(2015-11-12) Trading Goods
Trading Goods
Summary: Another encounter with Caitlin ends with some trading
Date: 11.12.2015
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The warm late morning is a quiet one, the only noises being birds chirping in the trees, a chittering squirrel or stay dog or cat…wait is that singing? Yes it is. The voice clear, the tone silvery and full of emotion, definitely feminine in nature. It's one made for the stage, honed by years of practice, or perhaps just lots of natural talent. She source of the singing is the quiet woman from a previous encounter, the one with the gun, the baby and all the hair. The gun is absent, but she still has the baby and hair. She paces the porch of a house, the baby cradled against her shoulder which she softly pats as she sings. She really isn't belting the song out, is more of a lullaby, but voices carry in the quiet stillness of the morning.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Singing: Amazing Success.

<FS3> Caitlin rolls Stealth: Great Success.

Cautious contact had been renewed with the Reyes, and Quinton and his companions confirmed as known non-hostiles. Caitlin had duly returned to her own people with news that Stratford had received an influx of newcomers - who had reportedly arrived in *buses*, no less! - and is now back in town once again. The singing naturally snares her attention, but with no means of knowing who might be producing it, she approaches with great care, sneaking closer with her crossbow cradled in her arms until she can peek through shrubbery along the street. When she gains a view of who is producing the frankly rather Heavenly sound, her eyes widen… and she opts to stay quietly where she is for at least a little longer. Solely to further check for threats, of course, and in no way at all to revel in the performance.

"May it be the shadows call / Will fly away / May it be your journey on / To light the day / When the night is overcome / You may rise to find the sun." the singing continues, the woman seemingly unaware of her audience. Which is a good thing as far is her hidden audience is concerned. With the singing the pacing continues as well, up and down the porch, patting the fussy infant on the back. The singing is clearly helping though, the fussy noises from the newish born (a few of weeks old) settling down.

Caitlin is quite willing to stay put and listen to Enya until Piper either finishes her performance, or moves to step inside the house. Only once it's clear that no more free entertainment is forthcoming does the redhead rises (silently) to her feet, step out into view, and wave a hand. She doesn't risk approaching, lest there are any over-armed and excessively twitchy companions lurking out of sight nearby.

A few more stanzas and a chorus and she brings the song to an end with the afro-headed infant drifting into dream land. Poor boy, inherited his mother's hair. As she secures him into the long scarf like snuggie she catches Caitlin moving in her peripheral vision and quickly turns toward the other woman, clearly startled by her sudden appearance. She isn't used to other people doing that to her.

Caitlin's kept her advance to a minimum - just ensuring that she was in clear view to *be* spotted. She offers another wave, this one smaller than the last. "May I approach?", she calls out - figuring that anything / anyone hostile in the vicinity is probably already quite thoroughly alerted by that unearthly singing.

Piper looks at the ginger-haired woman, her face wary. One peaceful encounter doesn't mean anything to her, but at least she knows Caitlin is human, so that is going for her, at least she isn't whipping the pistol out. There is a shake of her head at the question instead she grabs her backpack, a handful of arrows poking from it, and she heads down the stairs. No way she is getting cornered on a railed in porch by a stranger. She stops a few feet away and then points back to the house, grimaces and then shakes her head. A warning perhaps.

Caitlin looked somewhat disappointed at the initial head-shake… before relaxing a little again as Piper descends, rather than simply rejecting a closing of the distance. She peers briefly towards the house, considering it thoughtfully, before venturing a smile for the now-silent woman. "Hi. It's good to see you again," she ventures.

Brows furrow as Piper's head cants to the side. Strange words, coming from the strange woman. Her hands move, not in a threatening way, but in a definite pattern, sign language perhaps. The motions are slow and hesitant though as if she is just learning it herself. But just in case it isn't understood she echoes back the greeting "Hi."

Caitlin intently watches the hand motions… before smiling and nodding. "Hi. Sorry. I don't understand sign language. Any version of it. A couple of spoken and written ones, but not ASL or BSL, I'm afraid. One of many gaps in my competence."

Piper sighs. Hand signs is so much easier for her than verbalizing. She does look a bit hopeful when Cait mentions other languages though "Espanol?" she asks, maybe the woman just doesn't know much english, she does have that whole mixed race look about her.

"French and Latin, I'm afraid," Caitlin says, sounding sincerely apologetic as she spreads her hands in a gentle shrug. "Not the most useful, in this part of the world, I readily admit. Sorry."

