(2015-11-27) Day Trip
Day Trip
Summary: Isabeau and Piper head out for a day trip to the grasslands
Date: 11.27.2015
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Farmland Petting Zoo

Barns, pens corrals, and even a house make up this good size acreage. A short driveway with a sign hanging above advertising it as a petting zoo, leans to a small empty gravel parking lot. From the parking lot a path leads to the buildings, where farm animals were happily kept for the entertainment of young and old alike.

The morning sun is just over the eastern horizon, painting the town is orangy-gold light and trying is's damndest to burn off the mist and drizzle the clings to the morning. Piper is up and about, has been for awhile and after pawning the kids off on thier sitters she is now in the corral of the zoo, now shelter for the camps animals, saddling one of the horses and looking to be ready to go on a what, if her belongings, are any indication, a day trip at least. "Shush now Bailey." the woman says to the mare when the horse sidesteps as the saddle is cinched securely. She rubs the mare's neck "We're just going for a little walk." she mare calms at the words and petting and the woman continues on saddling and getting the bridle and reins in place. Seems she has no issues talking to animals.

Isa isn't a rare sight at the farm these days, if she isn't working her horses in one of the pens she's checking up on the camp hope animals, making sure they are in reasonably good health. This morning though has her leading the black and white paint mare, Snow behind her. "The injured and animals alike, seems like you've got a calming effect on everybody. Though I thought you said you didn't ride." The rancher's chin tipping at the gear that suggests a day trip.

"I know, bits suck." she soothes the horse with her calm, silvery words as she puts the metal in the horses mouth and pulls the bridle over the head. She doesn't start in surprise at the appearance or words from Isa, just turns to look at the other woman her expression stoic at best "Not well," she replies, she said she didn't ride well, "Walk fine, gallop…" she lifts a hand and drops it dramatically indicating falling off said horse. She finishes getting the bits and pieces of the saddle and stuff on and then goes about loading the mare with her stuff. Thankfully saddlebags are easy so is holstering the rifle in its saddle holster. "Dad…like you…" she furrows a brow as she concentrates on getting her words out, "a vet…pets though…not…" she gestures around at the various farm animals that have been collected. "Taught things.

"For more reasons than one." Isabeau notes of bits and bridles, but then most of her horses have been trained on bitless gear. "That just comes with practice and building trust between you and her." Of falling off at a gallop. There's a genuine smile when Piper speaks of her father. "Mm, that may be why we seem to get along then." Isa grins running a hand along Snow's neck. The mare already saddled and ready to go. "Mind if I ask you where you are planning on heading?"

There is a small shrug "Maybe." easy to get along with people when you don't talk much and tend to keep at arms length, "Grasslands." she points east. If they could drive it would only be about 10 - 20 minutes, but on horseback longer. "Need herbs. Yellow dock, wild garlic, yarrow, aloe, golden rod, willow…" there are probably more, but she stops listing there. With the group being short on modern medicine she has been learning herbalism from Harmony, and now that the hippie is MIA she is filling those shoes to the best of her ability. Thankfully she has a big ass book about it that Harmony gave her months ago.

Isabeau smiles, Snow holds still while the rancher mounts up with ease, the young mare shifting her weight anxiously as though ready for the work to begin. "Mind if I tag along? You can show me what to look for? Two are better than one." It might sound odd coming from Isabeau. A phrase that might have made perfect sense in a different time. There's a study of the mare too, the Rancher watching with a steady eye Baliey's every shift of movement.

"Sure." is the reply as she double checks the bags to make sure she has everything "Could hunt too." bring back something for the evening meal. Piper doesn't particularly like hunting, but she will if she has too. The horse seems calm with the woman, and she didn't lie about being good with animals. Being the shorty she is, the horse is lead to the split rail fence so she can use it to help her mount the tall beast. Once on she shifts a bit to find her seat, though her feet barely make it to the stirups. "Ready?"

Isabeau watches, as though taking mental notes. whatever observations she's made, Isa keeps to herself. "Brought down a deer yesterday, as well as turkey and duck." It's a shift in her weight in the seat that starts Snow walking slowly. "Kinda feels like being a traitor sometimes." Hunting and being a vet maybe. "If we stay, probably time to build a smoker too, in addition to that shower."

Piper gently taps the horse with her heels to get it moving forward. There is a slight pitch sideways as the horse starts moving, but after a few feet, the woman gets her balance and sits the horse well enough for a noob. "Turkeys good." she nods at the woman. She makes no mention of what yesterday was, even though she knows. "No suffering…it's okay." she begins to head through the town and once they hit Purnell it's pretty much a straight shot west, the road heading into the National Grassland area.

Exhales, "Hard to remember sometimes that there are things to be thankful for when every day you have to wonder if your still even human." Isabeau murmurs perhaps reflecting on the meaning of the day before. There's the slow creep of a half-smile at Piper's assertion of suffering. "You are a way better person than I am," She notes studying the woman as they make their way through the town. "The way you handled Quinton. I couldn't have done it." In a lot of ways, Isa's just forgotten how to interact with people.

Isabeau is gifted with a frown and a shake of head "Not better, not special…" she is adamant in her beleif of that, and people telling her that hasn't changed her mind in the least. "Quinton is…" she struggles for the words to describe the man, he is many things and broken isn't one of them, even if he insists he is "He feels to much, to deeply, brain gets in the way." she almost sounds guilty. She taps her heels into the mare's sida again, speeding the horse into a trot making her bounce a bit in the saddle, but it will get them thier faster.

"He's a poet." As though Isa would expect the depth of emotion from anyone in such a profession. "You shouldn't sell yourself short," Isa notes, with a thoughtful slant of her mouth, matching the pace easily. "But you understand that about him, you also could tell that I wasn't equipped to deal with the situation and stepped in. " She glances over at the woman, "That is not nothing. You've got a gift Piper, you can see it in the way you handle those kids of yours. Don't sell it short."

A nod "He is." there is a soft smile, the poet is special to her, Piper did name her son after him, even though he isn't the father. "We are the same, and different." they both feel deeply and too much, she just hides behind her stoicness and silence. There is an amused noise "Lots can't handle him." especially when he is concussed. Another frown at Isa but she remains silent about being gifted, especially since Isa hasn't heard her /really/ sing.

Isabeau smiles, even when she's frowned at these days. "I thought I was going to have to hog-tie him to get him to stay in that bed." Isa probably would have at least tried it too. "I am not a people doctor. I'll be glad when the Doc is up on his feet again."

"He crashed in…." the word apartment has to many syllables "…on his couch." Piper knew he wouldn't get far and she accompanied him the whole way. She has dealt with injured/concussed Quinton before. "Yes." she can wholeheartedly agree with that one. She is no kind of doctor, just a woman with some first-aid and herbalism knowledge which is has stretched to its limits in her own care of the two Reyes survivors. After that silence falls on the woman as the pair continue thier journey west.

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