(2015-11-11) Decorations
Summary: Quinton, Gabriel and Piper find a house still decked out from last Christmas
Date: 11.11.2015
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All the drizzle from the last few days has finally gone away and today thankfully while cool, is fair and sunny. The perfect day for getting out an searching the houses of town for necessary items.

Piper is still limping a bit, but the doc said it hasn't sprained, and walking on it wouldn't hurt it any more than it already was, so she is pulling her wagon behind her as a house is decided upon. As she walks with the others, she hummms a bouncy tune, some Disney song or other. A gesture is made to a house that still has its holiday decorations up, fake wreath on the door, christmas lights wound around the porch railings and removable decals of santa, elves and snowflakes on the windows. Maybe its a good spot to find some Christmas decor for the clubhouse.

No rain and cool weather means sweater! Quin's got on a brown and tan one. He's not saying much today, but seems in high spirits. He should be, he brought in 2 deer yesterday and two birds. That's quite a bit of food for the non hunting poet. The festive house is noted and he nods, "…yes." They need decorations if they're going to try to do something for the kids. He'll take front, stepping ahead to check the porch for stability and if there's any dead bodies visible through the front windows.

While Gabriel left with the camp folks, he has been keeping to himself, perhaps a bit sad to leave his cabin. Though today he is out and about, with a dog running next to him, his usual stick in hand as he let the dog help guide him some. Hearing the sound of Quin and Piper, causing him to move towards the sound. The dog make a small noise to draw the man's attention, as to which he just nods. "Hello." He offers once he comes closer. Keeping to the side of the road. Wearing warm clothing of his own.

The porch is creaky but staple and the view through one window is blocked the bulk of a Christmas tree, while the other has lacey sheer curtains in front of it. No unusual body shaped formations can be seen in the front room at least.

Letting Quinton do his thing in initial survey of the house, Piper notes the approach of Gabriel and his pup. There is a snap of fingers in greeting from the woman and she moves to give the pup a scratch behind the ears. As usual she is barefoot and only wears a pair of jeans that has seen better days and a sweatshirt that has an elk on the front of it.

Quinton sighs, frustrated that his peeping tom routine isn't super helpful. "Ok…clear-ish" He'll turn back at the greeting, "..Hey." he doesn't even bother trying to butcher the man's name. "Everything ok?" As Piper pets the pooch he’ll add, "More decorations…inside. Tree."

Gabriel smiles and nods towards the sound of the snap. Letting the pup greet the woman, enjoying the scratching. Even stomping one of his hind legs a bit, stretching his head against her. Nodding to the question. "Well enough. You?" He asks, eyes seemingly looking to Quinton's lips, if one were to be unaware of the man's condition. Then turning in the general direction of Piper. "Once for good, twice for bad." He suggests, about a snap count. Falling silent as he tries to listen if there are others around, since that is all he can do. Hearing the talk about decorations.

The dog gets a thorough petting from Piper before she looks up at Quinton and his news. A grin is immediate and she nods at him. Hopefully they will be able to find a box to put the stuff in. As Gabriel speaks up she looks at him and after contemplating a moment she snaps once for good, even if it is of a bit more of a hand wobble day.

Quinton makes a positive noise at the question. He's not being super talkative, so between two non verbal folks and a blind guy, this should go swimmingly. He moves to check the front door and to rattles as he tries to open it. "…locked.." looks like he'll need to check the back…and then windows if that doesn't pan out. He hates to break windows, just seems wasteful.

Gabriel just nods at their responses. Not seeming to mind. "Good, good." Moving to follow Quinton, for now. "Need any help?" The pup just sitting and wanting more attention, but he will listen for others to come around. The blind man occasionally clicking his tongue or tapping his stick.

Piper mounts the steps to the porch, resuming her humming of another song from a disney classic movie. She does have baby Quinn with her, she almost always does. And the humming seems to keep the wide awake infant content for the moment. As she waits she takes the wreath from the door and goes to put it in the wagon.

Quinton shrugs, but then also vocalizes as he passes piper with a soft pat on her shoulder, "Just…scavenging….holiday. Food…..clothes." The usual. Well, ok, the holiday isn't usual. "Front…locked. Back." Which is where he's headed to check.

Gabriel smiles at the song, perhaps recognizing part of the tune at least. Trying to listen to Quinton as he speaks, if it is loud enough for him to hear. "I could join you, if you need backup?"

A smile is given, a far cry better than the flinching Piper would have done months ago at the physical display. She starts to nod to verify their task but stops since gab can

A smile is given, a far cry better than the flinching Piper would have done months ago at the physical display. She starts to nod to verify their task but stops since Gab can't see the movement "Y..y..yes." she stammers out, probably an unfamiliar silverly voice to Gab, but it is hers.

Quinton's already almost around the corner so he forces out, "Let me…back door…" He's gone for longer than it should take, but eventually there's noise from inside the house. Sharp ears will be able to pick up footsteps coming towards the front door before the handle starts to move as Quin unlocks it and opens it up. he's got what appears to be lint all down one side of his sweater (poor sweater!). Me may have had to crawl in through a window. A smile is offered to both on the other side, 'Welcome in."

Gabriel does seem a bit surprised, but just nods and offers a smile to Piper. A soft whistle to make the dog follow him. Though at Quinton's words he just stops. Hearing the movement and once the door opens. "Why thank you." Then adding, "Ladies first." The pup, however, is already heading in.

This is the usual scavenging routine for the pair, so Piper just heads in after giving the lint festooned sweater a glance. She wonders if a lint roller will be found. She pauses a moment to let the puppy past and so she doesn't trip over him. Last thing she needs is to trip and break something, or squish baby Quinn or both.

