(2015-11-09) Name Dropping
Name Dropping
Summary: They aren't the right names, but they are dropped none-the-less
Date: 11.9.2015
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Yuck. Rain. The weather has been wet, but at least it's not cold. The street safe empty, as usual.The high school is on this street, along with a playground that's not seen much use lately. The school seems to be the thin man's target though as he makes his way quietly down the road. He has on a backpack, that's convently stuffed with a second backpack. And of course the new fashion trend of a hosted and gun…over a sweater vest. His pale eyes scan the area as he walks along side Piper.

Pulling a wagon behind her, with a small blue tarp over it is Piper. Like Quinton..or with Quinton really, she heads with him toward the school. Unlike him she has no visable weaponry, unless you count the small infant bundle that is secured to her chest by a olive green snuggie. She has a baby and knows how to use it! "Plan?" she asks her partner in scavenging today. Like what is their plan of attack on the school.

There are quite a few steps that can be taken to avoid notice when moving through a mid-apocalyptic world… but few people have yet figured out a good way to induce horses to be overly sneaky. Consequently, there's not only something of an aroma of sweaty equine in the air, but also an occasional sound of motion, whicker, or munching. Presently, they come from one side of the school.

'Rain. Why did it have to be rain?' Terry wondered to himself, bringing up the rear. Usually he could feel the weather in his bones, but apparently not today. He'd chosen to head out in a pair of brown boots (Ka-Bar BK2 Companion sheathed in the right boot), worn dark blue denims, a dark blue shirt, and a beat-up beige jacket. A black wool beanie, fingerless gloves, and a nice-sized rucksack (with a pair of anchor-points for the Barrett, which he carries with him on these sorts of assignments) rounded out the day's outfit. Of course, he's packing his usual back-holstered Walther PK380 as well, figuring he can either fight up-close with the 380, or provide overwatch with the M82A1.

Everyone seems quiet today. Which isn't a bad thing. The soft sound of the rain isn't enough though to cover the noise of the horse. Especially as it's in the direction they're headed. Quin frowns softly, holding up a hand and then pointing in the direction of the school. Has one of their horses gotten loose? He doesn't think a Silencer would ride up, so it's got to be one of there's or a person. Hopefully if it is, it's friendly, cause Quinton is headed that way. Most likely ignoring any panicked motions from Piper to shot whatever it is. Probably.

Piper is glad that Lincoln fixed the wheel on her wagon so it doesn't squeak anymore. Otherwise the whole suddenly sneaky thing would have been blown. She gives a nod that she hears it to and she for one draws the pistol from the holster hidden by the folds of the snuggie, there is a signal that Quin should do the same, but she already knows how effective that is going to be. She doesn't follow Quinton around the side of the building, instead she keeps going toward the building, to use it as cover in case things get shooty. It's not all that easy being stealthy when you have a newish born attached to you, especially when that infant decides its time to get squirmy and make noises…at least he didn't start wailing though.

There is indeed at least one visitor: a saddled horse, chewing rather listlessly on some of the foliage that has sprung up in the months since the school grounds were last tended to. Its reins have been looped over the bush in question, loosely tethering it in place. Then its owner steps into view, one hand adjusting her hood to better shield her head against the rain; the other arm cradling a crossbow that looks a good deal more modern in design than most of the rest of her kit.

Quinton blinks, a moment confused by the appearance of the woman. With aliens and all the sci-fi junk that's happened, time travel isn't in the realm of impossible. His hands both go up, showing he's not armed and then he purposefully scuffs his foot into the ground, breaking a branch to draw attention to the fact he's there. "Hello…"

With the back against the building, Piper moves along beside it, keeping the poet in view. At his greeting to the unseen person…she has to assume he is talking to someone, she stops, pistol at the ready, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet to keep the noise from the baby at a minimum. She watches, waiting for either the stand down or the light it up signal.

The new arrival starts in evident surprise, head jerking around as she freezes in place. Then she ventures a rather nervous little smile, accompanied by a slight hand-wave. "Ah, hi. Thank you for not shooting me." She sounds educated, and as if she's spent a good deal of time on the other side of the Pond. She also seems to be calm enough not to jerk the crossbow around towards her unexpected company.

