(2015-11-17) And the Walls Fell, Take Two
And the Walls Fell, Take Two
Summary: So much drama.
Date: 11.17.2015
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Dawn has broken on the small ghost town of Stratford, Texas. The cold front that was sticking around has move on and with it the rainy weather, leaving the sky clear and the air warm. About the only thing that mars the scene is the humoungous spaceship that always floats on the horizon. It's presence a constant reminder that the world has gone to hell…as if the lack of electricity and running water for the last 11 months wasn't reminder enough.

Another day, another dollar…but dollars don't count anymore so it's more like another day to find a row of houses and search them for usuable items. A task that gets harder and harder as time and vermin take thier toil. The diminutive woman, Piper, pulls a little red wagon behind her. She is probably thinking of doing some hunting later, she has her rifle slung over her shoulder along with her pack on her back. The baby was left with Bea "Maybe the lake." she suggests to her companion Quinton. "Turkey would be nice.

"Yeah…turkey is always good." Quinn quirks a smile as he looks around the area as the walk, "Let's hit a few houses first." He has a pistol in a holster, which looks unnatural on him.

"Next week." she says with a nod, but doesn't clarify what next week is. There is a pause in her step when the suggestion to hit some houses is made and Piper scans the residential buildings on each side of the street. "That one?" she points to the multi-family dwelling, coincidentally the same one that Rucker is using as his hiding spot.

Quinton smirks, he knows what next week is. He can't tell you the date, but turkey plus fall plus Piper who remembers all the days can only mean on thing…Thanksgiving! "We have a lot to be thankful for, I guess." Sorta, if you squint sideways. Quin looks to the house pointed out and nods, "Sure." "That looks great. Maybe we'll find some cranberry sauce."

"Yes." is Piper's only response to that. Maybe she isn't sure exactly what they should be thankful for as a whole. She can only think of a couple things she can be…three if you just count being alive…and today is one of those days where she really isn't sure about that. She begins to head to the house in question "Can we get that lucky?"

Quinton's sure they can find something. He'll stop her at the door, placing a hand on her shoulder, "Hey. Yes…we can." Seems he's having a really good day, speak is clear and his smile is honest. "We are all here. We're gonna figure this out. We have roofs, it's warmer. We have food and clothes." He'll gently poke at whatever she's wearing today. "We do have things to be thankful for. I promise."

Piper stares up at him as he speaks. Thankfully she has gotten past the flinching at every little touch, at least as far as the poet is concerned. Other people's milage may vary. "We have an impossibility." she's done a bit of a 180 in the whole hope department today, but she can't really argue that things are better here. A sigh comes out, "Better here. Yes."

Quinton frowns, his brow furrowing, "An impossibility? No…Nothing is. We're still here. There's…hope." He takes a small step closer, letting his finger relax from the gentle poke to touch her hand, "We just have to keep going. That's important. They want us to give up." It's pretty obvious who he means by they.

"What if…" she starts to ask and then thinks better of it. Piper gives a shake of her head as if she could shake off all the negativity piling in her brain. For a moment she rests her forehead on his chest hoping some of his hopefullness will flow into her via osmosis. She gives a chuckle though there isn't much amusement in it "Just keep swimming?" the children have been on a disney kick lately and she's had to tell lots of those tales as well as sing the songs countless times.

Quinton's head tilts, "What if what?" His chest rumbles softly as she leans into him and he chuckles, one of his hands goes to touch the back of her neck. "Sure…that works too. Just keep swimming." He doesn't move to pull away, letting her rest there for as long as she wants.

She is silent a long moment, "That was the plan." Piper finally says. Though is she just finishing the statement or actually saying that? To leave segments of the population alive, let them loose hope, kill each other, that sorta of thing. Her head lifts to look up at him. "Suzie Sunshine today." she normally doesn't do sarcasm, but there is a twinge of it when she calls herself out "Sorry." sincerity there.

Quinton looks down at her, smiling softly, but warmly. "it's ok…we all have days like this." He probably more than most. His hand moves from the back of her neck to brush against her cheek. His lips press together as he internally debates, but this struggle has been long in the making and he's tired of fighting it. Pale eyes flicker down to her lips in a tell tale flag of his intent. He leaves her plenty of room to pull away, just in case he's been reading this all wrong. And with his brain, he could be.

Not exactly having a response to that Piper just nods at him, and gives a bit of a smile, that is only partly forced. She starts to gesture to the door, but the way he is looking at her stops the movement and she just looks back at him a curious expression over taking her face. Well she is not pulling back, probably because somethings are harder to read for her than others.

Quinton takes that as a positive, so the poet inhales deeply and leans into brush his lips gently across her's.

To say Piper is completely surprised would be a lie, there is a little. And considering what she has been through, hesitancy in her own warm response but it is the gentleness that undoes her. Tears start to flow from her eyes and she pulls away only to burrow her face in his chest as her hands clings to his shirt pulling him closer as her body is racked with her sobbing.

