(2015-12-09) Broken Conversation
Broken Conversation
Summary: Not really broken, but it is partially written
Date: 12.09.2015
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SGA Club House

This large building dominates the center of the complex. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrouding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did there business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

It seems the clubhouse has a few new occupants, four young cats. Three calico cats and one gray striped. They are always seeking attention. The gray is named Ramses, the others are Bug, Sweetie and Pickles.

The place has exploded with Christmas decorations. In one corner is a large tree covered tastefully in gold garland and homemade and bought (or scavenged in this case) decorations. Around the fireplace is a garland of greenery, mixed in are clusters of mistletoe. The same kind of garland with included mistletoe is around all the doorways, archways and above the bar. It is quite a festive look.

While the clubhouse is decorated with a festive mood in mind, festivities are far from the minds of the people that are gathered there at the crack of dawn. Since yesterday's gun fight and finding out that not one Silencer, but two had slipped into town, the group was once more on high alert and a house to house sweep of the town was being prepped for. Sure one of those Silencers was a supposed ally, but the other certainly wasn't and was geared up for a sniper fest. They are both dead now, but the fear that there could be more in town is at the top of most people's mind. Maps of the town are being poured over, people being assigned to groups and those groups assigned to sections of the small two square mile town.

Elijah had been kept busy through the night with tending to the injured. Bob and Holden had gotten hurt during the fight, but luckily Eli had managed to get them both back to camp and on the mend. Still, the initial hours were vital to make sure infection didn't set in and to get the injuries closed and treated properly.

The Clubhouse isn't necessarily where Eli wanted to be currently, knowing the tension that would be in the air. However, Bob was their leader and was set up in the Medical area…so Eli came in his stead. To be able to keep him in the loop of any developments. Entering the Clubhouse, the young doctor looks tired, using his crutch to make his way to an available seat.

Terry had been keeping an eye on things from his room in the apartment complex, keeping a journal of sorts (mostly a compilation of tactical data written in code) between shifts. Finding out that not one, but *two* Silencers had slipped into town had put him on edge, and while he's had some time to process things, it's obvious he's still a bit touchy on the subject. He's a Guard… how could he let Silencers slip past him so easily?

It was then that he 'tagged in' with another guard, and swapped spots, to go cool off, maybe clear his head. A quick stop by the infirmary to eyeball the wounded (they need their rest, so no conversation, of course), and then to the clubhouse. He has his handgun on him.. that's a given. A cigarette is clamped between his lips, unlit. Smokes are for celebrating, and he's in no mood to celebrate.

As quiet and unpresuming as Piper is she does moments of pensive intensity. This is one of those moments. She has her rifle hanging from her shoulder, her pistol is holstered at her hip and strangely a pair of nun-chuks is tucked into her belt…does she even know how to use those things? She stands with the others, arms tucked over her chest, which is sans baby, so she must mean business today. Glancing up as Eli and then Terry enter she tucks a lock of hair escaping from the dual buns it is secured into. There is some hand signs aimed at both of them, must not be a good talking day for her.

Elijah gives Piper a nod in greeting, Terry as well when the man enters. Lofting a brow though as he looks amongst the group of those who are present, "What's going on?" Sorry if he was out of the loop. He has been a bit preoccupied!

Terry nods to Eli, and then to Piper, signing back, trying to be nice by asking how she's holding up.. maybe inquiring about the ninja sticks. "I just needed a few moments off my scope, Doc." He says to Eli, maintaining situational awareness at all times.

Not that she has right in the middle of the throng, but Piper takes a few more steps away while the map is gridded out. There aren't enough people for the whole town to be searched at once, so it will have to be done in stages, which takes planning supposedly. Her brow furrows at both, Eli because she is trying to figure out how to tell him using hand signs (not to be confused with sign language, she's still working on that one). Hand shades eyes and she looks around and then puts a finger to her lips and "shhhhs." the one aimed at Terry is more because she has no clue what he is asking her, though she does understand the gesture to the nun-chuks. She just puts a hand on them as if she were worried he was going to try to take them from her.

As Piper starts to motion out a response, Eli pays attention. As well as he could. "Quiet…looking?" Quiet. Silent. Silencer! "Ah. Looking for more…Silencers." As the realization hits, remembering the dying woman's words last night and that there may be others, he looks back to Piper a moment. "Thank you" he nods, glad to at least have an idea what was going on. "Do you think…I'll be needed? Or should I stay here for any injured who come back?"