Yep, there is another person there, Piper arches her brows at the feminine, accented voice. The words offered seem to be peaceful in nature…or at least non-threatening, but the petite woman doesn't trust as easily as her thin, blonde companion. Peeking around the corner of the building she sizes the other woman up before stepping out completely. Her unparalleled exotic beauty, diminutive size and the baby she carries all may scream harmless, but the 9mm in her hand says otherwise. Thankfully it isn't pointed at anything except the ground a few feet in front of her.

Quinton's hands lower to a more comfortable position, although they stay away from the gun in his holster. "No…no shooting. I'm not a fan." He offers a smile back. "Are you…traveling through?" piper's appearance get's him to glance at her and then back to the new person, "I'm Quinton."

One ginger brow quirks upwards in curious surprise… then the archaically-attired redhead uses her free hand to offer another small wave of greeting. "Hi. I'm just visiting. Don't worry - I'm not trying to stake out territory, or anything." Her gaze lingers on Piper for a few moments, head cocking beneath her hood. "I think that I saw you, actually. When I was last here. I trade with some local survivors, every now and then."

Terry stands next to Quinton, trying to get a read on the new arrival. He's packing heat as well, and he too keeps his hands clear of his weapon, just to drive home the whole "Friendly!" point. He nods, figuring he should introduce himself: "I'm Terry. Nice to meet you." A quick two-finger salute punctuates the sentiment.

Piper has her stoic face on. Not only is she not as trusting, she also isn't as friendly to strangers as others as well. She doesn't wave, smile or give any other greeting as such, but when she is addressed by the woman she does give a slight shrug. It is altogether possible she was seen. She does have a tendency to stand out in a crowd.

Quinton nods softly, "Trading is good." And the stranger's words imply there's more groups that aren't all filled with murderers and kidnappers. Which he's all for. The man's pale eyes flicker to his two different companions before going back to Caitlin, "Do you know the Diaz Family?" That's totally not the family's name that lives here.

The stranger narrows her eyes a little. "Costa Ricans. Live away out South of here, right?", she checks, tone dry. "You're in the wrong town if you're looking for *them*, I'm afraid. But hi. I'm Caitlin. If you've met the nearest survivors, they'll be able to confirm they know me. For some reason, I tend to be considered kind of distinctive."

Terry just kinda hangs back, keeping his hands in sight, not wanting things to get complicated. When names are exchanged, he makes a note of the name, and the face to go with it, for the future.

Well Piper can see the distinctive part. Especially here in Stratford, a red-haired brit dressed like a character from a fantasy novel would be distinctive. Still no words coming from her, she's back to mute girl, not correcting Quin even on the use of the wrong name, not that she does that often, especially when it is with other people. Her weapon stays in hand, though still pointed to the ground, her dark eyes remaining on Caitlin.

Quinton looks slightly confused at Caitlin's narrowing of eyes. The name swap wasn't intentional. He nods though, "Yes. They're good people." He tries another soft smile, "Are you a …performer?" Quin's thinking maybe she raided a costume store or something for clothes? "What do you trade?"

"I… do some performing, yes," Caitlin answers cautiously. "And I tend to trade whatever I have to spare. I make a few things, myself. I'm not bad with needle and thread, or with leather. Though I'm not much good at tanning or curing, yet. But some of the older crafts are coming into their own again."

Terry keeps his attention mostly focused on Caitlin, though he does allow his attention to drift, so as not to get that creepy-stalker-stare thing going on. He does a little bit of stretching, keeping the blood flowing.

An eyebrow arches at the few things that Caitlin suggests she can do and Piper gives a meaningful look to Quinton. They just talked about this the other day, made a list even. She eases away from the building, and closer to her companions, though she is in a state of constant movement, either bouncing or rocking, to keep the infant in his snuggie quiet and happy.

Quinton nods, letting some of that drop. He's not trying to unnerve the woman. "That's pretty impressive." Those skills are hard to come by, now a days anyway. He does glance over at piper, but doesn't say anything, instead he turns back, ignoring whatever it is that Terry's doing. "If there's anything you're specifically looking for, we might be able to trade as well." His hand goes up to run through his shaggy hair (He kinda needs a haircut), "We don't mean to keep you…You can ask the Hernadez's about us, if you'd like." Someone in common might help ease the next time they meet.

Caitlin visibly relaxes a little, as Quinton provides the *correct* name for the local survivor group. She does note the exchange of glances between Quinton and the baby-carrier, but opts to hope that they're not denoting any incipient move against her. "Well… if you're dealing with them, perhaps I'll see you there," she suggests. "I can leave you to check this place out, if you like. Don't want to tread on your toes."

