(2015-11-14) Into the Fold
Into the Fold
Summary: Piper is slowly bringing Caitlin into the group. Pending Bob's ok.
Date: 11-14-2015
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SGA Club House

This large building dominates the center of the complex. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrounding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchenette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did there business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

It's night, the sun was gone and the moon just starting to rise, giving some light to the dark streets. Piper got a late start with her daily scavenging and was just heading back to the apartments the campers call home when she ran into Caitlin. Due to the late hour and the assumption that nighttime isn't a safe time she wordlessly invited the woman to come back to the complex with her, at least to get a hot meal, if not to have a comfy and safe place to rest for the evening.

Though Piper's transitions between silence, taciturnity, and angelic music-making are a little perturbing, Caitlin seems to be quite willing to have herself and her horse tag along with her guide. She peers around with wary curiosity throughout the trip, but relaxes a little as they reach their destination.

The clubhouse is warm on the cool evening. A large fire crackling in the fireplace and sodacan lanterns placed around giving a warm glow. There are a few people relaxing around the fire, playing cards, drinking or both. There are also a number of children that seem to be half asleep on one sofa.

The petite woman is an enigma alright. Even those that have known her awhile tend to think so. As Piper leads the way into the clubhouse she pauses at the office like are, which has been converted to storage and leaves the canned fruits she found, save one, she keeps a can of pineapple for herself. As they get further into the room Piper makes a sweeping gesture in a make yourself at home kinda way.

Caitlin delayed to tend to her horse… but upon being shown inside, she smiles warmly, looking genuinely appreciative. "Thank you," she says softly, hitching at the pack on her shoulders - from which her crossbow now hangs, rather than occupying its usual place in her arms. "It looks like your group is settling in well. I'm glad."

Piper's dark eyed gaze roves the room a moment, searching for someone, but not finding whom she is looking for. Once the pack is removed and set down she works on freeing the infant from his snuggie and the bandeu of fabric from around her. A nod is given to the statement and she moves toward the sofa to ruffle the hair of what seems to be the eldest child. The girl, about 8ish, looks up sleepily first at Piper and then to Caitlin and stares at the former a moment "Right." she says and gets to her feet to go fetch some leftovers from dinner for the pair. Settling the squirming baby Quinn against her shoulder she pantomimes drinking and gives Cait a questioning look.

"Please, yes," Caitlin accepts gratefully. She busies herself for a few moments, setting down her pack with a happy little sound of relaxation, before arching her back. Flipping her hood down to reveal her hair, she smiles again. "It's nice to see the mix of people in your group. People working together, I mean. Too many have stopped trusting anyone at all."

Two mugs are brought out and Piper pours some clean, but tepid water from a pitcher behind the bar. Handing one to Caitlin she keeps the other and moves to have a seat at the bar. She gives a frown of concentration, and opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. Thankfully Caro comes back with plates of food. It isn't much, but its warm and edible. Piper sets her mug down and puts her hand on Caro's shoulder to whisper something in her ear, which the girl relates "There were more. Papaw Sonny," there is a catch in her words at the name "was a good leader. Brought us all together, kept us safe."

Caitlin smiles appreciatively upon receipt of both water and food… but her expression turns worriedly sympathetic as she nods. "I'm sorry. I'm glad that he was able to help you all. And I'm glad you're here now. It's, well, very *welcome*, to find more survivors. Nice ones. Hopefully we can find ways to help each other."

Piper sorta sits, sorta leans on a barstool, her own plate on the bar next to her mug. The young girl climbs onto the stool that Piper is sorta occupying as well. Another whisper is given and the girl looks sheepish a moment "Right." she then offers her hand to Caitlin "I'm Caro." a side long glance to Piper "Really?" she asks "And she is called Piper." called being the operative word there. "And you are Ms. Caitlin?" its really a statement phrased as a question, since Caro knows exactly who the woman is.

That 'really' prompts a look of mingled amusement and curiosity from the redhead, before she cracks a grin and accepts the offered hand. "Just Caitlin will be fine. But yes, I am. It's nice to meet you, Caro. And to have a name for you, Piper." The near-silent beauty receives a warm smile of her own, before the visitor looks back to the more voluble of her hostesses. "Are there any more of you out on the road? Or have you all made it safely here? I'm just wondering if I should offer to help out at all. I might know some of the local area a little better, for the time being."

