(2015-12-04) Making A List
Making A List
Summary: Don't get Sophia a task and expect her not to do it
Date: 12.4.2015
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Outside the Club House is a large fenced in area, paved in faded red brick. At one time it had lovely landscaping, but now it is overgrown. Various tables and chairs dot the patio as well as a gazebo or two that are in the midst of being overtaken by ivy. A number of charcoal and gas grills have been brought in and set up for cooking.

It's late enough in the afternoon that people have returned from their morning activities, weather that as scavenging or hunting or…teaching kiddos. Whatever it was, it's lunch time, or just past. Soph had put a call out, not really expecting atone on such short notice, but she'd been given a job. So out on the patio she sits with a note book and pen, scribbling away.

Whatever the reason, whether it is for food or at Sophia's request, Piper wanders in through the gate, pushing it open with her hip as her hands are full, cradling the hurricane oil lamps against her chest on each side of the baby that is also cradled there. The last thing she wants is the oil in them to leak all in her backpack…eww. She's humming a bouncy tune, a sign that today is a good one for her. Seeing the other woman she heads over to where she is sitting and sets the lamps down "Here." she says, probably intending them for Sophia to use in the clubhouse…and since as far as she is aware, the woman is the Quartermaster, so to speak, in charge of supplies.

Sophia's dark eyes widen and she grins, "Hell yes. That's great Piper!"Her pen is set down so she can take a closer look at the lamps. "These are perfect!" Now all they need is more oil… Soph doesn't say that though, one step at a time. "So…good morning then, I take it?" She's not sure if she's pushing it with the question so after than she smiles and flips the page tow write down the 2 lamps, and then flips another page to write the oil on a need list.

There is a bit of a smirk at the excitement over something as simple as oil lamps, but Piper gets excited over peanut butter, so she has little room to 'talk'. "'Eh." is the one syllable response. She's in a decent mood, so its a good morning that way, but not so much in the finding things. Seems like the lamps are about the only thing she found worth sharing with the group. A glance is given around the empty patio, "Everyone?"

Well, Soph's entire life before it went to hell was abut night life, this dark can't do anything crap is killing her. She nods, not having expected anything more than the eh, anyway. The woman laughs, "Si…seems the idea of lists scares them all away." She doesn't seem too terribly upset. It just means the things she things are important are on top.

Piper hmmms points to the list that Soph is working on "Scary." she drawls as she does a little jazz hands action. Shrugging of her seemingly mostly empty pack she sits down across from the other woman, glancing upside down at the list.

It's afternoon post lunch, the time when Sophia asked that anyone with ideas, or any useful information come by and talk with her so she can note it down and get it taken care of. Right now it seems Piper is the only one doing so..or she is here for other reasons. She's a bit of an enigma. They both sit at a table, a couple of hurricane oil lamps sit on the table as well. Fruits of scavenging efforts from someone.

Sophia nods in accruement, "Si…very scary." currently she's working on the need list. Candles are at the top and underlined. "I am not writing things like…ammo or food down. because those are things we will always need." Underneath candles is oil.

Lincoln was off doing the Lincoln things. He makes his way in from wherever that is and notices the pair of women, offering a smile to them before moving over to sit down not far apart. "How's it going?" He asks casually, glancing from Piper to Sophia, then to Piper, then to the table.

There is a frown of concentration as she looks from the list to Sophia, "More work." she says with effort. And not everyone wants to be piled with more of that…especially the kind that has to be done to make the place defensible and more livable. "Yes." she agrees. Adding those would be a waste. The arrival of the Mr. Awkward has her glancing in his direction and a wave is given first and then a casual shrug at his question.

"Hola Lincoln." Soph unintentionally mimics Piper in the shrug, "I have just started. I am make a list of what is needed, what we need to try to do, and what we have." The list is on what they need currently. Turning back to Piper, "Si, it will be a lot of work, but it is better than running."

Settling himself in, Lincoln nods a bit. "Well, survival training teaches the two most important things to always have are Water and Weapons. Followed by Food and Fuel." He manages a bit of a smile. "Winter time means fuel will be different right? And Food as well." His finger drum on his leg some. "But if we're settling here, we need to think in sustainable ways."

"It is." Piper agrees, running isn't something she is programmed to do, and that part doesn't seem to be broken as the rest of it is. She's not to surprised when Lincoln speaks up about the tenets of survival, though he did seem to miss one. Holding her arms up she forms a roof over her head with them to possibly indicate shelter as an important thing for survival. True they have that already, but still important. She does look a bit concerned at the mention of fuel, "Trees sparse." this is the panhandle of Texas. What isn't grasslands is more desert like. There isn't much in the way of trees for using them as a fuel source long term.

Sophia frowns slightly, flipping the page. What they re saying is helpful, but too generic. The top of the page is marked Things to Do, and tunnels and candle making are both written down. "So..gardening…I think the Reyes may have had some scattered about. Weapon training?" She glances up at the two, "Windmill." She remembers someone saying something about that the other day.

