(2015-10-28) Travel Time
Travel Time
Summary: While traveling to Texas a conversation is had
Date: 10.28.2015
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Well the start of the move didn't go exactly as planned. The group had planned to leave Tuesday evening, but with the attack and having to deal with the aftermath the departure had to be postponed to the following morning. Traveling in the daytime wasn't exactly safe, but neither was sticking around the camp. The enemy had attacked once already, nothing stopping them from doing so again.

The camp is now hours behind the folks on the bus. After yesterday and the long, exhausting night, most everyone is using the travel time to get some much needed rest and are either sleeping, or faking it real well. Nora is not amoung the most everyone though. After taking a bullet in the hip, she is finding sleep hard to come by, despite being exhausted, so she just sits in her seat, head resting against the window as she watches the boring landscape go by.

Lincoln had been caught up in the midst of everything. How he didn't get shot was really a shock to him. Swinging fists and a few bullets from his own gun had been fired. Tumbles, scraps, all of the above. He had been spending his time dealing with all sorts of things, most of which were involved with making sure the vehicles were running and ready to go. Only now has he gotten any time himself that wasn't possessed with helping the mechanics. His weight falls on the bus seat next to Nora, his hands holding two bottles of water which one is held out to her . "Drink." His tired voice isn't exactly commanding but it doesn't sound like there's a lot of negotiation in it either.

Nora rolls her head as she shifts to look at her new seat companion. Normally she would greet the man with a cheerful smile and most likely a joke, but she is to tired and in to much pain for all that. "Thanks." she takes the water without any debate and takes a long pull from it. "Just eight more hours of this and we will be to our new home." she gestures outside where the scenery is nothing but overgrown fields and an occasional herd of deer or cows.

"Our new home." Lincoln repeats softly, testing the words then smiles a bit at Nora. "You going to be ok having to get yourself all established in a new region?" The conversation being the first he's been able to speak to anyone since the mess the day before. He takes a drink from the other water bottle before setting it beside her. He's looking not at the window, but at her; although it could be mistaken for gazing out the window.

The woman shrugs as she rolls the water bottle between her hands, "I don't have much of a choice." which isn't exactly true, though unless she wants to break all ties with the Camp Hope people, it's the case. Nora winces a bit as she shifts to face him a bit more "The good thing is there are four other survivor camps in Texas. And there could be more that the people where we are going don't know about."

Lincoln nods towards Nora and smiles a bit. "I wanted to tell you something." There's a nervous look in his eyes for a moment, "Something I've been meaning to say for a long time, well, not that incredibly long but awhile now. I mean for at least a few weeks, well probably a couple months its hard to imagine its been a couple of months but that's really not the point although it kind of is the point because if it hadn't been a couple of months it might seem kind of weird. I mean we all know I'm kind of weird but I don't want to come across as that weird, really I'm not weird at all just too thinky most of the time which you really know anyway since you've talked to me more than 5 minutes before." All the words come fumbling out in what can best be described as nervous word vomit. Finally though he gets to things, "Anyway what I wanted to say to you is not really that important, I mean it's important to me but probably not to you but after everything and you getting shot and the move and everything just thought it might be important to finally say it is all, before I lose the opportunity." A pause, a big breath, Lincoln looks at Nora directly in the eyes and finally says it. "Thank you for putting up with me."

As Linc speaks Nora studies his face looking confused as he just goes on and on without getting to his point. There is a nod or two to confirm that yes she is listening to what is being said. When he does finally get to the point she is still confused and a little surprised. That's not the point she expected…though truthfull she wasn't sure what to expect at the end there after all the hemming and hawwing he did prior. "Your welcome." Nora replies, having no trouble with the eye contact and holding it "Though it isn't that hard. It seems to be I would be the hard one to put up with, with my coming and goig with out warning and all the danger I put myself into…"

Lincoln chuckles a bit and nods his head, "It is tough at times. But its part of who you are. You're a mover and a goer. I'm one of those settler sorts; I know I was talking before about moving and wandering but I don't think that's who I am. Wish I was." He sighs and then looks at Nora's leg. "Don't worry though, as soon as I get you back to health you're free to leave."

