(2015-11-13) The Library
The Library
Summary: Quinton and Piper search for music and certain books
Date: 11.13.2015
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Stratford Library

Stratford Library is not a large library by any means, but it has a sufficient amount of books to make any bibliophile happy. After the foyer and the reception area where books are checked out and returned there is a large old fashioned card catalog and a small bank of computers. Flanking these are the shelves full of books. There is a set of stairs toward the back leading both upstairs and down. Upstairs is a rotunda area containing both books, a section with cds and other music as well as a sitting area. Downstairs is dedicated to a children's area.

After the run in with Caitlin yesterday, Quin's in a good mood(Fresh undies will do that!). He's still not talking up a storm, but what he is saying is much more coherent. The two Camp Hopers are headed to the library today, maybe the field medicine book has made someone realize that need more knowledge. Or maybe Quin's just getting twitching and needs something new to read. Either way on this cool morning, they find themselves opening up the doubles doors to the building. The stale air comes rushing out and Quin coughs quietly. Piper gets a glance before he heads inside.

As for Piper she is pretty status quo…at least the status quo she has been lately. Not to twitchy and talking even if it is only here and there and only one or two words at a time. She carries her backpack today instead of dragging the wagon with them. Searching the library is a nice change of pace, no matter the reason. As Quinton opens the doors, she bounces on the balls of her feet, no so much in excitement, but because her newborn seems to like the motion. The stale air wafting out has her rubbing her nose and she gives a sneeze as the dust stirred up by the sudden draft of air going on tickles her nose. She is quick to follow him in.

As for Piper she is pretty status quo…at least the status quo she has been lately. Not to twitchy and talking even if it is only here and there and only one or two words at a time. She carries her backpack today instead of dragging the wagon with them. Searching the library is a nice change of pace, no matter the reason. As Quinton opens the doors, she bounces on the balls of her feet, no so much in excitement, but because her newborn seems to like the motion. The stale air wafting out has her rubbing her nose and she gives a sneeze as the dust stirred up by the sudden draft of air going on tickles her nose. She is quick to follow him in.

Quinton will take any progress, glad Piper's able to make it. Maybe one day he'll get there too. He squints as he steps inside, the blinds haven't been pulled up in almost a year. There's dust everywhere. "Needs a good…dusting…" They'll not be able to bring the kids in until it's cleaned. too much sneezing. Despite that, he takes a deep breath, standing of to the side so piper has enough room to come in. He's just taking in the vibe of the books. It's calming. "Music, kids books…how to." They have a list of what to look for. Probably not in that order. Probably.

Piper should have suspected all the dust, had she baby Quinn would have been left with Bea, who seems to do better with her grieving when she has a baby in her arms…at least she has Troy. Looking around the dark room she nods at him. This time she came prepared and she pulls a small jar candle from her pack and hands it and a lighter over to Quinton. "I'll get the shades." after he takes it she will go deal with opening the blinds, and windows to let some natural light in, which will help some, but won't be enough to get the farther end of the room and between some of the end shelves.

Quinton lights the candle, but lets his eyes roam over the room. Maybe he's checking for anyone else being there, but more likely he's lost in some old memory. He blinks, almost surprised when the room is supinely much brighter with the shades up. "Where to first?" Seems he's going to let her pick.

After struggling a few moments with a window that refuses to open she makes a frustrated noise and gives up on it. One more window open isn't going to make that big a difference. Piper moves back toward the poet, her socked feet noiselessy gliding across the tile floor. Yes, she is wearing socks today. It's a bit chilly. Her eyes, almost all pupil in the dimness, scans the area and the shelves in contains, "Up and work down?"

Quinton's eyebrow quirks slightly as she struggles with the window, but he lets it be. She's stronger than she looks, and if she couldn't get it, he probably would be able to either. He can't help a small frown as he glances at her, there's always something unsettling when he looks at her in the dark. Maybe it's because she's so pretty…he doesn't know. There's not time to ponder it now, there's a library to explore. He nods, "Yes. Up then down." Sounds like a plan and he'll pick up the candle and head for the stairs. He makes sure Piper stays close, mostly so he knows where she is so he doesn't get startled.