"Fortifications." Link adds quietly. "That will require concrete, barbed wire, rebar, construction material type things. That’s what we need is a construction yard, lumber yard type thing. Home depot would even suffice for starters but a farming supply place might work."

There is a nod to Sophia "Lorenzo.." Piper pantomimes writing. The Reyes man is mapping or writing down where the gardens are? Weapons training is also something she can do as well. She's been doing a little of that with the older children, safety and such mostly. "Windmill." she nods a bit of a smile coming to her face. "Works." she was there, she saw it working. A look at Lincoln as he lists what is needed and how and where to get it. "Find…phone book." There isn't much of those here. It's a very small town, but there are definitely larger towns they could travel too to get those things.

Sophia keeps writing although she frowns looking up at Piper when she says the Windmill works, "What windmill?" She flips the page back and writes phonebook in the need list.

"Windmills are not overly reliable sources of energy." Lincoln offers towards the two women, "There's a reason they weren't adopted for long term energy solutions. But for water drilling I could see it, and that is definitely something we'll want. Our own source of water internal to where we are here." He bites his lower lip, "We need heavy duty supplies as well, the sort of stuff we'd only find at military instillations."

"Ranch." Piper waves to the south "South. Powered." she does nod to what Lincoln said. "Lights." there were lights working, she didn't really explore if the power was used for anything else. Better than nothing to her though. "Solar." she jerks a thumb to the solar panels that sit on top of the roof of the clubhouse. Right now windmills or solar is the only way they are going to get power. Bob listed that are a priority to if she remembers right. "San Antonio?" she raises her brows quizzically at Lincoln remembering he mentioned something about a military base there.

Sophia shrugs, she doesn't know energy sources, "I am writing everything down. Do you have an idea?" But then Piper gives her solar to write down.

"Yes. San Antonio." Lincoln adds to the pair. "I need to go to San Antonio, once she's better I'll be setting off. " He pauses then and sighs, "Hold on a second, I need to… you know…" He tilts his head towards the bathroom and slinks off that way.

There is some confusion at Lincoln and why he would need to wait to go anywhere, but since he is running off for a nature call Piper doesn't get a chance to question him about it. She at least knows a bit of what he is talking about "San Antonio…" she once more frowns in concentration, explaining may take more words than she has, so she just points to the distant mothership and makes a exploding noise.

Sophia can guess, but doesn't really care. She makes mental note to let Bob know though. Damn it, she's not his secretary! Her lips purse together and she takes deep breath, writing down a few more things before Piper's explanation dawns on her, "Si…most likely. We will need to think of a few places to try."

Concern is drawn across the woman's face. "Dangerous." at least it is if Soph is talking about military installations to try "Compromised." Piper lets slip. She knows so much but can say so little for fear of putting herself in a life or death situation "First here." she gestures around. Defense before offense, like Bob said at the meeting.

Sophia frowns, not letting the slip go without a question, "Of course it will be dangerous, but what isn't anymore…" Her head tilts, "The camp kids could not have taken all of the facilities. Surely we still must have some." Soph nods, agreeing here first, but she still gives the new mother a strange look.

Well that is a true enough sentiment. Everything these days is a risk really. Piper shrugs "I…" then there is a shake of her head "don't know." which is actually true. "Send scouts." that's the best way to find out. The strange look is just meet with a head tilt and she continues on ideas "Commu…" hrmmms "Communi…." it's not coming so she makes the talking hand sign "groups."

Well, yeah….that's what Soph assumed. Piper gets another odd look before the older woman goes back to writing. She doesn't write down community groups just yet, "For?….I think teaching farming and weapons and first aid are important…" Poor Eli, he's going to be very busy.

Terry arrives from the Shady Glen Apartments.

"Numbers." Piper answers simply enough, more people to hide, and feed, but it goes the other way too, more to help produce and defend. "They are." she agrees though isn't sure where those would fit on the priorty list of things to start, though truthfully those sound have been going on this whole time.

It's afternoon post lunch, the time when Sophia asked that anyone with ideas, or any useful information come by and talk with her so she can note it down and get it taken care of. Right now it seems Piper is the only one doing so..or she is here for other reasons. She's a bit of an enigma. They both sit at a table, a couple of hurricane oil lamps sit on the table as well. Fruits of scavenging efforts from someone.

Sophia's not sure she's following Piper, but doesn't press the woman to talk more. After a moment she flips her notebook back to the need pages and writes down, People. Yikes. But true. "With those hogs you brought back the other day, things might be ok….at least we don't have to worry about garbage now…"

The mention of the hogs has Piper turning a bit green and looking like she may just be sick. She'll probably never eat bacon again…once they have an actual smokehouse and can prepare it. Or any other pig related foods. Without another word she gets up from the table and heads in the direction of building B before more of that is discussed and she actually is sick.

Scavenging Rolls

2 Hurricane Oil Lamps
2 Tubes Chapstick
1 Book-Fiction-Spanish
1 Pendant Necklace
1 Guitar Strings
2 Cans Fruitcocktail
2 Packets of Salt

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