(2015-11-08) Of Candy and Cleavers
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Summary: Dixie and Sophia go wild on the pots and pans. Many are found, none lost.
Date: 11.10.2015
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Another day, another scavenging run. It's needed to survive, and it's a good reason to get away from the camp, too. Today's target is a diner, and Dixie has tagged along with Sophia to act as an extra set of hands, as well as security. The Corporal has her empty pack slung over her shoulders, and she carries her large scoped rifle in front of her. She also has a pistol at her side as well. She's cautious as they move, and is constantly checking the horizon and possible dangers as they travel closer. "Ain't thinking we're too far now," she offers to the other woman.

Sophia chuckles, "No…we're fine I think. We have to be able to go out some. We'll starve if we don't." She says this happily enough as they enter the dinner. Her hand goes to her hip, her other is on her baseball bat. She has a gun strapped on, but seems much more comfortable with the melee weapon. Dark eyes go back to the woman and Soph smiles brightly, "I don't intend on that happening."

Dixie shakes her head and wrinkles her nose. "Wouldn't starve any way," she comments. "We find some pinon pines, and I've heard that the nuts on them rather filling. There's always nightshade, which is safe if you know what you can and can't eat. I ain't an expert in the desert, but I've got an idea." As they approach the diner, she ducks down and moves forward, most likely to check that they really are alone and there's no ambush waiting inside. "Even stinging nettles can be food." She purses her lips, as she slowly peeks in, and then takes a few moments to listen. "I think we're clear here."

Sophia's nose wrinkles, almost comically, "Pine cones? Let's…try for real food first." She picks up the pace, following Dixie. She lets the woman take the lead, glancing behind them. "It's a shame we had to leave the gardens. They would ahem grown longer here."

"Ain't pine cones, pinyon nuts. You scold the outside, and the pry the nut out," Dixie corrects, as she offers a smile. "It's real food. The Native Americans used to eat it," she comments. "Then 'gain, I was brought up off the grid, so what you folk consider ain't food, it's a good chance I'll eat it." She moves up towards the door, and pushes it open, before carefully moving through the diner to make certain that it is clear and empty.

Sophia smirks, but shakes her head, "You can do that, I'll stick to serving drinks." It's said pleasantly enough. "I think we're all eating things we wouldn't normally eat. There's no shame in it." Anotehr glance behinds them before she follows. Soph lets the door close behind her, "How have you been, Dixie…I haven't seen you much lately."

"I do that," Dixie offers to Sophia, as she offers a laugh. "Something always been rewarding about foraging your own food, same as hunting. The tins ain't going to last forever, and those who ain't got an idea are going to die quicker than everyone else." She checks the backroom, and purses her lips, and peeks back out to Sophia. "Trying to get my head in a good place," she admits to Sophia. "People were coupling, so I was giving them some room. I don't fancy there being another repeat of the red tsunami, so I just stay away."

The mention of coupling has Soph's smile faulted, "..yeah.." Not a pleasant thought. She steps to the side, looking around. There's a handful of mustard packets that she picks up from a counter. "That's good. Positive attitudes will get us through much."

Dixie starts in the backroom, taking her time and hunting through what few things remain. Hidden under one of the cookers are some cans, perhaps dropped or perhaps hidden by someone. No matter the case, Dixie's claiming them. She slips her pack from her shoulders and shoves in a couple of cans, two filled with corn, and two with hot chocolate. "Sophia, I am now the richest person in the world! I have two tins of hot cocoa powder!" Even though she doesn't drink it herself, she seems happy to have found it.

The front room mostly seems picked over, there's a few kiddie menus Soph grabs. There's always crosswords and cooling for the kids. The older woman laughs and will walk ingot eh kitchen, "Si… you are." She's all smiles again, moving to look around the kitchen. A 5 lb container of sugar is pulled out, "oh!….well.. This can be helpful." If she could bake, that is.