The denial brings a sigh but she does tap her temple, indicating that she knows something. Reaching into the back pocket of her faded and worn jeans she pulls out a little notepad and a stubby pencil and writes "Not with the Reyes no." she holds it up so it can be read. Its in English so there goes that theory.

Caitlin waits patiently to see what Piper comes up with - tensing up only a *little* as the stranger's hand disappears from view. She peers at the writing, then quirks a rueful smile. "Yeah. I'm not much beyond Ola and Si with many of them, I'm afraid. But they seem to regard me as a sort of exotic animal. Something interesting to watch every now and then."

It's late morning on a warm day and all is quiet in the neighborhood. On the lawn of one of the houses are Caitlin and Piper. Piper is standing a safe distance from the woman…out of arms reach at least, and seems to have been scavenging a bit. A handful or arrows protrude from her backpack, a good counterweight for the baby on her front.

Piper gives that a moments thought before an amused look comes to her face and she uses her index fingers to pantomime fangs coming out of her mouth before putting pencil to notepad again "They treat most of us the same way." she writes for Caitlin, holding the note out to be read.

Caitlin flashes a grin at Piper in response to the miming, before nodding. "They seem to find my hair and, ahh, pallor rather fascinating. As well as my clothes, of course. But… I, umm, yeah. I can imagine you being stared at a lot, too."

For her own part, the Briton's clad in her seemingly-customary archaic (but durable) attire, with her crossbow cradled in her arms rather than held ready for use. She's also got a pack on her back, which looks to be pretty thoroughly stuffed.

Quinton has been out, poking about houses all day. It's hard to not follow the sound of a siren though, and so here he comes, having her Piper earlier. His backpack is heavy, but not overly stuffed today. His steps slow when he sees who Piper's with, maybe a touch surprised. The poet makes sure to scuff his get lightly as he approaches. "…Hello."

Piper frowns slightly at something that Caitlin has said to her, maybe she is one of those that doesn't realize her own beauty…or maybe only finds it a hindrance in this New World Order. At the scuff and familiar greeting, Piper turns her frown turning into a smile at the poet's approach. While she doesn't verbalize she does give him a wave of fingers.

Caitlin also raises a hand in greeting, offering a slight wave before settling her palm back onto her crossbow - not with any evident menace, but seemingly simply as convenient way of supporting its weight. "Hi there. Do you have any more names to test me with?", she asks with a wry smile. "Or have you checked me out sufficiently to satisfy yourself?"

Quinton flashes a warm smile at both women, stopping short of being arms length of Piper. Seems he tries to be aware of boundaries. His smile fades into one of confusion. Pale eyes dart over to Piper briefly before he shakes his head at Caitlin, "No…I didn't.." there's something very different about the man, his speak seems…off. Almost like he's having to force it. "No." His own hand tightens around the strap of his backpack, but it's out of embarrassment. He looks at Piper again, "Ok?' As much as he'd like to just turn and leave, he'll make sure the new mother is alright first.

Caitlin gets another frown from Piper at the results of the teasing and she takes a few steps toward Quinton, almost in a protective fashion, write, write, write, "Should we have?" she angles the pad so Quinton can see what she is writing and then shows it to Caitlin. As for the question she is asked she gives him a nod and the okay sign.

Caitlin shoots Quinton a quizzically concerned look, before refocusing upon the pad. "People tend to be rather wary of strangers," she says dryly. "But I'd hope that the Reyes would confirm they knew who I was, at least. And that that would lay at least a few concerns to rest. Still… I should probably let you two talk in private. I might see you back there, perhaps?"

Quinton nods then, realizing his head shakes could have been confusing, "They…yes…" He's frowning when he looks over at Piper, "…Sorry." He knows that his brain isn't always helpful, especially with new people. His poor back strap is gripped just as tight, and he glances down at this booted feet. "..Should go…"

Piper's expression pretty much says it all, the Reyes family isn't trusted enough yet to be asked about other people. They could just as easily lie as tell the truth. A look of confusion crosses her face briefly though at the suggestion of private talk, but then she nods and gestures with a figure signifying the town and general area. Quinton's discomfort is noted and a little less confusing than Caitlin's comment. She gestures with a nod toward a house down the street and begins to head in that direction.

Well….Quin trusts them, but he's in the minority. He watches Cait wander away and sighs. Hopefully he's not messed up any trading opportunities for them. Piper gets a head tilt, "You…don’t, or.." She doesn't have to go with him. A self deserving smirk, "Promise to not…talk to anyone…" He'll not mess anything else up. Oh, he must be having a rough brain day, the self loathing is coming out.

