(2015-11-16) New Clothes, Old Idea
New Clothes, Old Idea
Summary: Piper is given new-to-her clothes, Quinton remembers an old idea
Date: 11.16.2015
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SGA Club House

This large building dominates the center of the complex. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrounding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did there business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

There was a bit of thunder and lightning when the rain started, but while the special effects have passed the rain, it continues. With no sun to gauge by it's hard to tell that it is later in the afternoon, but it is.

The clubhouse is warm compared to the wet and damp outside, thanks to the fire that crackles in the fireplace. Piper wasn't up to going out in the storm this morning so she made herself useful in other ways earlier but now she is taking a break from those things. The gramophone is going, one of the classical albums playing softly so as not to disturb the baby sleeping on his mother's shoulder while she writes in that previously noted leather bound journal.

Quinton was not as smart, and left early this morning. So when he returns, the poet is drenched. The jacket he had on could only keep the water out for so long. On the flip side, his back pack looks full! His blonde hair is plastered to his head as he steps inside glancing around, the surprise that there's no one else here flashes across his face. On a day like this he though everyone would gather to the fireplace. His backpack is set down , with a soft squish, and he starts shrugging out of his jacket to hang it on a hood. His sweater underneath is damp, along with his jeans. Piper and sleepy baby get a soft smile.

The woman is focused enough on whatever it is she is writing down that it takes her a moment to register that she is no longer alone. A socked foot comes down to stop the rocking of the chair when she sees the soaked man and a small frown is made at his state. "Good haul?" the journal is tucked away into her pack on the floor and she gets up to put the infant in his basket then goes to get a towel from the kitchen area and bring it over so he can dry off a bit.

Quinton keeps his voice low, "Decent enough, yeah. Got something for you." By the time she gets over to him, his sweater is off as well. Better to be cold and dry for a few minutes. Besides, there's a fire he can sit by. His t-shirt has some weird white blobby critter with the words 'Working my Adipose off' on it. Piper gets another grin as he picks up his backpack, "Good day?"

Piper looks curious at his news, glancing from him to his backpack and then back to him. She almost asks him why, her expression for a moment shows it but she doesn't, instead choosing to answer his question "Okay. Better than…" she jerks a thumb toward the patio window. That's where the people that would usually be hanging out in the warmth are, getting the grills fired up so the evening meal can be prepared. Not an easy task on a rainy day, even if they are all under the gazebo.

Ah…there they are! He nods, "Not an easy task." Thankfully Quin's not a cooker, or they would all be in trouble. Especially on his bad days. The towel is taken and he rubs his face and the hair. His skin is already goose bumping. The towel is the tossed onto his shoulder and he reaches down to grab the strap of his bag, "Let's go by the fire." Waste no, right? She gets another smile, even as he shivers.

"Nope." she agrees, glad that she got out of having to help thanks to having baby Quinn to look after. She too is better off not cooking, though Piper seems to do fine with the herbal concoctions she tries, but she hasn't tried any since the move. "Right." she nods realizing that he is probably cold and she heads over to warmth of the fireplace.

Quinton follows, making sure she sits down near the fire too. no need for him to hog it. He's still smiling soft, seemingly happy with his haul for the day. The bag at his feet is opened and he pulls out several plastic bags, obviously used to keep things dry. "here!" he hands one over that has a pair of jeans and a belt. He has no idea Piper's size, and everyone gets weird when he asks, so hopefully these are close enough. he keeps rummaging though, the obvious sound of little plastic bricks hitting one another as they tumble in the bag he doesn't pull out. Given enough time, he's gonna have enough legos for all the kids!

She's not particularly cold, but Piper will sit next to him on the hearth as he starts to pull things out of his bag. She watches, her eyes shifting back and forth from his smiling face to the contents of his pack. The bag is taken and the contents removed. Jeans without air conditioning! She holds them up and checks the tag then lays both jeans and belt across her lap. They must be close enough because she gives him a thankful smile, "Nice, no holes." not even ones that are supposed to be there because they came that way.

Quinton chuckles, "Didn't think holes were in style anymore.." Is there a style anymore? Another bag is handed over with a t-shirt, a tank and some undies. They're not brand new in the packaging, but they appear to be clean, probably come out of someone's dresser drawer. "I'll keep looking for more, But I thought this was an ok…start." That seems to be all he's pulling out of the bag for now. His fingers are a little red from the cold and he holds them up to the fire.

There is an exaggerated shrug from Piper, "Vogue didn't come." it took her a few moments to get that out, rearranging a longer sentence she wants to say into a shorter one takes time, her tone is one of amusement to match his happy mood. The next bag is emptied of its contents and examined, "Good start." she nods at him, setting all the clothing in her lap "I don't…" she hrmmms and pushes an unruly escaping lock from her face, "Thanks." she glances at his hands "You need gloves."

The sentence, even short has Quin smiling a little brighter and he nods. "Right? What's up with the postal service here, anyway?" His head tilts slightly, watching her struggle with something, "Don't…You deserve to be warm too." Whatever complex, she needs to stop. She has too many kids depending on her! His nose wrinkles and he'll flex his fingers, "No…It's not going to freeze here…It's not a need." And he's not sure how much use he'll be gloved. His fingers won't be as nimble.