Wait, is that sugar? Dixie glances toward it when Sophia pulls it out. "I will swap you a tin of hot chocolate for sugar when we get back, if you are interested. I do not drink it," she offers with a bright smile. "I make candy," she offers with a smile. She ducks back down to look under the counter again, and she slips an arm underneath it, and she starts to feel about. "Okay… rectangle, kind of hard, and there's two. Please be a clip of ammunition for something." She pulls her hand back, and frowns when she looks down at the two pack of gum in her hands.

Sophia's head tilts, "Candy, really?" She then giggles, "I like candy. I miss chocolate." She eyes the drink and nods, "That would be…a nice addition to my bar." It won't last long, but it will be nice. Another laugh at the gum this time, "Everyhting has a use." She starts digging around as well, finding two sauce pans and an oven mitt.

"I know, people do not believe it when I say it," Dixie offers with a bright smile. "I used to enter into competitions, too. I never won, and occasional was a runner up. I joined the army and stopped." She nods in agreement to the comment about everything having a use. "That is true." Though when it comes to the cooking impliments, Dixie decides on the three large soup pots to compliment Sophie's sauce pans. She then purses her lips for a moment and she seems to consider something, before making a few steps back towards the sink.

Dixie's smile just makes Soph smile more, "I would love to try some. You should use the sugar….make some for everyone. In celebration." She doesn't look at Dix, instead she opens a drawer and digs through. Her eyebrows raise and she pulls out one…two…three cleavers. That's a lot of cleavers.

Dixie wouldn't have arched a brow if one cleaver was found, though the second makes her tilts her head a little to the side and she looks surprised. The third actually has her laughing softly. "Who… Would leave behind that many cleavers? Didn't anyone check that drawer? That was a lucky finds." She ducks down beside the sink, and peeks inside. Baking soda, which she pulls out and stares at for a few moments. "I guess I cannot have all the luck," she admits.

Sophia makes a yikes face, "Maybe Mel was a serial killer." The baking soda is looked at, "Isn't that important for keeping food fresh? Or laundry?" She then laughs, "At least it's not as murder weapon."

Dixie tilts her head to the side. "Maybe she really was a serial killer," she muses. "She'd bring her victims here at night, and chop them up into little peices and serve them to customers the next day." Yup, she'll make up the story on the spot. "Baking soda gets rid of smells, so she used to use baking soda to clean and hide the smell." She then laughs. "Actually, I think you can use baking soda for everything. I had an uncle, who swore by using it as deodorant."

Sophia seems amused, "That's horrible Dixie." After a beat, "We should have a story telling night sometime this week. Play cards, have a nice evening."They have not had anything like that in some time. Her head nods, dark locks bouncing, "I think there's a few things like that."

"What can I say? I'm a horrible person," Dixie replies to Sophia, as she laughs softly. "Actually, something like that does sound like fun." She slowly stands back up again, and stretches out, and she makes certain to close her pack up again. "Pass the time, and boost morale a bit. I don't even recal the last time something like that has happened."

"Or maybe some music. There's a few people who can play things, right?" Soph sighs, "I miss music the most, I think. There's no dancing to what we have." They have a few records and that old timey gramophone. But that's not really her scene. She glances over at the stretching Dixie, "Si…it would be nice."

Dixie offers a nod to Soph. "Yeah, there's a few people who like to play instruments," she admits. "I ain't a musical minded person, but company is always a good thing. Though too much celebration makes noise. Noise carries. But we ain't got much to lose if we do it." She purses her lips for a moment. "Risk verse reward and all that stuff." She looks thoughtful. "We should start heading back. My pack's kind of overfilled with pots."

Sophia will ask around then about music and playing. If only they could find some candles… "No…of course not…not too loud." But they have to have some fun, right? Or what's the point? Soph nods, looking around the room until she finds an old drying rag to wrap the blades of the cleavers with. better than nothing before they are slipped into her bag. "Ok, lead the way."

Dixie offers a smile. "Hopefully Bob is going to be alright with it," she admits. "I know he's cautious, but I ain't certain what he'll do." She rests her hands on the scope of her rifle, as she starts to lead the way. "I'm all for it to be honest." She makes her way towards the front door, and she peeks out through it, scanning the street for any unwanted parties.

