(2015-10-27) Attacking the Day
Attacking the Day
Summary: While preparations are under-way for the big move, the camp is attacked.
Date: 10.27.2015
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Administration Area

Following the road around the curve in it leads to a large area cleared of trees. To one side of the clearing is a parking lot, where several dust covered cars sit, one with it's hood standing open, exposing the engine to the weather.

Several building are in this area: Admin building, First-Aid Building, Restroom Facilities, a hand water pump is near the rest room, a few pails stacked nearby, and a large pole barn, which is always guarded by well armed individuals. Beyond those is the first of many campsites that dot the camp as well as a trail that leads to the river.

Across the clearing the road continues and there are several foot paths that lead in various directions.

The last few days have been quite busy around the camp, prepping and then packing for the big move to head south. Drones were shot down, their powercores hooked up to a couple of school buses. One to carry all the personal possesions and supplies, the other to carry the people to Texas. Boxes, crates, bags and duffles are stacked and more are being brought from various parts of the camp for loading onto the bus. In this kind of situation its all hands on deck and all those items that are stacked are in the process of being loaded up so that tomorrow they can hit the road and get the heck of what is becoming a danger zone.

Sophia's been helping stack bags and boxes, mostly trying to make sure everything breakable is, well…broken. She takes a moment to wipe her forehead with her forearm before moving over to where her personal bag is. Laying next to it is her bat and a water bottle. The water bottle is grabbed and a long drag taken from it. To anyone close enough to hear, "Think this will all fit?"

Welp, Bob was hoping they'd have a bit more time, but this is the world they live in, and time is against them. And so when it's all hands on deck time, Bob is on deck, lending hands.

Carrying boxes over to the bus for the cargo, Bob looks to Sophia, "The necessities will I'd wager…Smarter folk than me figured out how much we could bring."

He sets the box down and leans against the bus, taking out a hankerchief and wiping his forhead with it. He takes a deep breath. He's getting too old for this shit. With a mild sigh, the former Sheriff starts back towards the stack of boxes that need to be moved to the bus.

Elijah stands next to one of the stacks of boxes, a spiral bound notebook in his hands as he jots down different things on the pages. Occasionally he'll pause, glancing up at the bus or around at the boxes and other items around them, before looking back to the notebook and making a few more notes. He seems distracted from the conversations at hand for the moment, walking around to another stack of boxes before starting to scribble once more.

Guns, check; clothes, check; note for Finn in only-brothers-would-know location detailing the move and plans and whatnot, check. Terry heads out of the Collins' shared tent, and down to the admin area to meet up with the rest of the folks involved in the move. His time in the service has made him a bit of a master at packing large amounts of things into small spaces. It's kinda like Tetris, if you think about it… everything fits together in its own special way, if you just step back, take a breath, and think it through. "One chapter ends, another begins… and look at us.. we survived this much." He muses, thoughtfully. Optimistically, even.

In with the rest of the camp residents is Sonny. He may be to old for all this crap too, but he is still helping out. Lifting boxes and handing them off to the people in the bus arranging this so it will all fit nice and tidy "You making sure you didn't forget anything Doc?" he asks as he lifts one of the boxes up and puts it on the floor of the bus for arranging "Shit Terry, ever hear of a man called Murphy."

Terry shrugs, and hops into the bus to help with arranging things. "I know what you're getting at, but I figured we could do with starting things off on a high note. Happy wife, happy life, and whatnot." He resumes his part in getting things tucked in just right.

Sophia nods to bob, "We'll find what we need again." he gets a bright smile as she takes another sip of water before capping it up. Dark eyes scan Eli, "You alright, Doc?" She agrees with what Sonny asks. Seems like Eli's stuff would be important. She just laughs at Sonny's joke.

Bob moves over to the boxes that Eli is working on, nodding to him once, "Any of these ready to go, Doc?"

A glance is spared for Terry, and Sonny's remark gets a smirk from Bob. He doesn't comment on that though, looking over to Sonny, "You got a couple trucks allocated for the advance team, Sonny? We need scouts plottin the path, makin' sure we don't run into something unexpected with the buses." Odds are this has been planned, Bob just wants to make sure the trucks are ready and gassed up.

