(2015-11-23) A Good Haul
A Good Haul
Summary: Kayla and Piper scavenging
Date: 11.23-2015
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With the weather warm and sunny, it seemed like a good morning to take a walk through town, maybe hit a few houses to see what could be found. Piper had been having a lot of good days lately…there were one or two that were less than stellar, but the good seemed to be outnumbering the bad at least. Today she asked Kayla if she wanted to go with her. It had been a bit since they had really talked or did anything that didn't involve a group of kids, it was past due. With baby Quinn strapped to her chest and her empty pack thrown over her shoulders she glanced at the other woman, "Try south of town?" she's even talking pretty well today.

The move south seemed to do a lot of good for a lot of people (her brother excluded…he seemed to be having a much rougher time than most), and Kayla was glad to see that Piper was amongst those it was good for. She’d been only too happy to join in on a scavenging run today – she needed to get away from lesson plans and cleaning!

“Sounds as good an option as any,” she agrees, easily enough. Hitching her own backpack up on her shoulders, she turns and starts in that direction.

Piper trails along behind the taller woman, not so much because the other women is walking to fast, but to keep a wary on on the surroundings. So far the few new people that's been showing up have been friendly, one day that won't be the case. Better to be safe. And despite her appearance, she is armed. That baby snuggie holds a lethal secret.

"Could do a church…or couple of houses." Piper gives a thoughtful face "You doing okay?" her eyes briefly land on Kayla before going back to scan the neighborhood they walk through.

Kayla shrugs at the question, moving quietly but easily through the area. “I am okay,” she agrees after a moment. “Worried about Quin, but okay.” She keeps her eyes open, just in case – old habits die hard, and though there don’t seem to be the same threats as there were back at Camp, things aren’t peaceful either.

“Let’s hit some houses.”

The quiet woman is clearly happy that Kayla is doing well considering the circumstances, but at the mention of her brother brows furrow a bit. "Yeah." she is close to the man in question so naturally she worries as well, though its a different sort of thing for her. "Sorry." she says after a few moments of just silent walking. Piper has no idea what Kayla was told but has to assume it was something, but can't help but feel somewhat responsible for how her brother has been lately. She eyes houses as she talks and decides on one that looks promising, at least if the dusty luxury cars in the driveway are any indication. "This one first."

“What are you sorry for?” Kayla seems genuinely surprised, and perplexed, by the apology as she eyes the other woman. “He just still thinks he’s broken…more broken. Now he thinks he has night blindness, too.” She sighs, then, before agreeing to the house with a silent nod. Her hand reaches up to grip the strap of her backpack.

"He didn't…" Piper looks a bit surprised as well "Oh…nevermind." she takes an unusual interest in the cars as they pass them and then heads up the porch to the front door. Seems there is something that Kayla wasn't told, and Piper seems unsure of how to proceed so will focus on thier objective, the house in front of them. She peeks in the front window and gives a nod "Looks clear."

That has Kayla pausing, and she turns to face Piper fully. “He didn’t…what?” she wonders, quietly. She too glances at the house, but mostly she is focused on Piper now.

The doorknob is tried and it turns easily, but the door doesn't open more than a few inches, thanks to a chain on the door. Piper glances from the chained door to Kayla and shifts uncomfortably under the stare of the other woman. "…tell you." she shakes her head "I thought…" she sighs in frustration at what she just did "Shouldn't have said…." she hits her forehead against the door lightly a few times.

“Stop it – he hasn’t told me because I haven’t seen him in the last few days.” Kayla moves up to quickly place her hand on Piper’s shoulder for the briefest instant before thinking better of it and pulling her hand back. She knows the other woman doesn’t like contact. “What hasn’t he had a chance to tell me?”

That doesn't seem right. Piper knows Kayla and Quinton have seen each other at least once since then, she was there. She is already uncomfortable so the flinching at the touch is minimal and she turns back to Kayla. "He.." she reaches up to tug nervously on a braid. How she would love to have all that hair to hide behind now "He, kissed me…" there is a pause as her gaze shifts to avoid eye contact "and I kinda lost it." there was lots of crying, Her tone suggests she is not happy about her reaction to it…and neither was he. "I thought he told you."

“Oh…” Kayla pauses, then, and she suddenly blinks. “Is –that- why he was asking if he was too broken for a woman?!” She stares at Piper, not upset but certainly surprised.

“I thought soap opera’s ended with the end of the world,” she groans dryly before shaking her head. “You’ve been through a lot, I…can kind of get why you would lose it. And he has always been a bit emotional, so I get why he’d freak…oy.” Kayla rolls her eyes before she does something useful, and suddenly bashes the door with her shoulder – that should snap the chain. She hopes.

Piper looks relieved at the reaction, she has severe issues, lots of baggage and a newborn, not to mention other things no one knows about, she can see how she wouldn't be seen as relationship material by some. She doesn't have an answer to the question. She thought he had told her and that's why she was worried for him "Not broken, a mosaic." she says of her brother. Despite what happened they are still doing things together and seem to be okay, even if things were awkward for a day.