The door leads straight into a living room, still decorated for the holidays. Guess the former occupants didn't feel like taking it all down after the Arrival. May as well hold onto that festive spirit as long as you can when you don't know what is going on.

There is a large nicely decorated tree, clearly artificial, and red and gold garland decorate the fireplace mantel and the bannister of the stairway going up. Through an archway to the left is a small dining area and another leads to the kitchen. Archways in those rooms lead to the other, so its basically a big circle.

Quinton gives a small chuckle as the dog makes himself at home, scooting to let him scamper past his feet. He points out immediately, "Tree." That will come back with them, if not now, eventually. He seems a little distracted by all the decor, actually. "there's…a lot….what…how much…?" He glances to Piper, almost like it's her call. They're her kids!

Gabriel does wait and soon follow the others inside, letting them describe what's there. "Just tell me what to carry." He suggests and does move around, not seeming to find anything that the other two does not already notice. Tapping his stick some. "Can help with the tree." He suggests.

Piper has already made the circle of the lower living area and returns with oreos. She has already dug into them and offers them to both men "Cookie?" she looks at the tree and then to Quinton "All."

Of course she wants all, Quinton can't help a small smirk before, "Yes mam." His pale eyes roam the room again, looking at a few of the niknaks. "Might have to…dismantle it…." that will take all day, especially with only natural lights. The cookie offered is taken with another smile and nod of thanks.

Gabriel takes a moment before nodding. "Sure." Letting Piper offer it to him. Grinning about bringing everything. Letting Quinton dump stuff on him, as needed. Once getting the cookie he will thank her and take a bite.

The woman gives a shrug, dismantling doesn't seem that big a deal to her, so she will handle that. Once everyone has a Oreo she tucks the package into her pocket and heads to the tree to start removing the decorations, laying them out on the sofa for now. Piper makes a bit of a shooing gesture and points upstairs, maybe indicating that searching should be done while she works on the tree.

Quinton grumbles softly, but mostly good naturally and will head off to look for a decoration box to but some of the holiday things in. There's no way to move them other wise. In a hallway closet he finds some, but not all. It's a start. "Here…" It's set down next to Piper but he directs the next question to Gab, "Upstairs?" They need more than holiday stuff. Survival is as important as Santa, unfortunately.

A grin of thanks is given as the box is utilized and she continues to remove various ornaments from the tree. As she moves to get the stuff at the back her barefoot comes down on a flattish gift, still wrapped in colorful paper. A glance is given around and she leans over to grab the forgotten gift, flipping it over in her hands. The contents are easy to guess, some sort of soft covered book. She debates opening it a moment, but decides to wait, setting it beside the box on the sofa.

Quinton watches as Gabriel wanders upstairs and then turns back to Piper, "Wrapping paper…" Something they should try finding. He smirks and turns to keep rummaging in the closet. Another box is found, along with two fedoras. Quin has one on his head as he comes back with the box, the other onto of the box. The look actually looks good one him, if he wasn't wearing the sweater.

Wrapping paper wasn't high on her list of thinks to get, but Piper can see the purpose of it. She has planned on improvising, but if they can find some so much the better. So the suggestion gets a nod from her. So many ornaments on the tree and she continues to carefully pull them off. Turning to put the ones in her hands in the box she pauses at Quinton's new look, staring a moment, "That's…" she wants to say a good look, just needs a leather jacket, but to many words, so she just gives a thumbs up, which doesn't quite have the same meaning, but its the best she can do.

Quinton pauses as well, waiting for her to say, or not, what she means. He chuckles, "Look..dumb." But seems amused by it. Maybe he'll keep one and give it to Kayla. The new empty box is set down next to her and he lifts up the extra hat and places it on her head. "Better." He means better than what he looks like, anyway. Another smile and he looks down at the ornaments laid out. his smile fades as he picks up one with plate of cookies and the words Philip's first christmas on it. That's…no. He sets that to the side. Nothing with anyone's photo or name should be hung. It would be like a christmas tree graveyard…he just can't handle that.

Piper makes a bit of a face at him and shakes her head "No." she disagrees "Good." when the hat is placed on her head she laughs as well, though she adjusts it so it sits at a more rakish angle. It probably does look better, but she is the sort that can make anything look good. Her smile fades too as his attention goes to the special ornament, she hadn't decided what to do with that one yet, and when it is set aside she doesn't say anything against it. Instead she puts one hand on his arm, and draws his attention to the infant in his snuggie "First." wanting to pull his attention away from the past and back to the present and their first Christmas..or his..whichever.

Quinton can agree that it looks good on her and smiles easily, nodding. his hand lingers briefly near the ornament before Piper draws his attention back to her. First her hand on his arm and then up to her face and then finally to Quinn. He sighs, the worry still etching in the slight frown on his face. He echoes her softly, "First….only." Who knows what first he means. His face crunches up, with some deep though he can't get out so he turns away, back to the ornament. "Drones…fly up…" His hand flutters upwards, "…connect…" He's been trying to plot in his own mind, since Bob didn't seem interested yesterday in talking about it.

Another shake of her head, "No." When did Piper become the hopeful one? Her eyes scan his worried face and she removes her hand before temptation gets the better of her. Watching his movements, listening to his words she understands part of what he is saying. "Boom." she says making a fist and exploding her fingers outward.

She became the hopeful one about the time she had Quinn. The elder Quin sighs, but nods his head, "Boom." That's his thought, anyway. Everything has a weakness, right? He'll stay quiet, lost in some thought, or just not wanting to discuss things further. Either way, he helps her with the ornaments. Eventually they get the tree cleared and wrapped up. It's about all they can take, the tree and two boxes. Quin will have to come back later and search for other things.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Color Therapy Coloring Book
1 Off Bug repellent
2 Hats
1 Tights / Stockings
5 Taper Candles
Lots of Holiday Decorations

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