The woman nods as the doctor works through and interprets her hand signs correctly. His follow-up question has her grimacing a bit. Piper hopes he won't be needed, and that sentiment she can express "Hope not." she glances as the first wave including Terry head out to start the town sweep and those in the second wave go to either suit up or do other preparations "Bob and Holden?"

Elijah nods "I hope not as well…" It was always a hard situation. One the one hand, he was glad he could help the group and be useful. However, anytime he was needed it meant somebody was hurt. He is pulled back from his thoughts at Piper's question on the two men. "They're stable. Right now it's just about monitoring for infection…but they will both make full recoveries" he does offer her a genuine smile at that.

There is a relieved nod from Piper. Bob didn't look at all good when he was brought in and neither did Holden. With Anita up and around she wasn't needed to play nurse anymore so she stayed out of the way…and out of the medical area completely "Remedies?" she doesn't call what she prepares medicine, she goes really old school with the terminology for them. There is a bit more pantomime from her. Cutting things, stirring, that sort of thing.

Again the man does his best to follow along with her motions. Remedies and…cooking? Chopping? "Herbology?" he ventures. "I have some things in my personal bags still, but as for…anything else. I don't know what we could find around here. Do you?" At the camp they had had a garden. They had had a Harmony. He frowns a moment "We are starting to run low on the heavier medicines…" Okay maybe he shouldn't have voiced that aloud. Freaked out campers and all that, but still. It was obvious the young doctor was worried.

"Lots west." plus they are in Texas, aloe vera is everywhere, they have hives for honey, the oldest antiseptic known to man, and there is willow down by the reservoir. "Have book." Harmony's 'herb bible' so to speak. With not only a guide to recognizing, harvesting and cultivating but how to use them homeopathically etc. It was given to her to study and then Harmony disappeared. "Can make."

Elijah looks back to Piper, a smile spreading with her words. "I'd be grateful for any help you can give in the process. Or rather…glad to offer any help you need." Since she was on top of this! "I admit I'm not very familiar with the area, but I do know about plants and herbs. Thank you, Piper…" He looks to her a moment, almost seeming to want to say more, but decides against it. His gaze goes instead to another group preparing to leave "You're going with them today…yeah?" he looks back to the woman.

The doctor isn't on Piper's list of people to smile at…it's a short one and has mostly children on it and few adults. She's still angsty about doctors for some reason, but not violently so anymore, thankfully. She circles her thumb and forefinger into the okay, then points out where she has put small planters of various homeopathic herbs near the window where they can get plenty of light. They are labeled, yarrow, golden rod, wild garlic, yellow dock. They will have to be repotted or replanted outside when they grow to big, but it is a start. She tilts her head at him briefly when he seems a bit contemplative but when the question comes out she makes a wave gesture "Later."

Ah. She was heading out later. "Alright" Elijah nods. He looks over at the potted plants, "I can make another chart, if you don't have one already, to keep track of what we gather or what we grow and where. So we can keep some sort of inventory." Eli looks back to Piper.

Piper nods, "Yes." keeping track of those kind of things never hurts. And it certainly helps the person who has to take the job if something were to happen to one of them. After a thoughtful moment she holds up a finger and goes to grab her backpack from where she dropped it on the couch. Heading to the bar with it she taps near her eye and heads to the bar when she digs to maps from it, a regular sized one and a much smaller pamphlet like map and spreads them out, with the large one under the smaller one.

Elijah lofts a brow, but nods and watches her move to the bar, pushing up to follow her. He leaves his crutch by the chair, the distance not being enough to worry about. Moving to where she was he looks at the maps…waiting to see what she was doing.

The larger map is one of Stratford, the smaller one a vehicle use map of the nearby (if you have a car that works) national grassland area. Each map has dots, symbols and other notations as to scavenging and foraging locations, what was found where, places she wants to return to. There are even little skull and crossbones in locations that corpses were found. Piper had a similar map of Fremont as well. She focuses mostly on the smaller of the maps "Here…close." she points to the various dots on the map of that one "Found plants." OCD much.

"This is fantastic, Piper!" and another grin is on the doctor's features. He couldn't help it. He was expressive. Looking over the maps and the various markings or indicators, Eli gives a nod. "We can work off of this. Go back to areas where the dots…plants are. Keep track of where we've been too." He looks to her "Would you mind if I made copies of these in my journals?"

Never let me be said that OCD doesn't have its uses and isn't good for anything. The praised is shrugged at, that's not why she made them or is showing them to him now. "Yes." that is why she is doing it, for future reference. The smaller of the maps is pushed toward him "Dots close." she holds up her thumb and forefinger millimeters apart "Not exact."