Piper makes an amused noise that isn't quite a laugh at his joke "Snail mail." taken to a whole new level. Not wanting to bring his happy mood down she'll focus on the glove/not glove situation. She reaches for his hands to wrap her much warmer ones around his cold fingers "Course it is." says the woman that walks around pretty much barefoot in the same cold weather he does.

Quinton rolls his eyes playfully, "What is this, the stone age?" He notices the gliding over , and will let it go if she takes what he's given her. Which she seems to be. he stills any movement as she takes his cold fingers into her hands. His pale eyes blink and then he cracks another smile, "I'll worry about it…after I get you a wardrobe, ok?" He does glance down at their hands, a thought flu expression flickers before he pushes it away and smiles again, "We might be able to stay here…actually rebuild.." Maybe.

You say, "Flintstones lied." she gives a bit of a smirk, recalling the cartoon from so many years ago. "Fine." Piper nods at him, though she probably has ideas to take the problem out of his hands already. That quizzical head cant of hers is given to him "Rebuild? Society?" she hmmms thoughtfully herself "How would…what does.." grrr words, "look like?"

Quinton just responds with a chuckle, "What dicks." Wow, he must be in a good mood! She agreed! that's all he cares about, He can worry about gloves later. Hopefully piper won't mention it to Kayla. He shrugs, "Not sure…I've never done anything important like that…" Biggest thing he's ever done is his book, and it's definitely not anything like this. "We need to…be safe…welcoming, gather as many people as we can." He glances outside, maybe at the people struggling with the grills, maybe beyond. "We have to …plan a attack back. Show that we're…still here. To everyone else." He still dreams like a poet.

That they were, not at the time of course, they didn't know what was coming. Piper listens to him, dark eyes glued to his face as he tries to figure it out, what little can be figured that is, "Not easy," she replies, "Not alone." she of course means he won't have to do it all alone. That would be impossible "Win big." and in a spectacular display if winning.

Quinton chuckles, "Fells like ti somedays. Everyone is so focused on…surviving…no one wants to plan on…winning." he nods slowly, his fingers tightening slightly on here's. "yeah…big win. Something…visual." His eyes stay or her face and then he shakes his head, clearing his throat. Weird thoughts today in seems.

It’s a situation that perplexes her. Piper thought humans had a fighting spirit, but she isn't really seeing it much in this group, not the way they should be fighting "Think they can't." that is sorta disheartening, "Maybe?" she isn't sure, she doesn't go around reading minds, "Need a smaller win first." something besides taking a drone down or beating back an attack from the Kamo Kids. "You ok?" a concerned tone comes out with his odd bit of body language.

Quinton swallows, nodding, "yeah…just…" His eyes go from her hands to the fire, "I'm …my head isn't straight enough to help…to figure all this out." He has a horrible feeling that before the fever he might have been more helpful, and that just makes him feel worse. He doesn't look back, but his hand tightens, thumb rubbing against her knuckles, "Small win. Bigger than a drone…"

The concern is still there as he explains "No ones is." that's Piper's opinion at least "Not alone." she repeats. It's going to take a group of them brainstorming to figure it out. She searches his face, her own guilt getting worse when he looks that way, "Bigger, yes. Talk to Lincoln."

That's not making him feel better. Quin sighs and his nose wrinkles, "he doesn't…listen…" It always makes he feel worse. The poet tries to change the subject, "Those will all…fit, right?"

Piper nods to Quinton "Don't stop talking." it's her only peice of advice for the moment. They have to listen sometime right? Hopefully not before it's to late. At his change of topic she glances down at the clothes in her lap "Well enough." not like the clothes she has now fit her all that well "Better at least. Find anything for you?"

Easy for her to say, she can just glare and everyone shuts up and listens. With him they all patronize him. Quin's jaw tightens but he sighs, trying to let go of some of that tension. He's been very mood swingy lately. He finally looks down at her lap and nods, "Good. I'll find more." No one's clothes fit all that well. his t-shirt is actually a little small on him. He's but on a little bit of muscle it seems. Still scrawny, but not as much now. "I found…legos. Christmas." So no, nothing for him.

Now it is her turn to squeeze his hands and Piper gives him a hopeful smile, "We'll figure it out." eventually…hopefully before they all get blown up by the enemy in some fashion "Thanks." and she really does appreciate even if she doesn't feel she deserves the assist. She gives a real grin at his news of the legos "Everything is Awesome." she says in the tune of the song. Now if only it was.

Quinton studies her, taking in that hopeful smile. She didn't used to give those, or she'd force them. To see her giving them now, it does bring back a smile to his face, "Yeah…" They'll figure it out. The slogan gets a laugh, "Part of a team." That part is real, maybe not the living your dream part though. Then the poet blinks, like something clicks, "Mail carriers….like…pony express…" Maybe they can start communicating with other groups….

A real laugh even comes when he continues with the next line of the song "We'll get there." she could be referring to the dream bit, or being a team part…both. "An idea?" she asks when he gets that lightbulb expression on his face. Letting go of his hands she holds up a finger and gets up to go grab a pen and paper so they can brainstorm it properly as they stay warm by the fire.

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