And Piper just has trust issues. She feels the same about anyone she just meet. Which is probably why she has been closed mouth and not speaking. Caitlin has gotten onto the safe list yet. It was enough that she approached the woman at all really. There is a nod, she understands the first bit was a question, "Found…" the way she grimaces its pretty clear she found a body, she's never been good with those, she points back to the house she was in at the time. "Don't have too." doesn't have to talk, she is fine with silence, better at times, "Unless you want too." he never forces her to talk on her bad days, she isn't going to either.

Quinton glances at the house, "…take care..it." He'll bury it, that is. Finally his hand loosens, "Can't…today…' and then his hand moves up to frantic all wave at the side of his head. Finally he just shrugs, not sure what else to say(or not) on it. The worn backpack (he beats his up rather quickly) is taken off and unzipped showing his haul for the day so far. He must have found a cleaning closet, 5 bottles of dish soap, 3 packs of laundry soap and a …Army Field medicine book? That's odd.

She nods at him, as she glances back at the house, a worried look coming to her face a moment before she shakes it off. She's just being paranoid, easy to be nowadays. Piper's attention moves back to him as he pulls the pack off and shows her the contents, "Handy." she says about all the cleaning stuffs, but she probably mostly means the book. Since they are sharing their findings she does the same, besides the handful of arrows she has a number of Matchbox cars, a leather bound journal style book and two jars of peanut butter. The last is not odd at all, she can sniff that stuff out over a few miles.

Quinton glances as well at the house, noting the number so he can come back later. She doesn't need to be there when he buries the person. His blonde hair bounces softly as he nods, "Yeah…" he looks at her haul, a smile tugging at his lips. His eyes linger on the journal but he touches the toys, "Good…" They need more boy toys.

That will be one occasion where she will be happy to elsewhere. "Good present." for either Jack or Kira really. The pair seem attached at the hip. Piper scoops the cars up and offers them over, her brow furrowing slightly as she tries to piece together an explanation, "Hide them." there isn't much chance of her being able to keep them a secret in her small place. Those kids get into everything.

The cars are taken, he and Kayla have a whole bag filled with toys for the holidays. He may not be able to talk, but he offers her a soft smile and nod, "good." A hand motions in a direction not the body house, "More?"

For her part, Caitlin's clearly visible nearby - crouched down as she fiddles with the arrangement of the contents of her own pack, seemingly trying to find some way to compress it a little. Whether she's chased off or invited along, she seems to be leaving up to the other pair to decide.

"Thanks." she says as she gives his arm a squeeze after her takes the cars from her. Piper hasn't collected quite as many toys as they have, but she has at least one for each child, probably given to Kayla to hide for her, right place, right time, in that instance. The house is glanced at a bit warily and a similar glance is given back to where Caitlin lingers out of ear shot but not sight "Ok."

Quinton turns to see that Caitlin's struggling. He's been there many times and understands. After a glance to Piper and shrug he'll dig into his backpack and pulls out a handful of carefully folded plastic bags. He always seems to have those on him. Walking over, he offers them to Caitlin silently, but with a faint smile.

Looking up in surprise as she's approached, Caitlin offers a slightly nervous smile. Her bulging pack suggests that she's had rather a good day for scavenging, with what looks to be a clean jacket on top. "Hah. Ahh. Thanks. I need to get some more canvas bags, I think. Ones I can fold up and pack away till needed," she admits, reaching out to (cautiously) accept his offering. "Everything okay with you two?" She nods towards Piper.

Piper follows a discreet distance behind Quinton, close enough where she can intercede is case Caitlin decides to make use of that crossbow or any other weapon that may be hidden in her bag, and to hear what the woman asks. She is all silent again, not answering since one it wasn't her that was asked and two, she is never sure how things stand between them.

Quinton nods, as soon as the bags are taken his hand drops. Clearly he's used to dealing with skittish people and takes a small half step backwards. "Bags in…bags." he vaguely motions to his own. He has a habit of carrying stuff with…just in case. Over his shoulder Piper gets an encouraging smile. Things were going ok it seemed till he showed up. "…ok. Just bad…" his hand raises to make a motion near his temple, "bad day."

Caitlin's expression mingles concern with curiosity, and she glances from Quinton to Piper, then back again. "I'm sorry to hear that," she ventures quietly. "It's… not exactly been a great year for most people, I know. We all have some days worse than others."

