(2015-12-08) Bearers of Bad News
Bearers of Bad News
Summary: Caitlin is told to the recent tragic events
Date: 12.8.2015
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S. Texas Street (STS)

This part of Stratford is a mix of commercial and residential. The farther south traveled the more residential the neighborhood gets.

Morning dawned colder than usual and clammy feeling, but with the sun getting further up the temperature is getting bearable, but it will be one of those days that no one considers warm. The sun has yet to reach it's noon peak, that's still a few hours off.

Draped in an oversized cardigan sweater, with graphic tee underneath, and her other usual clothes of jeans and fuzzy slipper socks, Piper sits on the front steps of one of the houses, waiting perhaps, taking a break. Whatever it is she is also rearranging things in her backpack to fit better, humming an upbeat tune as she does so, occasionally slipping into actual singing of lyrics. It's a good day for the woman.

The progress of a visitor through the city can be heard - though it's a very quiet, calm sort of sound generated by the gentle clopping of hooves. Rounding a corner, a cloaked figure in archaic garb comes into view, with a crossbow cradled in her arms, and a set of reins lightly looped around one wrist. Behind her comes her mount, its saddle-bags looking at least partly filled.

Quinton slips out of the house that piper's sitting at shaking his head softly, not such good day for finding things for the poet. The small bit he's found is already in his backpack, which is on. He's also wearing a sweater, and seems happy about it by the smile he flashes the tony woman on the steps, '…good?" His head snaps up and he hops down the rest of the stairs to casual place himself in-between whoever is approaching and Piper.

Looking over her shoulder as Quinton comes out her eyes follow him as he comes down the steps. "Mostly. Would have liked to find more." complete sentences today even, but how long will that last. But she isn't as talented as finding things as he is…or she just doesn't try as hard…something. "We can hit another." house she means. Attention shifts in the direction to the familiar hoof beats and a hand goes to her hidden pistol tucked into the snuggie. She descends the steps but let's the man take his protective stance. She's gotten over the annoyance of it at least.

Spying the duo ahead, the dismounted horsewoman slows… then after a moment lets go of the crossbow with one hand so that she can sweep back her hood. Familiar red hair is revealed, along with a cheery grin - that she now accompanies with a wave. She doesn't call out, but does take the risk of resuming her slow progress.

Well, yeah. He wished he'd found more too. While Piper is talking more, Quin's not. He nods though, agreeing. Once it's reveal who, Quin raises a hand in treating before looking to piper, "…Say hi?" he nods towards Cait and starts walking towards her.

When Caitlin reveals herself, Piper's still healing scratched up face expresses concern. There is a silent nod and she starts to say something but Quin has started walking. "Wait." she says just loud enough for him to hear and she quick steps to grab for his hand to stop him a moment "It's been weeks.." a couple at least, "since she has been here." she starts to whisper to him "She doesn't know about…" she nods her head in the direction of the former Reyes compound.

Caitlin offers another smile and a wave, certainly looking unconcernedly cheerful. "Hi there," she says warmly. "It's good to see the pair of you again." She sounds as if she means it.

Quinton turns, the soft smile disappearing as Piper reminds him and he sighs. He doesn't want to be the one to tell her, but there's not really any choice, is there. He keeps a hold of Piper’s hand and will move closer to Cait. "Hey." He takes a deep breath, "….bad happened." Well…that's probably not very helpful.

While Piper is pleased to see Caitlin's return, its overshadowed by the news that must be imparted to the British woman. Hand-in-hand she approaches as well, the healing scratches and cuts, one even with stitches, making her grim expression as Quinton starts to tell, looks all that much grimmer. "An attack…explosion…Reyes place." while she can manage complete sentences with Quinton, not so much with Caitlin, she's to new and unfamiliar.

Auburn brows arch, as Caitlin slightly cocks her head. Her gaze flits from Quinton to Piper and back again. "…bad happened?", she repeats in an apprehensive murmur, before Piper provides her explanation. "Were… were more people lost?" She at least remembers the arrival of the newcomers' buses, carrying wounded and tales of attacks and death.

Quinton hesitates, but then nods. Two fingers are held up, "…survived from …" His lips press together, "Reyes.." He has to force the name out.

"Anita and Lorenzo." Piper provides the names of the two survivors, her nod confirming the survivor tally that is provided. Her free hand is used to gesture in the direction the Reyes place was "Crater now." or rather a small pond where the condo complex was. A deep breath is taken, to calm her emotional reaction to such a tragic event. "Sorry." that she…they…have to greet her with such bad news?

"…just… just two?", Caitlin asks dazedly. One hand comes up to cover her mouth as she swallows audibly. Lacking Spanish, she never exactly had much of a conversation with most of them, but she's still quite evidently more than a little shocked. "I… I am so sorry," she says softly. "You knew them far better than… than…." She glances away, then looks back again, conjuring up a watery smile. "I… brought things. Not much. A few pieces I found. That might… children. For them here. I… sorry."