Elijah blinks, looking up from his notebook and over to Sonny. "Hrm? Oh. Yes, sir!" he confirms, looking back to his notebook before back over to the older man and giving a nod. "I'm also making notes as well to hopefully make unpacking and sorting everybody's belongings easier. I tried to write numbers on the boxes as people have brought them up…and have those numbers and contents correlated in my notes. As best as possible at least…"

Eli looks around at all the boxes, frowning, "I may have missed a few though…" Yep, organized as ever. However, all of this packing and moving was making it hard for him to keep his thoughts straight. Still, the doctor understood it was needed. Bob's inquiry gains a glance from Eli "I uh…" he looks around at his stack, pointing to some of them with his pen, "Yes. Those should be ready. Thank you." A glance is then given and a smile to Sophia with a quick thumbs up.

"We only have the one truck, but a few will be in that one to head out as point. The people will go about an hour later and then the supplies after that. Later a few guys will take rearguard, on horseback and herd the animals and make sure we aren't followed." of course those guys will be awhile, but he doesn't want to leave the animals here to go feral. And they are useful.

Sophia chuckles at Eli, "Very organized. Gracias." She steps over to the Doc and sheriff, looking down at the list. She'll then move to grab a box, grunting softly. It's heavier than ti looks.

Bob hmmms quietly and nods, "Alright. If you need me in the point truck, or rear guard, just say the word." And with that, he turns from Sonny and nods to Eli. He waits for Sophie to finish grabbing a box and he grabs the next one. Finding it to be a bit light, he takes the one under it too, carrying both towards the bus.

Amidst the packing and the joking around while packing, people may start to notice the smell of something burning…and not the good campfire kind of burning either, but the bad kind, like something big is on fire kind of burning smell. And sure enough, toward where the equestrian center is black smoke billows upward. And then the rapid staccato gunfire begins, followed by a scream cut off too soon.

Sophia's head snaps up, dark eyes widening, "!Oh Dios mio!" She hesitates a moment and then races over to where her baseball bat is. She's shaking , her gaze on the direction of the barn.

Elijah 's smile spreads to a grin as he glances to Sophia "De nada, Senora." His gaze then goes back to the notebook as he marks a few more boxes. However, before his ears would pick up any noise…his nose. His sensitive sense of smell would catch the scent of something burning. As his gaze lifted in the direction the smell was coming from…the gunfire and scream sound. His expression drops as he stands frozen for a moment. However quickly enough he finds his feet and, unless somebody else had another plan, he moves to run back into the First Aid Building. After grabbing his satchel from atop his desk inside he'd exit again, intending to run towards the commotion. He wasn't being brave and running towards gunfire. No, he didn't even have a weapon. However, if somebody screamed that meant somebody needed help…if they were still alive. He had to help.

Well, Bob doesn't have his rifle handy, or his shotgun. That being said, he does have his pistol, which he always has on him. When he smells the fire, he immediately sets the box down by the bus and looks over in that direction, nostrils flaring out.

Bob's right hand is on the butt of his revolver in a heartbeat, and with quick jerk of his hand, the pistol is freed of the holster and in his hand as he starts moving towards the barn. "Let's get a security detail on the supplies asap. If you're armed, you're with me."

Terry too always has a sidearm on him, and it comes up almost perfectly in sync with Bob's. Terry matches Bob move for move (in a way), heading toward the barn, leaving some guards with the supplies. "On your six, chief." He notes to Bob, nodding to the older man as he loads a round into his weapon.

Sophia frowns, hands tightening on the bat. She'll nod, moving to stay with the supplies. She knows she'll be no good anywhere else.

Most of the camp weapon supply has been packed away and loaded onto the truck or the bus, but Sonny has his own personal sidearm and his is quickly in hand "You three. Stay with buses." the man says to Sophia and a couple of the guards that were helping organize and load. He then takes off with the Bob, Terry and the other armed men. There are more screams and gunfire, seems that the assailants are heading straight where the bus loading is going down.

Bob gets a short ways down the path when it becomes apparent that the assailants are heading their way. He immediately holds up a hand givin the tactical 'Stop' signal. Then two fingers out on his left hand, he points towards the trees along the path to create an ambush point.

He looks over his shoulder to Sophia and the others, "Get behind cover!" he calls back and then takes up a firing stance and starts to move towards a tree to get some cover.

As Terry keeps pace with Bob, he comes to an immediate stop as the 'stop' signal comes up, followed by a quick break left into the trees at the next signal. As he moves, his Walther PK380 comes into play, ready for use. He engages a tactical breathing exercise to calm himself, and thus reduce the potential loss of accuracy that comes with 'jitters'.

