(2015-11-19) More Trading
More Trading
Summary: Caitlin, Quinton and Piper meet up and trade a few things
Date: 11.19.2015
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Outside the library is a familiar sight. The short, petite woman, the baby on her chest and her little red wagon. She has an armful of books, children's books mostly, which she carefully and with an OCD kinda dedication to how they are laid out in the wagon she uses to transport things she scavenges.

This time, Caitlin isn't warned of Piper's presence by angelic song - and consequently looks rather surprised when she rounds a corner and finds herself looking at the eccentric beauty a short distance away. She lifts one hand from the crossbow that (as usual) is cradled in her arms, offering a wave of greeting and a slightly diffident smile. But she doesn't approach closer, lest she spook the near-mute woman more than normal.

Outside the library is a familiar sight. The short, petite woman, the baby on her chest and her little red wagon. She has an armful of books, children's books mostly, which she carefully and with an OCD kinda dedication to how they are laid out in the wagon she uses to transport things she scavenges.

This time, Caitlin isn't warned of Piper's presence by angelic song - and consequently looks rather surprised when she rounds a corner and finds herself looking at the eccentric beauty a short distance away. She lifts one hand from the crossbow that (as usual) is cradled in her arms, offering a wave of greeting and a slightly diffident smile. But she doesn't approach closer, lest she spook the near-mute woman more than normal.

Nope, no singing today. Piper has happy, squirmy baby today, so lullaby’s and comforting aren't needed. The books are lined up mostly by size from smallest to largest and occasionally she murmurs something to the baby attached to her. The movement, the wave draws her attention and she tenses a bit as she looks up to see that it is Caitlin. A breath and she is relaxing. While Caitlin hasn't been put on her safe list yet, the woman isn't on her 'wants to kill me' list. The wave is returned and a bit of a smile is given to the other woman. Then she waves Caitlin over..giving the all clear to get closer at least.

Caitlin warmly returns the smile, hitching the crossbow into a more comfortable (and less threatening) position before moving closer. She remains alert as she does so, but appears to be much more concerned about potential threats elsewhere rather than getting close to Piper. "Hi there," she says softly. "It's good to see you again."

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Failure.

Quinton's headed down the street slowly. His backpack is hanging low, indicating it's full, but what's odd is the poet isn't looking around his surroundings as usual. Instead he's focusing on something in his hand. He's got on a sweater vest and long sleeved tee, which definitely doesn't(Or does it?) match the fedora that's sitting on top of his shaggy head.

Piper nods at Caitlin as she uses the wagon to push herself up from her kneeling position. "It's…" she starts out and then nothing. The woman is trying to be more vocal but her issues are to deep to be gotten over in a day or two. A sigh of frustration and she resorts to hand signals. A finger to her eye and then pointing to Caitlin as she nods, translation: good to see you…or good be good to be seen? She the points to Caitlin and gives the ok sign and a quizzical look.

A glance back at the library and she gestures to the books in her wagon and then back to the library. Probably saying she's been looking for books. Her looking around has her spotting the focused poet wandering in thier direction. She waves toward him, but considering where his attention is he may not notice.

Caitlin also ventures a wave in Quinton's direction, before sinking smoothly into a crouch - peering at Piper's literary finds, without coming close to touching them. "I wouldn't mind spending some time in there, myself," she admits. "If that would be all right with everyone. More reading material would certainly be welcome."

If it were just one wave, then Quin might have missed it. But two ladies waving and a gurgling baby? The man's head comes up and he focuses on them. A soft, almost hesitant smile and there's a flash of metal as he shoves whatever he was looking at into a pocket before he approaches. Instead of saying anything, he just waves a hand in greeting.

The wagon just has a small collection of children's books so far, quite a few of them Dr. Suess ones, because who doesn't love Dr. Seuss. The notepad comes out, she really needs to get another whiteboard at some point, and she writes "You are free to look…" she looks thoughtful for a moment, giving a curious glance to Quin as he walks over then continues to write "and borrow." she holds out the memopad for Cait to read and she then gives the man a smile when he is closer and waves him over.

Upon reading the message, Caitlin offers Piper a surprised and openly grateful look - before flashing a grin and waving slightly once again to Quinton as he approaches. "Hi there. And thank you. That's very much appreciated honestly. The kindness is very welcome."