That's…not what he was hoping for. Quin's insides crumble as Piper clings to him. No…not what he wanted at all. He never wanted to make her cry. "I..I'm sorry…" He's not even sure if he should put his arms around her or not. If this is triggering some awful memory…he doesn't want that. The man frowns at himself, and his sister's advice. Damn her. Damn him. Damn this whole broken world. his hands finally lightly rub her shoulders , unsure where else to go. "I'm sorry..I..i shouldn't have down that. I won't again. I promise."

Do the words even penetrate? They must because Piper gives a shake of her head, before she starts to spill her horrible story, not the whole I'm an alien silencer thing. The other one about being caught by the wrong kind of people and used horribly. She doesn't give details, just the facts and how the plague saved her from all that…and that her son is the result. It's the most lucid four sentences she has ever uttered. No wonder she was in denial for the first few months of her pregnancy. After she drops all that on him she takes a deep breath as she pulls away "Don't promise that…" she wipes an eye "should have."

Quinton know. Well, Quinton guessed all of that. He's peaked together most of it, anyway. He stays still, his heart pounding harder than when he faced lions. he then utters something he never thought he's say, "Then…I'm glad there was a plague." His hands immediately loosen and move of her shoulder, not wanting her to feel trapped. He's not feeling like he should have, no dude would with a crying girl in front of them. So he says nothing, just watches her concerned.

Piper blinks up at him in surprise. She never thought he would say anything like that either…considering what he lost when the disease swept the world. Is it funny…she isn't sure, and doesn't know what to say to that. There wasn't the waterworks until the PDA, and considering that she isn't one of those pretty criers, she gets all blotchy and her eyes get all red, it's unfortunate she did. Using the collar of the new to her t-shirt she wipes her face. "Can we go inside." then gestures to the door of the house they are at the door of, "I need to sit." she is still trembling a bit.

Quinton just nods, glad to have something to actually do instead of feeling lousy for his actions. The tall man moves to the house rattling the door and then shouldering it open. It's unlocked, but sticking. He's a little shaky too, but not nearly as bad as Piper. The path is cleared, a few things kicked out of the way to the couch. Which is slightly dusty. He doesn't say anything, and doesn't make eye contact with the splotchy girl.

As she follows Quinton in there are none of her curious looks about the interior to search for potential things to grab, just straight to the living room. Piper looks awful, and she feels lousy too, mostly cause she made a wreck of things. She drops onto the couch with a thud, staring at her hands "Was that…" she loses that one "Did you…" that one bails to she lets out a sigh as her question just isn't coming out.

Quinton makes sure she sits before he shrugs off his backpack and pulls out a bottle of water for her, "Here…drink this." he'll stay kneeling from where he dug in his bag, although he lets his eyes travel around the room, nervously. He doesn't push her to talk.

The water bottle is taken with a muted thanks and she takes a few sips before setting it on the floor. She removes the rifle and her own pack, though from the later she removes that leather bound journal she has been seen writing in lately. As she holds it in her hand she stares at it before holding it out to Quinton.

The book gets his attention and the poet slowly turns to look at it, then her. His eyebrows are drawn together but he'll take the book slowly. "I…You don't have to justify anything to me." He swallows look up at her, "I get it…I do. We're…we're ok. I promise."

"It's yours…" she hrms "To be yours. Present." Piper tries to explain that the journal was going to be his Christmas present. Somehow she thinks that it will help fix this or make him feel better or both "I can see…" she gestures between the both of them, "but it's clouded. Images of you and I. The past haunts, scatters flickers of happiness. To float dead on the breeze." she gestures to the book, that one is in there. His words that they are okay though does make her nod with a flash of upturned lips.

Quinton's bangs are in his eyes, but that doesn't stop the slightly confused look. "Why?" Probably not e4h most helpful question. The bit of poetry confuses him more. "It's only if you want." Cloudy? Or them at all? He takes a deep, but shaky breath, "I didn't mean to make you cry…That's my last intent." His smile has a tinge of sadness to it, he's still confused, but is just going with what seems to be calming her the most. Bea's gonna kill him.

She leans forward, placing a hand over his on the book. "Keep it. Don't open until then." Piper's expression seems to infer the word deal. Though she couldn't and wouldn't stop him if he did decide to. A nod then, "Didn't mean to cry." that wasn't her plan either. "Next time I won't." she crosses her a finger over her heart. Assuming there is a next time.

Quinton stills at her touch. His eyes wide and just looking up at her. "okay?" Quin's not sure what any of this is about, and that's obvious on his face. His head shakes softly, "No…I shouldn't have…done that. I should have given you warning…" Sent a note? Flags? Currier? His hand reaches up and runs through his hair as he slowly slumps into leaning poison against the couch on the floor.

When he sits against the couch Piper will lay down on it, putting her legs over the arm so she can rest her head on his shoulder. She isn't exactly sure how to respond to that except with sheer honesty, "A warning..yes." something to keep in mind for next time should there be one. "Don't give up on me." the last is whispered and the last thing she manages to get out for awhile.

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