(2015-10-29) Welcome to Texas
Welcome to Texas
Summary: Nora encounters someone not from Stratford…enter Caitlin
Date: 10.29.2015
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It wasn't all that long ago that an army truck and two yellow school buses rolled into town. After the fervor of the locals meeting the survivors that were in said vehicles died down the two groups were dealing with living arrangements or some such things that need to be dealt with when two groups are going to be living in close proximity with each other. There were quite a few wounded with this new group, some critically, others walking wounded. The teen girl amoung the walking wounded. Instead of being with the "adults" she is limping with the help of a crutch around the area near where the large group talks a few blocks down the way. Checking out houses, peeking in windows, that sort of thing.

There's another stranger to town in the area - though she had been rather hoping to avoid notice, at least for the time being. Hanging back out of sight would not only give the new arrivals a chance to adjust to their surroundings, but would also give them an opportunity to show their true colours, should the Reyes clan be making a terrible mistake in inviting them in.

Consequently, one of the houses into which Nora peeks contains a shadowy figure: perched on a counter-top, leaning forward with arms resting atop thighs, and with a crossbow across its lap.

There is a sharp intake of breath from Nora as she sees the unexpected figure in the house. Ducking under the windowsill, she grimaces in pain and then glances down the street toward where her sorta people are mingling with the locals. Does she scream and yell out a warning? Confront the person? Sneak away and pretend she didn't see anything or anyone? What if the figure is a Silencer…waiting to pick off everyone one by one? So many thoughts swirling…but she does with another option, the one that has kept her alive all this time….run!

Similarly startled to have had a face appear on the other side of the window, Caitlin was also spurred into motion - slipping swiftly off her perch and heading for an exit, lest any sort of attack come through the glass at her. Within moments, she's darted through the door to give herself a line of sight through another window, poised on her toes in readiness to run for her life if things turn violent.

The mind wants to run and flee, but the body, not so willing. After sitting on a bus for nearly twelve hours…after getting shot in the hip, running isn't something that is happening, now or in the near future. The crutch slips out of the young woman's hand as she falls face first into the small bushes that grow under the window..good thing they weren't the prickly pear cactus that grows so rampantly around her, and her sunglasses go flying as well.

That… does not seem either threatening, or likely to be a trap. After a few moments of hesitation, the figure inside the house moves again - this time slipping over to nudge the front door ajar and check for signs of danger, weapons ready to be used, or other malevolent trickery. Then it steps out: a hooded, rather archaic-looking archer in leather and wool… but with a decidedly modern crossbow cradled in the crook of one arm.

"I'm sorry if I scared you," comes a voice from within the hood. It's pitched low, but is clearly feminine and rather well-spoken.

There is no doubt the figure on the ground is female too, and could be cursing, it's hard to tell, she is doing it in what sounds like some Chinese language. She is dressed in shorts a graphic tee, and is clearly unarmed…where would she hide it! Despite speaking chinese she doesn't look it when she rolls over to look at the strangly garbed figure, "Does this mean you aren't going to kill me?" she asks in a Californian accent "Because if you are…well get it over with already and make sure Linc gets all my booze.

"Linc?", the archer asks perplexedly, before managing a soft laugh. "No, I'm not going to kill you. Or maim you. Unless you and yours attack me." Her accent is clearly from the other side of the Pond. "Would you like a hand up?"

"Yeah, he's….nevermind." Nora has no clue what he is so drops it "Good to know." she throws a peace sign "No attacking from me. Give peace a chance and all that." she glances back to the group "Not mine really, but yeah, most of 'em will ask first before attacking." she then nods and holds out a hand "Yes, please. I think this bush has thorns."

The hooded head turns towards the group, pointing that way for a couple of seconds before the archer slings her bow over a shoulder, then steps forward to plant her feet and grasp the offered hand. "I'm sorry for startling you. I wanted to keep an eye on the new arrivals in case things turned sour," she explains… while keeping an eye on this particular new arrival, lest a knife be palmed from somewhere.

There is a lot of wincing and pained noises as she gets to her feet, "No worries, English." Caitlin has been dubbed. "No turning sour. We have a lot of wounded. Our camp was attacked a couple of days ago. Half our people were killed, the other half wounded. All that is left is old people, a new mother and a handful of children. We are hardly in any condition to put up a fight.

'English' seems to be quite fit, and sufficiently coordinated to provide genuine assistance in extracting Nora from the shrubbery. "I'm still waiting for the turrets to pop up and the hidden army to appear," the Briton retorts gently… before ducking her head slightly. "But I'm sorry to hear about the attack. That sounds really bad. Is that why you've moved here?"

"Mostly. Nebraska is a hot bed of Kamo Kid activity…and they didn't want to deal with a snowy winter in nothing but tents." Nora brushes herself off as best she can. The joke is pretty much not remarked upon. She eyes the red-then "What about you? I was here two weeks ago, meet all the Reyes and you weren't amoung them…" now it is her turn to be a bit suspicious.

Up close, some red hair can indeed be seen framing a pale face - and currently a lop-sided smile. "I'm from another group. We know of a few, and try to keep open communication between them. Do a little trading, when we can. Though… it's not exactly safe. Wanted to see more of who the Reyes were dealing with, so hung back and kept watch when I realised you were arriving."

Nora ohs, "Anita," one of the few Reyes that can speak English, "mentioned that there were other camps here in Texas." she explains "They do to," she never seems to include herself as part of the newcomers "through me. I'm a wanderer, scavenge and trade what I find for a safe place to rest my head a day or two and the ocassional human conversation. I guess you can say that their camp is one of my favorite ones to trade with. Which one are you from?"

"The only one that doesn't think that me dressing like this is funny," the redhead answers, accompanying her words with a swift grin. "So you're a nomad? Not really *with* the new arrivals?"

"Well I wasn't going to say anything…" and she still won't..except for that. Not her place to judge people's clothing choices "I give them leads to good places to get stuff and act as guide sometimes tag along on scouting trips. I was in thier camp when the attack happened." a gentle hand is placed on her hip "Took a bullet. Figured since they have a couple of good doctors I should stay with them until I recovered." she glances around for her crutch and leans over to pick it up "Hard to be a nomad when you can barely walk."

The archer nods, her expression pensively sympathetic. "But you prefer it out on your own? Or do you travel as part of a smaller group, yourself? I'm glad you had people to help out, at least. Doctors are… precious, nowadays. I wouldn't be surprised if people in some places'd fight over them."

"I prefer to not be in one place for to long. Seems like a moving target is a harder one to hit." Nora gives a shrug "Most of the time I am by myself. Sometimes I will travel a day or two with a group." there is a nod and a slight grin "Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's having two doctors that sold the Reyes on having the groups join together.

"And they're real doctors?", the Briton checks. "Not just… people who learned a bit during, well, all of this?" Her free hand gestures vaguely around the near-deserted town. "That's pretty impressive. Though it sounds like you - they - have really needed them."

Nora nods, "Real doctors. Though they do have a few of the other kind too. Until they showed up the Vet was doing double duty. She wasn't sure she could handle it when Cheif got shot." leaning on the crutch she glances back to the group "Yeah, there has been quite a few injuries, encounters with bandits and other hostiles, and there was the pregnant woman. She had her baby last week. So yeah, lucky we had a doctor around.

The redhead nods slowly… then takes a breath and offers her hand. "I'm Caitlin, by the way," she says, sounding rather as if she thinks she's taking a risk in displaying that much trust. "Welcome to Texas."

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