(2015-11-24) The 5th Wave
The 5th Wave
Summary: A huge explosion takes out the Reyes camp, and nearly a group of Camp Hopers.
Date: 11.24.2015
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The morning was spent gathering trade goods and determining what was needed and what was expendable and could be used for trade with the Reyes family across town. With the Reyes still being reclusive, only a few of them willing to leave the safety of their fenced in community, it was up to the Camp Hopers to head over to thier location to do the trading. With a couple of wagons in tow, those that have either been drafted, or more likely volunteered to go do the trading are making there way through the empty streets of Stratford to the only other gated community in town, where the Reyes are holed up at.

Quinton's at least got semi good relations with the Reyes so he's up front. With the cold weather, he's back in one of his beloved sweaters, but he's also sporting a fedora. It's a rather hipster look, which almost works for him. Today is a quiet day though, the poet looks tired and hasn't spoken much to anyone.

Elijah had tagged along with the group, desiring to help with the trading expedition, but also having his doctor bag handy in hopes of making sure all members of the family were in good health. Especially with this colder weather. The doctor is dressed in his usual slacks and button up shirt, a knitted sweater jacket pulled on for added warmth. For now he doesn't say anything, looking around at the scenery around them as they walk. It was peaceful. It was nice.

The silent Piper trails along, dressed in an oversized sweatshirt for the local HS, jeans that actually don't have any holes in them and fuzzy slipper socks. Still no shoes for her. She hefts the backpack by the straps, the jars a herbal muscle salve, cough syrup and willow bark tea clinking against each other inside. She's not talking much either, no surprise there though.

Terry figured he'd come along, since he's a Guard and all. He's dressed in some comfy outdoorsy shoes, thick socks, rugged jeans, a thick turtleneck shirt, and a windbreaker. A grey knit cap covers his head and part of his ears, and a pair of gloves adorn his hands. He's got his usual scavenging pack, with loops for his rifle, which is presently secured. His PK380 is holstered at his hip, and his Aussie Knife is snug in one of his shoes. He's set for pretty much anything.

Kayla is up with her brother, in a pair of faded jeans, a simple t-shirt with a surprisingly cute (if worn) blue cardigan over top. A blue and white shawl-style scarf has been wrapped loosely around her neck against the slight chill. She is quiet, much like Quinton, but seems less tired and more just absorbed in taking in the surroundings

As the group makes their way east up Main Street, two figures can be seen heading toward them at a fast, near running pace. As the pair get closer they can be recognized as Anita and Lorenzo, two of the more social of the group, in that they actually leave the compound for more than hunting and gathering. As they get even closer Lorenzo seems to be in a mild state of panic while Anita looks just merely concerned.

Quinton actually considers Lorenzo a friend so as soon as he sees the two running, he darts to meet them half way, "?Que esta …mal?" He's already reaching for his gun, just in case it's a Silencer.

Elijah comes to a halt as he sees the approaching figures, but seeing Quinton rush forward, he proceeds forward as well in his own quickened pace. Letting Quinton talk for the moment, Eli looks in the direction they had come running from…making sure there was nothing coming just as fast after them.

The moment Quinton dashes forward, so does Kayla - she isn't letting her brother head into possible trouble on his own. And if he's having as bad a day as she thinks he is, she may have to help with the whole speaking thing. She stops a step or two behind her big brother, and eyes Lorenzo and Anita, waiting for a reply.

People running and looking both panicked and concerned is enough to make Piper glad she left all the children at camp with Bea. Her own hand goes to her pistol and her gaze begins to rove the neighborhood where the two came from. She watches a moment as the trio of Quinton, Eli and Kayla questions the Reyes pair and another glance is given to Terry and she points to her eyes and then out to his side of the street and then points to herself and her side of the street her expression though says its a suggestion and not an order for him. No matter his response she heads to the north east to scout out trouble.

Terry goes for his weapon, double-checks his ammo count, and nods affirmatively to Piper, moving to cover his side of the street. His adrenaline kicks in, and he becomes hyper-aware of his surroundings. While his attention is largely on his side of the street, he does keep an eye on the others in his peripheral vision.