Cover What cover? the bus?!?! Soph scampers up against the vehicle, keeping an eye not only in the direction of the shooting, but she also glances in other directions. It could be a distraction, they could get hit from somewhere else too.

Elijah comes to a stop along with the others, finding cover as best as he can nearby Bob. His satchel is already over his shoulder, but perhaps out of nervousness Eli now clutches it against his chest as he tries to keep his breathing calm. He looks to either side, quickly trying to think of any nearby objects he might be able to use as a weapon should the need arise. There were rocks. Very large branches. Aha! Pinecones! Yep…he was doomed.

And that would seem to be the case. The fire and the first set of gunfire seems to have been a signal of some sort. Gunfire can be heard from various other parts of camp now, and distant yells can be heard as well. This isn't some random attack, it was clearly planned. Which could only mean that those people that were still on guard duty are most likely dead.

The assailants heading toward the group are skilled, they aren't sticking to the path but moving through the woods, going tree to tree, cover to cover. They are hard to make out with thier forest camo and painted faces. The shouting orders of the CG group has shots being fired toward them one hitting the tree where Terry has hid himself.

Damn…these aren't bandits then, they are more organized. Bob maintains cover, waiting for shots to come their way. He ducks out around the tree, looses two shots towards the assailants and returns to cover.

"Doc, get down and move across the path. Two trees back there's a good sized boulder. I want you taking cover there." Bob orders without hesitation.

To Terry and Sonny he snaps his fingers twice, "Roll back with cover towards the buses. We'll get pinned down if they start moving in from the other side of the path. Fall back single file. Find cover, provide cover fire, then do it again till we get there."

A beat pause, "Doc, you keep cover until we can get a firing line in place to get you back. Clear?"

Terry doesn't stay in one spot for very long, especially with shots coming his way. He moves from tree to tree, cover to cover, peeking out from cover just long enough to eyeball the OPFORs, and pop off a few shots (if possible). This was going to be an ugly fight, he figured. If he was going down, he'd be going down fighting, and he'd take some of those dickbags with him. That was the plan, anyway. When Bob starts barking orders, Terry responds with a quick "copy," and starts working on a plan of exfil, moving expeditiously toward the buses.

"Maldita sea todo!" Soph starts making her way towards the doors of the bus. This is bad, she needs a gun.

This is not the time to be arguing about who is in charge, and while Sonny is leader of the camp he isn't going to waste breath or time debating who is in charge of thier side of the firefight, that's how people get killed. As an ex-military man himself he knows the tactical withdraw procedure that Bob is going with and proceeds to follow the orders. Cover fire, move, cover fire move. That all works great until one of the assailants firing on them nails him in the back and sends him pitching forward, face down in the dirt.

The assailants are returning fire just as well as they receive it. There is a cry of pain from their side as a bullet from one of the defenders hits true. The assailants continue to advance, using the same fire and cover tactic as the defenders are.

"Shit…We need to get some of the guns unpacked…Which is fuckin' suicide in this shit." Bob growls out. This is mostly to himself. He moves back two trees and then fires off two shots. Two trees, two shots. Two more trees, one shot and he's empty. God damn revolver.

Bob hunkers down behind the second to last tree before the sprint to the bus. He starts to reload, "Terry, any idea where the guns are packed?" Keep it calm. That's the key in situations like this.

And then Sonny is shot and goes down. Bob just stares for a moment before slamming the cylinder back in place, coming out from around the tree and firing off all six shots in succession. "Get him to cover now! Doc!"

With the chaos all around, Eli finds himself on auto-pilot, following Bob's orders and attempting to get to cover. However, right as he makes it to the boulder he hears the call again. Get who to cover? Looking back he sees Sonny down. Swear word! There wasn't time to hesitate or worry about what could happen. Placing his satchel behind the boulder, Eli moves toward Sonny. Attempting to keep cover, the doctor would do his best to get to him before he could sustain any further injury or before their attackers could get any closer themselves.

Sophia's headed towards where she thinks the guns are. First step is getting onto the bus. She winces as a few bullets slams into the ground near her. "!Mierda!" It at least gets her moving faster up the steps of the bus. She'll repeat herself, "!Mierda!" Damn it, she should have looked at the Doc's list better! Boxes boxes, going through boxes! Where are those guns?!?!

