(2015-11-18) Family and Options
"Family" and Options
Summary: Terry and Isabeau go scavaging and the Marine presents her with some options.
Date: November 18th 2015
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There's still a few hours before sunset, and those in the vicinity of the old trainyard might hear the sounds of metal clanging and groaning from a knot of old train cars. Within a clear line of sight there's a pile of gear, sitting on the ground, with horses hobbled nearby and Isabeau herself is dropping the door to one of the livestock cars, or at least she seems to be trying to.

Terry makes his way around the area, hopping from rooftop/fire-escape to rooftop/fire-escape, Assassin's Creed-style.. though not quite as silent, given his usual kit (rucksack, rifle case, etc). He's dressed in his alternative gear: men's running shoes, multi-pocket denims, a white t-shirt, and a pea green hoodie. As he nears the train-yard, Terry picks up on the noise, and decides to investigate. Given his load-bearing status, he's not some ghost's shadow, nor is he drunken Godzilla smacking into everything.. though closer to the latter than the former.

Isabeau hisses through her teeth as the ramp finally unsticks, and crashes to the ground, causing the animals to start and move, not that they get far being hobbled. Of course, it's only after she realizes it isn't her making the sound that those moss green eyes start scanning for signs of intruders, reaching for the rifle leaned up against the railcar. She trains the sight on the direction of the noise going perfectly still and silent.

Terry hops onto the final fire-escape.. or, at least, he tries to make the jump. Monotony claims another victim, in a sense. His foot just barely catches the platform, slips, and for a few seconds he falls.. only to reach out and grab one of the rails, saving himself from a wicked fall. He controls his descent instead, dropping down to the lower level, and then from there to the ground, performing a neat little tuck-and-roll to absorb the impact of landing; from the roll, he transitions to a crouch, and then standing.

Those intense green eyes stay focused as she stares down the sight of her rifle at the man, though the way her lips curl, she might be trying not to laugh which would be a first. "So you cook, and you are a wanna be gymnast." Isabeau drawls, with that odd lilt in her voice that marks her as a New Zealander. "Is it safe to put the rifle down or are you going to start singing next?"

Terry blinks at the unexpected voice. He's not startled.. that would invalidate his man-card, and his years of service. Pretty much nothing surprises him these days. "Go ahead and secure your weapon.. I promise not to sing. I can't carry a tune worth a hoot anyway.." He shrugs, offering, "…Shall I join you, or would you care to join me? I was just out for a stroll."

Isabeau slips the rifle strap over her shoulder and walks down the ramp, "Mind giving me a few minutes to get my gear stowed? Isn't ideal but it should do till I figure out my next move, slinging the pack backs over her shoulder and carrying them up into the rail car, hanging them on hooks. "There much to find around here?" She calls over her shoulder, making quick work of the pile, and unhobbling the animals to lead them up and secure them as well.

"Yeah.. I usually manage to scrounge up some things here and there.. of course, that's if the location hasn't already been picked clean. You want spare parts for cars, hit up the mechanic shop.. you want toiletries, poke around the urban sprawl. Schools and libraries often have books.. Big 'duh' there, of course." Terry responds, gesturing around in sweeping motions.

"Before this year I never thought I'd murder for a can of WD40," Isa states deadpan as the last of the horses are secure and she's struggling to get the door shut again, leaving out her rifle, and her shoulder harness pistol, and an empty rucksack. There's a look to the train, and the sounds from the horses, a shake of her head given before. "Not sure how long we will stick around either. The plan was for the group I was with to hit south before winter."

"There's a group of us here in town. If you need a place to stay, we can likely accomodate you, granted you're willing to pitch in… share and share alike, and whatnot." Terry does a few lazy stretches, keeping his blood flowing in the cool crispness of fall. "We're in town for the long haul."

"I appreciate the meal, I hadn't eaten that well in a while." The unspoken but lingers, "I'd rather have all my rules defined up front." Still she hasn't shot him down completely so it's a start right. "And just so you know, if this is a trap, I will put a bullet in you, and not think twice." She singsongs, gesturing for him to lead the way.

"I've said the same thing myself…" A beat passes. "No joke, no traps. Just be prepared.. we're all survivors out here, so the others might take some time to warm up. They're all good people, though." Terry responds, turning away and heading off toward camp.

