(2015-12-08) Silencer in Stratford
Silencer in Stratford
Summary: Silencer on Silencer violence. A reveal.
Date: 12.8.2015
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Its early afternoon and folks are out doing what it is they do, patrolling, scavenging, just getting some fresh air on a cool day. Whatever the reason the day seems peaceful, that is until gunshots ring out from the northeast section of town. The town is not so large that it can't be heard from one end of town to the other. From the sounds it seems like some kind of gunfight is going on.

Lincoln arrives from the N. Texas Street (NTS).

Bob was on patrol, rifle slung over his shoulder and revolver strapped to his hip, as is his usually habit on patrols. When the gun shots sound out, Bob is quick to run in that direction. Sure, you should run AWAY from gunfire, but Bob's a cop through and through, so he runs towards it.

Bob will arrive in the location of the gunfire with is pistol draw, and his rifle strapped across his chest.

Quinton was in a house, head stuck in some dusty closet. The gunshots have him jerking his head up and reaching for his pistol even before he realizes he's out the door running.

Elijah was taking care of some filing in the Medical Room…trying to get back into some kind of normal routine. However, any hope of that was cut short but the sound of gunshots. His head lifts from the pages of the binder he was working in, a frown on the doctor's features. "Not again…" He stands, moving to grab his medical satchel…looking to his crutch. He didn't have a choice…he had a job to do. So he takes the crutch, tucking it under his arm and making his way for the door. He wasn't running, but…he was gimping as fast as he could!

Gunshots. Lincoln hated the sound of gunshots, especially when he was making his way home for the day after a long shift out trying to find stuff after helping design things. The scavenged goods are dropped down on the ground by a building and he starts running in the direction of the shoot out, no idea why he's doing it other than the fact that it's the only thing he can figure to do.

Holden runs out of one of the buildings, looking around. "Was that…??" he asks, quickly, eyes a bit wide. He looks at Quinton, watching to see what the other young man does.

The gunfire continues back and forth as various respondents rush to the scene. Upon arrival a familiar face, the elusive and not lately seen Qera is ducking behind a car, the windows shot out and bullet holes all over the side closest to the house it is parked in front of. Slamming another magazine into her assault rifle she makes a dash toward the back of the house, firing a rapid succession of rounds at an upper window. The return fire is quick to come and slam into the ground following her trail. She is moving too fast to be hit and the woman disappears behind the house.

Bob sees the figure of Qera, and more importantly, the direction in which she's shooting. Unfortunately, he's never actually seen her before, so he has no idea if she's friend or foe. Still, instead of just opening fire, he holsters his pistol, unslings his rifle and crouches behind a car, looking through the scope at the window Qera was shooting towards to see if he can get a bead on who the other friend or foe is.

Quinton's at a full run, taking some comfort in the fact it's not at the apartment complex at least. His gun is out and several mumbled "Shit!" can be heard. He glances at Holden as he passes and gets out a "…Careful!" He skids to a stop, opposite of Bob with Qera in-between them. He does recognize the woman and shouts out, "What is it?" most likely meaning what is shooting at her. As he yells he'll ring himself against a side of a building, hopefully stopping Holden from running out into the open if he passes him.

The young doctor wasn't moving as fast as he normally could, so it did take him longer to get to where the others were. As he gets closer, Eli sees Bob crouched behind a car and Quinton near Qera. With the fighting as escalated as it was currently, he decides it's probably best if he stays a little ways off still…until he sees who needs aid. So he slides himself down behind another car a good bit up from all the immediate action. With the luck he's had lately, Eli realized he could very well end up getting shot in the cross fire…and the others didn't need that kind of distraction.

Lincoln arrives a short time later, breaking down from a full sprint to a slower jog before finally making his way with a careful pace to slip in and out of outcroppings, vehicles, and other such items to try and limit the probabilities he gets shot. Or worse, trips and falls. As he gets there, his eyes scan about, spotting some of the familiar faces and a questioning look is etched on his face.

Holden runs just a few steps behind Quinton. When he slows, so does Holden. He looks at Quinton, "I don't have a gun," he says quickly, and then leans against the building beside Quinton.

