(2015-11-05) Still Awkward After All This Time
Still Awkward After All This Time
Summary: Linc and Nora chat
Date: 11.5.2015
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It's still wet and rainy but warm so Nora isn't complaining. She is still needing a crutch to get around, and it isn't with any speed. It's only sprinkling so she has forgone protection since she is only going from apartment building to club house. It's a short enough walk where she won't even get that damp.

Lincoln had been busy, well, as busy as he could manage. People are settling in and he's finding himself trying to take care of himself, others nearby, and of course Nora. He had been out and about running 'errands'; which equates to trying to find food and other items and was just now returning back towards the apartment complex. It may only be wet and rainy in some places, but if you're out in it enough you manage to look like a drowned cat, and that's precisely the look he has.

Being a gimpy invalid isn't something the young woman likes, and Nora is a terrible patient, in the downplaying her injury kind of way. As she limps along she spots Lincoln on his way back and changes her path to intersect with his "You're back sooner than I thought." she offers a smile and a once over of his bedraggled appearance.

"And you're out of the apartment, sooner than I thought." Lincoln responds. Ok, he's a little gruff in tone, afterall she has been a tough patient. "You know the more you resist resting and recovering the longer it's going to take you to get back into shape and ready to go." His tone isn't quite lecturing, more tired sounding to match his appearance.

"It was getting claustrophobic." getting out just for meal times isn't enough for Nora. She even manages to say it without sounding whiny. A smirk plays across her lips and she glances down at herself and then back at him "I'm in perfect shape." except for the bullet wound on her hip. "I'm not going far. Just to the club house. I was going to keep Soph company while she set up the place. Maybe learn some more spanish."

Lincoln grunts a bit at her response, reaching up to wipe wet hair from his brow before shaking it a bit like a puppy who has been out in the rain. "Just be careful? If the stitches get torn we have to resew them which means you'll be waking up even more often in the middle of the night whimpering."

Nora opens her mouth to say something but rethinks whatever it is, probably to claim she is /always/ careful, but they both know that isn't the case she does look appalled though "Me whimper?" she guffaws at the accusation "Maybe the first couple of nights.." she'll admit that much "It's not so bad." having a bed to sleep in certainly helps. Not wanting to really argue about it she gestures to his pack "Find anything good?" usually it is her bringing stuff back, this little exchange of tasks is kinda weird for her.

"Uhm, I think so. I haven't had a chance to really sort through it and what I did find wasn't always labelled so we'll have to sift through and hopefully it'll be good enough. Worse case maybe we can get some trade for it. " He pauses then frowns, "I really need to find you some meat though, protein will help you heal." The role reversal is quite weird, the having to help with someone was a new task for a general loner sort. "I was going to try to head to the far side of town, wanting to get some blankets and the like." Again Lincoln is quiet then he laughs softly, "Not exactly what we expected the future to be like, is it?"

"We'll figure it out." as if they had a choice about that sort of thing. Nora hmmms at his nutrition logic, "You can borrow my fishing stuff if you want. There is that creek near the condos or the lake to the south." fish is the only meat she will eat, any other flesh gets a no, but thanks for playing. "Not at all. I'm not exactly sure what month it is, but I am pretty sure I am supposed to be in Indonesia right now."

"Indonesia huh? In 6 months or so I probably would be in training, three years from now." Lincoln's eyes drift upwards to the skies, but then his shoulders shrug, "Oh well. Can't control it." He does manage to smile however, noticeably as he's looking at Nora . "Anything else you want me to try to find while I'm out and about today?"

Nora gives a nod "The only place where river surfing is a thing." and she is going to miss it..oh the humanity! "The only thing we can control is our reaction to it." how very zen of her. At the question she looks down at her worn cross trainers "Tennis shoes, size eight." she has put more miles on her shoes than they were intended for. "Training for what?" she goes back to his mention.

Lincoln says it before he realizes it, "Astronaut." Then he blinks and coughs a bit. "Size 8 shoes? How tiny are your feet anyway?" He looks down at Nora's feet, its much easier than looking up. "Man, those things have seen better days. I'll definitely try to find you something ,maybe a nice pair of cowboy boots?"

An eyebrow arches at his admission and she looks him up and down "That's impressive. You have to be in good shape for that job." or so Nora has heard. "Size eight is average for a woman." she wiggles her toes in her shoes "I'm actually a 7 1/2, but when you run long distances your feet swell so you want to go up half a size." because blisters suck." she does snickers "Just find a cowboy hat to go with them.

"It's Texas, there's certainly cowboy hats for the boots." Lincoln assures with a smile, the part about being in good shape is met with a skeptical look. "What, you saying I'm not in good shape? Who else do you know that sleeps 10 hours a night as well as I do?"