The looks she gets is encouragement enough to step up beside Quinton, or maybe she just wants to get a chance to peek into the backpack. It's both. And yes, she's either skittish or hostile around strangers, days like today when she is neither aren't common. Though to say she isn't totally skittish now would be a lie. A hand goes to rub the infants back as he begins to stir in his sleep. He's still young enough to do that a lot. Eat and sleep is pretty much all he does still. Leaning forward slightly as she stands a few inches from the taller man she glances down at what she can see in pack, nodding absently at what Caitlin said.

Quinton can't help a small chuckle at Cait's words. That's the understatement of the year. He doesn't try to explain, can't currently. He gives a small shrug, like there's nothing to be done about the situation, so why bother. With Piper moving closer the smile stays on his face, but he's back to looking at Caitlin, "Trade?" He doesn't look in her backpack until invited.

"I was intending to bring it to the Reyes, and trade there," Caitlin agrees - or explains. She doesn't look *wholly* sure as to quite what was being asked. "But we could see if there's anything you particularly want to trade now, if you like?"

A sidelong glance is given to Quinton at the suggestion of trading. Piper has seen what is in his pack currently. She's certainly curious how this is going to work, but she isn't saying anything about it.

Quinton's hands go up, in a innocent type of way. "Only…if you…want.." he doesn't want to take away from the Reyes. That's bad for relations too. After a beat he'll sling his back pack off and kneel down, opening it to display the 5 bottles of dish soap and 3 bags of laundry detergent. And a book, although the front cover is obscured. He looks up at Cait waiting to see if any of this interests her. Some people have other ways of cleaning(Or don't). For all he knows one of the people she's with can make soap.

Caitlin hauls out a folded-up jacket - clean-looking, and seemingly in good condition. Then another. Then a coffee maker that had been wedged beneath them. Then another jacket. And a fourth - all of them seemingly adult-sized, practical, and in a good state. From the front pocket, she extracts a still-in-shrink-wrap pack of four men's briefs (Medium size). From the side pockets, she produces a trio of packs of ramen (all with mushrooms).

The small woman just watches as items are produced from the bag. Piper's brow goes up as all the jackets come out, and she glances up at Quinton to gauge his reaction to all that Caitlin has to offer.

Quinton nods, looking at what's there. They have tons of jackets (Hell, they have tons of fur coats) and with no electricity the coffee pots not so useful… He'll motion to the briefs and ramen and then looks up to see if Caitlin is at all interested. He knows it's a stretch. She's already said she's got people back at her camp. they could use those probably.

Caitlin chuckles softly, inclining her head. "It's kind of embarrassing, how popular never-worn underwear is…. But do you mind if I have a look at that book?"

Quinton's thought process is just the more he has, the less laundry he has to do! He nods and hands over the book, it's on Army field medicine. Definitely a good find. there's a sound, probably nothing but Quin's head goes up. He motions for Piper to finish up the deal, trusting her to do whatever and he steps around to go check, his hand going to the gun in his holster.

That's an idea that Piper can totally understand, certainly the kind she prefers. She looks from Caitlin to Quinton and back again. She knows that he isn't as big of books as he is sweaters….barely. She frowns slightly as he starts to give up the book about to stop him when he moves off to investigate what he heard. She stares for a moment at Caitlin, clearly he trusts the woman enough to leave Piper alone with her. Digging into her own pack she pulls out the two brand new jars of peanut butter and sets them on the the ground, then points to the undies, the ramen and she wants the book back. Caitlin might not realize how big a deal that is, but Quinton would and probably would try and stop her from the trade.

Caitlin frowns - but it's clearly pensive rather than hostile. Perhaps there are sweet-toothed survivors among the Renaissance crowd as well as those in need of new underwear. The book has *evidently* caught her interest… but after chewing her lip a little, she hands it back. "I'd love to be able to at least take notes from that," she says softly. "That's a real find. But I think that I can agree to this, not least to try to establish a trading relationship. So… I'll go and find my horse, and then maybe see you with the Reyes? But it was lovely to encounter you again." She really sounds like she means it.

Scavenging Rolls

5 Bottles of Dish Soap
1 Book - Non-Fiction - Army Field Medicine
3 Packs of Laundry Soap
1 Pendant Necklace
5 Matchbox Cars
10 Arrows
2 Jars Peanut Butter (Traded to Caitlin)
1 Mysterious Dead Corpse
2 Jackets
3 Packs of mushroom Top Ramen (Traded to Quinton/Piper)
1 Coffee Maker
2 Jackets
4 Briefs (Traded to Quinton/Piper)

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