"Right. I'll make note of it. Thank you," he takes the smaller map, looking around at the other groups as they get ready to head out to follow the ones already gone. "I feel…I should be out there." In truth, he wasn't sure what good he'd be. He had managed to get rest last night, but not much. That on top of his leg injury…he'd probably be in the way. Still. He was the doctor. Somebody could get hurt. "Just in case…" There would always be a 'just in case'.

Piper begins to fold up the town map to put back in her pack. A frown comes to her face when he expresses his need to be out there "No." she shakes her head and gestures to him and then around to indicate the complex "Needed." when she puts the map away she pulls out her notebook and pencil, flipping to a clean page "We know where to find you." she turns it to show him the words.

Elijah frowns, knowing the woman's words were true…but still not liking the idea of another incident like last night and him not being there. Still…he'd be here. Reading the words in her notebook, "That's true…" With that he seemed to be convinced, looking back around the room. "Hopefully nobody will need to find me though." He looks back to Piper "How is Quinn doing? Need a check up or anything? or he's doing ok?" He changes topics…kind of.

That's the last thing Piper wants as well. She for one doesn't expect to find anyone lurking around, Silencer or otherwise. She is quite familiar with their habits. "Yeah." she agrees. His change of topic has her pensive demeanor lightening slightly, babies do that to their mothers "Great." she replies, rubbing the heel of her hand against an ear as she puffs out her cheeks to indicate how chubby the infant boy is getting.

Her baby chubs impression does make Eli laugh, "Good. I'm glad to hear he's doing well…and yeah. I can't believe how much he's growing." It was good though. "Are his clothes still doing well? Or will you need more soon? Diapers and other supplies?"

Piper blinks at his confession, she must find it odd for him to say such a thing. Setting the notebook down she writes again "That's what babies do." thankfully her penmanship is quite nice, flowy. His next question has her just looking at him kinda blankly, "Always." he is growing fast, "Quinton…list." the poet is usually on top of that, if she isn't herself.

"I know babies grow" Eli chuckles again. "It's still just…fun to see. To watching him grow and see him healthy. It's…inspiring." It gave him hope. A new life…it's what they were fighting for right? Life. "Quinton has a list? Alright," Eli nods "I'll ask him and see if I can find anything when I go out again. Thank you."

At the moment baby Quinn is probably the healthiest person in camp. Piper is going the natural way, not that she has much choice. Not like she can run to the store for baby formula. Any of that goes to the older baby, who thankfully has started solid food recently. Speaking of the poet she glances around a frown on her face. Usually he is up and around by now, the frown moves to him "Shouldn't." and she points to his leg. Not that she has room to talk, when she had a similar injury she was certainly trying to get out and go scavenge things as soon as she could.

Elijah looks to his leg as she gestures, looking back to her and giving a small shrug. "We do what we have to do. Yeah?" They all did. Heck. Just last night Bob had run back into a dangerous situation and almost gotten himself killed despite being already injured. Hopefully Eli would never have to be in a situation to be THAT stubborn but…who knows. "My leg will be fine. I want to make sure everybody is alright and has what they need" he nods to Piper, giving a small smile.

"Yeah." Piper says with a sigh, and sometimes those things are ones that she doesn't want to do. A shake of her head is given and a slight smirk comes to her face "Worry about your patients and yourself. I'll take care of me." is written on the page.

"Well take care of each other…" Elijah offers with a small smile, indicating that all of them would watch out for each other. After all. They were all in this together. "I probably should get back to the Medical Room though…in case Bob or Holden are up and need anything. Before Bob decides to get up and take care of it himself…" the doctor chuckles some, rubbing the back of his neck. Seriously Bob. So stubborn. Jeepers.

Piper nods again "Yes." but is it the whole caring for each other or that he should get back to his patients. She makes a series of sign, one is clearly her sign for Bob, pinched fingers above her head like she is grabbing for the bill of a cap. Bob wears one just about all the time. Another boxing like sign, a gesture to the alien ship, which thanks to the roof can't be seen…she's not sure how to sign the rest so writes it "single handedly.

Elijah watches her signing and then reads her words, laughing again. "Bob WOULD take them on single handedly." Uphill. Both Ways. In the snow. Barefoot. Missing a leg. Yep! That's they're Bobert! "I admire his determination, but…sometimes I wish he'd take better care of himself."

No real smile, but there is an amused noise that comes from his agreement. "Sophia would kill him, if the aliens didn't." she writes. And then she is being summoned by the group she is supposed to go search houses with. Packing up her notebook and pencil she slings her pack on and waggles her fingers at the doctor, before heading out to search for others like herself.

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