While Caro talks Piper is focusing on the baby in her arms for a moment. Removing his little jacket before he gets to hot in the warmer temp of the clubhouse. She looks up when her so called name is said and she gives a nod at Caitlin, she hasn't warmed up enough to offer more than a brief smile. The little jacket is handed to Caro who takes it and places a kiss on the baby's head "Hello baby Quinn." she says to the infant before a few more whispered words from Piper has her answering. Apparently the woman has no troubles talking to the young girl "Everyone is accounted for. We can always use help. Not so much with the area, but in filling skill gaps?" she seems a bit confused at the words, too young to understand some of what she is saying for the older woman.

Caitlin blinks, then chuckles. Inclining her head, she slightly raises her mug of tepid water. "Ah. When we first met, I mentioned a few things I can do passably well. I can sew - work with leather and cloth. Make clothes, repair them, fix up bags. That sort of thing. I'm also not bad at hunting, and can often go unnoticed when I want to. And I'm *slooowly* learning how to ride without feeling like I'm shortening my spine. But I'm some way off that, as yet."

Piper uses her free hand to tap her nose, all those skills are needed at the moment, except the hunting so much. There are a few good hunters in their group. "Did you make what you are wearing now?" Caro asks of her own volition. Then she nods "Riding does hurt at first. Ms. Jade is teaching me how to ride. She's our vet…she's teaching me all about animals and how to fix them up." Piper whispers again "We can introduce you. Have her check on your horse and give you some riding pointers.

Caitlin flashes a grin, careful to include the whispering Piper as well as her audible interpreter. "I'd like that, thank you. We've got a couple of equine enthusiasts of our own, but I'm one of the ones more, umm, useful to send out farther afield. And, ahh, yeah. A fair amount of it." She peers down at her outfit. "I'm really not much of a cobbler, so I bought the boots. But I can work up things like moccasins fairly easily. And I'm not bad with clothing."

The woman gestures toward the southwest while Caro says what she is supposedly getting at, "Jade spends most of her time at that petting zoo." that's where all their assorted animals are being kept "It's pretty." Caro says of the archaic clothing. As Caro talks Piper listens, occasionally sipping her drink or taking a bit of her food. She is getting the hang of doing things one handed. A gesture is made to Caro and the rest of the kids and she tugs on her shirt and then mimes sewing with her free hand.

Caitlin peers over the rim of her mug, sipping thoughtfully as she studies the array of ill-fitting clothing on display. "I could help out, definitely. Minor repairs are the easiest and quickest, of course, but can help to keep things held together while bigger projects are worked on. We've got a foot-powered mechanical sewing machine, so I can use that to help out a bit, but a lot of work really has to be done by hand. But I could certainly take some commissions - to modify, or repair, or even make from scratch, if you wanted."

There is a nod, clothes that haven't been chewed on or made otherwise unusable by moths, rats and other vermin are getting harder to come by. And children grow fast, and the ones here still have a lot of that to do. None look older than eight. The offer finally…finally! has Piper speaking, mind you it is only one word, "Thanks." her speaking voice is much like her singing one, clear and melodious. Caro grins at the verbalization and the baby so far content in her mother's arms coos in response.

Caitlin cracks a grin, waiting a moment to see if there might be any further speech to follow that lone word, before nodding. "You're welcome. It should be fairly interesting. Is there anything you particularly urgently need? I suppose that I could take measurements, and requests, while I'm here. If that'd be all right."

They need all sorts of things, but Piper points to one of the sodacan lanterns "Candles." Caro interprets the pointing "Or did you mean clothing?" Caro asks after a whispered word or two from Piper. Seems that one word is all that she is getting this evening "You should ask the others. Most everyone has went to bed." or went to their own apartments at least "You could stay the night and ask in the morning." once that is cleared with Bob of course. He's probably around somewhere, on guard duty.

Caitlin follows the pointing finger, looking a little perplexed… before nodding and smiling. "Ah. I meant clothes… but as it happens, I found two boxes of candles today. If you particularly need them…." She shrugs amiably. "But I could take requests, and measurements, for the two - or three - of you, if you wanted. Now, I mean. But staying the night would certainly be welcome."

Piper nudges Caro off the stool and toward Caitlin, in a you go first kind of gesture. The woman will and always has put the children first, refusing any help for herself and isn't comfortable enough with Cait to be measured herself. She has issues with touching. Caro sighs "Fine." she hops off the stool and goes toward the other woman "Come along Miss. Caitlin. You can do all us. Piper will see to a place for you to bunk." she then leads the way over to the rest of the children.

Caitlin raises a hand in farewell to Piper, before snaring her pack, then heading off after Caro, sipping from her mug as she goes.

Scavenging Rolls

2 Boxes Taper Candles
1 Box of toothpicks
1 Standing Mixer
1 Bottles of Vinegar
2 Trenchcoats
2 Jars of Cocoa Powder
2 Cans Pineapple
1 Cans Peaches
3 Cans Pears

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