Quinton comes over just in time to hear Cait thanking Piper. Which is nice, but odd. He smiles, but tilts his head questioningly. His backpack is the hefted, like he's trying to adjust the heavy straps on his shoulders.

Piper nods to the Caitlin and once more tries to speak but doesn't get out more than an "It's…" there was more but she is stuck at one syllables today it seems and it's a struggle just to get those out to the little known woman. She's trying at least. At the questioning look she shows Quinton what she wrote and then gestures to Caitlin and then the library. "You…" she says to Quinton and then points to his pack and to the wagon.

Caitlin looks a little confused, but offers an encouraging smile - and turns her gaze to Quinton, in hope that he might be able to provide more of an explanation. Hopefully without randomly mixing names, at least.

Yeah…the look of slight panic should clue Piper in that today hasn't been a good day. Quin's head shakes and he swallows, looking from her to caitlin. He manages to force a small smile, "…s-sorry…" His hand goes up and motions against the side of his head, "Bad….day…" He shakes no, but does shrug off the backpack to open in. Inside are several cans of fruit , 5 gallon jub of corn syrup and what looks like rain coats underneath it all. Bad brain day, decent haul though.

Lucky Caitlin, she gets the pair on bad talking days. Yes, Piper knows the look and what it means. She doesn't need the explanation, but of course Caitlin would. She takes his hand briefly to give it a squeeze, maybe floating some calm his way via the contact, but lets it go so she can write on the memopad again. "It's no problem. To share is to survive, even if its just a book or two." she writes, showing the pad to both of them. As her note is read the glances into the opened pack and grins and uses her pencil to tap the syrup "Dixie." she manages to get out the name easily enough. Dixie would like that for candy making is the implication in name.

Caitlin did look markedly more relaxed and rather happy when Quinton popped open his pack, flashing a grin as he began unloading the day's wares. From her own, she produces a rather less practical selection than has previously been evident in her foraging: it seems the entertainment was a high priority, for whoever gave her commissions. A couple of glossy magazines, several CDs, and even a genuine vinyl album (of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro) carefully unwrapped. There're also a few technical reference books.

"I'm not sure how much of this I'll be able to survive trading, though personally speaking I'd happily enough pass up on some of the dance music CDs. It's not as if we even have a way of playing them, but… some people are hopeful. And made requests."

Quinton does seem to calm at Piper's touch. One day he'll figure out why. Her hand is squeezed back softly before he nods with a small grin. Dixie will be happy. The smile fades some at Caitlin's words. he's not sure how many she has to feed. There's a hesitance, but then he points to the record and magazines, indicating interest.

Piper's expression and the way she goes still could indicate that she is familiar with the opera. One of the songs could very well be on that album of hers that was found. Fingers flex, the memopad crunches in her hand, but that goes unnoticed in her staring at the album almost transfixed. "May. I?" she holds out a hand, just asking to look at it for now. A sidelong glance is given to Quinton at his gestures and the stuff in his pack.

"If you take that one, I'll attach a condition of being able to listen to it when I visit," Caitlin smilingly cautions her companions, before carefully handing over the record. It looks to have come from some careful collector's hoard, with even the cover in rather good condition. "I've hopes of us managing to get a record player working before we get DVDs in operation, but we're not there yet."

Quinton nods, the smile now tugging at the corner of his mouth. It's almost like he knew Piper would want the record. Funny that. Then Caitlin gets a nod, of course. Quin motions to the stuff in his bag, looking to see what she'd like.

The memopad is dropped for the moment into the wagon as the album is taken and turned over in Piper's hands. There is a nod from her too, but she really isn't listening at this point, she is reading the back of the album and then slipping the actual record out to check it for scratches or any other damage. There doesn't seem to be any serious problems with it, nothing that will prevent it from playing nicely on the hand crank gramophone they have in the clubhouse. That gets her to smiling, not all of her records are in such good condition. She keeps the record in hands, holding onto for now, and trying to school her happy expression until the deal is done. Baby Quinn gets more vocal, gurgling and cooing while giving a few kicks of his legs. Funny how babies can pick up on these things.

