(2015-11-27) Guilty Feelings
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Summary: Guilty Feelings
Date: 11.27.215
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Outside the Club House is a large fenced in area, paved in faded red brick. At one time it had lovely landscaping, but now it is overgrown. Various tables and chairs dot the patio as well as a gazebo or two that are in the midst of being overtaken by ivy. A number of charcoal and gas grills have been brought in and set up for cooking.

The day is moving right along to evening, the sun low in the west of giving everything a subtle orangey glow. Piper hasn't been seen at all today, she was off with Isa hunting herbs and maybe some game. If game was to be had she isn't sporting any, just a backpack full of plants and saddlebag full of other stuff. She looks weary and dusty but pleased with her haul as she comes onto the patio from the grounds.

Quinton's not been allowed to leave, he tried. The combo of the head injury, and then his in ability to vocalise where he'd be going had everyone else deciding that he should stay put for a few days. Rest. It's been terrible, the poet has been sulking in his apartment, and missed punch today. He's finally making his way out, dressed in a simple long sleeved tee and jeans. He stepped inside the club house, and is now doing the underwater walk towards the patio.

Sophia leaves, heading towards the Shady Glen Apartments [SGA].

The saddlebags get draped onto the back of a chair and the backpack is shrugged off, Piper is about to drop into a chair herself. Sitting on something not moving would be nice but she sees Quinton coming out so waits a moment for that "Still falling?" she asks a weary and concerned smile being offered to him.

Quinton pauses, the question has him frown and look down at the ground, almost guilty. His lips are licked and his pale eyes dart from the ground to the backpack, "…good?" There's a lost quality to his voice, maybe not just from the concussion.

Piper head tilts at him, the behavior makes no sense to her "Sure?" she doesn't seem quite convinced, especially considering the tone of his words. The fact that it is a bad talking day isn't lost though and instead of asking immediatly she holds her arms out, offering a hug and a bit of comfort for the clearly upset man.

Quinton's having lots of issues, so who knows what's bothering him currently. "…good." It is good. He hopes she found lots of good things. He wasn't able to. That could be part of the guilt, he's feeling useless. Her movement has him blink in surprise, a hug? After a hesitant step, he'll let her hug him, although his arms don't go around her.

Her frown is hidden as she gives him a hug, and rubs her hand up and down his back a few times before releasing him "Good you are up." Piper tells him giving him a smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes, which drop to the pack. After lifting the pack to the table "Wanna see?" she asks as she unzips the closure.

A soft sigh escapes Quinton, and he nods, "…I'll…live." He gives her a small smile, realising her's isn't genuine. "Sorry…yes." He even nods. "…show …me"

There really hasn't been much to smile about lately, but Piper is trying to put on happy face. "All I ask." for now she's at least glad to know that he is alive "I have yarrow, golden rod, aloe vera," she lists the plants as she pulls bundles of leaves and roots and other plant peices tied up with twine, there are more and she names those as well, before she gets to the whole plants, the rootballs wrapped in dampcloth and in plastic baggies secured with more twine. "Isabeau helped."

Quinton snorts softly, but then the stuff is listed and he nods, approving of everything. His head tots and he taps the whole plant with a questioning look. His lips prsue then, he's not made up his mind of the new woman yet.

Her eyes lift to look at him at the noise, but they are more weary and worried than anything at the moment. When he taps the plant she lifts it up to look at the colored twine tied around it "Wild garlic." she pulls two of the leaves off one she hands to him the other she rubs between her fingers, takes a brief whiff of it before popping the leaf in her mouth.

Quinton's eyebrows furrow together and his hand will go from the plant to the back of her hand, briefly. "…sorry…" His hand motions to the side of his head, "…loud.." The leaf of taken and chewed on. Anotehr smile, this one a little more genuine than the last. "Plant…inside…"

She studies him a moment then nods in understanding or in how she understands it at least. She indicates one of her own ears, "Ringing." she says to him a little louder. "Yes." she nods about planting indoors "Need pots." and soil, but one thing at a time. "Tomorrow." she doesn't have the energy to do any of that today "Help me then?"

Quinton's eyes widen slightly and his hand goes like he's going to touch the side of her face, but stops, "Yeah…ring….time…" Pots….he can find posts. As soon as they let him, that is. The question gets a slow, but definite nod, and he touches his chest briefly, "Yes….help."

When his hand pauses Piper busies herself with pulling the rest of the plants from her pack and sets them out "Hope so." she assumes he his saying the ringing will go away with time. At his agreement she lets out a breath a gives him a small but genuine smile. "Dirt everywhere." on her clothes, her arms, hands, she turns her pack inside out to shake the dirt from it. She doesn't care for being dirty. "Think ate some too." or at least plenty of dust while riding through the grasslands.

He drops his hand, unsure if he should have touched her or not. Instead he nods, "Dirt.' Agreeing. But it's a good thing, right? He will let his hand touch her sleeve. "Healthy." It's an amused word.

"Dry." she doesn't flinch when he reaches out again. "I got you dusty." Piper reaches out to brush the dirt off the front of his shirt or sweater, whichever he is wearing. Once that's done she begins to dig through the saddlebag for her waterbottle, not much left in it, so she downs the rest. "Had to stay?" she gestures around the complex

Quinton's in a long sleeved tee shirt. It's not a sweater today, sadly. He looks down, watching her mess with his shirt, "…dusty…ok…" He sighs, his nose wrinkling in frustration. "Yeah…not tomorrow…" He'll sneak out if he has to.

She makes a face when he confirms that he has been here all day, "Sorry." Piper knows how that confinement feels, "Sucks doesn't it." she gives him a bit of a sardonic smile this time "We'll figure some..some.." nope that word isn't coming "it out." she's pretty good at sneaking around.

Quinton's hand motions to the side of his head again. If his head was clearer maybe. He frowns again, letting his eyes slowly drift to the doorway. No one else seems to be around, currently. "…Feel…guilty…" And he does.

Another tilt of her head as he confesses his feelings for once. Piper reaches to put a hand on his arm, her eyes on his face, curious, concern both cross her face. There is no claims as to being aware of that already. Just the simple question, "For?"

Quinton's jaw works, words are hard, and feelings are harder. "Not….right. Kid….then….where…" He shakes his head, "…missing…" Not dead, he can't believe Harmony's dead. that's just not acceptable. His arm twitches once where her hand is touching and he'll reach for her hand, "…sorry.." Like this is somehow his fault.

Piper listens, piecing together what he is saying, "It's not." she agrees, a sad look crosses her face. Harmony and her were always awkward, but they got along and she was learning all the plant and herbal stuff from her. Taking his hand she really doesn't have words that will alleviate his guilt though she does go with the standard, "You shouldn't." maybe she feels a bit of it too.

Quinton's pale eyes go from her hand to her own eyes, "…should have….something…" He sighs, tilting his head to study her, "Sorry…" His other hand reaches up to touch the side of her face, near her ear, "….better…" Her ears have to, right? She's a musician, that would be like…Quin not being about to read.

"But what?" they all know Harmony didn't want to come, and once she was here was single minded about a ranch "Hope she finds what she is looking for." she takes the hand near her ear and places it on her cheek "Soon." she hopes the ringing stops soon. Releasing his hand she gestures indoors "Wanna find food?" she hasn't eaten all day either. She glances at her plants then back at him before pulling him along into the clubhouse.

Scavenging Rolls

3 Bags of Sugar
1 Charm Bracelet
1 CB Radio
1 Griddle Pans

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