A lot is an understatement, but she doesn't correct the statement, it's true. "He deserves better." she says and then Kayla is releasing her own frustration out on the door and the think flies open under the attack. Piper hurries back, turning slightly as splinters fly in all directions.

“I keep telling him he isn’t broken, but he won’t listen to me. Even when he asks me first.” Kayla sounds frustrated by that truth. Stepping back, she looks over Piper to make sure she is okay. “And you both deserve good things – but neither of you can see it about yourselves.” Which is also frustrating.

Pulling out her knife, Kayla moves to creep into the house then, slowly.

"It's not his eyes that are the problem…it's his ears." Piper is almost amused by that. The same could be said of her though since she clearly doesn't believe she is deserving. The woman is fine, baby Quinn is fine and waving his mom's long braid like a flag. She's gotten used to it, and as long as he doesn't pull she's okay with it.

She follows Kayla in, when it comes to entering houses she isn't as cautious, that's probably why she lets others go first. Her eyes scan the layout. Living room through and archway to to the left, dining room to the right, both flowing into a kitchen. Straight ahead a set of stairs, with a door in them, a closet and another door across from that, a bathroom most likely. "You up or down?" she whispers as she takes in the dusty pictures and paintings on the walls.

“I’ll take up – if there’s any bodies, that’s likely where they are, and I don’t want him,” Kayla nods to Quinn, “Being hit with that stench.” A faint smile, and she rolls her eyes. “You both need your ears checked.” She mutters as she moves to start mounting the stairs. She keeps her knife out, though not quite as tense as when she first entered. No wild dogs came after them out of the closet, after all.

Piper has never done well with human remains, and that hasn't changed. There is no argument from her when Kayla takes the upstairs. If she hears the muttered comment she doesn't react, just heads into the dining room, the table still set, mostly for show it seems. She takes the candles from the table and puts them in her pack, a quick search through the china hutch has her finding more of the candles, those get stuffed away too and on to the kitchen where a sweater hanging on a barstool catches her eye.

Kayla is careful when she opens the first bedroom door, cracking it just a bit and taking a whiff…and when she smells no decomposing bodies,she opens the door the rest of the way. Stepping in, she finds a pristine (if dusty) bedroom – it looks like a showhome. Skipping past the bed, she moves to the closet – the suits and fancy dresses are ignored, but the far more usable shorts, simple shirts, and sweaters, are grabbed. “Wonder if they have any suitcases in the basement…” she wonders as she tosses the clothing she wants to take for the group onto the bed.

Piper folds the sweater and tucks it into her pack. She already knows who will be getting that. Cabinets are searched but she doesn't find much food that hasn't been gotten into by bugs or mice or both. A couple of water bottles, some rice double bagged and some BBQ chips tucked onto the top of the fridge. She has to pull a chair over to grab that. Her eyes peruse the papers and notices stuck to the front of the fridge and she pulls off a child's drawing, smiling a bit sadly at it before putting it back. "Ok up there?" she calls up as she hops from the chair and heads to the bottom of the stairs to call upwards.

“Yeah – lots of clothes,” Kayla calls back down. Having piled the bed with enough clothes to satisfy her inner clothes horse, she moves to the ensuite. Shampoo! Snatching that from under the sink, she shrugs out of her backpack and shoves it in. Along with a matching bottle of conditioner, and mousse!

“A few personal things, too…shampoo and the like.”

Kayla's report makes her wish she would have brought her wagon with her. So they could carry it all in one trip. From the sounds if it, it may take more than one "Shampoo is good." and Piper probably goes through a lot of it. Though she has taken to using herbal hair cleaning methods frequently to save it for other little people's heads "Scissors?" she asks hopefully up the stairs.

“Uh…not yet. Maybe there are kitchen shears or something?” Kayla calls down again. She stifles a sneeze at the dust she’s stirred up, and continues to rummage through the cabinets. A half used bottle of Tylenol, some barely expired cold meds, hair elastics, a brush…it all gets stuffed into her backpack. Things that, two years ago, she wouldn’t have thought twice about finding in anyone’s cabinets now makes her excited.

"Right." she calls up and heads back into the kitchen to take another look around. Kitchen shears would probably work. There is rattling around as she looks through drawers she didn't go through before. All sorts of other kitchenware but no scissors. Heading into the living room she drops onto the sofa to wait for Kayla to come down, humming a tune to the now sleepy eyed Quinn.

Kayla comes thumping down the stairs, her backpack full of personal grooming supplies. “I’m going to check the basement quickly and see if there’s some rolling luggage or something to carry clothes home in.” They need less here than they did up north, but they still need some!

The noise has Piper looking over her shoulder and the sofa back to see Kayla and her stuffed bag. She can't help but stifle a laugh. She gets up with a groan…baby on the front, stuffed pack on her back. It's not heavy, just the bulk. "Okay." She points to the kitchen, "Door near the fridge?" She isn't sure where it leads, could be a basement.