Caitlin cracks another grin, clearly rather pleased. "You have something to play it on, then?", she asks hopefully. "I'm glad. I don't like thinking of so much being *lost*. We've got so many things that contain… elements of what we love, but we can't make use of them. I'll be happy if that finds a good home. I was really pleased to find it. So… what to take in return? Hrmmm. Fruit and some books, perhaps?"

Quinton's fine with the fruit, pulling out a can of pears and one of peaches. An uncertainty crosses his face at the mention of the books. They're not his to barter with. So instead he'll tap the bottom of his backpack when the metal for a raincoat can be seen. He holds up two fingers. He's got two of them.

"Yes." Piper gets though out easily enough and is in answer to Caitlin's question. She has no problem giving up the fruit either. It might seem a waste to others. You can live without music, but not without food. But what would be the point, would be the question she would have to that sentiment. She glances between the pair of them as they haggle and then toward the library. She probably has some things she could offer, if that isn't enough, she left her own pack in the library.

Quinton watches as Caitlin debates what to trade, and then excuses herself for a moment. Public restrooms are kinda weird now. He looks back over to Piper, "… happy?"

"Yes." she says without hesitation as her gaze comes up from the album, which she hugs to her..well the baby is between her and her chest, so she can't do that. Her smile pretty much says it all she moves closer to give him a one armed hug, the best she can do with the baby attached to her and the album in one hand "Thanks."

Quinton blinks, but then lets her initiate the hug. That's his new plan, just roll with whatever she does. Safer that way. "…good." He does grin though. He likes making people smile.

And less chance of waterworks. Piper lets out a laugh, keeping an arm around him as she looks back to the album in her hand, "Others…" she shakes her head, her lack of speech not bothering at the moment "annoyed." she knows that opera is one of those types of music that you either love or hate, there really isn't much in between, and when she plays it there will be moans and groans about it. She of course falls into the love category.

Quinton stands there, letting Piper hug on him and he shrugs, getting out, "Too bad." People can be annoyed. He doesn't really care. It's not his favourite either, but he likes making Piper smile. Which she is.

Moving with her customary caution, Caitlin comes back into view - peering around warily in case any unpleasant surprises have turned up in the interim. Upon seeing the duo, she cocks her head… then relaxes into a fondly amused smile, head cocking to one side as she watches.

The only surprise here is Piper doing a slightly better job at verbalizing, but only marginally, and laughing at Quinton's comment, and the mental image that pops into her head. "Yes." she has to agree with that. On noticing the return of Caitlin her smile fades slightly, but doesn't go away entirely, and it certainly stays in her eyes, "Ok?" she asks the other woman.

Quinton turns his head, but let’s Piper hold onto him or not. All her choice. The other woman is given a small smile and he waits to make sir everything is ok before asking about what she wants to trade for.

Caitlin nods agreement, taking the responses as an indication that she can approach once more. She offers the duo another warm smile, before sinking into a crouch and starting to make her selection from the available books. Though she's itching with curiosity as to the hug, she manages to bite her tongue rather than press for information. At least for the time being.

Piper still has her arm around his waist, but her attention is now on Caitlin as she searches through the wagon and its stock pile of children's books. She isn't going to stop here, for all she knows there could be children in Cait's group and she isn't going to deny a child a book to read.

Quinton's smile fades a little more, looking down at Piper to make sure she's ok with giving up books. There's no anger rolling off of her, so he just lets it be. instead he shifts, not enough to push Piper off, just to change what leg his weight is most on. "..traveling soon…drones anywhere?" he's asking Caitlin.

Caitlin sorts out just one book from the wagon, before moving on to Quinton's offerings. Lifting her gaze to the man, she shrugs slowly. "I don't know that direction quite so well, but I admit that I tend to try to avoid them, whenever I see sign of them. Not that it's exactly easy to do so. But most of the area around here doesn't seem *too* bad for them…"

With the pair talking drone sightings and with Caitlin's book picked out, Piper slips away from Quinton's side to gesture back toward the library. "Pack." she says, meaning she is going to go get it, and probably look around for a few more books. She then heads up the library steps, taking her new record with her.

Scavenging Rolls

3 Technical References
2 Entertainment Magazines
1 Dance Music CDs
3 Dance Music CDs
1 Classical Albums (Vinyl)
1 Technical References
2 Raincoats
2 Cans Fruit
3 Children's Books
2 Children’s Books
1 Fashion Magazine
3 Pieces of Classic Music

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