(2015-11-22) Showers, Power and Plans
Showers, Power and Plans
Summary: Isabeau and Piper share ideas
Date: 11.22.2015
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Outside the Club House is a large fenced in area, paved in faded red brick. At one time it had lovely landscaping, but now it is overgrown. Various tables and chairs dot the patio as well as a gazebo or two that are in the midst of being overtaken by ivy. A number of charcoal and gas grills have been brought in and set up for cooking.

It's early afternoon, and Isabeau is seated at one of the tables on the patio, A hyacinth plant in its pot sitting in the middle. She's got a bit of charred stick in her hand that she's sketching on some discarded cardboard with, a few images half-scratched out, they look like schematics of some kind.

Piper has had charge to the flock of children that are part of the camp group. Technically they are all hers, in a non-biological, surrogate mother sort of way, except of course the one she usually has attached to her. That one is hers biologically. The majority of them have been turned over to their teacher so she only has the two babies. The older one, Troy, about six months, sleeping in a stroller she pushes in front of her in the stroller, Quinn asleep on her chest. She carries a large book under one arm and there is a large glass jar tucked under the stroller along with her pack. Seeing the newcomer Isabeau she raises a hand in a wave, though her expression is stoic when she greets, still bordering on wary about the woman.

Isa looks up at the younglings, and Piper when they enter. A sort of morbid curiosity playing into her expression. A faint line appears between her brows as they draw together thoughtfully, but the wave she offers is warmer today. "Good Afternoon Piper." She adds verbally.

The young woman is looking a little tired as well, but that's often to be expected of new mothers. Stopping a few paces away from where the other woman sits, Piper gestures to the chair across the table from Isabeau, the question clear on her face "….sit?" she frowns a bit as she realizes some of that question didn't get out of her mouth.

"Of course," Isabeau replies easily, a barely discernable lift of her brows for the frown. The book and the jar are studied with interest, and even the children are given curious study. "Nice weather today." Izzy notes.

Thankfully it is only the two at the moment, unlike the seven she has early mornings and in the evenings. Otherwise it would be a game of who can ask the new person the most questions. A nod is given Piper moves to sit across from the woman, there are few people she allows to get within arms reach of her, and with a table between them she is comfortable enough with the distance. "Yes." she agrees as she sets the thick herbal remedy book on the table, but she is looking curiously at what the other woman is sketching out. She then leans over to dig through the pack before sliding a pencil across the table. It's a colored one, but better than charred stick she is using.

Isabeau smiles and accepts the pencil with a soft ''Thank you, I'll give it right back." The contraption in the drawing looks somewhat suspiciously like a pipe stove and a watering can be suspended from a hook. There're several variations, including one that uses a plastic bag, or at least Isa's interpretation of one. one even has a stickfigure washing its hair beneath a design. "You like herbs?" Isa notes between strokes, starting on another corner of empty space.

Piper is studying the picture and a brief grin flashes across her exotic face when she realizes what is being worked on. Who wouldn't want a hot shower? Her gaze moves from sketch to Isa and she gives a shrug to the question "Ok." it sounds like she isn't all gung-ho for herbs, just a mild interest "Useful." she taps the book with a finger. With medicine in short supply alternative means must be sought.

Isabeau can't help but return the grin. "It's a work in progress, baths are easier, but there's just something about a shower." The pencil moves as she talks, and there's a nod. "Sort of funny how much I took something as simple as aspirin for granted before."

"No." she disagrees, but Piper isn't solo in the world. She has not only herself to keep clean buy little ones too. And for kids during an alien apocalypse they are clean, even if their clothes are worn. Then there is agreement "Yes." and a nod "Easy." she flips through the book and taps to a recipe for willowbark tea "Same." she then hmmmms mostly to herself "maybe.

Isabeau studies the kids with a thoughtful twist to her lips. "No probably not, but less wasteful when it comes to water consumption, which is something that probably needs to be considered as well. Not that anybody likes the idea of reusing bath water." She laughs as the woman taps the recipe, "The salve you gave me works wonders by the way. Thank you."

The wrinkle of Piper's nose suggests that she certainly doesn't like doing that, especially with a bunch of kids. Another grin flashes across her face, they never reach her eyes though, to fleeting, "Good." even if her expression doesn't show it she sounds pleased by the fact. "Help?" she questions as she points to the sketch.

Isabeau sets the pencil down on the cardboard and pushes it over. "Sure, always happy to have different ideas to look at. " Isabeau grins widely. Curious as to what ideas Piper might have on the problem.

Piper frowns a bit when the sketch is pushed over to her, not what she meant but she stares at the sketch for a moment and then glances around, stareing at the solar panels that cover the clubhouse roof. After a few moments she begins to sketch, first a closet/outhouse kind of building with a cylinder on top and some rectangular panels angling up from it. She begins to label it shower enclosure, water drum, solar panels. The idea that the panels reflect the suns heat to the drum to heat water inside. Not steaming hot, but certainly warm enough to be comfortable.