Nora gives the self-proclaimed nerd a nudge with an elbow "It's true, but you didn't have to agree with me." she takes another sip of her water and absently begins to pick at the label. Her eyes drift breifly out the bus window. "It takes all kinds, and we need yours kind more than mine at the moment." she tells him.

The bus has been on the road for a few hours now and most everyone is sleeping off the exhausting night before. Though it seems the wounded Nora (she took a bullet to the hip) and Linc are wide awake and talking quietly in the seat that the pair share. "Doc says it will be months before I have full use of my leg again. So until then I am afraid you are stuck with me."

Lincoln chuckles softly once more, the man looks tired and worn out, but at least he's relatively unscathed. "Nora, if I were the one shot, I know you'd be making sure I was taken care of, so I'm going to be doing the same thing. That simple."

The bus is a lot more empty than it should be, so Sophia has a seat to herself. The woman only received a few scratches on her face, and only one needed a stitch. Her forehead was pressed against the glass of the window as she stared out , but after a while, that's just giving her a head ache. or heart ache. Something. She shifts and then stands up, stretching.

Having been shot, sleep is eluding Nora, so she not only looks in pain but equally tired. "Damn straight I would!" she exclaims, maybe a bit to loudly to Linc's comment. "Oh sorry." she then replies to Sophia when she sees the woman sitting in front of them get to her feet "I didn't mean to bother you…did we bother you?"

A slight smile touches Lincoln's lips at Nora's outburst and he is about to reply when he notices Sophia raising as well and looks to the tired woman, nodding his head slightly. "We're here, don't know if we can really bother each other anymore."

Sophia's head shakes, she looks exhausted as well (What a horrible trend). "No, Nora. You did not." A small smile is forced at the two. "I have never enjoyed travel, even under good circumstances." And these certainly aren't good. Her hand goes to the small of her back, rubbing through the many layers of clothing.

"Trust me, some people are just born to be bothersome." Nora says, though she doesn't mean present company. "I'm fine with travel. I've done it for many years now." there is a glance around "This is my first time on a bus though. I don't really like it." she eyes the woman breifly as she stretches "When we stop for a break I can show you some stretches that will help with the stiffness."

"I spent a lot of time on buses, going from home to university and back. And the trip from Houston to Boulder is not a short one." Lincoln explains, his exhaustion having a bit more impact on his talkative self than he'd like to admit. "The key is to remember that pain is only momentary and that beating the bus driver for every bump could be fun."

Sophia's eyebrow raises, "I don't think Eli would appreciate that." Nora stretching, that is. Again she smiles at Linc, but it doesn't reach past her lips. She'll offer to Nora, "I will try to stretch out some on the next stop though…that may help."

The young woman makes a face "If it was anything like this I can see I wasn't missing much." she replies, looking around in distaste. Though a school bus probably isn't the best way to judge bus trips, "Probably not right away no." Nora will admit "In a few weeks though I will need to stretch a lot to keep scar tissue from making my muscles stiff." she knows some about that "I can still tell you without doing them myself." she does nod "It will help a lot."

Lincoln tilts his head, as if hearing something. "Bus is making noises." He comments quietly to himself. Reaching over, he gives Nora's arm a soft squeeze before getting up. "I'm going to go check it out and see if there's anything going on. Finish your water, try to rest?" He offers towards both of the women.

Sophia's not certain who it will help more, Soph's muscles, or Nora wanting to do something. So the woman nods, "Ok, chica, you can tell me." There's a glance cast over her shoulder at whatever noises Linc mentions. She manages to not let the fear that creeps into her belly show…hopefully. A nod is given to Linc as he passes and she'll turn back to Nora. "Need anything?"

Nora gives Linc a nod, it seems to her the bus is always making noises, but she isn't the mechanic he is so trust in his judgment when it comes to this. She watches him breifly as he goes to chat with the driver and then turns her attention back to Soph. "Can't hurt." a tired sigh comes from the teen "Sleep, pain meds, a roll in..nevermind about that one, warmth." they haven't gotten to the warmth yet and with it rainy the damp adds to the chill.