Caitlin tries to force herself to relax a little, as Quinton provides *another* wrong name for the local survivor group. She does note the exchange of glances between Quinton and the baby-carrier, but opts to hope that they're not denoting any incipient move against her. "Well… if you're dealing with them, perhaps I'll see you there," she suggests. "I can leave you to check this place out, if you like. Don't want to tread on your toes."

The gun is dropped to her side and Piper acknowledges the woman's words with a nod. No incoming moves from her it seems or talking, that she leaves for other people, at the moment. She is willing to let the woman go on her way, alive, well and without any extra holes in her person.

Quinton doesn't even seem to realize he's using the wrong names, so he just nods, assuming Caitlin's being cautious. "Okay…safe travels." He takes a small step backwards offering a quick smile before look at Piper, "We can go, if you want." Go where? inside? Back to the others? Seems the choice is here's.

Keeping a wary eye on the group, Caitlin moves out of the door, backing away from it towards her horse - treading lightly, to try to be sure of her footing… and to be ready to dive for cover, if required. Putting her mount between her and the others, she strokes its neck, hoping that they'll go inside before she has to scramble inexpertly into the saddle and set off.

Well it seemed that were heading to the school before they had they encounter, Piper sees no reason why they shouldn't just keep on with that plan. The pistol is holstered and she runs her fingers across the baby's cheek before gesturing to the school building, indicating they should probably go in.

Quinton gives a final glance to Caitlin, hoping he didn't just mess everything up before hurrying and opening the door for Piper. Terry's wander off to do Terry stuff. "Hope I didn't say anything wrong…I couldn't tell if that was untrustworthy looks because of me, or because it's…you know, the ned of the world." Nothing to be down about it now, he sighs, and looks at the front hallway. "God….I hated High School."

"Wasn't you." Piper says softly as she moves through the door. She'll take the blame for this one, even if Quin was getting the names wrong, she was the one with the pistol in her hand. The combination would have made her nervy had the situation been reversed. "It was awful." she agrees with him about high school. Beauty queen looks doesn't necessarily mean a joyride through the hormone filled halls of high school hell.

That almost makes it worse. he hoped it was just him. Hopefully she'll give them a second chance. Especially if she knows other crafters. he inhales deeply and holds his breath, scanning the dark hallways. Finally shaking himself out of whatever memory has him, "Cafeteria first? There may still be canned food…"

There is a nod of agreement "Ok." Piper replies as she peers into a nearby classroom. "Can hope." she gives a chuckle though at her choice of words…she didn't mean to be kind of puny "Smells the same." why is it that all schools always smell the same. Though this one has that underlying scent of stale air and dust. Oh the deja-vu.

Quinton's nose wrinkles, he thought that too, but wasn't going to start waxing on the whole thing. "Yeah..it does. Desperation and self loathing." Ouch, bitter much? He adjusts his backpack that carrying a second backpack and starts looking for a directory. "We need candles…" very much need them. The kitchen will probably not have any windows. He'll also note where the office is. Might be smart to hit there too…If they're going to go through lockers at some point, will be easier if they have the copy of all the combinations.

It's an apt description and even if that wasn't quite her experience Piper isn't going to argue or go further into, letting the past stay were it belongs. "Church after this?" she doubts they will find candles in a high school. "For candles." not to pray or anything. She pauses at a hallway intersection with a stairway and signage giving indications which way the gym, cafe and offices are.

Quinton huffs, he's tried to stay away from churches. They make him mad, and that's a hard thing for him to shake. He nods though, "yeah…they'd have candles." And no God. Anyway, there's a map! "This way.." He goes first, but is slow, trying to let his eyes adjust. There's papers and books and garbage all over the floor, looks like some kids broke back in and had a party…and revenge. Some dented lockers, some spray painted profanity.

That's what she figures. The catholic ones especially. It's not like they aren't all going to hell anyway, so taking things from a church isn't going to make a difference. Piper moves along with him, she is faster, but she pauses to look into classrooms while they go. She picks up one of the books from the floor and flips through it. Her eyes must have adjusted to the dimness of the corridor already, she doesn't seem to have any issues with it.

Quinton blinks, frowning slightly. Maybe his eyes are going bad? that's all he needs, bad brain, going blind. Might as well just hand himself over to the mother ship now. His hand rubs his face band he glances down the hallway, "Anything good?"

