(2015-10-27) Syllables
Summary: Dixie has regrets, shares them with Piper
Date: 10.27.2015
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Dining Hall

The dining hall is a dome shaped building fully capable of holding upwards of 500 people. Tables and chairs surround a large round fireplace that takes up the center of the main room. The walls are mostly windows that let tons of light through so additional lighting isn't need until after the sun is down. In the back a set of double doors, flanked by bookshelves, leads to the kitchen. On each side of the bookshelves is a door to bathrooms, men left, women right. The bookshelves themselves are full of books and boardgames. There is an upright piano partially blocking the view out one set of windows. By the piano is a stand with an old hand crank record player.

A new addition has been recently added to the room. The lower half of several windows have been covered over with corkboard covered plywood. Already they are starting to be covered with lists of things people want/need and things people want to trade for, like goods or lessons.

In a mere 24 hours the residents of Camp Hope will be on there way south, to a warmer climate and hopefully a safer place as well. With the departure time looming everywhere one goes there is a frenzy of last minute packing. The dining hall is no exception. Finger foods have been set out so those hard at work can come in grab something and go back to work. And there is usually always someone coming or going, except Piper. She is sticking around the dining hall, she's packing the toys and games, records and what not that has collected here. It's been a week since she has popped, and her little son is tucked in the snuggie and secured to her chest. She seems to be in good spirits as she packs, happily humming an upbeat tune as milk crates get packed and stacked by the door.

Dixie doesn't have much, as she's always maintained a stance on travelling light. She has her cold weather clothing on, and is rugged up against the chill, though it's still BDU equipment. However the camp still needs to be looked after, especially during a vulnerable state such as relocating south, and while Dixie has her pack on her back with her tent, it doesn't mean that she's going to be lazy and overlook her duties as a guard. Her rifle hangs over her shoulders, and her pistol is at her thigh, still in the holster. She makes her way into the hall, though she doesn't move towards the finger food. Other people need that more than her. She does make her way towards Piper. "Hey, you're doing all right, ain't ya?" she asks. "If you ain't, let me know, and I'll try a quick run into town."

The small record collection goes into a crate, Piper considers them her records, but so far she has been willing to let the community have use of them. Who knows if that will change in the new place. The only things that are known is what the scouting party has told them, and that really isn't all that much. Looking up from stacking some toys behind the records to keep them from falling over, the woman beams a smile. She's been a lot happier since she has given birth than she ever was before "Yes." cheerful enough to even have words and be able to use them! At least one syllable ones

"Well, I'm going to take that as 'yes, you're doing well'," the Southern born woman replies. "Instead of yes, I ain't doing well, and I need things." She takes a seat down, and she slowly shrugs her pack off and rests it beside her. "And wait, I think this is the first time you ever done and gone spoke with me. You actually have a voice." She sounds both surprised and teasing at the same time. "You know, I've been thinking, I should ask to be dropped off an hour or so away. I can cover the approaches while we move to the new site. Give folk here a reason to stress less."

Piper nods, since that is what she meant, that she is going well, quite well, though the whole needing things isn't accurate, but at the moment she would rather not have more to pack. Not after having to pack herself, the kids, help with the kitchen/dining and help Kayla pack up Quinton, who stayed down south with the survivor camp down there, while one of them came up here. She's been very busy lately, just like everyone else. If she was capable of blushing she probably would, but her complexion doesn't allow for it. Dixie's idea is meet with a thoughtful look "Yeah?"

Dixie purses her lips as she considers the area, and she continues with her short break. "If it's for you and your boy, I would try a run into town," she admits. "Yeah, you know I'm good at things. Vehicles leave tire tracks, especially with leaves falling." She looks thoughtful. "In case we're followed down. I ain't exactly a nice person, and I ain't going to jump to action like 'Hero' does." She leans forward for a moment and frowns softly. "I ain't going to start shooting if a duck quacks either."

A smirk comes to Piper's face as Dixie contradicts herself…in the new mother's head at least. Saying she would risk a run into town just for her and the newborn in one breath and then claiming not to be a nice person in the next. Well Piper finds it a bit amusing. The mention of the infant has her glancing down and tucking the little hat down over the boys dark curly headed hair. The hat just never wants to stay in place. "Oh!" she then nods, she has had a lot on her mind and plate so being followed when they leave hadn't occured to her "Good." she nods. Though she could be saying its a good idea or that it's good that Dixie is more thoughtful in her action.

Dixie arches a brow. "What?" she asks when she notices the smirk. "You're a friend of mine, and I ain't against helping out friends. I imagine if the first time we met went different, well, I imagine we wouldn't be on speaking terms. Honestly, was a refreshing change to not be chased off." She shifts so she can lean back against the table. She then takes a deep breath. "Biggest mistake I feel I've made so far was for that camo brat that was brought in. I should have shot her when a runner pulled me out there. She stole from us, and I feel it was my fault."

That day seems like forever ago for Piper, not all that much has happened really on the grand scale of things, but even little things can be big now. Being labeled friend is unexpected, but has her nodding, she will happily accept that label. There is a bit of a sigh when the military girl is brought up. Piper wasn't all that surprised about it, but she knows things others don't, "Yes." she is full on agreement with that, but she tends toward shooting first and not bothering with questions, much like the other woman.

Dixie slowly stands, her hand slipping through a strap on her pack. "If I see her, she's dead," she comments softly. "Just to make up for when I should have put her out of her misery that first time. I ain't going to care if people think I'm cold. I went against my inner judgment once, I ain't doing it again. My inner judgment got me this far, and I ain't going to ignore it again." She raises a hand up to brush her hair out of her eyes. "I really should get back on patrol Piper. People are busy collecting their things. We need feet on the ground out there."

Piper watches as Dixie gets up and prepares to leave once more. There is another nod of agreement. She would probably do the same if she ever saw the girl again…at least if she was alone. She would never do so in front of the kids or in other mixed company. "Be safe." a whole two words that time! She then offers a parting wave to the other woman.

"Two words now, you're starting to spoil me," Dixie teases again, as she offers a smile towards Piper. "Bless you. I try to be always safe, assuming I use my noggin. I ain't the smartest, but I get by." She offers a soft laugh, as she slips both straps over her shoulders. She takes a few moments to make certain her pack is sitting right before adjusting the straps. "If you got any problems, just call out, ya'll hear?" She offers another bright smile as she heads towards the door.

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