(2015-12-03) 21 Days
21 Days
Summary: Countdown to Christmas
Date: 12.4.2015
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202 S. Texas St.

A simple, brick, three bedroom ranch house, circa 1950ish. Once through the front door the living room immediatly greets you with it's more 1990s inspired furnishings, electronics and decor. Above the cold fireplace is a rather nice landscape painting and framed pictures dot the mantel.

Onward to an updated, mostly, eat in kitchen, a few dishes still in the sink, along with a pool of stagnant water causing the stainless steel to rust. More pictures and magnets cover the fridge.

Down a hallway are three bedrooms, two clearly belonging to either a young child or preteen, the other clearly for an adult or pair of adults. Only one bathroom, typical for this age of house.

As far as days go it isn't a very good one. Not for the fact that it is drizzling, that isn't a big deal. For Piper it was just a series of events starting with the gruesome findings yesterday, which resulted in unpleasant dreams, add stubborn children and a three year old that has some new favorite words "no", and "you're not my mommy"…it's all lead to a tired, silent and somewhat grumpy faced woman. She doesn't even have the baby with her. For some reason when she is like this so is he, so Bea took over the care of him today and basically shoved her out the door to go do something useful.

As she wandered she ran into Quinton and so now they stand on the front porch of a house, checking the exterior before they head inside.

Quinton seems to do better with bodies, or at least hides it better. The man is peeking into windows, a horrible post apocalyptic peeping tom. All the rain has done has plastered the man's shaggy hair to his head. Luckily his back pack seems to be slightly water resistant(He'd be doomed otherwise). The idea of dummy windmills and such has been on his mind, and with Piper he feels comfortable to try to get it out, "Like…Blazing Saddles, but with….wind and buildings….false tracks." He's still checking out the windows, so his eyes are not on her.

She watches a moment as he peeks in the windows that line the front porch, then Piper is back to scanning the neighborhood. Since she is baby free she has her rifle hanging from her shoulder. Despite being good with most firearms, she is most comfortable with her rifle. Probably because the doesn't have the recoil of other weapons..or a recoil that she can handle at least. The only thing she can remember from that movie is Kahn's bar room song, "I'm so tired…." she replies in a sing-song voice, mimicking the cadence but not quite the way the actress in the movie sang it. She does nod though, getting what he is saying.

Quinton lets out a small, honest laugh at the song, but he nods. He wasn't sure he'd have seen it, she's way younger than he is. That reminder has him blinking, but at the end of the world, do those things really matter. "…clear…" Of what? Dead bodies? Living bodies? Either way he goes and rattles the front door, which is locked, so he moves back to the window to see if it's open, "How many days?"

Only physically, mentally and emotionally she is ancient. Piper feels that way at least, most of the time. But of course she would know the music of it and it was preformed (or was supposed to be) on Broadway in the recent past…and that is sorta her thing. A bit of her pensiveness fades when he says its clear…she assumes its bodies, but his question has her looking puzzled..clearly not understanding the context of it.

The window goes up a half an inch then stops. Quin's not expecting that and his hand keeps moving, which is frustrating on most days, but when you have a stitched thumb, painful. "Aaahh!" His hand is pulled back, painful, but mostly in surprise of it, and Quin does a small, goofy two step as he pulls his hand this chest. "Shit….hurt." Then realizing he's not alone he shakes his hand, like that's gonna help, and smiles sheepishly, "…sorry….locked." Guess they'll have to try the back.

Piper winces in sympathy, she's grumpy not unfeeling and she knows that smacking a hurt anything against something doesn't feel good. A glance is given to the injured appendage, but she doubts that besides hurting that any additional damage was done. A gesture is given to signify going around the house. Usually he does it, but she can if he wants. Though that is liable to end up in broken windows or something. When it comes to getting into houses she doesn't take the subtle approach.

There's no squirting blood or lack of thumb there, so he'll most likely live. He shakes his head, "no…I…got it…" Better save some face, anyway. He always feels very…unmanly. His pain dance not helping, so at least he can try to get them inside. It takes him a few minutes, but then there's noise inside the house as he walks through it and starts to unlock the door. He grins, holding up a key that must have been hidden outside somewhere.

By the time the door opens Piper is humming again. Most of the time it’s some song or other, others it's just tuneless humming. This time it’s the Blazing Saddles song she named..it's probably earworming her now. Her eyes go immediately to the key and then up to his face "Lucky." she then heads into the living room and looks around at its decade old decor, "Days?" she glances back at him. He asked a question earlier, and he never clarified so now she is asking about it instead of letting it drop like she sometimes does.

Quinton chuckles softly again, treat's how his luck is, smash his hand, find a key. Immediately he satrst looking around, eyes lingering on the photos on the wall. That always makes his smile drop some. "Huh…ohn…till…" He stops as the word escapes him, and then me mimics ripping something open.

As he answers her focus turns solely to him, pupils flaring slightly with her intense stare as she tries to figure out what he is asking her. Ripping open…presents? "Chr…Chr…" she can't get the word out either but answers assuming it's Christmas he is asking about "21," pause "days." she really needs to get those decorations up.

Quinton looks back and smiles, nodding, that was it, apparently. "Good…" There's a pause, and his head tilts watching her back just as intently, "ok? ….still want…" Christmas? Something else?