Quinton frowns, he watches her to make sure she's not swaying. He'd feel awful if she fell and hurt herself after what they just told her. There's another soft nod, he'll not even add in the missing Hopers. He glances to Piper and then to Cait, "Come…sit…" He'll motion her over to the stoop Piper was using earlier.

Better…longer…it's not worth debating. Piper watches Cait's reaction, she'd probably feel the same shock had she be learning in this manner. As it is just thinking about it leaves her feeling quesy. "Don't apologize." truthfully if anyone has anything to be sorry about its Piper, but even this one threw her for a loop. The trading is waved off for the moment, even if it is things for the children it can wait for the woman to wrap her brain around in incident. "Breath." she says to the stammering from the woman. That's something she is all to familiar with.

Caitlin glances around, evidently scanning their surroundings for any potential threats before she takes so large a risk as to come to a complete halt and put her back firmly to a building. Then she musters another weak smile and follows it up with a jerky nod. "Sure. Ahh… thanks. And… damn. Was it… was it an accident?", she asks cautiously, en route to accept the offered seat. She's moving carefully, but seems to be unlikely to keel over. And she does remember to bring her horse over, and loosely hitch its reins over something to give it the idea of staying in place.

Ah….Quin should ahem known that question would be next, "…No. …Bomb." He's still not certain who it was from though. Aliens? Camo kids? The man just takes a deep breath and scans the area as well. Better to be safe than sorry.

Piper stays near the poet as they move to let the other woman sit…lean..whichever she is going to do at the home. She briefly lets go of Quinton's hand to dig one of the sodas out of her pack to offer it to Cait. That's the protocol right, someone in distress offer them a beverage…though this one isn't hot, but room temp counts right? "Random attack…" she says taking his hand once more "By the Others."

"…bomb?", Caitlin repeats, before sighing heavily. "Bugger. That's… definitely not good news. At all. Crap. I'll have to warn the guys when I get back back." She shakes her head. "Not that I know what we can do, but… trying to be wary'd be good. Oh." She blinks at the soda, then laughs softly. After a moment's hesitation, she accepts it. "Thank you. Though I promise I'm not about to faint."

Quinton seems a little relieved that dh's not fainting. He's had enough bad things, no fainting red heads! For the brief moment that his hand is free, he adjusts his backpack straps, looking around, but then it's offered back to Piper when she reaches for it again. He's still not sure how the kid was the bomb, all of that is still kinda fuzzy. "…kid…toddler…"He looks at pier to see if she can clarify.

And here comes the nausea. Piper was hoping the exact nature of the bomb would be glossed over for now, but forewarned is forearmed and all that. She takes another deep breath, her free hand coming up to wrap protectively around the baby sleeping against her chest. Not only nausea but it brings out the mama bear in her too. A nod is given and she does her best to do so, "The Others…" whoever they are, "put bombs….toddlers…" she raises the protective hand to touch her throat "trap comes to you." she seems to know a lot about it..probably more than she can express at the moment.

Caitlin frowns as she attempts to make sense of the messages - then mentally double-checks her tentative conclusions. "It's… a toddler was used, to… deliver it?", she asks softly. "Crap. It's… well." She closes her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose with the fingers of one hand. "It's a, umm, development of an old idea. Back in the seventies, the IRA tried… well. You've heard of suicide bombers, yeah? Stereotypical image of the Middle East, in some ways. The IRA had the *brilliant* idea of not wasting their own people on anything so terminal as that: instead, they'd kidnap someone's family and threaten to kill the wife and kids unless the father drove a bomb into an army base, or the like. But their chosen victims kept shouting warnings, crashing the car the bomb was in, and so on. Adults just didn't want to do something they knew was wrong *and* would kill them. So… why not use a child who doesn't know what's happening? Makes perfect sense, if you really don't care about any human life at all."

Quinton squeezes Piper's hand in support and nods about what both are saying. His won free hand goes up and rubs his face. He has a lot of emotions about the whole thing, but is trying to keep calm.

Trust the aliens to take a page of human history and trump the hell out of it. Piper listens, her expression stormy at hearing the history and how it is being used in this war. "They…" she waves a hand toward the mothership "don't." but that was pretty obvious from the start of this whole thing "Warn others." she gestures to Cait, who supposedly knows where the other groups are…the ones in Texas at least. "Sore throat."

Caitlin sighs, nods… then blinks and cocks her head. "Sore throat? That's… the sign of the bomb? The child has a sore throat?" She blinks again, gaze unfocusing for a moment. "So it's…? Fuck. That's straight of science fiction. Implanted bombs. Turning people into unwitting delivery systems." She swallows, then eyes the can in her hand. "I… think I'll save this for when I'm sure it won't come straight back up again," she says weakly. "That's horrible."