As Sonny goes down, Terry catches sight of it in his peripheral vision, and his blood goes cold. He begins moving toward Sonny, laying down cover-fire as he moves, not about to leave a man behind. No one gets left behind, if it can be helped at all. Then Eli shows up, and Terry lays down more fire, readying a fresh magazine just as his first goes dry, ejecting and stashing the empty mag as he swaps in a fresh one, and resumes firing.

Pew! Pew! more gunfire as the assailants advance through the trees. From what can be seen of them these are teenagers too, though one or two seem to fall for into the preteen category is size is any indication. They have been relatively quiet, using either hand signals to communicate though occasionally a codename slips out or, "Go!Go!" A few bullets hit the dirt and trees around the group, especially around Elijah when he goes after the fallen Sonny.

Bob is finally back to the last tree. "Terry, I've got six left. Cover fire, I'll help the Doc get Sonny to the bus." And then he reloads.

One, two, three, four, five, six…Loaded. Slamming the cylinder in place, Locked. Bob ducks to Sonny and grabs one of Sonny's arms and leaves his other free to shoot.

Blam! Blam! Two shots down. Four left. As soon as Eli grabs an arm, he'll start moving Sonny to the bus.

Elijah looks to Terry as he covers with fire, quickly moving to grab one of Sonny's arms. The shots hit the ground around them, causing Eli to move quicker and give an obvious look of relief as Bob is soon there to help. He helps move Sonny out of the range of fire. "The boulder. My bag is there." He needed to grab it before they got back to the bus.

Terry assumes a cover position, racks in a new clip, and pops off a few more shots. "Go!" The PK380 is an 8+1 semi-auto pistol, so he does have some ammo to work with. Blam-blam-blam and all that.

There!!! Soph pulls out some big, long powerful looking riffle and does gun stuff to it quickly. She actually has more knowledge with guns than she lets on. It's quickly loaded and she moves to the front of the bus. Namesless guard has a gun shoved at him before she moves back to get another one. Several bullets hit the side of bus, near the door.

Shit, shit, shit…Bob looks back to the boulder and shakes his head, "Terry, the Doc's bag is by the boulder. We'll get him to the bus, grab the bag!" And then he looks to Elijah, "Let's move!"

Treating Sonny by the boulder is a tactical nightmare. They need an enclosed, defensible position. So to the bus it is.

Blam! Blam! Two more shots. Two left. Sophia better have found those guns.

And now Bob starts to drag Sonny towards the bus.

"Hooah!" Terry responds automatically, making his way to the bag and popping off shots to cover his movements. Bang-bang-bang-bang, move, bang-bang, move, bang-bang-bang, reload. He moves ever closer to the bag.

The sound of gunfire is punctuated as bullets hit the metal sides of the bus and ricochet off. Another guard goes down, though not before he takes out one of the assailents with the BFG that Soph shoved into his hands.

"Incoming!" is heard shouted from the woods, but the voice could be familiar. It's the only warning that is given though as the explosion from a grenade rocks the area where a few of the attackers are behind cover…or were. No cover there now…and those Kamo Kids won't be getting up again.

Elijah nods in agreement with Bob's plan, entrusting Terry with the retrieval of his bag. Feel. Honored. Terry. However, as he continues to pull Sonny along with Bob's help…something doesn't feel right. Eli grips Sonny's wrist a little tighter, adjusting his hold on it, keeping his other hand under that arm. His eyes go down to the man as they continue to pull him along, assessing him visually. He couldn't risk stopping their retreat now. More of them would just get hurt…

Sophia shutters but grabs another gun, running to the front of the bus to try shoving at the next guard…who's not there. "!Mierda!" She'll stand in the doorway, aiming and shooting a few times in the direction of a few of the kids while she tries to pin point where everyone else's is.

Terry moves in, swipes the bag, and makes his way back to Elijah, medbag grasped firmly in one hand, firing off cover-shots from his weapon with the other. He moves double-time, just like he learned in the service, moving expeditiously so as to waste as little time as possible getting the bag to its owner.

It only takes another ten steps and they are at the bus. Bob drags in the direction of the doors, trusting Eli to follow. Once near enough, he calls to Sophia, "Soph, get me a gun!"

Blam! Blam! No bullets left. Bob slams the gun back into his holster and finishes hauling Sonny into the bus.

Now he just needs a new gun…

It seems reinforcements from both the defenders and attackers have come from other areas of the camp. Bullets fly. Tinging off the buses and trucks, and more mow down people on both sides of the fight, hopefully not to friendly fire.

