(2015-11-03) What Now
What Now?
Summary: The first meeting at the new place. Decisions are made, a plan is coming together
Date: 11.03.2014
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Thanks to a helpful suggestion from the Reyes family and the combined efforts of the camp scavengers propane and charcoal grills have been collected from around the small town and setup on the patio. Since the stormy weather stopped a couple hours ago it was possible to get them going to cook a hot evening meal. It is the same stuff that was made at meal times up north, that part hasn't changed. Only now everything has a bit of that smoky flavor.

The large sitting area and bar area can easily fit everyone that is left, though not everyone is around, duties still have to be done.

Hot food? Quin is there. It's been a while, and the skinny poet could use it. He's sitting on one of the couches, a book resting on his knee as he eyes the group. He's not super talkative, but not unfriendly today. Smiles and short sentences it is.

The often quiet, stoic ex-cop hasn't really been seen around for a while. She didn't come with the first group, but played back up and sniper for the second group who had all the animals. There really was question if she was going to come at all, but here she is. No longer on duty tonight and having been straight up told that she really should eat, she's been all but bullied into coming to the meeting tonight. Cool expression, line to her lips, silent gaze and stiff backed, she steps quietly into the room and sinks into a dark corner.

Knowing that a meeting of some sort was going to be happening after the meal, Piper feed the children first thing and sent them to go check on the still greiving Bea. Poor woman. Which leaves her with only the newborn…is two weeks still new? It still feels new to her. As usual he is secured to her chest in a snugie. Grabbing a biscuit on her way in she glances around to take in the occupants and heads over to sit on the couch.

Piper gets a smile from Quinton, but his attention is on Jules. "Come sit….with us." he'll get her to crack eventually! The book on his knee is in spanish (someone's brushing up!). The scruffy man turns back to Piper, "How's…Quinn?" It's still odd for him to say (Although the babe's name is easy to remember at least!).

A slender, dark brow lofts on her pale, starkly lovely features. The cop stares at Quinton from the shadows, back stiffening a bit for having been invited over. Cracking doesn't seem to be something she's eager to do any time soon. "…I'm not hungry. Prefer to just…keep an eye on things from here. I can see the whole room." Jules' husky voice offers in turn, using paranoia as a good excuse for distance. As she often does.

The clubhouse door opens, and in steps Terry, decked out in a jogging outfit, wet from the light drizzle going on outside (and maybe a light sweat). He offers a nod to those gathered, and wordlessly heads into the fitness room to unwind, leaving the door open so that he won't be left out of the meeting..

Piper doesn't seem all that keen about Jules joining them either, just the suggestion has her face blanching and she stares stoically at the other beautiful woman a moment. Is that releif being stifled when Jules politely refuses. Why yes it is. The question of her son has her looking from adult Quin to baby Quinn and then back. In mixed company she is non-verbal so in answer she undoes the snuggie and takes the babe out to hold him normally in her arms. He's wide awake, squirmy and seems to be doing just fine.

Quinton frowns, looking between the two women. What the heck. Thankfully Terry coming in gives him a chance to look away and then just sigh, "Sure." Is that at Jules? Or Piper? The baby gets a small smile when presented. At least he's just being squirmy.

At Quin's sure, Jules gives a single nod and just settles in against the wall, her shoulders pressed flat against it and arms hanging loose at her sides. She'd probably be the sort to keep her arms crossed over her chest and closed off, but that'd slow down how long it took her to reach for her gun if something went wrong.

It had been a long day. Much of the time from when they got here, Eli had spend unpacking and organizing the 'medical facility'. Using the apartment next to his own, he had set up all the equipment he had brought from the old camp, as well as set up an area for the books and binders he had organized there as well. Hey, those notes could come in handy!

He had spend little time on his own apartment, but there wasn't much to do there anyways. Now, after the meal, he also made his way to the Club House for the meeting. The door opening, the young doctor steps in and gives a nod to those gathered. He is quiet, but gives smiles to those he's more familiar with, a wave offered to Quinton. Come to think of it, he hadn't seen him since the group had set out. Good to see he was well. Eli finally finds whatever seat was available, sitting and placing his satchel on the floor by his feet.

It's evening the grill cooked meal is over for most everyone and those gathered are playing the hurry up and wait game as people come in for the meeting that will be held this evening. Sitting on the couch with Quinton and Quinn, the latter in her arms. the sigh has her headtiling at him, but giving no other reaction. The arrival of the doctor has her looking over as he joins them, and she offers him a small wave.