Isabeau falls in step, perhaps aware of the discomfort of having an armed person at your back. As they go further into town, her demeanor shifts to something more guarded. "Where are we going?" Noting everything on her way. "That shelter, Don't suppose you have space for livestock somewhere lose to it."

"It's a work in progress. We started out elsewhere… Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to relocate here. We took everything we could take, given the limited space in our mode of transport. It's not much, but it's home." Terry responds, shrugging lightly. "Used to be a guy named Sonny Matson ran the place, with his wife Bea. Now we pretty much govern ourselves.. though Bob's the new Sonny.."

"Safer to move around, stay in one place too long, the bandits tend to find you, think you're an easy target," She notes with a tip of her hat. "What sorta person's this Bob guy?" She decides to ask instead, brows knitted together as though her mind is racing despite what she says.

"Stay in one place, build up your resources, your defenses.. get dug in real nice, and open a big can of whoopass on whoever tries to uproot you." Terry offers, with a shrug. "Bob's a good guy. Ol' silverhair. If you could have someone at your back, Bob's your guy." A beat. "Myself as well, of course, but… yeah. Anyway. Good guy, good leader. Knows when to enjoy life, and when to knuckle down and crack the whip."

Isabeau is quiet over that for few minutes, as though contemplating it. "Why the hell did you guys pick this place? Doesn't hardly seem defensible." She notes continuing to follow, "Don't suppose there is a hardware store that wasn't totally gutted. Not sure how I'd feel about living in someone else's box and I am not saying I agree with any of it, but if I want to find what happened to the others, or get myself together enough to get on the move again, I need to regroup." She tilts her head at him, "So what's your story?"

Terry rolls his shoulders. "I'm a two-striker.. Joined the military at eighteen, straight out of high school, and served two tours in the Marines. I chose the 'trench leader' path over the 'back-seat driver'. They wanted me to re-up after my first eight-year contract.. even offered a kick up from First Sergeant. I told them I'd had my fill of patriotic Wheaties for the time being, and returned to Massachusetts. I used my AA in Criminal Justice to get a slot in the local five-oh, worked my way up the ranks."

"Before this whole thing started… I was a Sergeant in the Boston P.D. My military skill transferred rather nicely to the law enforcement world. They called me in when they needed someone ventilated from a distance." Terry finishes, stretching and twisting this way and that, working his muscles loose.

Isabeau can't help but smirk a little, "Should have pegged you as a jarhead." Isabeau sighs picking her way through and eyeing the buildings as they go by. "Still I suppose If I would rather you be on my side than the other team." She throws a look at the sky then. "You up for a little scavaging? I'm thinking of setting up camp near the train depot, lock the horses up at night, with any luck I can find a hardware or home and garden place that hasn't been picked clean. Work on getting a wagon thrown together. Been a while sine I've tried something like that."

"Sure. I'm up for scavenging.. but, again, you don't need to stay out here in the cold.. come in, talk with the others." Terry responds, nodding, and glancing around, pondering what all the camp might need. "I'm sure we can spare a bed.. and there's safety in numbers. We're all on the up-and-up."

"Because veterinarian work and urban settings go so well together." There's a soft laugh, that shell slipping just a touch. "Just met you soldier boy, and already you're offering a bed?" Humor dancing in her eyes. "Nobody's good just to be good, I doubt many of them will like a stranger coming in either. I want to know the exact price tag. If that makes sense." Shifting the bag on her shoulder as she moves to take the lead.

"Exact price tag is… You join the family, you do your fair share. Everybody has a role. We protect each-other, pool our skills and resources, and try to figure out what in the nine hells happened to drive everything bonkers.. and then we try to fix it." Terry nods, keeping pace with Isabeau. "Some of us know how to work the land, others are good at scavenging.. all sorts of tiny cogs working together to keep the machine running."

"Alright," Terry responds with a nod, his voice affecting an "I may have lost the battle, but the war is not over" tone. A shrug quickly follows, and the sniper proceeds to watch the woman practically start drooling over tarp. "You need any help finding things?"

Some girls drool over diamonds, Isa drools over power tools, what can you do? Looking over her shoulder at him with a smirk, "What are you the welcoming comity? Come drink the kool-aid it's mango peach flavored?" She gives him a not so subtle once over, "Yeah, we might even find stuff for that family of yours."

Scavenging Rolls

1 Drill
1 Staple Gun
1 Bottle of Sprite
1 Lawn Table
1 Kit-Kat Bar

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