The pair have to catch their breath a moment and since Anita knows English better than Lorenzo, she is the one that answers the question "There is a little girl." she starts to say, first looking at Quinton and then her eyes move to the doctor.

We don't know where she came from./ Lorenzo adds in Spanish.

"She needs a doctor, says her throat hurts really bad." Anita says to Eli directly.

Quinton frowns, glancing around. A little girl doesn't seem panic worthy. At least not until Lorenzo speaks. Quin's head snaps back in confusion, still speaking in spanish, "?Ni uno …solo de… sus de?"

Elijah frowns as he listens to them explain, eyes moving to Lorenzo as he listens to him as well. "Right…" He looks back to Anita, stepping forward "Certainly I'll help her." The doctor then looks to Quinton "Do you think it is alright for me to run ahead and tend to her? Make sure nobody else is sick as well. Or did we need to stay together?" The area seemed safe enough, but then again…what did he know?

"Safety in numbers, I say." Terry interjects. "If we stick together, we can watch each-other's backs, just in case." He keeps tabs on the Spanish conversation, not wanting to miss anything.

"How little? Where are her parents?" Kayla wonders briefly before Elijah pipes up and volunteers. "You shouldn't go alone - one o us should go with you too, just in case we need to run back and grab any medical supplies." she offers, without precisely volunteering but coming close.

Not that Quin doesn't trust the Reyes, but…isn't there an entire episode of Firefly about something like this? Kidnapping Doctors? Absently he nods, agreeing with the other two. He switches to english, and strangely has a much harder time getting the words out, "all…" His hand motions to encompass them all, "to trade.." They should do what they camera for, if the child is at the compound, that's where they're headed anyway. A nod is given to the pair and they'll follow them back.

As she is up ahead scouting, Piper doesn't really catch any of the conversation, though she does look back occasionally to check to see if they are moving again or if there is any other indication as to what the issue is.

"Not one of ours no." Anita answers. It's quite puzzling to both Anita and Lorenzo. /She came from the creek and into the compound."/ Lorenzo adds in Spanish. "Come." since they are agreeing to come quicker Anita beckons then onward, heading at a fast walking pace back in the direction they came from "She seems, three, four at the most. "Not sure of her parents. It was just her."

"Three or four?" Kayla blinks at that before she shakes her head slightly. "Incredibly lucky little girl." she murmurs as she falls into step beside her brother as they start off towards their goal again.

Elijah nods "Right…" and he'd follow with the rest of them. Hearing the young age of the girl he becomes more concerned. "How long did you say she's been with you? Is she showing any other symptoms? Injuries? How are the rest of you feeling?"

Quinton goes silent and just follows the Reyes, concerned. His pale eyes flicker to his sister briefly but then he looks forward, moving quickly.

Terry stands by, still covering his assigned sector of space, giving periodic glances to the rest of the gathered folks, ears open. He maintains a good firm grip on his weapon, but not so tight as to warrant an accidental discharge. That would be no bueno.

Once the group catches up to her, Piper looks at the others quizzically, but doesn't ask, she figures they will tell her or she will find out soon enough. As before she trails behind, especially since they are moving faster than her shortness can go without having to jog.

"She was found just a little while ago. Maybe an hour." Anita glances to the sun "Less." so she hasn't been with the group long for anyone to show similar symptoms. That's a mystery for sure. Lorenzo breaks from the group to run up ahead, probably to tell the others that the Hope people are on the way.

One block, two block, three blocks….BOOM! The earth rocks beneath the feet, the shockwave is strong enough to knock anything or anyone that isn't rooted into the ground back a few feet, if not more. Windows of houses and cars shatter in an explosive shower of glass. Dust and debris fly, creating dangerous projectiles that can and will imbed in surfaces that look impervious to such things, but truly aren't. And lets not forget the effect on ones eardrums either…

The blast is fully unexpected, and sends Kayla back two full steps before she catches herself. The concussion force has her head spinning for one long moment before she manages a sharp yelp of pain. Her ears feel like they've just had something stabbed into them, but when she slaps her hands against them protectively, and draws thema way, there's no smear of red. THat's a good thing, right?