Dixie's been doing Dixie things, like patrols, guard duty and waiting on the roof, waiting to see if anyone pops up on the horizon. The young corporal makes her way in, dressed in her BDUs as always, though her hair is braided and she has a flower behind her ear. She's also smiling, too. Her trusty rifle currently hanging from her shoulder and she's wolfing down the meal she collected in passing. It seems that she's going to linger just off to the side of the door and observe people entering.

Terry finishes doing Terry things, and returns to the meeting room from the gym alcove, absolutely glowing from post-workout euphoria. "That's the stuff…" He muses to himself, enjoying the tingly goodness coursing through him. He flops into a nearby seat, before noticing Dixie, and offering the corporal a quick salute of acknowledgement.

Sebastian slips into the room, looking around a bit. He pushes his hair back off his forehead and makes his way over to a chair and sits. He sighs, and looks around, taking stock of who is here.

The doc gets a nod, Quinton's glad to see he's ok. And the flower in Dixie's hair gets an eyebrow raise and small smile. "You look…chipper." He finger waggles towards the baby, touching his cheek briefly before pulling his hand away.

For the moment, Eli stays quiet, his thoughts still on some matters and also listening to the others as they interact. He tries to think about anything he might need to present at the meeting tonight. He was still unsure of exactly how things were going to be set up here, but so far so good!

Piper gives a wave and grin to Dixie when the woman joins them, not knowing Sebastian all that well he just gets a nod of acknowledgement. When the poet reaches to 'pet' the baby she leans over slightly grinning as the touch makes the little infant turn his head toward the touch and work his mouth.

Dixie offers a nod to Terry when he offers a quick salute to her. "I put my hair up and smile for once, and I get compliments. Thanks," she offers to Quinton with a soft laugh.

The doors to the clubhouse open and Bob moves through them at as quick of a pace as his injured leg will allow. Overall he's mending well and the walking stick is relied on less than it was yesterday.

"Evenin' everyone…" He offers on his way in and starts towards where the group seems to be gathered.

There is little emotional response on Jules' face as she sees the old sherrif. A slight frown, maybe concern, maybe something else, but she easily hides it all way beneath that otherwise stoic expression. She still doesn't move from her corner, but she does give him a quiet, single nod of greeting.

Soph's been in the background, shuffling around making sure everyone has food and drinks. She looks up and gives Bob a small nod before going back to cleaning off the counter.

Terry nods to Bob from his spot. "Chief." A beat. "What's on the menu for tonight?" He glances up to Soph briefly.

Dixie returns the wave and smile to Piper and her baby. "Hey Pops," she offers to Bob as he enters, it seems that the old sherrif has got a nickname from her.

Quinton falls silent, shifting the spanish book on his lap. If people are going to start planning, he's better to conserve his words for important stuff.

Sebastian's eyes settle on Jules, and he furrows his brow just a little as he stares at her. After a moment, he rises, and he walks over to where she is sitting in the corner. "Hey," he says with a little smirk. "Mind some company?" he asks as he glances at the floor beside her.

There is a slight tension that runs through Jules' body as someone actually approaches the ice queen of a cop. Her frown lingers upon slightly too full mouth, but she doesn't make any physical motion to stop him. Her voice is low and husky, meant mainly just for his ears so they don't interrupt the room, as she responds to Sebastian, "I am poor company, but no one will stop you… I cannot promise the floor is comfortable."

"I appreciate you all comin'." Bob begins as he moves around towards the bar and subsequently into a spot where everyone can see him. He leans against the bartop, taking the weight off his injured leg. A glance is cast to Jules and then he looks over to Sophia before he continues.

"I got some good advice from Bea…felt like in the wake of everything that's happened, it'd be best if we got it all out in the open." Bob begins, looking over those gathered, "So…here we are, moved to Texas, but minus a lot of good people." A frown follows that bit and he takes a deep breath before continuing.

"We lost near half our numbers before we got out of Camp Hope. Sonny amongst them. He was a good man, and a good leader. People respected him and he brought us together, kept us safe and fed…We'll all miss him dearly." A pause is offered there, and he follows up with, "It may seem like I'm rushin' things here, what with how fast everything happened…but it's time we got it out in the open, and figured out how things were gonna run goin' forward." And with that, Bob trails off to let others speak if they have a mind to.

Piper quietly nibbles on her biscuit, bouncing the infant gently in her arms as Bob calls the meeting to order. She might not have been close to a large number of the campers that didn't make it, but in some way she still considered them part of the 'family' so to speak and Sonny was a huge loss to the group. She lowers her head in silent respect when he is mentioned, but doesn't speak up…not that anyone expects her too.

Dixie takes a deep breath and she frowns when Sonny is mentioned, and she glances down while she clenches her hands into fists. After a few moments, she lets them relax, before folding her arms over her stomach. "We ain't got a body count of our dead, do we? I'm hoping they ain't grabbed anyone and interrogated them," she comments, her smile now absent as she considers that.