The arrival of the people from Hope would probably have gone unnoticed for a little while longer, but Quinton's shouting certainly draws attention to it. Bob will see a shadowy figure, or rather just certain parts of a figure as an assault rifle is poked out the window and the new arrivals are fired on. Bang! Bang! Bang! If Qera hears the shout before disappearing behind the house she doesn't respond, though within a few moments there is more gunfire in the house, a unintelligible shout and the weapon is pulled back in and more gun fire.

There was the shadow, but not enough to make it out in any meaningful way. Bob doesn't shoot, he doesn't know who that is. Then there's the gun shots that come their way. Bob keeps his cover till that stops. Bob moves around the car, towards the house. He makes his way slowly, rifle at the ready, scope pointed towards the window. "Anyone know what's going on?"

Quinton's head shakes to Holden, "Stay…here…." his head peeks around, first at the window then a quick glances to Bob, "No!….How many?"

Even though he's already concealed behind the car, Eli ducks even more at the sound of more gunfire. Gripping his crutch-stick across his lap, Elijah glances down the road towards Bob as the man moves to follow the others in the building. Right. Hold down the road, Eli. Good job.

If Lincoln saw anything, it was the barest hint of something and now he's caught up with the others, sliding in and crouching low. "What the hell is going on?" He asks it to no one in particular, trying to keep his voice low to avoid drawing any attention.

Holden scowls, "I'm not staying here!" he shouts to Quinton. He slowly crouches down, however, increasing his cover.

The gunfire in the house ceases for a moment and the sound of glass shattering is drowned by gunfire as the window in another room explodes in a hail of fire from the automatic rains down on the group below, bullets fly, some even ricochet, one off a mailbox, another off the side mirror of a car.

Terry arrives from the N. Texas Street (NTS).

This seemed like a good plan at first. Bob was going to get to the door and then sweep and clear. Unfortunately he forgot he's not working with other people trained in tactics. No one was watching the other windows to call out alerts. So when the glass breaks out, Bob was scoping the original window and by the time he got his rifle lowered to look, he feels the impact of a bullet slamming into his chest on the right side. This isn't like the movies though, Bob is thrown back off his feet and onto the ground. He simply collapses into the street.

Once the initial shock wears off, Bob will begin to drag himself back in Eli's direction. Luckily his legs were uninjured, but his right arm doesn't seem to be doing much work. This is going to hurt. A lot.

Quinton's not been taught any tactics really, He's lucky he holds the gun right and knows how to aim. There's a moment when Bob rushes the door, but Quin doesn't know what to look for. So instead he pops off a few shots before Bob goes flying backwards. "Shit! Doc!"

Terry had been watching the group from afar, and only now did he realize the kind of trouble the group was in. The rifle was quickly field-stripped and tossed into his pack, and his side-arm drawn, as he made for the group's location at a full sprint.

Elijah lifts his head as he's called for. It's in that moment any other thoughts leave him and he's up, leaving his crutch for the moment. With a yell like that, he figured it was serious, and his leg could afford the 'extra exercise'. Moving around from his hiding spot, Eli sees Bob trying to make his way to safety. The doctor rushes forward, putting most of his weight on his good leg, getting to Bob and crouching with a small grimace. "Bob. Put your good arm around my shoulder." If that was accomplished he'd start helping the man back towards the cover of the car, "You're doing great, just a little further…"

When the bullets rain down, Lincoln hunkers himself but with someone getting shot, the man peeks up and fires a pair of rounds towards the window before moving himself away from the rest. Draw fire, let them get everyone to safety. Nothing heroic, more of being a jackrabbit trying to hide. It's rather amusing in fact to watch a man run, hunkered over, firing over his shoulder.

Holden's eyes widen when Bob drops. He stands and runs to help. Unfortunately, he only gets two steps before another loud crack of gunfire sounds and a crimson spray explodes from the back of Holden's shoulder. He's small, and the rifle blast actually tosses him off his feet, twisting him around until he rolls to the ground.

For his part, Bob should have known better. He's been shot before, but nothing this serious. Usually it's a flesh wound, not a bullet to the chest. He gets himself about halfway there and as Eli tries to help him up he grunts, "Fuck Doc, get to cover…" There isn't much oomf to his words, they lack his usually assured tone.