Piper has yet to do any smiling today, it's all neutral, stoic faces today. At least when she talks though there is more emotion in it. She can only hold the look for so long and when he questions she looks toward the fireplace, dropping her rifle and pack on a chair, "Yes." she answers "the kids." she glances back at him "You?" she knows him and Kayla have been doing prep work for it, she doesn't want to have all that be pointless.

That's…not what he meant exactly. He takes the few steps to stand next to her. An unbandaged hand reaches for her's if she allows, "No…for you too." There's just a small nod, He and Kayla have been collecting a ton of stuff, it's going to annoy the hell out of a lot of folks, but he doesn't care.

Her mood has her a bit twitchy a little of skittish pre-move Piper is out, but she doesn't jerk away her hand, a bit of stiffening and then she is lacing her fingers with his. "I…" she gives a slight frown, she doesn't know. When it was a distance thought it was nice and exciting, but as the day draws closer it just becomes a grim reminder of what all she has lost "yes and no."

Quinton's concern is etched into his face and he lets his eyes wander over her's, "…Up to you….we don't…" There's a head shake, he thinks the kids know, so they can't not, but… "won't make…big deal…" He takes a deep breath, slightly disappointed himself now. He didn't even realize he was looking forward to it. Weird, huh? "…sorry…" How is this his fault? Her hand gets a soft squeeze, but he doesn't want to push her so starts to loosen his fingers, like he'll step away.

Her eyes widen and she shakes her head "We do." her tone has moved from wearily melancholic of adamant with the two words "I'm just…." Piper uses her free hand to make the gesture around her head that he makes when he is having a bad head day. She feels kinda bad for her grumpyface demeanor bringing him down. Her fingers tighten on his when he tries to free himself, but not enough to keep him from doing so "Biggest deal ever." she gets out, if they are going to do it may as well do it right. Go big or go home.

Quinton stops, not pulling away if she doesn't want him too. He nods in sympathy, he knows those days well. He smirks, but it doesn't quite reach his eyes as he nods, "Ok….big deal." A deep breath and he turns, still holding her hand to start looking.

She nods too, but its more at their agreement that it's gonna be a thing than anything else. Piper begins to follow him, but realizes you need two hands to search around and looks for things so will let him go so he can roam freely around the house. She'll head down the hallway, disappearing into the first room she comes to.

Quinton was happy one handed gimp scavenging, but Piper does the smart thing and lets go. He sighs, and goes in a different direction than her. There's not too much to find, a kettle than may work over the grill, cookies which are always great, toothpicks, candles and knives. Not the greatest haul, but not the worst. He's kinda hoping for something nice for presents, but he may have to rely on not scavenging for those.

Piper comes out of one room with nun-chuks dangling from a hand, and then disappears into another one to come out with a couple of pairs of jeans over her shoulder, and then she disappears into the third to come out with a couple of jar candles her nose stuck in one as she inhales the floral scent and a book that she can't really read, since it's in Italian. Her haul isn't much better than his, but she seems to enjoy the scented candle. It smells pretty…and there hasn't been much prettiness around lately. Sure there is herself, but she sees herself everyday…and really doesn't think of herself like that.

Quinton smiles as Piper's sniffing the candles, trying to note what they are. There's still time to find a present for her and Kayla… Not candles though. "Nice?" He's busy putting his finds into his back pack, his wet hair is finally drying enough to not be plastered to his forehead. "What's…favorite?" He's so not smooth.

Well one is a lavender color the other an off white. Her preference seems to be the first one. Smell is a powerful thing and there is a small smile when she looks up at him "Yes." she looks at both candles in her hand and then holds out the purple one "This." she assumes he means between the two in her hands and not in a more general sense. The label on it says its lavender-vanilla so that's supposedly what it will smell like when it is burned.

Quinton takes the candle, holding it under his nose to get a whiff. Is it the lavender or the vanilla she likes though? He nods, "Pretty." He looks at it again, like he's trying to decide and then hands it back, "Nice when ….you get in your apartment." Homey.

A chuckle escapes Piper, surprising her a bit, guess him using that word to describe the thing didn't occur to her so its funny. Taking the candle back she begins to pack her own findings up "Suppose." she hadn't decided whether she was going to keep them or put them into the community storage..not like she needs them for illumination, not that anyone has figured that out yet. "Want the other…you? Kayla?" his sister might like something to make the place smell good and homey.

Quinton hesitates but then nods, "If you…keep the other." But then he stops and smiles "…wait…give it to her…to unwrap…from kids…" Kayla will love that!

"Ok." Piper can agree to that one, she will give him the other candle so he can put it with his haul. She shoulders the pack and her rifle looking puzzled a moment at his unnatural pause, his smile though is contagious and his idea a good one "Yes." working together they can easily make that happen. Once he is done packing and gets is pack on she will offer him her hand, ready to leave the house in a better mood than when she entered

Scavenging Rolls

2 Denim Jeans
1 Box of toothpicks
2 Boxes Votive Candles
4 Kitchen Knives
1 Pair of Nun-Chuks
1 Book-Fiction-Italian Language
2 Scented Jar Candles
1 Kettle
1 Snack size pack of Oreos

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