Elijah 's gaze also drops to the floor as Sonny and the other fallen are mentioned. The doctor quickly pushes the memories of battle and operations out of his mind in order to look back up to Bob. He had nothing to add verbally at this time so he would let Bob do the talking, or others as they chose.

Bob continues to let the silence settle for a few more moments, making sure no one wanted to speak up. He nods once and shifts his weight a bit, getting the weight on to his bad leg, then off of it. "What seems like a lifetime ago, we used to have elections to decide these sorts of things…" Bob begins, offering a sigh.

"I know the past few days I've been makin' a lot of decisions for us all. Emergencies call for quick action. Now that things have had time to calm down, I think we all need a say." He looks out over those gathered. "So, if you think there's someone better to lead this group, say it now. Otherwise, we'll move on to what changes we need to start making to avoid another ambush like the one at Camp Hope."

Sebastian sits beside Jules, "Don't be grumpy," he says quietly. "It's right unbecoming," and he smiles at her. "Who's this feller?" he asks her, gesturing at Bob.

"You've done a good job so far, Bob. I think you're right where you need to be." Terry responds, flashing a thumbs-up from his seat, along with a bit of a smile.

For just a few heartbeats, Jules stares at Bob rather incredulously. She seems about to say something, but forces herself to press her lips tighter together and look away. She clears her throat and takes in a slow breath through her nose, controlling any reactions she may have. Sebastian's muttering gets a side eye and she whispers back quietly, "Sheriff, knew him back when I worked in law enforcement. I hope he's got his damn head out of the bottle if he's going to lead this fucking down. And I'm not here to be *becoming* for you." Stunningly beautiful or not, Jules pretty much did everything she could NOT to be. She certainly didn't like being 'becoming', at least.

For just a few heartbeats, Jules stares at Bob rather incredulously. She seems about to say something, but forces herself to press her lips tighter together and look away. She clears her throat and takes in a slow breath through her nose, controlling any reactions she may have. Sebastian's muttering gets a side eye and she whispers back quietly, "Sheriff, knew him back when I worked in law enforcement. I hope he's got his damn head out of the bottle if he's going to lead this fucking down. And I'm not here to be *becoming* for you." Stunningly beautiful or not, Jules pretty much did everything she could NOT to be. She certainly didn't like being 'becoming', at least.

There isn't much coming from Piper as she listens to what Bob is laying down. Nor is there all that much surprise when he calls for nominations…she is more surprised when there aren't any. Her dark eyed gaze moves around the room, studying reactions to what the older sheriff is implying. She isn't giving any nominations herself and just gives a supportive nod to Bob at his words.

Quinton stays quiet, if he has any thoughts on this, he's not sharing. Instead he just looks around, looking to see if anyone has anything to say.

Sebastian shrugs, "That's too bad. Ya'll are damn good at it." He winks her way, and then leans back against the wall. "Detective McGrumpyPants is on the case," he whispers to her, with a smile.

Sophia is also quiet, instead she leans forward on her elbows onto the counter. Her dark eyes stay on Bob.

That comment just gets Sebastian a *look*. It's a look that says she might very well put him through a WALL if the weren't in the middle of a fairly important meeting. She bites her tongue, rolling her eyes at Sebastian and giving a little shake of her head before gazing back forward to Bob.

Bob scratches at his burgeoning beard, eyeing Jules for a moment in the back. He nods to her once and then looks to the others. His gaze settles on Sophia as he begins, "I know I ain't perfect. I won't claim to be. We've got a long road a head of us."

He glances to Terry, "We've got to shore up defenses here. We're going to all stay in Building A. Raid the other buildings for furniture if you need it. For now, try to stay in the building until we get the drone schedules figurd out around here."

"Terry, I want you to start leading scouting paries out to look for any other groups in the area, including Kamo Kids." He looks from Terry to Dixie, "Dixie and Jules, focus on internal defenses. We need patrols set up, and watches in the corner bedrooms upstairs each night."

And then Bob looks around this room, "Sophia's settin' this room up for us real nice. It's comin' along well, but she could use some help buildin it out." And then he sighs, "That brings me to our next issue…We need to start scavengin' and lookin for supplies. Any volunteers?"

Sebastian just keeps smiling at her. "You leave the nice Jules back at the lake?" he asks her, referring to where they last saw each other near the camp. "Come on," he whispers, "this ain't all that bad."

Terry 's hand comes up. "I can pull double-duty. Lead scouting parties, and scavenge the area." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug, figuring he'd offer.

Soph rolls her eyes, thankfully she's looking down at her own hands.