As he gets an arm around Eli's shoulder, he coughs up some blood and stumbles forward, hopefully not totally tripping them both in the process.

There is more gunfire from inside the house, a few stray bullets knock out another window or two but none of those are in danger of hitting anyone. Then all is quiet, almost eerily so.

Elijah struggles, but manages to help the man back behind the cover of the car. At Bob's stubborn-as-ever words, the young man gives him a look. "Don't make me tell Sophia to smack you…" Finally getting Bob behind the car, Eli tries to get Bob to sit up with his back against it as gently as possible.

From there, he pulls his satchel off and to the ground next to him, "You're going to be alright, Bob. I need you to talk to me…do you think the bullet went through? Or is it still in there?" Eli could find out…but it'd hurt a lot more. For now, he starts treating the wound to clean it and stop the bleeding.

Quinton's eyes widen, "Wait! Holden!" But it's too late, the kid is shot and tossed. "No!" The doc is already pulling Bob so Quin leap over to Holden. Not that he has any medical ability.

Terry draws the PK380 from his SOB holster, performs a quick sweep of the area, and then tactically makes his way over to Quin and Holden, figuring Eli's got Bob covered. He doesn't have much in the way of *professional* medical training, but.. he does have enough to count. Digging bullets out with a KA-BAR, and stitching oneself up, aided by nothing except a bottle of vodka, has to count for something, right? Ah, memories!

Bob may have been shot…He may be coughing up blood, but he's still Bob and that means is that when someone in his crew gets injured, he'd going to become stubborn. More stubborn, really. Just before he gets placed behind he car, Bob see's Holden get shot and he grumbles lowly, "Doc, go get Holden stabilized. I'll be fine until you do." Because while this is a chest wound, Holden could have been shot anywhere, and that could be worse. This is solid logic.

To emphasize his point that he'll be fine, Bob pulls his backup pistol from the holster on his ankle. See? He's got this covered.

Elijah continues to treat Bob's wound, at least getting it patched up enough to clot area. "I'll go to him after I have you situated." A glance is given over the car to where the others are trying to move Holden. Darn it! Eli frowns, hurrying up in his work with Bob before pulling off the set of gloves he was wearing and tossing them aside.

He'd then pull a bottle from his bag, pouring the contents over his hands and rubbing them together before nodding and looking to Bob. "I'm going to go get Holden. You stay HERE. Do you understand? Fire. Cover them. I don't' care, but you stay right here to do it…that'd an order." Oh yeah because that would work. With the 'order' given, Eli moves from behind the car once more to make his way towards Quinton and Holden. "Where did he get hit?" he asks.

Holden lays there on the asphalt on his stomach. His hands tremble, as does his lips. His brow furrows, and he moves his head just slightly, cheek scraping on the road as he moves. "…heh…" He slides his hand toward his head, looking at the blood on it as it smears on the asphalt. "…failed saving throw…" His breathing is labored but hard. "…ow ow ow ow… I'm… Q, I'm gonna die here…" And then his eyelids flutter as he passes out.

Quinton glances to Eli, "You got him?" Sometimes passed out is better. Holden gets a pat on the leg and Quin is turning to make his way towards the house. Qera went in, but it's quiet now. Is she ok?

Order? Bob glowers…sort of. He's bleeding, and in pain and is coughing up blood. But at least Eli went to go check on Holden. His expert cover fire comes in two parts.

Part one, hold the rifle over the roof of the car, leaning his body weight against the car and just laying the rifle there. Then he fires the chambered round off towards the window.

The rifle is left on the roof of the car and then he rests his arm on the roof of the car to steady it, firing off two rounds at the same window.

And then Eli is over to Holden and he watches as Quinton moves for the building. Right now, Bob has a ton of adrenaline pumping through his system. He's certainly in no shape to be doing this, but he does it anyway. He starts off at a stagger that turns into a limping lope for the building. He's got his gun raised and aimed the whole way. It may be in his off hand, but Bob's an old hand at shooting. Even lefty he isn't bad.

Eli's going to kill him. And then Sophia's going to re-kill him.