The woman shrugs to Quinton. She doesn't find it all that good but she hands the out-of-date Biology book with pages missing and various crude drawings added to it over to Quinton. "Hope we find better." she sure they will somewhere in this school. "You going to make it?" she asks as they come to the doubledoors that lead into the cafeteria and from there the kitchen

Quinton eyes the book and then tosses it on the ground. Very unQuin like. "We'll find better. In the lockers." He's not going to have Kayla teaching out of a book like that. "Yeah, I just…I think my eyes aren't…" He stops, not even sure he's sure about it. "I think maybe I've just tired them out." He does do a lot of reading when he's alone. Or having a bad brain day. He nods, finding the doors to the cafeteria. "Shall we?"

She isn't sure where his concern is coming from, Piper isn't thinking it is from him comparing, that's for sure. She hmmms thoughtfully a moment "Tired or allergies." both can cause eye troubles. She does give him a reassuring grin and all the walking has thankfully put baby Quinn back to sleep. "Yes." she confirms as she pushes one of the doors open and heads into the much brighter cafeteria.

It's large of course, and the air here is fresher, thanks to a broken window or two. Seems the party started here and then spread to other parts of the school. Beer bottles and cans litter the floor along with other debris. On the other side are another set of double doors that lead to the kitchen.

Quinton sighs softly, "I swear, if I'm allergic to that damn dog…" He'll suffer through it, Kayla‚Äôs already too attached. The beer graveyard is looked over, "Ugh…and it's never good beer." He moves to go first, just in case there's anything alive in the kitchen. He's not thinking person, but maybe critter. He had a lion attack him, nothing is impossible. Except zombies, hopefully. She's flashed a quick smile as he listens at the door and then pushes it open.

"Or Texas." being allergic to Texas would be bad too and that sorta thing is possible, in a way. "Get what you can." as a teenager at least. She seems to recall that most teens and some adults only cared about the results of the drinking, not what they had to drink to get there. As he checks the door, Piper waits patiently and then goes into the dim kitchen after him. The only light from the doors and the two casement windows high on the far wall.

Quinton blinks, stops and turns to give Piper a half amused, have annoyed glare. That would be his luck. Stepping inside he frowns again, squinting. "Be careful…if there were knives in here, those kids could have dumped them anywhere." And Piper has no shoes.

Piper smirks at him in return, she was mostly joking and is glad to see that he got that. Her warning has her giving pause as she moves through the kitchen to scan the floor for not only knives but now she is thinking broken glass. By now her feet should be pretty tough, but it never hurts to be careful, "Or tossed their empties in here." she moves around the kitchen, opening cabinets and drawers as she comes to them.

An agreeing noise comes from Quin, but he's mostly quiet as he rummages through his side of the kitchen. Underneath a table he finds something good. "…yes." 24 bottles of water are pulled out and set onto of the table. That's worth the trip in itself! On top of the water , which might be why they haven't been grabbed yet were two school sweatshirts. "Want a shirt?" One looks like it might be small enough for her (now).

Coming out of the office area the thumping sound of the case of water on the table Piper grins at his find "Nice." she says, extra glad that she decided to bring the wagon along. She moves to add her own meager findings, rice, bisquik and rubberbands to the stuff of the table, but she keeps the bag of skittles in her hand. She'll be keeping those. The sweatshirts, with an elk emblazoned on the front are looked at a moment "Sure." it may be Texas but it's the desertish part and it can get chilly in the evenings. "Should find more later." she takes the shirt and will tuck it into the snuggie between her and the babe for safekeeping.

Quinton looks over at the woman, mentally realizing he's only seen her in a few different things. He can fix that. "ok." There's a few more things found, he keeps the M&Ms, a box of crackers and half the breath mints, but everything else goes into the community backpack to be dropped off. He misses meals quite a bit, he needs to have some portable food with him. Glancing out the window he frowns, "let's head back. I think the rain's letting up for now."

Scavenging Rolls

1 Blankets
1 An almost expired chocolate pudding cup
2 12 Packs bottled water
4 Bottles School Glue
1 Small bag of M&Ms
2 Boxes Goldfish Crackers
2 HS Sweatshirts
1 Small bag Animal Crackers
1 Bags Spearmint breathmints
1 Bisquik
1 Bags of Rice
1 Box of rubberbands
1 Small bag of Skittles

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