Military and law enforcement training may be good for something, but not today; the explosion catches Terry fairly off-guard, and the blast knocks him into the wall of a nearby building, and then sends him slumping to the ground, ringing the former sergeant's bell but good. He's dazed, a bit bloody and bruised, ears ringing, but otherwise alive. He tries to clear the cobwebs from his head, but shaking his head only makes things worse…

Quinton's not quite as lucky as Kayla, he's thrown to the ground. As usual, Quin's luck is that his ears are ringing loud enough that he can't hear. But that's where his luck kicks in, when he hits the ground, his head snaps back, cracking against the ground. The world is ringing and now he's stunned.

She may have been in the back of the group, but that is no protection from a blast like that. The fact that Piper is, well tiny, makes it so the blast literally lifts her up and throws her backward where she smacks into the roof of a car tipped and spun in its side. She hangs there for a moment before gravity sends her falling to the ground in a stunned heap. Her exotic face lined all over with tiny red, oozing scratches, bits if wood and glass in her hair and blood trickling from one of her ears.

Bob had opted for rear guard on this excursion. The old Sheriff and now leader of this here group has been a bit reclusive the past few days. He's spent more time alone, either out scavenging or hunting, or back in his room.

He did make up for this by bringing back a bison last night. It's been portined and set aside for meals, but all in all it was a good haul. Still, tonight he was on rear guard, so he didn't happen upon this scene immediately. He'd heard a bit of commotion as the others started to run off to follow the Reyes'.

Bob booked it off towards the group a moment before the blast and he keeps running towards it, able to miss the shockwave by volition of not having been close enough. While he can feel it, he isn't slowed by it. Bob arrives while the others are still mostly recovering from the blast, "What the fuck was that??"

The sudden blast took them all off guard. As the sound and shockwave spreads out, Elijah is thrown back with the rest. His eardrums seem to explode from the sound around him, hands instinctively clasping against them as he drops to his knees and a pained yell sounds from between gritted teeth. Then slumped to the ground, he is curled up into an almost fetal position as his senses try to recover themselves. Ringing echoes and pulsates through his head. Pain coursed through his body. He had to get up…he had to check on people. Ow.

Anita and Lorenzo don't fair as well as the others. They are both knocked back one into a tree the other into a overgrown rose bush. Neither seems to be getting up either.

As for the surroundings, dust floats in the air and in the very near distance, where the condos and the neighborhood for a few blocks around it its just a crater, with water from the creek/river that flowed behind it trickling into it. In the crater, just small peices of what was once houses. Strangely for an explosion there is an astounding lack of fire or smoke.

Only years of experience tumbling with gymnatics and cheerleading kept Kayla on her feet. As her vision slowly slows the spinnig to a dull wave, she realizes how lucky she was. "Quin?" she is immediately calling, her left hand lifting to press against her ear again, another test for blood and just to try ad ease the pain. "Quin? Piper?"

Lincoln had begun the trek himself not far behind Bob, skidding himself to a stop as the explosion hit and sliding behind a nearby car out of instinct. After a few moments to make sure nothing has hit him from the distance, he picks himself up and starts running once more, a hand retrieving a weapon. "Explosions? The hell?" The muttering is made to himself; or at least the voices that share his head.

Bob was on his way towards the front of the group, but his steps carry him past the Doctor, all curled up. He slows looking over his shoulder to Lincoln, "Go check ont he others…Doc looks like he got shook up."

So Bob then goes to the Doctor's side, trying to get him to lay back, "Doc, you alright in there?" It only takes him a moment or two to realize that Elijah is more than just stunned. His gaze is drawn to the Doctor's thigh and the rebar that's shoved through it. A grimace crosses Bob's face and he starts to inspect the wound. He's no doctor, unlike the poor doctor, but he was a Cop for long enough to know how to assess and treat a wound in the field. He pulls his belt off, and sinches it around the Doc's thigh, above the rebar…tight. And then he starts to check for excess bloodflow. "Doc's hurt ya'll…Need somethin fer bandages…."