Elijah takes Holden from Quin, not staggering under his weight as he had done Bob. Getting the unconscious young man back behind the car now he…waits. Where did Bob go!? Ugh. No use yelling out and alerting anybody of their position. Besides, he had to get to work on Holden. So that is what he does.

The house is quiet, the front door unlocked…of course it is, because that's just his luck. No more than a few steps into the house and a young man, who looks like he would fit perfectly on the cover of an Ambercrombie catalog or GQ magazine, where it not all the blood covering him. Is it his? Someone else’s? His gun is leveled at Quinton, then more shots are fired into the house and he starts to duck for cover. He only gets maybe a foot when his head explodes, a single shot from one of the bedrooms. He's not beautiful cover model anymore "Silencers are like zombies, unless you shot them in the head, they'll just keep coming at you." Qera says as she staggers out the room to the left, also covered in blood. Same question. Hers or his?

"FUCK!" That about covers the situation appropriately. Quin's gun was up, but he ducked when the shots went off, and then there's Silencer brains everywhere. There's a beat then Quin just looks at Qera before he's moving towards her, "Anymore? You…ok?"

Bob, having arrived a few moments after Quinton, didn't see the Silencer die. He just saw a person with a gun. So Bob raises his pistol and croaks, the adrenaline is wearing down, "Quin…down!" Because he's gonna shoot someone. They shot him first. It's only fair!

He can't keep that up for more than a few moments though, his arm starts to sag and then he collapses once more in the doorway of the house.

Qera is clutching her side, leaning heavily in the doorway. "Wrong questions." she has a number of cuts and bruises, all seem to be knitting themselves together right before the two men’s eyes. The bullet wounds though aren't. How can she still be standing with that many of them, and in lethal places too. Bob's sudden appearance has her lifting her arms, and her gun drops to the floor as she begins to slide down the wall, leaving a bloody trail on it behind her.

Double fuck! He turns, trying to grab at Bob, but the older man is too far away for him to stop him from collapsing. He turns to ask Qera something but then his eyes widen and he freezes. Sometimes it takes him longer to piece things together, but he's not stupid. The gun comes up again, "What the fuck ….you?" He's staying in-between her and Bob. But if the older man is still aware enough, he's trembling.

She's dying, to many bullet holes and her Silencer system to broken to heal her fast enough to not bleed out. Qera lolls her head up to look at Quinton, giving him a pained ironic smile "I'm the Silencer that just saved all your asses." she coughs a few times, a bit of blood coming up with, "Not all of us want to see you all dead."

Elijah gets Holden stabilized enough, but the young man needs to be taken back to camp and put in the Medical facilities. The sound of gunfire had ended, but Eli waited a good while to make sure before standing and making his way to the building. He enters cautiously…seeing Quinton standing there, Qera hurt and Bob…on the floor. "Bob! This is why I told you too…" The doctor sighs, then looking to Qera again and seeing the blood trail. She was hurt. But wait…she was talking. What was she saying? He falls silent, staying in the doorway…

Bob is on the ground now. That's…well, less different tonight than usual. But normally, he's upright! He watches as Qera succumbs to her wounds, still half conscious. He'll hopefully remember enough of this later, but for now he just watches.

The confirmation takes Quin's breath away, but thankfully he's aware enough to point Eli to Bob. They don't need their leader bleeding out. He moves forward, but again, any that look at him can see he's clearly shaken and framed out. He stops near Qera, his body tense as he crouches down to her level, "….E-explain….." If she's being truthful… "Help us." His right hand stays on his gun, like he doesn't quite trust her, but he'll reach out his left to try and touch her somewhere uninjured.

Qera looks like she wants to laugh, but it comes out as a pained cough instead "Augmented human body…." wheezy breath. "Alien consciousness." when he touches her arm he can feel that she is being honest, but she doesn't pull him in, she doesn't have the focus or strength for that "Miscalculated with some of us. The merging didn't work. Happened to me. And more." she tries to laugh again "It's funny how many have been through your camp without you all realizing it." okay it's only been three, but she isn't going to tell him that…or anymore really as she slips into oblivion, lifeless eyes staring at nothing.

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