The comment in her direction just makes Jules smirk again. "…Are you thinking of someone else? There *isn't* a nice Jules. She died when the entire police department bit it back home." Her whisper is still low, really trying not to share her annoyance with the rest of the room, but she and Sebastian have basically turned into the naughty kids talking in the back of the classroom. She then looks back to Bob and nods slightly, "I'm up for scavenging and interior patrols as well. Whatever you need, boss." The last comment is made a BIT too deadpan not to be at least a bit sarcastic.

Quinton glances to Terry and then back to Bob, "I…. started scavenging. We need a …aplace to drop things off…so we know what we have."

Dixie glances towards Bob when her name is mentioned, and she offers a nod. "Sure things, Pops," she offers to the old Sherrif, before she glances in Jules' direction and then back towards the guy in charge. "We'll lock this place down better than Fort Knox. As long as we've given people who ain't gonna fall asleep, reckon we can do it well setting up the bedrooms into hides."

Bob's comment about all living in Building A has her worried….does that mean she is going to have to move all those children into a smaller apartment…oh well, she will deal with that later. She does raise her hand though when Bob asks for volunteers. Now that they are somewhere safer and she isn't about to pop she hopefully has more freedom now.

"For now, we'll use this as the drop off. We've got space, we can use it. We'll start to use parts of the other buildings once we've gotten the perimeter secured." Bob begins, watching the group as best as he can. "I know things'll be cramped for a bit. Should only be for a couple weeks while we shore things up. Once we are sure it's secure, we can start to split up into A and B. We'll need to use the same tactics in both. Upper corner rooms for scouts, posting look outs, the whole deal."

A nod is given to Terry and then to Jules and Dixie, "So far we haven't seen any drones or soldiers. Let's just keep a sharp eye out for now, stock up on supplies and let's map out the town. We need to locate weapons, ammo and food."

Quinton frowns, rubbing his chin in thought. "We should….work with the Sanchez's…"

Sebastian just sighs and leans back against the wall. He watches and listens, and doesn't say anything more.

Dixie purses her lips for a moment and she nods, before her attention shifts to Quinton. "Well, they'd have intel on the surrounding areas," she offers. "So, it ain't a bad move like Porkchop suggests." She pushes off the wall and stretches for a moment.

Terry sits back and listens to the conversation going on around him, preparing himself for the tasks ahead like the good soldier he is.

Sophia glances around the room, mentally placing things."Is it smart to store stuff in here if we don't have it manned with a guard?"

"One of us can keep a guard on this place too. In fact…I think I'll take the first shift. Someone update me about anything else I miss." Jules then pushes forward onto her toes and turns on the ball of her foot to slip out the door. She doesn't go far, just a light patrol and guard near the outdoors, but no longer in the stuffy hall.

A nod is offered to Jules as she leaves, and he focuses his gaze on Sebatastian for a few moments. When he speaks, it's first directed to Sophia, "Yeah, we're gonna need to keep a guard posted while we work out where to put supplies. We won't take up your space here for too long, but until we can be sure we can use Building B, we can't use an apartment for storage."

A glance is spared for Quinton, and then the others, "I'm not gonna discount what the Sanchez's can do to help…But I don't come by trust easily…Not sure if I trust em yet. Let's play it close to the chest there."

Quinton's jaw tightens just a touch at the nickname from Dixie. and then he looks at Bob, "They didn't…have to…help us…" But Quinton's a truster. Cup half full type.

Sebastian sighs, and he pushes up to his feet. None of this is really his thing, so he quietly just heads for the door and off to find his bed.

A glance is given to Quinton, the name is wrong but Piper and everyone else knows who is is talking about this time so it hardly matters. It does make her smirk though, briefly. As Jule leaves she seems to relax a bit more. There is something about that woman that makes the mutish woman nervous.

Dixie offers a nod of her head. "Well, I'm going to start preping one of the high corner rooms," she comments, as she makes her way out. "I'll stay up high tonight, come up with a routine." She makes her way out, offering a wave as she goes.

"I'll take the other room, get started on scouting in the morning." Terry pipes up, stretching again. "I can get a sneak-peek at the surrounding area while I'm up top, anyway.."

"Alright, corner rooms will rotate between scouts. If you need to a place to sleep, take the couch while the scout takes the window. We'll get the area mapped out and we'll plan from there. For now, just get me quarter daily reports on scouting positions and possible locations for supply runs. We'll move once we have that information."

Bob offers a nod, "I'm gonna let you folks talk. Come find me if you need anything." And with that, Bob starts for the exit.

"Got it, chief." Terry responds, taking a small leather-bound logbook from his back pocket, and beginning to jot down some notes.

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