"Yes." Piper says with a nod, and not just people, but toddlers, who just about any adult is going to take in without hesitation, even if said child comes out of nowhere. Look how quickly the Hope people took in her own five foundlings…she was just the extra baggage that came with them really. "Truth." she says without no irony or veiled humour at all, it is horrible.

Another heavy sigh precedes Caitlin shaking her head once more. "Well, it confirms that they know at least a bit about us," she says dryly. "Teach people to mistrust *everyone* they don't know. Even children. Provide another reason for people to shoot first and not even think of asking questions. Nnnngh."

Quinton frowns at the words and look up at the mother ship. There's gears turning in his mind, if only they were loud enough for others to hear. "No….we…." His free hand clenches and then releases, "We'll….find a way….to detect…." He shakes his head softly, "We need to…fight…back."

"More even." the woman says to Caitlin, the suggestion that it isn't a bit, but quite a lot. They've been here a year, plenty of time to learn all sorts of things really. Piper glances up a Quinton, she is to worked up herself to float any calm at him, so instead squeezes his hand as she leans against him "And disarm." detecting would be great yes, but keeping a young child from exploding and killing everyone, even better.

Caitlin lets out her latest weary exhalation, then nods. "Well, you've some idea what sort of technological abilities *I* have," she says dryly, glancing down at the (admittedly modern) crossbow and her handmade attire. "But hopefully we can manage to pool enough ideas and people we can figure things out."

Talk like this gets Quin agitated. It's positive, but not really helpful. He, not for the first time, silently curses begin a poet and not something more useful. "Electricity first…" After that, hopefully Holden or Lincoln can come up with something. Anything. He's about ready to start chucking rocks at the mother ship. He still though, giving Piper a leaning post and he watches Cait. A slight shift in topic, sorta, Quin asks, "…candle making?"

"Hope…yes." that's one thing that can't be taken from them, even if at times it is in short supply. It takes her brain a moment to register the topic change from the grim baby bombs to something lighter, electricity and candlemaking. "Lincoln is," she hand wobbles, she hasn't had a chance to speak to Holden about it. "Know someone?" if not herself, someone she knows that can teach.

"Candle-making?", asks Caitlin with a blink, before managing to get her thoughts onto the new track. "Uhhh. Really simple. Very easy. Making candles that don't stink, that hold together, and that burn at a fairly steady rate? That's a lot harder. But yeah, we have someone who's got pretty good at it. They're not the best things to lug around for trade, however - they break pretty easily. But I could bring some. Maybe see about figuring out how to train someone, if you wanted. Trading one skill for another skill could work, I suspect. Or are you saying you have someone who can already do it?"

Quinton wants to focus on things they can do, things they can improve. and he's not an electrician, or even that book smart. So candles it is. He nods, "..Need. We need….trade…learn. yes." They'll figure out something. "need?"

Piper figured it wasn't going the be simple. She knows a few survival tricks for impromptu, short-term illumination, but nothing that would work long term, or very practical. She just nods at what Quinton manages to get out, she understood what he is saying, but won't interpret unless it's necessary.

"Skills we'd need?", Caitlin checks. "Hrmmmm. Well, we could potentially draw up a list of skills we're willing to train, and see what you can offer in return. Some naturally require… kit, of one sort or another. We've got a smithy out there. Fully functioning. So we can do things like horse shoes, and so on. As long as we have suitable metal stock to work with. But I think we can figure things out."

That's more than Quin could hope for. A Smith? He's heard some one talk about it here, but they don't have the set up. "Yes, list." He nods, his shaggy hair swaying with the motion, "trade too…" They need them asap, really. His eyes can't stand reading by one candle anymore.

The woman straightens as she listens to the conversation between the two. Piper looks thoughtful, thinking of the people they have at camp and the skills that have been exhibited so far. "Have list." she says and gestures in the direction of the complex they call home. It might not be a comprehensive one, but there are list(s) of skills needed but what supplies are needed as well.

"I can see about bringing a bundle of candles on my next trip," Caitlin assures Quinton with a smile. "They'll… smell a bit, compared to the modern ones. But they work. And they're a lot less bad than some of the experiments we've had…. And… I'll gladly enough accompany you back, if you want to take me to wherever you're based. Or wait for you to bring me something. I'd understand people being, well, on-edge."

Quinton quirks a soft smile and nods, he doesn't care if they smell, "Light….and heat." A single candle can make a difference in a chilling apartment. See? He thinks, sorta. There's shake of his head and he waves to her to come with. At this point, she'd been around enough, she's clear as far as he's concerned.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Boxes Baby Cereal
1 Childrens Shoes
1 Shorts
2 Jars Baby Food
3 Taper Candles
6 Kitchen Knives
4 Cans of Diet Soda
1 Off Bug repellent
1 Box of toothpicks
1 Box of Twinkies
3 Cans Pineapple

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