Elijah has no idea what's going on for what seems like hours, but was probably only a few moments. However, as his senses start returning he starts trying to move. Okay…so that wasn't working. Why couldn't he stand up? Probably still just stunned. He felt somebody trying to help him up…heard Bob's voice. Somebody was hurt? Oh man. He had to get up quick! Somebody needed help! "My bag…bandages. Who?" Who was hurt?

As for his bag…it had been blown clean off his person and tossed back several yards. Some of the contents had been tossed loose and about as well. As he continues to try and stand a sharp pain in his thigh causes him to drop to his uninjured side again with a loud yell. What was going on?!!

Terry finally regains enough of his senses to begin to sit up. A few seconds later, he stands, albeit shakily, and begins making his way to Bob and Doc. He unslings his pack, and fishes around inside of it for—BINGO! Bandages, mint-in-box condition. "These do?" He says, offering them over.

No. It's a simple thought, but it's all that Quinton can focus on. There's too many things here. Kids, Camp Hope, The Reyes, Piper, Kayla….Just….No. This isn't happening. Quin wasn't there when Camp Hope was attacked. The world is over powered with that high pitched ringing, nothing else can be heard and when he blinks his eyes open, There's nothing to focus on. There's light and shapes, but nothing is in focus. And the air seems thinner, he can't get any in his lungs.

It takes a long few moments but finally Piper begins to stir. She groans as she pushes herself up into a slump position, wincing in pain. A backpack full of mason jars is not good cushioning and she can tell that a lot of them broke, by both the tingling of shattered glass and how wet her back is from the syrups that were in there. Blinking a few times she tries to focus on her sight, since her ears are ringing like church bells at a wedding.

For some reason, Kayla wasn't hit as hard as the others - she doesn't know why, if someone were to ask her - she's not the most useful in a situation like this. Not medically, like Elijah, not protectively like Quinton, not alert like Piper. She just…is.

Her gaze settles on her brother, only blurred around the edges as she starts for him, steps slightly stumbling. "Quinton? Oh god, please no…no no. Quin? Answer me!" Her voice is rising in pitch - her vision isn't good enough yet to see his eyes open, and the way he just lays there terrifies her.

Lincoln clambers over debris as he makes his way towards where the others have fallen, gun still out and at the ready. He starts to open his mouth to say something then thinks better of it. Bob is taking care of Doc, Terry seems to be ok since he's rolling around. Besides, that whole stupid Southern Gentlemen thing has him eyeing the women first and foremost with Kayla along his route. Seeing that she is headed for Quinton, he moves to help stabilize her walk.

Bob glances up to Terry, taking the bandages from him and looks out towards the others. The Reyes' are down. "Ambush? Get on guard." And then Bob looks back to Eli, frowning a bit. Last thing he needs to be doing is tending a wound right now. "Kayla, come help me with the Doc. I'll check on Quinton and the others…" As in, come here so I can go be useful.

He unpacks the bandages and eyes the rebar, "Doc…You've got a foot of rebar through yer leg…I don't think it knicked anythin, but we gotta patch it up. I'm gonna wrap you up tight, we'll get you back and take it out at the apartments."

A beat pause and Bob starts to wrap Elijah's leg with the gauze, weaving it around the rebar to stabilize, and to soak up blood. Once he's used up the gauze, he pulls off his jacket, then his flannel shirt, and finally his t-shirt. Brrrr…it's chilly. He quickly puts the flannel and the jacket back on, then uses his t-shirt to tie around the leg just below the rebar to keep it stabilized.

Quinton can't answer Kayla because he doesn't know he needs to. Instead he blinks a few more times, focusing on his breathing long enough to move his arms, trying to roll over. He needs to check on….people. How many? They're under attack? This would be hard enough if his head wasn't frazzled earlier, now? He's kinda mush.

