(2015-11-22) Trust Kills
Trust Kills
Summary: Isabeau wakes up in a strange place and reflects.
Date: 22 Nov 2015
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Adrenaline flooded her system as her limbs thrashed out in panic against the material that restrained them. The air was wrong, she couldn't catch the scent of the rain, or dust on it. She couldn't feel the breeze against her skin, hear it through the grass, Nor could she hear the sound of the horses shifting and grazing as they normally did. Her heartbeat thudded in her ears as in terror she opened her eyes unable to see the sky.

It was then that she remembered, the fabric wasn't a restraint; it was the sheets and blankets that had at one point neatly adorned Terry's bed. The reason that she couldn't smell the rain, hear the wind, nor see the sky was because she was indoors. She couldn't hear the horses because they were tucked away safely in their stable just down the road at the petting zoo, enjoying a night with proper shelter.

Isabeau resisted the urge to go check on them though it persisted underlying in her thoughts. She found herself half-scolding half-amused at the fact that she had woken up in a strange man's bed. Something she'd sworn off ever since her days at University. Granted this was an entirely different scenario than the one she had sworn off in particular.

The rapid pace of her heart was slowing, as her mind acclimatized to the new scents and sensations. The fuzzy warm material of the borrowed sweats against her bare legs. The soft fabric of the shirt she'd thrown on. Their smell stirred in her older memories, from a time before the waves had come. Of visits with her younger brother Zach on the mainland, the nights they would hit the clubs in downtown Sidney and then stagger back to his apartment. Zach would dutifully toss her a pair of his sweats and insist she stay in the tiny studio apartment rather than attempt to check into a hotel.

The pair of them would sit for hours, while the tequila and whiskey wore off, teasing each other about their peculiar taste in significant others. Even laying here half a world away she could imagine the expression on his face and the jokes he'd make about the current situation she found herself in.

Terry reminded her of him a little bit, that absurd unflappable confidence and happy-go-lucky demeanor. Maybe that was why, Isa thought to herself. She would never know what happened to Zach, both he and her Mum were a world away, and there was no way to know if they had managed to survive. So she could understand the need to look for family, granted, she wished she had given it a little more thought before breathing the idea out.

But, there was something about these people. She smiled as she thought of Sheriff Bob and the pup, and while he hadn't quite expressed it, the story of his hunting dog had been a reasonable clue. The smile grew as she recalled the way he'd tucked the pup into his own jacket, and she knew she'd made the right call.

She thought of Quinton and Piper too and wondered about the bizarre ailment that had taken the woman's voice. The kindness and patience she had expressed as Isa struggled to understand her limited language. She made a note that if she found any writing pads to give them to the woman as thanks for the salve.

Something in her wanted desperately to trust these people, she realized, the self-same part of her that missed the Tinkers and Old Joe.

But what did she have to offer them? More importantly, could she stand to get close to people again only to lose them?

That thought spurred her to crawl slowly from the bed, ruffling Fritz's ears as she passed him with a gesture to indicate quiet. She quickly changed back into her own clothes, and snagged her rifel and rucksack, before attempting to sneak out of the apartment. She didn't know what she could offer them, but that wasn't going to stop her from trying.

Still a tiny voice in the back of her thoughts whispered its warning.

Trust could kill you.

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