(2015-11-03) Rainy Day
Rainy Day
Summary: A breif conversation after scavenging. Ideas of where to scavenge are brought up
Date: 11.3.2015
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The stormy weather has driven Quinton inside. Luckily he's already done the rounds this morning. He's been soaked for the past few days…and once it started raining again he left and headed to the closest roof he knew was safe….besides he has a bottle or two to drop off. And possibly a bag of coffee…if he's feeling nice. The tall man already has his backpack off and is inspecting the fireplace. Not that it's lit, but it's the only once he's seen around that the Camp Hopers will be using. Even in Texas it can get cold.

The flash of lightening and the crack of thunder usher the petite Piper through the back entrance of the club house. In her mad dash to get from apartment building to the club house, she has gotten a bit damp herself. She straightens from hunching over the infant attached to her brushing drops of water from her coiled hair. Seems knitting needles are good for securing braids into a bun too. There is some mumbling about sheets of water from her and she starts to head toward the little office area but spots the figure by the fireplace before she gets to far "Hey you." she greets.

The grumbling gets his attention and Quinton grins, "Hey Lily." His pale eyes go over her form and he'll turn and start digging in his backpack. one of the new towels is pulled out. "Here…" He stands up and walks over, offering the towel. "Dry off." His name sake is given a look, unsure if he should offer to hold him while Piper dries off or not. he's still a little nervous about the babe.

If there is her frown at the name Piper saves it for when he is focused on his digging and not looking at her, or she could just be feeling magnanimous today, but she usually is when it comes to him, "Oh thanks." she takes a few steps to take the towel and pats her arms and face with it as well as the squirmy infant. "Rain drive you back early?"

Quinton blinks, watching the babe squirm at the drying off. "Do you….need more?" he motions at his backpack, like maybe he has another towel. "Yes…too bad….good haul today." He smirks, the past two days have been good for scavenging.

There is a shake of head "We're good." Piper answers as she folds the towel up neatly and hands it back over "Good for… or just in general." she asks tone curious "Should check churches." a glance goes outside "I was but…" she gestures out the window.

Quinton 's smile brightens. "Good." He turns and moves over to set the town onto of his bag. He'll answer over his shoulder, "General…Mostly just…getting the feel of the place…" An eyebrow raises at the mention of churches, unsure what Piper could be looking for. pews? He'll push his bangs out of his eyes as he nods, "At least not snow."

"It feels like…" there is a pause as Piper either struggles to voice the words or determine what the place feels like "it's waiting." she moves to lean against the arm of one of the sofas, absently rubbing the restless boy's back, "Holding its breath." at least that's how it feels to her…but maybe that isn't the kind of feel he was talking about. The look has her explaining, "Food banks…should check at least." she smirks then and nods "No shoveling rain.

Quinton's head tilts and he pauses in his step, waiting for her to finish. Then a small from appears, an she shakes his head, "Maybe.." hard to tell if he's frown because he agrees…or disagrees. Ah…that makes sense. Although he hurts her bubble a little, "The Dugans have….probably…gotten them." Most likely, anyway. Her last joke though gets a small chuckle, "And .." his hand raises, implying a height, "Apartments….not flooding easy…" Thank god. His eyes flicker up towards the knitting needles finally, "..You knit?"

There is a moment of confusion at the wrong name, but it clicks who he is talking about "Could have." if they have there is other stuff in churches that could interest her, like music stuff. "Flooding the worst." she won't miss that, even if it only happened the once. A hand goes up to the needles in her hair "No. Crochet a decent yarn chain." and that is the limit of her skills in that. "I found them, better than chopsticks."

Quinton's eyes linger in the needles in her hair, a weird, almost longing crosses his face, but he shakes it off. "Good….I have more…if you want." He's quickly coming to the conclusion that Harmony isn't going to knit him anything. No reason to keep them then. he then lets his gaze go around the room, "Good place…gather everyone…"

That's not surprising to her. What doesn't Quinton have…"That would be good. One bent." Piper makes a gesture to the left one pinned through her thick hair. She nods when he changes topic suddenly to where they are "It is. Miss the piano." and the gramophone was brought, but no one has set it up yet.

Quinton blinks, not certain he has a bent one. usually people request not broken things. But he frowns, "I'll dig it out…" He sighs, knowing the piano wouldn't make it here. "…sorry…" He should try to find another one…not that he'd be able to move it, but still. Music is what makes them human, right? "Maybe …music night…" Enough of them still have instruments.

There is a shrug. There was nothing to be done about it. Piper will just have to go to the piano instead of having one handy…the church thing again. They always have pianos. The idea of music night has her beaming a smile. Now that they are in apartments she can't just wander around and catch people playing and listen from a distance "I'll tell Sophia…" or write it her which reminds her what she came her for "Need to get back to the kids." she indicates the office "Getting paper.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Blender
4 Bath Towels
1 Pair of Nun-Chuks
1 Bottle of Rum (top shelf)
4 Cans of Meat
1 Dresses
1 Book-Fiction-Cantonese Language
2 Vac Pack of Ground Coffee
2 Bisquik
2 Boxes Hot Chocolate

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