Sophia's head tilts and finally there's a touch of amusement, "I don't think I can help with much of that…Want me to ask Eli for some more pills for you?" Surely they have some extra for people who were shot. "He owes me, I can get some if you need them." What does he own her? Soph's face frowns and she glares around the bus, "I think there are a few extra blankets…would you like me to dig you one out?"

After a moment of thought Nora gives a shake of her head "I'm not big on drugs. Those thing can really mess you up." and she doesn't want to be messed up on this trip. "It wouldn't be so bad really but the bus vibrations…" she then nods "A blanket would be great.

Ah. No wonder she doesn't like any booze then. Soph nods, "Cobija it is then." And she'll head back to where some of the extras where shoved into the back of the bus. It takes her longer than it should, she's not 100 percent either. But eventually she returns with a blanket and pillow. "I thought you could coushin yourself.." Soph doesn't really know, she's used to comforting heart aches, not physical one.s Ah the life of a bartender.

Nora doesn't speak any Spanish and it isn't until Soph returns with the blanket that she realizes what a cobija is "Thanks." she offers a grin and she takes it and wraps it around herself. The pillow is taken too and for now she will sit on it. "Most of the people in the town down there don't speak English. You fluent in Spanish?"

Sophia chuckles softly, "First language." Well, it was a mixture, but yeah. Dark eyes glance to the front of the bus before Soph moves back to her seat, although she kneels , facing Nora, "If it's a family unit, like you've said, they'll be protective of each other, but…if we can show them we're worth it, they'll be very helpful." Soph smiles at some old memory, "I can teach you some, if you'd like? Learning to communicate with them will be helpful."

"I was raised bilingual too. Though for me it was Mandarin." Nora nods, she can understand that "They are all related. Not exactly sure how. Cousins, in-laws I suppose?" she gives a shrug about that bit. "I'm game to learning Spanish. Can't be any harder than Mandarin."

Sophia leans against her elbows onto the back of her seat, "I sometimes think that the bond between cousins is stronger than siblings…" She'll nod, "Even if it's just the basics, it could be very useful."

"Both my parents were only children so I don't have any cousins. I'm also an only child so no siblings either. I'll have to take your word for it. I had quite a few friends that I counted as siblings though. So it wasn't all bad." Nora nods to Sophia "The basics would be a good start..at least enough so I don't accidently insult any of them.

Sophia smirks, "I think most people will be forgiving, as long as you are trying…" The bus sways slightly and Soph holds onto th seat a little tighter so she doesn't fall over. "Very basics are Hola for hello. Adios for goodbye. Seasame street should have taught you your numbers…' Soph will take a few and go over the basics, Water, eat, bathroom…basic survival stuff.

Lincoln returns back towards the ladies and the seat, his hands having a bit of grease on them, apparently he was fixing something while the bus was moving. Hearing the tail end of the conversation about spanish he throws out, "Mis pantalonis es enfuego. That's all I remember from spanish class."

Besides now being wrapped up in a blanket and sitting on a pillow, Nora hasn't moved from her spot, "I hope so. I would have to make enemies of them within the first week. I would like at least a month or two for that." she is joking about the last bit of course. "Oh yeah Sesame Street…didn't watch that much. I had parents that were kind of anti-television. I only got to watch it at friends houses." she does repeat the words as Soph says them, her pronuciation isn't the best, but with practice it will get better. When Linc returns she grins at him, but doesn't understand the spanish bit "What's that mean?" she looks between Linc and Soph for a translation.

Sophia's not really in a joking mood, so Linc just gets a flat look. She goes to rub her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose briefly like she ha s ahead ache. When she does so she accidentally brushes against her cheek where the stitch is. It's silly, and such very small injury compared to the others but she winces slightly. She keeps forgetting about it. "I don't know that making poorly stated jokes, even at your own expense is going to be the best impression on them…we're going to be rolling up with our tails between our legs as is…"

At Sophia's lack of amusement, Lincoln just shrugs his shoulders and looks to Nora. "I think it means something like My Pants are on Fire." Again his shoulders lift in a shrug, "Like I said, about all I can remember." He glances between the two females then and nods towards the front of the bus, "The ride might be a little bumpier up ahead so just have a heads up about that."