With the assist or without it, Piper is on her feet and padding after Kayla back into the kitchen and toward the door she mentioned before. "It'll be dark." even if there are windows, there won't be enough light to see by. She digs one of the votive candles she found from her pack and drops it into a glass taken from the cupboard. She always carries matches, so she lights it and hands the makeshift candle lantern over to Kayla.

Piper drops her face at the compliments. It's been a long time since anyone has said such things about her, at least to her face, and if she were capable of blushing she would be. Quinn just burbles and blows a spit bubble. "I'll follow." she answers as she glances past Kayla down the step stairs leading into the shadowy darkness below.

Nodding, Kayla reaches to grab hold of the very dusty hand railing – if Piper trips, she wants to be braced to catch the woman and her infant.

Holding the candle-lantern high, she makes her way down the steps, peering into the dim, dusty depths. As she reaches the bottom, she’ll allow her eyes a moment to adjust before she does a quick scan to see what there is.

No falling, or trouble at all with the steps. A cute little sneeze comes from the infant as the dust tickles his nose, but other than that mother and baby are silent as the follow and pause at the bottom of the stairs. Piper looks around as well, her pupils blown out in the darkness of the basement and making her a tad creepy looking.

There is nothing surprising in the basement. It looks like it was in the process of being finished up. Framework for dry wall on the concrete walls, plush carpet under foot and the frame work for a separate laundry room where a washer, dryer and sink are and another framed out area unfinished storage area, with shelves full of storage boxes, various tools, paint cans and all the things one would find stored in a basement, even a suitcase or two.

“Bingo.” Kayla chirps as she spots the suitcases. That was what she was looking for, after all, and she throws a grin over her shoulder at Piper. “Seems like people haven’t scavenged around here at all…it’s weird.” She notes as she moves off into the basement to collect the suitcases. The boxes get a quick look, and she arches an eyebrow at the tools. “Think the boys would like these?”

Letting Kayla focus on the storage area, Piper heads over to the laundry area. Maybe there are more clothes or detergent or something she can find. Of course with enough thought it could be clear why Quinton thinks his eyes are broken too. Especially if he is scavenging in dark places with the diminutive woman. Without aid of candle, and the light from Kayla's only is enough for her, and barely that, she moves around the dark basement with ease. Opening the dryer she peeks in and pulls out more clothes. "Reyes only for food." she says of the other group of survivors in the area. At the question of the toolboxes she winds through the plywood framing and see what Kayla is talking about "Can't hurt."

“Only for food? Huh.” Kayla let’s that go. If she notices Piper’s ease of movement, she doesn’t comment on it – but chances are slim, given the focus she’s giving to finding useful items. She hauls down the suitcases, banging her hand against the surface several times to kick up a huge amount of dust…but clean it off slightly. Sneezing, she waves it away, which doesn’t really help.

“At least these have wheels.” She offers with a wry grin. Opening one, she then turns to the toolbox and opens it to peek inside…best make sure it’s useful, first.

A wince is given as all the dust kicks up and she lightly puts a hand over Quinn's mouth and nose to help filter it a bit "Salud!" slips out at the sneeze from the woman. Spanish for bless you. "Easier." Piper takes the suitcase and moves it to the bottom of the stairs while the toolbox is sorted through.

It's a typical toolbox of someone that isn't particularly handy but at least makes an effort. Disorganized, a few screwdrivers of various sizes, a wrench or two, ruler, pencils, two vicegrips, drill bits, assorted nuts and bolts, and scissors.

Returning to Kayla's side she glances in the toolbox as well. "There they are." the scissors that is.

A sheepish, “Sorry,” comes from Kayla as she notices the hand over the baby’s mouth. Crouching, she decides that the tool box itself would be useful. She closes the box and snaps it shut before she carries it to tuck into the foot of one of the suitcases. “Anything else you saw?”

"It's fine." he'll probably be exposed to a lot worse than dust in his lifetime. Piper doesn't follow Kayla all the way back to the steps, but stops about halfway to look around at the question, "Clothes, detergents." she gestures to the dark area where the washer and dryer are, "Books." she points to a shadowy bulk that is probably a small couch or loveseat. "Nothing else." of real use or that they are dying without.

“No point in hauling heavy things like books back, until we have our own homes to put them in.” Kayla muses as she straightens. “We can always come back to get them – they aren’t going anywhere.” It’s almost like shopping…for second hand stuff…without paying. Okay, it’s theft.

Piper was on her way to grab one or two, at least to check out what they were, but pauses at Kayla's words "Yeah." she says but isn't quite as sure of that. Either way she heads to the stairs, taking the suitcase to haul it up "Ready…fill this, head back?" a word or two was lost with that one, but still understandable.

“If you want one, grab it…I have some room in my pack still,” Kayla offers, seeing the hesitation. She waits for Piper to do what she needs to do to feel happy. Once Piper is ready, Kay will head back up the stairs, lugging the suitcase with the toolbox inside of it. She’ll leave it on the firs tfloor as she runs upstairs to grab the clothing from the bed – she’ll bring that down to pack.

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