Wait…HE was hurt? Oh. Well now everything made more sense…but the Doctor seemed to still be in shock. He responds to Bob with a simple nod, wincing and closing his eyes tight against the pain. He tries not to move much more, not wanting to mess up Bob's concentration or progress in treating his leg. Opening his eyes again finally he tries to steady his breaths, glancing around to try and regain his focus once more.

Kayla promptly ignores Bob. Sorry, folks, you'll have to wait for attention until Kayla has satisfied herself that her brother is okay. She shakes off Lincoln's help with a rather pathetic sounding, "Im fine. Quin…." and waves him off to look at someone else. She's fine. She stumbles to her knees next to her brother, reaching to grab his arm with one hand and to press her hand against his face with the other.

It's a struggle, especially since she is having to do it on her own, but Piper manages to get to her feet. Feeling the warmth trickling down her neck from her ear she wipes at the blood frowning at the red stain on her hand from it. She is aware enough now to peice together what has happened and her eyes search the group, looking for the scrawny poet. Well there is Kayla and the figure she is hovering over "!!!" she isn't with it enough to get words out, but she is really good at the non-verbal communications. Shrugging out of the backpack she limps toward the Wells siblings.

Gah! Quin's being grabbed. He flails, jerking backwards.A small, sniffled cry of pain, more at the movement than anything else. His voice is loud, not that he can hear it, "K-Kayla? Kayla? …OK?" He moves to grab her arms, trying to focus on her for any injuries. His eyes are dilated and he's swaying where he's sitting.

Terry , after a quick casualty assessment, and a quick "Got it" to Bob, heads off to score some primo sniping real estate: higher ground, in simpler terms. He busts into one of the nearby double-decker homes, unslings his go-bag, and begins unpacking his rifle. Experience has allowed him to have his rifle up and zeroed in no time flat, and soon he's settled in and ready to roll.

Getting pushed off by Kayla and waved away, Lincoln steadies himself for a second and looks around for someone else to help, realizing that almost everyone at present seems to be on their feet for the moment and gathering around. A quick check of his firearm and he puts it back into his belt before asking the question that is pretty damning. "What the hell happened?"

Bob finishes his work on the Doc's leg and gets to his feet. He looks over the scene and frowns at Kayla. He should have known better, her brother was hurt. And apparently Piper's going to go check on Quin too. He sighs. "Aint no body gonna help the fuckin doctor." He starts off towards the Reyes pair and unholsters his pistol.

His gaze wanders to Lincoln as he walks, "Not sure…Could be an ambush…could be no one knew we were here…Stay ready. I want you to go keep watch over the Doc." The others seem to have their own priorities, and the two members of the other group haven't moved yet, so he'll keep moving towards them.

"Oh thank god!" Kayla throws herself down onto her brother to hug the poor fellow before she jerks back with his cry of pain. She is quickly looking over him, hands light and gentle as she takes a very rapid assessment. "You're fine…I'm fine. Jesus, don't scare me like that!" Talking mostly to keep herself from crying as she works.

Piper isn't doing a very good job of it. She has to stop every few seconds to let the headache and earache induced vertigo pass before she limps a few more steps. The talking, the question goes unnoticed at first, though she can probably only hear out of the one ear at the moment. "No." she says, maybe not loud enough to hear, maybe so. Something about what Bob answered doesn't seem right to her and she shakes her head about it.

Elijah just nods again in response to Bob, eyes closing again as he finally manages to take a deep breath in and out. That was good at least. Luckily, his shock still hadn't worn off enough yet for him to be fully aware of the extent of pain he should be in with his leg. He was just kind of quiet right now actually, but stayed on his one side so as not to aggravate the rebar still in his other thigh. Soon the pain would slowly start to register, but for now he seemed to be doing alright.

It's a cry of pain that Quin's given a few times. He's had several concusions before, this seems to be the same. the ringing is starting to lessen enough to make out what Kayla's saying. "Y-yes….f…" The pat down shows he's not got any broken bones. She's yelling at him, she must be ok, so his gaze goes past, trying to see if anyone else is ok. "..hurt?"