Piper cants her head at Quinton a moment. Usually she's the one that is staring at people, which in itself can be unsettling at times. When he agrees with her she begins to head toward the stairs but continues to look around, mostly at the labels on the end of the shelves that tell what subject is stored there. "Weird." she says as she notices the lack of excessive vermin, there are bugs and spiders sure, but few mice to be heard or seen…though they could have fled at the sudden lightshow.

Quinton glances over, "What?" She's also sometimes more observant than he, so maybe he missed something. That frown returns and he starts quickly scanning the room, making sure they're safe.

"It's quiet." yes she finds that weird and Piper does give as best an explanation as she can

"It's quiet." yes she finds that weird and Piper does give as best an explanation as she can "Libraries never quiet." they were't noisy by any means but there was always the sounds of people whispering, shuffling, computer keys clacking and the occasional thud of a dropped book or rattle of book cart being pushed around. It was never like this. She probably finds in ironic a library actually as quiet as one wishes they would be. "Not in New York." especially not there, not with outside noise filtering in, unless you were deep into it at least. She's not creeped out by it though.

Quinton can't help it. his lips quirk into a small smirk, amused at such an odd observation, "well….yes." Pale eyes scan the room again as they head for the stairs. "Nice though….I like it." Something tranquil in the frozen stillness that's here. Like, the aliens can't hurt it any more. Morbid much? His though process has been turning that was lately.

Dark eyes roll at the response, though truthfully its more of one that she expected. "It is." Piper agrees though less dust would be nice. Heading up the stairs she glances over her shoulder to both make sure Quinton is there and to get a better vantage of the library layout from the height of the stairs.

The upstairs is shrouded in darkness so the woman in some uncanny way heads over to the floor to ceiling windows and opens the roman style shades to let the gray light from the overcast day in. The windows here provide a lot more light to the the area then the ones downstairs did.

He's there. Not like he's going to make a mad dash to get away. When she look at Quin he offers a soft smile. That fades again when she's zeros in on the window. What's wrong with his eyes? He stops where he is to rub then, worriedly. He doesn't think he could handle his brainand being blind. "Records …maybe a few CDs for the truck." There will most likely be record players, but they'll need power to makes those work.

He may be rubbing his eyes, but Piper is squinting hers at the sudden brightness in the rotunda area. She is always willing to have more music around and she smiles as she wanders to look for the area where the music stuff is stored. A real record player would be nice, but until the solar panels are fixed or another form of electricity is had she is making do with the gramaphone. Assuming someone set it up in the clubhouse. "Genre?" she asks him. They've had a discussion about bands once…well sorta and she knows he likes Coldplay but has never came out and inquired about musical tastes before now.

"I'll take anything at this point." Really, 9 months with very little music…He thinks most people will be starved for anything. The poet smiles again though, "Maybe Dylan. Lennon… Pink Floyd. Nirvana." Figures he'd go for the more lyric heavy artists. "Neil Young. Morrison. Marley." Talking , or listing, like this seems to help him focus. He's not forcing words, or even messing up names. The poet is letting Piper look, instead he's glancing around the rest of the room, maybe looking for something else.

"Understandable." its a big word for Piper's own speaking issues but she manages to get it out without to much trouble. Wandering through the shelves she grabs seemingly at random on her way to the back wall where the music stuffs are shelved. Considering her penchant for singing she probably prefers lyrical music as well, and when she does sing it's usually older stuff. But she will take what she can get, it's all good to her. "I'll find something." and her hunt through the music begins

There's a bin of things that need to be shelved sitting on a table, so Quin starts going through that. Two country albums are pulled. Not his cup of tea, but he's sure one of the gun slinging cowboys they have, or Dixie, will like them. A handful of CDs…just in case they get power. and then at the bottom, bingo. Rock albums. This will make life 10 times more pleasant. At at least his life. If the girls in his life are happy, then Quin's happy. And music will make Piper and Kayla both happy. The two odd books are in different languages, german and Italian. He's been wondering if he could teach himself a language…maybe he'll try.

Piper's backpack can only hold so much and since they can easily return she only grabs a few albums, Chopin and Mozart of course, recorded by the the Philharmonic, a couple of dance cds for the children and an album for Quinton. Her findings in hand she moves back toward where he is digging "This good?" she holds up the Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon.