"Be safer than a woodburning stove, and Certainly," Isabeau notes with approval, you could set up rain barrels on the gutters, collect rainwater for it. Not sure if you guys use a well here or not." Isa thinks out loud, scratching at her chin. "Not sure you'd be able to get all the materials from the hardware store here though, might have to venture to one of the bigger supply chains if there's one within a reasonable distance, you'd need a lot of tubing to make one big enough for 20 people to use. Cover it with plexiglass or saranwrap and you could stick em on the roof without worrying about disrupting the flow of rain into the gutters and a rain barrel."

There is a head shake…which changes to a hand wobble. "Some." there are wells around, but the water has to be pulled up by hand, just as easy to get it from the lake a purify it for drinking if need be. "farms?" she gestures out, indicating beyound town suggesting that supplies can be found there.

Isabeau adds that little tidbit to the mental list of problems to solve. "Anybody bothered to climb the water tower and see if it can still be used to store water?" Isa wonders then, "I know Bob mentioned that this is supposed to be temporary but." She gives a shrug, who knows what can happen between now and then. There's a nod for farms. "Not a bad plan. Probably could strip the tubing out of the irrigation systems they use. Might be able to find a few other things while we are at it."

Piper looks in the direction of the water tower and her brow furrows thoughtfully, "No?" she doesn't sound too sure "Maybe Reyes?" the hispanic family that lives on the other side of town. She nods her head as Isa goes further on the farm plan "Have…" words are lost as she gestures due north "Nebraska."

Isabeau taps her chin at that following Piper's gaze to the water tower. "Still need a pump. But the answer for that might be on the farms as well if they use a windmill pump." The last Isa doesn't quite understand, and she taps the cardboard for the other woman to write.

"Lincoln." she doesn't have problems getting out names of people or places, just her own thoughts and ideas. The problem there is getting the hermit out of his room and away from the injured Nora. She flips the cardboard over and does as non-verbally suggested and writes in a script much neater that most people her age would be known for. "We scavenged a lot of farms back in Nebraska. We had to leave a lot behind, at our old camp." much more lucid in writing. Clearly she has something broken between her brain and her mouth.

"Lincoln?" She queries, before nodding to the rest. "Soldier boy mentioned you all came down from Nebraska. Not even sure how you managed that particular feat to be honest." Unable to hide the awe in her voice. The mention of the farms draws a nod from Isabeau. "Are there many farms in this area within riding distance?"

"Bus." she answers. They used vehicles for transport. Piper then writes "The drones have power cores. Lincoln figured out how to wire them into a vehicle to make it go. He and Holden even figured out how to wire them into a circuit box to power a building back at the old camp." the question though has her shrugging "A few." more writing "We have only been here a few weeks ourselves."

Isabeau blinks. "A bus." The idea already has her lusting after her faithful pickup. "Of course taking down drones has its own pitfalls, might draw attention where you don't want it to be." But the idea still sparks something in the woman's expression. If we can get hands on a wagon at one of them might not be necessary, but someone who can hotwire a truck would make the whole thing way easier." Another thought pinned to the giant ADD corkboard that is Isabeau's brain. She looks to the drawing. "Irrigation tubing, a pump if we can get our hands on one, otherwise checking out the water tower, you can increase pressure by increasing the height so if we set it up to run off the apartment roofs you could probably get pretty decent pressure. Suppose it's good we are in Texas, not as prone to some of the nastier weather you get up north." Her brain is hopping about like a Mexican jumping bean.

"Yes." it's a verbal response "Power cores burn out fast though." Piper writes on the cardboard "And are hard to take down. Takes BFGs." as she listens there is a nod to show she understands. The baby on her chest begins to stir and she begins to gently rub him on the back absently "Tornados." she says drawing a small one on the cardboard and putting an angry facial expression on it.

Isabeau nods to that too, not quite crestfallen, but the disappointment is there. Might even find a few draft animals still alive on some of the older farms then." There's a nod and a scrunch of her nose for tornados. "One project at a time I suppose. Do you know who all can ride, I know Terry can somewhat." There is the dubiousness of one who has yet to see proof. "Might be better to have a group go out the first time but I don't fancy a ten mile jaunt on foot.

Piper nods, counting on her fingers how many competent riders they have, it seems there are only three, that she knows of "Most of us have ridden before, but are newbies. I'm better with animals in general than riding, but I don't fall off at a gallop." at least not yet. All that is written down. And now she can get on and off without needing help. When Isa mentions Terry she looks unimpressed…and equally dubious. Terry has yet to make it to her safe list. There is something about the man that unnerves her. "Should…um…" she taps the book in front of her and starts to get to her feet.

Isabeau whistles low. "Looks like something that needs fixed then if only three can." She frowns at that, "Granted it's more about practice than anything else, and knowing the particular horse. She doesn't miss the reaction to Terry's name and there's a questioning arch of a brow though for now Isa doesn't pursue it. Later, though, she'll have to get the lowdown on the marine. "Sure, let me know if you want to practice sometimes, Lady's real gentle, she'd be a good horse for most to learn on though I'd prefer people stayed away from Bandit for safety reasons. " There may be a safety warning written on his stall in chalk. She scoops up the cardboard and hands back the pencil, "See you round." Heading off in the direction of the petting zoo.

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