Anita is the one that landed in the rose bushes and she seems to be the one that starts the long ascent into consciousness first. It starts with a moan and then a groan her arms sorta flailing around at her sides as she tries to either get up or figure out what happened. Lorenzo, slumped under a tree is still out of it.

Bob approaches Anita first, sliding his gun back into its holster, "Calmate…Por favor, calmate. No se mueven…" he looks over towards Kayla and Quin. Then to Piper, "Go check on the other one. See if he breathin."

And then he looks back to Anita, starting to check for blood, or signs of broken limbs. A glance over his shoulder to Bob in his snipers hole, "You got eyes on anything up there?" he calls out.

Kayla knows that cry indeed. "You hit your head…concussion." she explains to her brother before his ending question brings her back to the rest of the situation. "I..uh. Yeah." she admits. Hearing the single word from Piper, she looks back. "Piper…here…stay with Quin." She can tell, at least, that she's in better shape than the other woman.

when Kayla gets to her feet, she's relatively steady. Turning, she can see that Lincoln is with the doctor, and so she instead moves off to check on the two they'd come to meet, since they seem to be the ones down still.

Terry continues scanning the area, looking for potential threats to the group. He reaches into his sniper bag and extracts a little 'bean bag' rest to help steady his aim, and relieve stress at the same time, as well as a journal full of notes from previous missions.

It takes a few moments for Bob's words to work there way into Piper's good ear and past the ringing in her ears and head. They leave her looking and feeling conflicted on top of everything else and she looks from Bob to Quin and Kayla over to where the strange male is laying unconscious. Yeah, Piper doesn't even approach most the the men in camp conscious or unconscious and he is asking her to go that to a stranger…sure he is clearly hurt, which is the only reason she actually contemplates doing so. She has a soft heart under all the crazy, anthrophobia. And then Kayla to the rescue. She's really in no mental state, she can barely walk, to be treating wounded people. A few more steps and she is taking Kayla's place at Quinton's side, taking his hand and giving it a squeeze.

Quinton frowns, his head? No…there was an explosion. Piper? He's head swivels, trying to find her, "…hurt?" And then she's there, holding his hand. "..count…"

Having heard the explosion and assuming there may be casualties a few of the other people from the Camp Hope sight hurry onto the scene, with what little meager medical supplies they have, as well as blankets to use to transport any injured. One of the men who does a lot of guarding work calls out "What's the sit rep? what do you want us to do."

Kayla moves to check the two members of the Reyes camp. And then more Hopers are arriving - thank goodness, because those that were here were, for the most part not in any shape to be offering help to the injured.

To be fair, Bob was trying to get Kayla to help in the first place, and he didn't have many options. Still, it's better this way. Bob continues to focus on Anita for the time being. And there's no sense in lingering. "Let's get the wounded back inside, quickly." A beat pause and he looks up to where Terry is posted and waves him down, "I want a scouting party organized in ten minutes. We need to go check the blast site."

Bob then looks to the two remaining members of the Reyes group and he frowns, "Take their wounded too." He then gets to his feet and looks to Lincoln, and then the guard, "Help get the Doc back. We need him patched up." As for Bob, he appears to fully intend on going to the blast site to investigate, given that he's already turning that way.

Yeah, usually she's good at understanding Quintonese, but not right now. Piper just makes sure that the man can see that she is at least upright, even if its a shakey, glassy eyed, dazed upright.

Anita's dazed gaze looks at Bob and she mumbles to him as she reaches a hand out, tries to at least. It isn't being cooperative, maybe because it's dislocated at the shoulder. As for Lorenzo, he is breathing in a whezzy fashion and seems to have a broken bone or three.

On it, the man nods to Bob and him and the small group starts to deal with taking the wounded back to the camp, where everyone can get some proper…well sorta, medical attention.

Terry starts getting things packed up — journal, sand-bag, rifle, everything — and heads back to the group. "Ready to move when you are, chief." He nods to Bob, glancing around, looking to see who all's fit to fill up the requested scouting party.

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