(2015-11-26) Communication Fail
Communication Fail
Summary: Dixie and Piper have some communication issues
Date: 11.26.2015
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It looks like there could be rain later, but for know its dry. Not that it matters indoors, in the apartment that is being used as a makeshift medical office, hospital sort of thing. It's morning, and the patients are still sleeping. Piper herself was 'released' yesterday morning technically, but she is in attendance, using her paltry first aid and herbalism skills to treat those still dealing with thier injuries. Currently she is cleaning and rebandaging the wounds of Lorenzo, one of the two Reyes left of the group. He is still not fully withit, the medicines and the pain from his severe wounds keeping him from being coherent. As she works the humms a soothing tune to the hispanic man.

Dixie has been out looking for traces of missing Hopers, in the chance that they were any where near the Reyes' group when things when bang. However, it seems that she's been getting more and more ready for war, with each trip back and forth. Either she's been missing people, or they're head. Missing people she can live with, though people being killed, it's another matter. She's been slightly paranoid about attacks on the camp, which means she's also been very carefully approaching and leaving, trying to get as many people to not to see her as possible. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. But if there's someone setting up bombs out there, she wants to find them. While her weapons aren't drawn, she keeps her hand close to her pistol as she creeps almost silently into the sick bay. She's not a phantom in the dark aiming to steal lives, but simply someone looking for a missing friend. With Piper humming, it seems that she's in two minds, especially if she should approach or not. She does offer a soft whistle though as she starts to approach where Piper is humming to Lorenzo.

Piper has been different since both giving birth and moving south. She's still twitchy around most people, but she is smiling more and making an effort to talk. Since the explosion though she is more previous her. With all the deaths and some of the people she was freinds with missing there has been little to smile about. The humming could be just as much to sooth herself as the injured man she is treating. Wrapping a bandage around the angry looking gash on the man's arm the whistling has her lifting her head. She didn't hear Dixie come in, but she is not startled or surprised. Her own face is criss-crossed with scabbed over cuts and scraches a band-aid covering the one below her eye that needed stitches. She gives a quick wave of greeting then finishes the bandaging job.

"Certainly a nasty gash," Dixie comments about the wound on the man's arm, as she moves closer to get a look. Her brow furrows when she notices Piper's face, criss-crossed with scabbed over cuts, as well as a band-aid under her eye. "Bless the heart of the person who did it," she offers politely and sincerely. "I hope that they are religious, because I know by the time I am done with them, they'll be praying to God by the end of it." She takes a few moments to look around, as she tries to spot a familiar face. "I'm kind of hoping that Hippy's here somewhere, or at least come past to check on people."

In this room is only the faces of Anita and Lorenzo, the injured Camp people in the other room. The two Reyes were getting a bit short sheeted in the care department, Piper is seeing that, that isn't the case anymore. The woman tilts her head in confusion at the words. Not being from the south she doesn't know that 'Bless Your Heart' isn't the compliment it sounds like. There is a shake of her head then "No." she says after a moment, meaning no sightings of Harmony here or anywhere else for that matter.

Dixie gives Piper a confused look in return for the other woman's confused look. She takes a deep breath and then sighs at Piper's simple reply of 'no', which also leaves her frowning for a few moments. "I… I think I'm going to have to talk to Bob about having a clip board set up, so when people leave, we know where they have gone, and who they are meeting with." She slowly shakes her head. "It might have given people a place to search when you and Kayla were abducted. Could have had things go differently, if I could have took a small group behind lines and hit them during transit." She shakes her head for a moment.

Using a damp cloth Piper wipes the sweat of the man's face. He's feverish, not a good sign and there aren't really any large medical facilities in town to get medical supplies. She listens to Dixie's idea and gives a nod as she taps a finger to her temple. Though at the reminder of her kidnapping she can't help but frown, even if she agrees that it would have been easier. She's thankful Bob was there to witness that whole thing. "Water…" she says as she cups one hand upside down and runs her other hand under it, a sign for something. Setting the cloth down a moment she gets up with a grimace of pain. It will be a few more days still before she is moving without pain and stiffness, stupid human body with its bruising and muscles to sprain and pull!

Dixie's not the best first aider, but she frowns when she notices the sweat on the man's face. She might have already given one of her water bottles to be used, but with cooler conditions, she's quick to offer up her other canteen. She'll be certain to refill later on, though, as she doesn't want to be caught short. She carefully frees it from her webbing and offers it towards Piper. "Ain't much in there, but it should help," she offers. She falls silent and glances downwards.

Piper takes the canteen and goes to pour its contents into a glass, which she then mixes in some powdery stuff from a small jar. The canteen is handed back as she swirls the contents together so the powder mostly dissolves. A nod of thanks is given and she heads back over to the man to get the water into him. "Where…." she asks glancing from her task to Dixie breifly.

Dixie takes the canteen back, and slips it back to her webbing. She takes a few moments to consider Piper's question, as she tilts her head to the side. She looks thoughtful as she tries to figure out where exactly 'where' belongs. "I don't know," she admits, as she shakes her head. "If I knew where where was, I'd be there waiting already." Her shoulders slump and she shakes her head for a moment.

There is a frustrated sigh at her inability to communicate clearly today. It's not a problem when she is dealing with the injured Reyes, or even Quinton sometimes, but with other people it can be frustrating "Looked…" she shades her eyes and pantomines looking around. Harmony was frequently going on about finding an out of the way ranch where they could live and raise crops and animals and live in peace like at some big hippie commune. Piper manages to get more of the liquid in the man then on him and after cleaning him up a bit more, let's him rest in peace so she can turn her attention to the female Reyes.

"Looked?" Dixie replies at Piper's pantomine, and she shakes her head. "Maybe you didn't look enough, and she's out there, isolated and alone." Her brow furrows again, and she stares downwards. "Bless you, but she's my friend. I know I wouldn't leave you or Mutton out there, and you're both good friends like her. I'll keep on looking until I can get confirmation. She'll most likely wander back into camp any day!" She balls her fists at her side and shakes her head. "I… I think I'm going to nap, and then head out again."

A hand runs through the bangs that have escaped the braids that her rapunzel long hair is forced into. More frustration, that isn't what she meant, but in her state of mind she can't explain what she does mean. A sigh is followed by a nod to Dixie with a hopeful look at her commenting about Harmony's return. Harmony and her may have had an awkward friendship at best, but Piper never wanted any harm to come to the hippy. A wave is then given and she focuses her attention on dealing the the bandages that need changing on Anita.

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