Nora chuckles at the image that pops in her head "Cowboy hat and boots, with shorts." because shorts and tees are about all the owns for clothing "I'll look like Daisy Duke." there is a laugh "Prone isn't a shape, it's a state of position." prone being the one he is while sleeping. She goes to give him a playful hip bump, but her bum leg can't take that and she wobbles a bit as she looses balance

Seeing the girl starting to topple, Lincoln drops the pack he was carrying and reaches out to grab and help try to brace Nora. "Girl, you and your injury is going to be the death of me, isn't it." He states it rather than asks it as he tries to make sure she is ok. "Did you hurt yourself?"

Saved from a faceplanting…that would have been embarrasing, and proved Linc's point that maybe Nora shouldn't be up and moving so soon. "Hopefully only in a figurative sense and not the literal one." she knows the difference. She takes a quick self assessment and shakes her head "Nope, I'm good." her eyes go to his pack "Hope there wasn't anything breakable in there."

"Not really. Not compared to what's breakable right here." The last bit Lincoln adds as he's clearly indicating Nora who had to be caught. "I'll wait to head back out, until you're able to make it back home. I don't want to come back and find you laying here in the middle of the courtyard without your little bell to ring for help." It may be a joke but it doesn't quite touch his eyes. Rather those are filled with concern.

She might not have clearly understood his ramblings on the bus, but that one she did get, "Really." Nora drawls with a grin on her face, its not really a question, not really a statement, more rhetorical than anything "Oh good, then you can keep me company, instead of me keeping Soph company." she does have to laugh again "I'm a screamer…hardly have need for a bell." she gives him a wink as she does make it into a complete joke.

"A screamer huh? I'll have to remember that. Winter's coming, and I'm sure there'll be plenty of insects and rodents looking for shelter in the apartment." Lincoln speaks it casually, "And Texas Tree Roaches, those suckers get to 3, sometimes 4 inches long." He lifts an eyebrow, "I'm sure that'll be an amusing sound to hear."

Nora puts on a straight face "Don't worry Linc." she rubs his arm "I'll protect you from the mean nasty things." okay she can't keep a straight face for more than a few seconds "You forgot to mention the scorpions." she does have a serious moment though. "If it's a snake though, you're on your own." there would be lots of screaming at one of those.

He actually shudders a bit, "I hate snakes." Yeah, it's not very masculine to admit such things, but Lincoln admits it anyway. "I really hate snakes. And honestly spiders." For a moment he's just standing there, then the blush starts and he glances away before looking back. "But as long as you promise to keep them away from me, I think we'll get by. Although really, isn't it supposed to be the other way around for gender roles?"

No judgment from Nora on that one "Well we can run screaming in terror together. I don't mind small spiders, but I'll take a pass at the large fuzzy ones." she grins at the blush then shakes her head at them "21st century Linc.." her eyes lift to the spaceship dangling on the horizon "And all vestiges of gender roles kinda went out the window when the aliens attacked. Now it's pretty much the best person for the job…

"Well, I do suck at laundry." Lincoln supplements to Nora, grinning then, "And I mean, you are sitting around the apartment a lot…" He instinctively flinches, already anticipating the punch on the arm that usually would follow such a statement.

Eyes narrow at him and yes a playful punch is forthcoming, Nora doesn't make it a hard one though, "It's those kinda remarks that land guys on couches." she says to him "But hey I'll do laundry at the place if it means we have running water…" there is a beat "for a day or two at least." because after that she has better things to do.

"For a day or two." Lincoln affirms with a slight nod before adding, "And a couch would be great, the floor is already hard enough as is a couch isn't a bad idea in fact." He gets that far off look in his eyes, contemplating where to get, or how to build, said couch. "I mean, some furniture would really spruce that place up. Besides the floor and the boxes we have. Oh, and let's not forget about our lovely lamp that doesn't work."

"Once my hip gets a little better we can raid one of the buildings not being used for furniture…" since Bob is insisting everyone stay in one building for safety, Linc and Nora aren't the only ones that are sharing a place…only for them it’s by choice at least "Maybe a painting or two?" she gives a chuckle "With no drones flying by I guess our days of free electricity are over."

"Pretty much. I mean, we're without drones here, but there's always a chance that others may show up at some point. I'm not exactly confident we've managed to ditch the threat completely." Lincoln bites his lip momentarily and then blushes some. "Kinda glad I didn't end up sharing an apartment with someone I don't know that well honestly. That'd have been a bit awkward." Because this isn't awkward at all…

Nora nods, "Not out of the water. The sharks are still circling, even if you can't see them." trust the surfer to make that analogy. She gestures to the club house and the solor panels that line the roof "Maybe one of you brainy guys can get those working." power to one building would be nice, even if it can't be to all of them. She leans toward him slightly, "Guess me being shot wasn't all bad, eh." she winks again. This is way more awkward for him than for her, and sometimes, like now she relishes it, other times she tries to help mitigate it.

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