Quinton makes a happy noise, setting down his own finds to take the album show, "Yes. Very." He flips it over, like one does, and glances over the back. "The lunatic is on the grass. The lunatic is on the grass. Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs. Got to keep the loonies on the path." That seems to amuse him and he laughs softly with a nod of his head before he looks up at her, "It's…perfect. thank you." Still smiling , "Find anything …for you?"

The choice of lyrics to recite has Piper looking at him a bit strangely but his laughter eases it into a nod at his pleasure in the album. "Of course." she shrugs of her pack to put her current findings away "Yes." she holds up to the two NY Philharmonic albums, "No Simon & Garfunkel." at least not in the sections she was looking through…or they are in a return bin somewhere, but she seems happy enough with the classical stuff.

Quinton nods again, happy for the moment, "Good." Everyone is happy. "If drone…CD.." He motions to the dance ones she's putting away, "Kids will be happy.." If they can find a drone to take out. He's actually a little nervous that they've stopped sending them…they ned those batteries! "Want to…go down now?"

Fitting albums in a backpack isn't easy, but Piper gets the two albums in, she may just end up carrying them later, but they are good for now. She isn't sure that exchanging drove visits for power is that thrilling a prospect, but power is nice, if only for food preservation, "Yeah." she takes a final look around, mostly toward the music section, in a wistful fashion and will join him on the short walk down the stairs.

Quinton says, "We'll come back." He picks up the candle and will walk down the stairs next to her. Quin glances to the babe briefly, but he seems to be sleeping before heading towards the middle of the room. "Should look for…garden…building, how go's…" He's got one other place he needs to look, but he'll wait till Piper's busy looking at books. If there's any copies of his book here, there won't be when they leave."

The woman sighs but nods. "Not going anywhere." Piper says, more to herself as she goes down the stairs and begins to wander around the larger ground floor. "On it." It's dark in places, but she doesn't take the candle from Quinton. With the help of the shelve labeling she finds the guides and how-tos. A lot of them are old and out of date, but there are some military reference books, wrongly shelved, in with them so she grabs those two as well as the more humorous and strangely more useful pop-culture style survival guides…one specifically about gathering and cooking food after the zombie apocalypse. She occasionally will look around to see what Quinton is up to, but doesn't remark on it, just assuming he is grabbing useful books.

Well, it's useful to him, anyway. Quin is making his way to the poetry section. He uses the candle (He'll just worry about his eyesight later) to find the shelves and then quickly starts scanning. Thankfully he's not seeing that familiar spin, maybe the library never got a copy…hopefully. He sighs, more to himself. That shouldn't cause him as much anxiety as it does. But it does.

As she picks out books Piper looses track of where Quinton is within the bookshelves, and footsteps don't seem to help in the echoy building. With her arms full of books..well as full as they can get with her having the small infant with her, she heads toward where she last saw the man, "Quinton?" she can't help but whisper, a lifetime of being told to be quiet in a library ingrained into her brain.

Quinton's face is rubbed in relief, although here's that voice in the back of his head wondering why they don't have it? Wasn't it good enough? Oh insecurities! The whisper carries far in the echoey room and he turns, heading towards Piper, "I'm here." He offers to help take some of the books she's found, setting the on the table before he starts to pack them into a back pack. "looks like you….found good ones…" Well, zombie aside.

She didn't think he would actually leave without her, but there is the possibility that he would head downstairs and she not know. "Cross over skills." zombies, aliens, the techniques for survival are pretty much the same in both scenarios. She does note his own lack of books "Still looking?"

Quinton chuckles, "Maybe they're zombie aliens." They can only eat fever cooked brains. That would at least make some sense of it all. Jerks. A slightly embarrassed expression flashes over his face, "uh..yeah. Thought we should…look downstairs."

"Maybe." Piper doesn't find the comment as funny as he does, but she tries to look suitably amused by it. She's good at reading people and she has no idea where that look is coming from, but the thought of checking out downstairs forestalls questions about. "Lets." off to the stairs again to head into the deed darkness of the basement. Why is the children's area always in library basements?

