(2015-11-10) Morning Hunt
Morning Hunt
Summary: Quinton and Piper get a couple of deer and a scare. (Before the other hunt scene the same day)
Date: 11.10.2015
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When the hunting party left Stratford on horseback to head west to the large former national park the sun wasn't up and it wasn't drizzling. Neither is the case anymore. An impromptu camp was set up and the hunting party broke in small groups to fan out over the grasslands and see what they could bag.

With her rifle in hand and sans any children or infants (left back in Stratford w/Bea) Piper makes her silent way across the dry golden grass. Talkative, a little, but she is more focused on their surroundings and the distance, searching for game to take down. So far they have seen some pheasant and a few rabbits, but nothing bigger than that.

Quinton's not the best hunter, but he tries. That's half the battle, right? Well, at least he's mostly quiet and quick on his feet. Mostly. He was talking quite a bit , but now that they re off the horses and moving he's gone silent. The lion attack has imprinted a nervousness on him when hunting. But, he pushes through that. He's hungry. They need food, more than just what can be caught near the portents. He sticks close to Piper, for many reasons. Mostly though, he knows she's better at this than him. He doesn't want another stag incident either.

It's not Piper's favorite past time. It doesn't even hit her top ten, but between hunting or starving, she'll pick hunting. She pauses a moment as another rabbit is flushed out and hops quickly away from them. She isn't bothering with shooting the small creatures. They won't feed but one unless you can get them in quantity. "We've been heading, southwest…" she glances about a bit, getting her bearings before moving around a bit to flatten the grass. She then notices the deer in the distance and points them out. "There." she begins to make her way that direction, slowing her pace, not wanting to spook them.

Quinton's pale eyes trail to where Piper points out the herd and he nods. again he lets Piper take the lead, but to be fair he could always just shoot over her if needed. The poet's hands move to try to find a more comfortable grip on his rifle. His voice stays low and quiet, "There's a lot of them….they won't stampede this way…right?" He's not had the best of luck.

Piper surveys the large herd. The size isn't surprising. This area was a national park, which meant no hunting at one time. They aren't large deer though. Not like the ones north, but one could still feed the group for a week or so. Looking back over her shoulder as she begins to creep forward at an angle toward the herd she gives a shrug "Can't predict animals." they can only hope that they run away from the noise of gunfire and not toward it.

Quinton frowns slightly. he got trampled last time. But winces there's nothing else he can do he nods, following Piper and trying to stay low. Where they shoot from, and when is up to her.

Coming with range, and downwind of the herd Piper pauses again to lift her rifle to her shoulder. Glancing at Quinton she gives him a nod. If they both want to take a deer they will have to fire within a few seconds of each other. Pointing, she makes sure he knows which one she is going for. One toward the back of the herd, not the largest, nor the smallest of the group. "Aim for stragglers. More likely run away." she whispers and hopes that's the case. Makes sense to her.

Quinton's a little slower, but followed suite, making sure to aim at a deer on the other side of where Piper is aiming. It's closer to some taller grass and near the trees. And sure! Makes sense to him too. "Ok…on your mark.."

The woman has to bite back a chuckle at his footrace style countdown, now is not the time for laughter…dinner is on the line! Breath in and Piper lines up the shoot, but recites the rest of the start in her head and squeezes the trigger. Even with the long barrel of the rifle it still has a strong enough recoil to make the diminutive woman stagger back a step. But her aim is true and her deer goes down after a few leaps through the grass.

Quinton's only a half second behind Piper it getting his shot off. It's not quite as true as her's . His deer makes it into the wooded area, but isn't getting far. Quin swears softly underneath his breath, harm isn't his intent, ever. Not thinking he stands up, taking a few steps towards where his deer disappeared to.

The heads of a dozen or so deer lift in panic as the explosions of the rifles. There are a few frantic bugles from the creatures and they are off. Leaping into the air in all directions, a majority leaping and running toward the hunters.

Piper watches Quinton's deer try to flee and only notices the deer leaping toward them when she looks back to where her's fell "Uh, Quin…" she reaches for his hand as she stares at the oncoming deer storm…"Run."

Quinton's mad, mostly at himself for the poor shot. He doesn't notices anything till Piper calls his name and makes the grab for his hand. There's a comical moment where he freezes and he can only think this is the dumbest way to die, but then he's grabbing Piper's hand and bolting, trying to head towards the trees. That seems the safest, in the millisecond he has to make the decision. Cover, right?

While Piper was expecting the running she wasn't expecting the abrupt grabbing and darting of Quinton. There is a bit of stumbling and staggering on her part as she is dragged along behind the taller and longer legged poet. It's a struggle to keep up and she never does managing to stay a few steps behind him.

Yeah, that's not…Quinton slows, hoping that the combined size of both of them might scare some of the deer off. The trees are right there, it seems like they should have already gotten there. But that's how it is when one is running for one's life. His hand tightens on her's, in case she stumbles again.

With the deer going different directions, in that leaping gait of theirs the pair manage to not to a hoof in the back or in the head. It's a near close call though as a doe's flight path intersects the one they are taking. Deer are agile, more so than humans and veers off in another direction in a bounding leap.

The small copse of trees loom up suddenly before them and then they are in the shadowy confines of the stunted, mostly bald trees. Piper will slow when Quinton does, her breathing a bit ragged from the unexpected running.

Quinton stops her against tree, partially for cover, partially so they can lean against it and not fall over. The hand holding her's lets go to hold onto the trunk as he gasps, "God…damn it." He's not built for hunting! Immediately after the swear he looks her over, making sure she's ok. "Did…are you…ok?"

Piper leans against the tree, taking a few gasping breaths and glancing around as if she expected to have to haul ass again. Seeing thier safe she relaxes "Think so." she may have twisted an ankle in all her stumbling but at the moment she is still to keyed up on adrenaline to notice "Let's stay…." she can't get it all out at once "here a few." she gestures around "Catch our breaths." and then they can figure out how to get the deers back to the meeting site.


1 Deer
1 Goose
1 Deer

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