using to wrap the glass up with. "I've heard it might be an apartment complex… Could be nice…it'll definitely be warmer." Small talk, it seems. "I figure I can just change whatever I get into another bar.." Poor Treasures…it's becoming a mobile business!

There is a bit of a confused look from Nora. To her a bottle is a bottle. "I didn't know bottles came with grades." she gives a shrug "Could be. We didn't get a chance to look much around town. We were told of an apartment complex on the other side of town that could work if we didn't want to settle into the condo complex with them." she does nod "I can do with warmer. From what I understand that part of Texas doesn’t get much in the way of snow or to cold during the winter."

Sophia nods, "They do. If i start a still, the better bottles, better seals, sturdier will be better." She's not even going to get into the aesthetics of different bottles. Soph's dark eyes blink once, "Oh…Roberto didn't say anything about condos…" Huh. She'll just nod though, not really her place to poke holes in anyone's plans. "I can do with it too. Snow might be a death sentence for some of us."

Nora nods, that makes a certain amount of sense she supposes "I guess wine bottles would be the best?" she has no clue "What about the cork? I guess if the cork is intact and hasn't seen the pointy end of a corkthingie?" another confused moment "Who?" it takes her a moment to equate Roberto with Bob "He really didn't trust the people there. I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to stay away from them." she shrugs "I've only seen snow on TV. I hear it is awful though."

"Yup, and they're easy to travel. Some of the odd shapes where just for flash." Soph nods, "Cork has worked for many many years, it will work for us as well." She just grins about Bob, nodding, "He does not trust easily….But he is a good man."

Nora nods as she listens to the woman "Guess we will need to get more bottles of better quality than." she continues to wrap glasses in whatever is handy, doing a bit of origami even as she wraps a few glasses together so there is enough glass cushinging to go around "Lots of trust issues these days. Sherrif, Linc, Matson." she lists a few others, all male and she furrows her brow "Must be a guy thing."

Sophia chuckles, "Yes…men usually have trust issues.It doesn't take the end of the world for them to be apparent." There's a smile at the wrapping, "That's pretty…you should show me some time. I can decorate the new place with them."

"Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…though I guess it has kept them all alive so far." Nora arches a brow and looks down at her wrapping job "Sure thing. I can only do a few things though, swans, butterflies and flowers. I used to have a book, but I lost it at some point. I should go see if I can find another. Be something to do on the ride down.

Sophia laughs, "Their brains certainly haven't!" More glass are wrapped and she starts putting them into a duffle bag, "That's more than I can do…I'll ask around. Maybe some of the boys have seen one."

There is a laugh at that "I wasn't going to say it." Nora says, handing wrapped glasses up so they can be packed away. "I'll probably make one more scavenging run myself. Maybe see if I can find some little things that can ease our transition into this new group. My mom always said that if you are going to a party you should always take a gift to the host. Can't hurt in this case, can it?"

Sophia will! lol. "That sounds like a great plan. I'd offer to help, but I think I'd just slow you down. " Soph knows her strong points, and her weak ones.

Nora hmmms "Maybe I'll take a run today after lunch and then bright an early tomorrow. I've never been good at picking out gifts though. Even for people I know really well. My luck I will end up offending someone, but hopefully not to bad this time."

Sophia laughs, "Well..Stay away from religious and probably stay away from booze. Those are polarizing." people either love it, or hate it.

Nora ohhs, the religous bit she can understand "No booze? Stupid movies leading everyone to beleive that a bottle of wine was the way to go." she is going to have to rethink a few of those 'gifts' "I'll think of something. Found a box of Twinkies the other day…maybe I can find a few more. Everyone loves those."

Sophia laughs, "Well…usually. But Mexiacans can be strict, depending on who's running the place." Soph would know! An eyebrow raises, "Twinkles? Wow, nice." yes, in an apocalypse, everyone loves twinkles.

"I'm not to familiar with there culture, but yes the whole group down there is from south of the border, one of those central american countries I think." Nora shrugs, she was there more as a guide and not in any facilitating with anyone they meet up with capcacity. "Yeah, I only open the one pack so I have a near full box. There are a couple of kids in the group down there. At least they will be happy with us if I give those over."

"Yes…I think Twinkies are a good start. Home comfort type things." Soph then laughs, "Or special alien zapping guns, if you find any of those!"

"If I had found a special alien zapping gun don't you think I would have used it by now?" Nora asks and bit rhetorically and with amusement "About the only things like that I have found have been kids toys, and those aren't quite so effective unless the aliens big weakness are foam projectiles or water…like those aliens in that movie Signs."

Sophia chuckles, "Well, you said you were going to go out again later." She then laughs louder, "Shit. We aren't that lucky. Water."

Nora chuckles "I'll keep my eyes peeled." for that and more realistic things that can help them make friends easier. A glance is given out the window "Looks like we have a break in the rain. Now is probably better than later." she gives a wave and heads out.

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