(2015-11-07) Winning
Summary: It's the only option
Date: IC Date
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The exploratory walking by Lincoln had continually spread out from the Apartment as the days went on, getting accustomed to the new surroundings and picking up odds and ends for the backpack. No idea why but he seemed to have gotten a collection of high heels which were slung together with a small bit of wire and hanging off his backpack. The man is walking down the street with his hat pulled low against the weather and hands tucked into the straps while continuing to search, mind seemingly focused on something other than the present as he nearly trips over his own feet.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. The wheel on the wagon that Piper drags behind her seems to be in need of attention. The load it bears from her own scavenging doesn't help any either. What it contains is a mystery, it's covered in a small tarp to keep the contents from getting damp in the slightly inclement weather, much like she herself wears a poncho for the same reasons. She is free of her newborn son at the moment, not wanting to bring him out in this weather and risk him getting a cold. She seems to be heading back in the direction of the complex, her barefeet quiet on the pavement of the street, but the wagon makes enough noise to give her presence away. Seeing Lincoln and his collection of high heels she can't help but make a noise of amusement.

With the relative quiet broken by the sound of the cart, Lincoln looks up and spots the moving Piper. He offers a polite nod before starting to wander his own path in her general direction as well. As he gets closer, the man speaks up, "I'll come by later this afternoon and get that wheel looked at for you on the cart. Too much noise can attract attention."

A finger waggle of a wave is given in return greeting and since they both seem to be heading in the same direction Piper joins him at what she considers a safe distance. An eyebrow arches and she glances back at her wagon and then back at him. Her face screws up in concentration "T…t..t..t..thanks" she stutters out. She has been trying hard lately to use her words with everyone. Somedays are better than others…today is not one of those days.

Lincoln nods a bit in response to the thanks, "No problem. It'll keep me busy for an hour or so." He offers it with a smile before looking at the woman then towards the direction they are heading. "Baby is doing well? Decide on a name yet?"

Piper mm-hms at him with a nod then gestures to the wagon "M..m..more." she has four more, if he really is hurting for things to do, they are all getting a bit rickety from the abuse the other children have put them under. Another nod and a grin "Quinn." she has no problem saying the name at least. Pointing to him "Ok?"

He nods a bit, "I'm ok. It's been tough. Helping someone recover from a wound. Feel kind of directionless without Sonny." Lincoln pauses for a moment and sighs, "Wondering if surviving is really enough." He smiles then over at Piper. "So yeah, doing ok considering it all. You're doing ok?"

There is a look of understanding, with the numbers greatly diminished and them all in the same building Piper probably knows who he is talking about. She shakes her head, blowing back a lock of hair that falls into her face…it doesn't help "No." surviving isn't enough, no wondering about that one her part. The question though has her lifting her hand to give it a wobble in a so-so gesture. It's the best most of them can hope for really.

Still walking a bit, Lincoln sighs softly and nods. "Yeah. That's about it." He glances up at the sky, at the looming presence. "So if surviving isn't enough, what do we do next?" His eyes are on Piper then, wondering if maybe the woman has any answers.

Ideas. She has plenty. The ability to share them with people that can implement them and such, not so well…not to mention it would bring up more questions. She doesn't hesitate to answer though when he asks "Win." she gives him one of those point blank, all seriousness looks, she isn't joking. Saying it of course is easy, actually doing it though is another matter.

"Win?" Lincoln responds as if uncertain of what she's talking about, his footfalls coming to a stop. "Wait, you mean Win?" The second time he asks it his hand is pointing up towards the dot on the horizon.

She wasn't expecting him to stop suddenly so Piper goes a few more steps before she does. Turning back to look at him she looks toward the mothership and then nods at him "Win." she seems adamant about that. She's moved to the slightly optimistic camp that it can be done.

Lincoln is quiet for a few minutes, clearly contemplating as he is looking at the sky then his eyes come back to Piper. "Alright, I'll bite. How?" There's skepticism in his tone, but just a bare hint of curiosity that creeps through and comes to his eyes.

As he contemplates, Piper watches him, her expression neutral when he looks back at her. Has she thought about it? Had a similar conversation with others? Either way she answers quickly. The wagon handle is dropped as she brings her fists together and explodes them outward while making a rumbling explosion sound effect. The obvious way of course.

Lincoln shakes his head a bit as he nods towards the spaceship orbiting at its distance. "No way to get anything there to blow it up. The only facilities that would have even been capable of that were wiped out in the earlier waves."

She stifles her, you're an idiot look, but instead just shakes her head in disagreement. "D…d…drone." she stutters out and zips her hand around making a droney buzzing noise and then points to the mothership a few times. They come from the ship, makes sense that they have to go back at some point.

Again Lincoln shakes his head, "I've thought about that. Capture a drone and reprogram it for control from planet side would be a difficult task on its own. Much less getting the power to send a signal there." He bites his lip after a moment. "I'm not trying to say it can't be done, or its hopeless. It's just… there are certain scientific limitations." At that his shoulders slump some before perking up a bit. "San Antonio."

Piper rubs at her throat a moment and then gives a sigh at his comments on her suggestion, she seems to think otherwise but doesn't have the verbal acumen to even start to argue the fact. She does tilt her head at him when he mentions the Texas city though the question clear on her face.

"San Antonio is the home to an Air Force base. Only a few days… long days travel from here." Lincoln glances to the south. "Maybe…" Again he trails off and then shakes his head. "I should be getting back. It's getting close to lunch time and Nora gets cranky when she doesn't eat."

She looks at him thoughtfully, Piper can see that he is simmering with an idea, but clearly it has to cook a little longer, or so she assumes. A gesture is given in the direction they were already heading, towards the complex but she has to give an eyeroll to his comment. Typical man. She then begins to head that way herself, she has quite a few little people to feed as well…talk about cranky.

Scavenging Rolls

2 Jars of Honey / Molasses
1 Bags of Sugar
1 Dresses
1 Bottles of Sauce / Ketchup
1 Microwave Oven
1 Cans of Nuts
4 Packs of Laundry Soap
2 Knit Caps
5 Pair of High Heels
1 Alien Looking Glowy Thing
1 Packets of Black Pepper
1 Garbage Can
1 Book-Fiction-German Language
1 Glow sticks (3)
1 Business Suit

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