Sophia shoves the gun in her hand at Bob and will try to take Sonny as he's pushed into the bus. She stumbles underneath his weight, the older man's blood now covers her and him. "Shhh…it's ok, Hefe…It's ok…" It's not ok, where the hell is Eli! One of the bullets smashes a window close to where Soph is standing and she gets sprayed with glass. A small started cry comes from her but she manages to not let it go beyond that.

Terry starts moving toward the bus, at least the rear exit, laying down more cover-fire as he moves. Once he pops open the rear hatch and steps aboard, he shuts the hatch, loads a fresh mag for his PK380, and drops one of the windows so he can really start making it rain on the little shits who've harassed his people for far too damn long.

Elijah finishes hauling Sonny onto the bus, letting Bob pull him the last bit on while he reaches out to take the bag from Terry. Once he has that bag, his focus is getting beside Sonny. He is soon helping Sophia, easing Sonny's weight off of her and laying him down across the floor of the bus. However, his movements do not seem to carry much urgency. All he was doing was confirming the fear he knew to be true.

Eli sets his bag down, kneeling beside Sonny and opening up the bag to pull out a stethoscope as his fingers press against Sonny's wrist. As he then listens with the stethoscope against the man's chest for a moment, Eli's eyes close and his hands rest on his knees a moment.

Rifle in hand, Bob turns and exits the bus. He starts firing on the move, controlled bursts sent out at the tree line to force them into cover and force the gunfire to come is way. He can't get them all to shoot at him, but if he presents a big enough target, and if that target is dangerous enough…

Blam, blam, blam! Crouch down, blam, blam! Stand, three steps left, while firing. He's move towards the other bus, attempting to get behind it, but he'll keep out in the open until they start shooting at him.

As soon as it started the return gunfire ends and silence falls throughout the area. The only sound that of groaning from those that took a bullet and live to tell the story off it…well, will hopefully live to tell the story of it.

Sophia frowns down at Eli, why isn't he doing anything?!?! Soph huffs, an angry snarl appearing on her face and she turns to get another gun before shooting out the now broken window. She has several small cuts on her face, but nothing serious. She stops only after realizing there's no return fire happening.

As the gunfire ends, Terry's finger drops from the trigger, but his gun remains up and ready to return to active duty, should the need arise. His eyes never leave the battlefield. He commences tactical breathing to keep his heartbeat in check, lest it jump into his throat and choke him out.. which would be bad.

After a moment Eli clears his throat lifts his head again, a frown on his features, "He's gone…" It is said with an obvious regret, but also in a matter-of-fact tone. Elijah looks to his stethoscope as he puts it away in his bag, staying kneeled by the fallen Sonny.

Admittedly, Bob was expecting a more drawn out fight. He'd put himself out there to draw fire so Sophia and Terry could arm up. Instead, the action dies down. Bob lowers the rifle and frowns, moving back towards the bus. He arrives at the ddoors just in time to hear Eli say that Sonny is dead.

He just stands there, staring at Sonny's body. Then he looks to Eli. He doesn't question the Doc on this. He knows his trade. Still, there's no time to dawdle. "Terry, Soph, we need a casualty count. Eli, we need to set up triage for the wounded." A beat pause, "And we need to secure any wounded enemies."

Terry nods, and secures his weapon, making his way out of the bus to start tallying up the wounded/dead. "Got it, Son—chief." He says, catching himself, and casting a lingering glance to Sonny.

Elijah takes a last look at Sonny's body before standing, nodding to Bob "We can relocate back to the First Aid Building. It's close enough." He hoists his bag over his shoulder once more. "Let me get my notebook and find my boxes. Give me 5 minutes…but start gathering the people up or telling them to go there if they're able." He then moves quickly to get everything gathered.

Sophia tries to wipe her face again, blood from the glass cuts and possible some of sonny's swears on her jacket. Without saying anything, she'll exit the bus and start gathering injured or weapons. She doesn't say anything the rest of the night, unless spoken to.

After a sweep of the camp to make sure that there aren't any more assailants lurking the wounded are rounded up and those still able bodied put to work on the barn fire. The numbers are grim. Of the 30 something adults that make up the camp near 1/2 are dead. The remaining 1/2 of those are wounded, some critically some not so much. It's going to be a busy day and night to deal with the wounded so they can travel and to bury the dead properly.

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