"Well hopefully Cheif is making a good enough impression for the rest of us." Nora says as she winces herself at Sophia's lack of reaction to the joke. And hope is all they have at the moment. "Pants on fire." she will have to remember that one, "You should sit then." she pats the seat next to her, "It'd be stupid if you got injured in a bus mishap after going out relatively unscatched from yesterdays attack.

Sophia doesn't know the poet that well so she shrugs, "Hopefully." Hopefully he'll be able to speak enough to not get them all shot on sight. Her head turns again to look at the road coming up and she sighs. She should have brought a book or something.

Lincoln smiles at Nora but shakes his head, "I'm going to check a few things on the bus first, make sure folks are doing ok before I sit back down next to you, but I promise, I'll be back in a little bit . Maybe you'll rest then?"

"Well that Anita lady." Nora glances around the bus to pinpoint the woman that cam back with them "Seems to thing that they will welcome us…warily maybe. But I wasn't given the warm fuzzy welcome when I first arrived at camp either. Warmer than other places, but still." she gets around, she knows of various other camps in the area they were in. She nods at Linc glancing around again she'll let him use that as an excuse for his restlessness "Stranger things have happened." and she has a blanket and pillow now, so rest could be likely.

Yes, that Anita lady. Soph hasn't really talked to her, so most of her opinions are based on what bob's told her. And he's wary. She nods, "Yes…hopefully." Sinking down into her seat again, her hand on her back as she tries to stretch a little bit. She lets he two youngsters do whatever it is they're doing.

Well, Lincoln isn't that much of a younster, but what he is doing is making his way back through the bus checking on people for a bit which will take him some time.

Nora is quiet for a few moments before grabbing her pack from the floor and digging through it to pull out a couple of fruity based energy bars. She stands up breifly, wincing at not only wound but the stiffness from sitting to long "This really blows." she comments more to herself before waves the energy bar at Sophia.

Sophia has to blink her eyes, she zoned ou briefly, as the bar is waved at her. Instinctively she takes it, although she seems a little surprised, "Gracias?"

"De nada." Nora does know that little bit of Spanish at least "I don't think many of us got breakfast this morning." if anyone did. The rush to leave was strong, "It's awful what happened to Sonny." she'll finally go ahead and address the proverbial elephant in the room. "Ms. Bea is devastated." she looks toward the front of the bus where the older woman is sitting with a couple of the children.

Sophia hasn't ate since yesterday before the attack, honestly. The bar is stared at as Nora talks and Soph just sighs. "He was a good man…" Dark eyes flicker from the new widow to a few other people sitting up front, including Bob.

Nora really isn't up to eating herself, but she rips open the package and forces a bite of it down. She wants at least one thing on her body to stop complaining and her stomach is the easiest at the moment "He was. He played all gruff and rough, but I think he really cared about everyone. Wonder who is going to take his place."

Sophia's eyebrow furrow together and she shakes her head, "Don't know. Not me." She knows that much. The bar is opened carefully and she'll break an edge off and pop in into her mouth. "We'll probably have a meeting once we get to the new place….After everyone sleeps."

"Yeah probably." Nora nibbles on her bar absently and without much enthusiasm "Though as long as it isn't Buffy, I really don't care who it is." of course she can say that, she is only in camp a few days out of the month. Though with her bullet wound she will be around a month or two at least.

Sophia frowns, giving a quizzical look. She has no idea who 'Buffy' is. "Roberto will not let it be anyone untrustworthy." How? She doesn't know, but she has faith in the man. Conceding that maybe eating is a good thing, she'll take another small bite of the bar. Maybe it will help her calm down some too.

Nora isn't really good with names, the only one she comes close with is Lincoln, "Big effing hero guy." aka Terry, she gives another clue. She glances at Bob "Maybe there will be a vote or something." not that she will get one, she isn't old enough to vote..at least not for another few months…not that she would ever admit to being under the age of 18.

There's a few of those around here, so Soph just shrugs and nods again. Her dark eyes follow Nora's gaze and she nods, "Maybe…hopefully. That is better than might makes right." Soph may take off if it comes to that. Nothing good ever follows something like that.

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