Sophia huffs, "Bob will be fine with it, if he knows what is good for the group." There's a slight annoyance in her noise. Her baseball bat is hefted and Soph follows the blonde. "It will be mic e. People need to remember what we're fighting for."

Dixie remains still, waiting for silence to take over the room, and she listens closely before she opens the door and slips out. "I'm hoping he will be fine with it," she replies. "He's got his head in the right place." She purses her lips, as she starts back down the way they came. "I think people have forgotten what they're fighting for. Then again, we need to survive and fight at the same time."

Sophia stays quite but press her lips. Bob's a sore subject. "maybe. I'm not…a fighter. But I will, if I have to. It would do us good to have some kind of plan, not just survive." That's about as far as she offers with that. Maybe that's all she's got.

"We have to fight," Dixie offers to Sophia. "It ain't a case of who and who ain't going to fight. It is either kill or be slaughtered." She takes a deep breath as she continues on. "I think we need to fortify first, then lay traps and then start striking. Then hope Major Porkchop ain't leading it." After all, she did re-allocate different names to people. "Sometimes I wonder if he's working for the aliens."

Sophia just blinks, having no idea who the heck Dixie is talking about. "I think fortifying is a good idea, traps too…I guess." She shrugs, I wish there was a way to just tell…i'd hate it if we hurt humans by accident." She remembers hearing stories about some pit with spikes someone fell into.

Dixie purses her lips and she looks thoughtful. "I ain't certain if there is a way to tell one of us from them," she offers. "Could always start with snare traps, just to act as a warning that we ain't playing nice. Further in, we use more dangerous traps." She takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "In war, unexpected casualities need to be expected. 'Sides, traps ain't going to mean anything if they send a helo in and they rapel onto the roof." She looks rather thoughtful for a moment. "I should actually draw something up to deal with that situation."

That's unfortunate really. Soph quiets up at the talk of traps, she knows very little of such things. She only adds, "Casualities are us though…" She's not really arguing, just…stating it. Her lower lip is chewed on and she lets her eyes glance around, making sure they're alone.

Dixie offers a nod. "That is why we'll set up a way for us to know what is a trap and what isn't," she offers. "Which paths are safe to travel, other which are not. I know the viet cong used to leave sticks near their traps, which were overlooked by American and allied forces in Vietnam." She takes a deep breath. "So we do the same. I do not think many people would think of doing that."

Sophia nods, but isn't looking at Dix. It's a little overwhelming. She hates that feeling, so it's better to focus on their current situation as they walk. A slight change of subject, "I think the haul was good today…Let me know if thou want to try the candy in the kitchen in the club House."

Dixie might be friendly, but there are dark things she's willing to do to protect people. "Oh, it was excellent," she offers with a smile, not seeming to mind the change in conversation. "Oh, I think when we get back, I'll make some. It might be a little sticky, but it'll be a nice surprise for people." She tilts her head to the side, looking thoughtful.

Yeah…a little creepy. Soph chews on her lip again, "People will like that. The kids especially." Soph's bat, swings softly as she walks, counter balancing her own stride. Glanicn g over she sees the look on Dixie's face and gives her a quizzical look back.

Dixie arches a brow when Soph gives her a quizzical look, and returns it for a moment. "Oh, just thinking," she offers. "I'm wondering what other ingrediants we might have, that ain't had much use. Make different varities instead of just the one type." She tilts her head to the side. "And if there's any dentists still alive. Just in case people get cavities."

Sophia then grimns,"You're welcome to look at the stores. We don't have tons, but there's definitely some you can use."

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Scavenging Rolls

8 Mustard Packets
1 Hot pad mitts
1 Cleavers
1 Air-Tight Bin of Sugar (5 lbs)
2 Cleavers
2 Kiddie Menus
4 Saucepans
1 Kiddie Menus
2 #10 Cans Hot Chocolate Powder
2 #10 Cans Corn
2 Packs Gum
3 Large Soup Pots
1 Coffee Urn
1 Red Plastic Cups
1 Small container Baking Soda

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