Quinton follows, and then steps in front to hold the candle so they can see where they are stepping. "Maybe there will be…kid sized furniture.." Or bean bags or something, right? There's not as much natural light, just what's coming from the stair case and the candle.

"Yeah." the tone suggests that she didn't think about that. The library is bound to have chairs and tables that are child size. Maybe a small selection of toys too. Despite not needing it, Piper lets Quinton with his candle lead them through the basement area, with its shorter shelves, mini tables and other tripping hazards that could be hiding in the dark. "Rocking chair?" she has never mentioned it, but she wants one, though not necessarily for herself.

Quinton nods, a small smile. "We can…grab one. If they have it…" There's something sweet about the mental image of Piper rocking Quinn… "I'll carry it…up." And to the apartments. He's a strong manly man. The candle is used to sweep the room, although the light doesn't go very far. "Quinn…ok?" The baby's being awful quiet, Quin the elder turns to look at mother and babe, studying them a moment.

His willingness to at least carry a chair up and back to the apartments has Piper giving a warm smile, and starting the search for one in earnest. She often strays out of the light the candle shines but not for more than a few moments "Fine." she moves close so he can see for himself. The little one is wide awake now, but at some point a pacifier was stuck into his mouth which explains the quietness, he also seems to have a firm grip on one of his mother's thick braids, but thankfully isn't pulling on it at the moment.

Quinton grins down at Quinn, "Hey buddy…"The hand not holding the candle reaches up to briefly stroke his cheek. "Don't pull mama's hair…" His pale eye go from the baby up the braid to Piper's dark eyes and he chuckles, "He's ..quiet." Then again, so is Troy. "Do you need anything else for him?" For the moment the library is forgotten, along with the fact they only have the one candle as a light source. They almost look like a Rembrandt painting.

The baby's eyes aren't the dark pools of brown like his mothers, but they have that same intensity of stare as they move to look at the man talking to him. "Yes." much like her too. She offers no explanation as to why though. Her eyes meet his as she contemplates the question "Clothes." babies grow faster than she thought, he's starting to outgrow the things that were taken from the hospital.

Quinton's still for a moment, that lost look (Or maybe it's a plotting look?) flickers across his features before he nods, "ok. I can…clothes." He looks down again at the infant, "Warm winter clothes…and jammies." How does Quinton even have a man card if he just said jammies? Apparently Piper's safe to say that in front of though, there's no flinch or face when he says it. "What about you? Need more?" His gaze comes up again to meet her's.

Piper doesn't see anything wrong with the word. Maybe if he was using it in context of his own sleeepwear there would be some judgment, but not when it comes to the clothing of infants and children "Thanks." he is way better at finding things than she is. She will readily admit that. Her gaze shifts when asked about her own needs, "I'm good." even if she only wears the same sets of clothes, depending on the temp outside, tank and shorts or the dress on warm days and beat up jeans and the new sweatshirt on chilly days like today. She does have plenty of socks it seems, she always has a different pair on, when she wears them that is.

Quinton frowns slightly, reaching a hand up to touch her forearm briefly, "Don't. Let me…let me help you. i can't find you…whatever you need."

Well her hesitance of letting people help her hasn't changed. Piper looks back at him, a sense of deja-vu hitting her. Was that a promise she made…she can't recall, "Clothes." she says finally, which they aren't going to find here, is her most immediate need, besides a bigger apartment, which is out of their hands, and the rocking chair she wants.

Quinton's brow is furrowed, like he's trying to figure if that's it. A soft nod, "ok…I can do that." He'll do that as soon as he gets her rocking chair back. "I have some…t-shirts, if you want." He's got lots of mismatched clothes. Kayla steals the shirts to sleep in. "Let's get the chair and see what's here…and then get home."

Scavenging Rolls

3 Classical Albums (Vinyl)
3 Cookbooks
1 Humor Books
3 Pop Culture Books
1 Book-Fiction-Italian Language
3 Rock Albums (Vinyl)
1 Paper Book
3 Romance Books
3 Pop Culture Books
1 Book-Fiction-German Language
2 Country Albums (Vinyl)
2 Dance Music CDs
1 Classic Rock Album
2 Classical Albums (Vinyl)
2 Military References

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