(2015-12-10) In Shock
In Shock
Summary: Quinton is still recovering from the big reveal
Date: IC Date
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Quinton's not been seen since the attack and everyone was brought back. Rumors spread, as they do, about things that were said by Qera before she passed. Disturbing rumours. Only Quin, Eli and bob know for sure. It can't be good, as the poet's been absent. Today he's finally making his way back (Kayla's gonna kill him). His hair is damp from the rain and he just looks tired. Maybe more mentally than anything else. Nothing seems to have been sorted in his time out. His ever present backpack is with him, and seems to have some treasures. Hopefully he found food while he was out, or he's going to be very hunger. Currently he's in a backyard, probably making his way home but has been distracted by something and he's menacing his way towards a tree.

Another worried one would be Piper, but unlike Kayla she doesn't go in for the proverbial killing. She's been on the lookout for said MIA poet and when she spies him over the fence from her lookout spot she takes action. Soon enough her head is popping up over the fence and she looks worriedly at his bedraggled appearance "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." she says quoting Shakespeare at him in greeting. It seems appropriate considering the current situation.

Quinton turns, having heard her…or maybe sensed her. Or something. Either way he doesn't jump or reach for his gun when she appears and speaks, instead he sighs. Pale eyes don't stay on her long, instead they go back to the tree and rope. He quotes back, but there's no enjoyment in the words, "Why, that's my spirit. But was not this nigh shore?"

Pulling herself up and over the fence, Piper drops to her barefeet wandering over to his side to stare at the tree as well "All I have." she replies, she doesn't have the whole scene memorized, though could probably at least say which play the lines were from. Looking from the tree to him she continues to study him. She is well aware that something is bothering him and has heard about yesterday. Her questions and comments about that though will wait, "Something interesting?" she asks instead as she looks back at the evergreen tree.

Quinton doesn't continue on with the Master's play. Instead of answering, he reaches and pills the rope. No investigation, if it was some poorly laid trap, it would work. Perhaps indicates his state of mind, who knows what he's over looked this past day. But, instead of something bad, a metal and nylon ladder unfurrows. For a brief moment some of the negativity that's hanging on him vanishes and he blinks, "Huh." A very quick glance to Piper and then he starts up to the unknown.

Piper really didn't think much of the rope around the tree. Other things weigh more heavily and take precedence. When he reaches for it and pulls it though her brow furrows "Is that…" to late and she is instinctly taking a step back when the ladder drops down. "Oh!" she exclaims as she watches him climb up.

Treehouse <T>

Someone paid really good money to have this exquisite tree house built…or the owner was just a very good carpenter. It's not uber fancy or large, but it is well built with a little fenced in deck, a proper door and glass windows, left open which let the birds and squirrels in.

The outside is sided with shaker shingles, the sloped roof tarred and shingled too.

The interior is paneled with run-of-the-mill paneling, a faded blue drapes decorate the open windows. Child size furniture, moldly from exposure to rain, decorates the place and a small TV hooked into an X-Box sits in a shelf amoung weather ruined books and toys, most strewn on the floor. Cabinets are secured to the wall on each side of the door.

Birds and squirrels have made this place home. Birds nests, squirrel nut stashes and the mess such creatures leave behind is evident. The place needs a good cleaning if it is to be used again.

Maybe this is one of those fancy tree houses adults have contracted and made for them. Although living next to an apartment complex most likely nixes that. Quin goes all the way up, checking it out before calling down, "Clear." Several of the more ruined toys get pushed aside with his foot as he steps into the main room. It's a nice room, could be really nice if they clean it up. Even if Piper doesn't follow him, he moves to close the window at least. no reason to let the wind whip through here while he's in here. Not only is he hungry, but he's been cold the last day.

Stepping next to the ladder, Piper puts a hand on it, looking up, now she is curious, "Well?" put then he is oddly (to her) telling her it's okay so she scurries up the ladder after him. Dark eyes widen in surprise as she enters the treehouse and looks around, "Wow." How did they not notice this was here before?

They've been so busy surviving (Or not) . Quin's sure they've missed a lot. He steps around, testing the floor and nudging the furniture. His eyes land on the x-box. Oh….he never thought he'd miss video games, but he does. "Seems sturdy enough.."

Nodding at his assessment Piper moves to look down over the railing a moment. There is a view down of course, but the boughs of the evergreen tree obstruct the view around, so a guard post it is not, "Nice when cleaned up." she moves back inside, she's wet enough as it is, no need to make it worse. Leaning over she picks up one of the action figures, rubbing the dust and dirt off with her fingers.

There's some things here that will do well for the kids, but Quin doesn't move to pick them up yet. Maybe he's thinking they'll come back later. Or his just not in the mood. A small shiver runs through his body and he turns away towards the X-box again. Maybe one day they can get it, and a tv, and power. that seems like something that would make Holden happy, poor kid. "We'll need to kick out the current…occupants." All the birds and critters. After a long pause, and not looking up at her from his crouched position, "Everything ok?"

Piper turns from the cabinets she was just about to examine to see the tremble from the poet "Yes." she agrees a bit distastefully, probably about the mess the animals caused and not the work that will be involved. Stepping over to him a hand is put on his shoulder, "No." she answer bluntly then crouches down next to him "But it's a good day to not be okay." its perfect weather for it really.

Another tremble and he shakes his head, like he can just shake off the thoughts plaguing him, "Something else?" He does glance up with that, he's been gone a day, something else bad could have happened. At her words he closes his eyes and turns his head away. The confusion is almost rolling off of him. He trusts to easy, and he's not even sure if Qera wasn't to be trusted. Or was she? or…he doesn't know anymore.

It takes her a moment to figure out what he is asking of her, but she shakes her head "No. Quiet." there was a sweep of the town, which turned up nothing. "What happened?" rumors are one thing, but she would like to know from some who was there and she isn't comfortable with the others to ask them.

A breath he didn't realize he was holding is released and he looks back to the gaming system, "Shot were fired, She went into the building." He's not even going to try to get names right. "Two of us were hit, so…I ….it took me time to get inside. There was…a man….teen…Augmented." What does that even mean? His lip curls in frustration and disgust, "She…killed him, but…her wounds …healing and then not, and then she admitted." Pale green eyes close and his head shakes, "She said there were more, like they've been playing us for fools." that's not exactly true, but she laughed when she said it, and then died. "We can't win this." not like they've been, anyway.

Her hand moves, a first gently rubbing his back as he talks and then just an arm around his shoulders, as Piper listens intently. She can easily piece together what she has heard with what Quinton has said to make a complete picture "More? Silencers." she gives him a squeeze at his hopeless comment "Did she say who? Where?

Quinton's head shakes, that's the worst part. They don't know. She can feel tension in his body, upset, tired. "She…she wasn't lying…I could…tell." And that's also another whole level of creepy and uncertainty.

Those words are enough to keep Piper from pushing calm at him like she would typically do when he is this upset. If she wasn't so concerned about him at the moment she would be feeling relief that Qera didn't mention any names, "Of course." she doesn't question it, she believes and knows he could tell, "Anything else?"

Quinton's jaw tightens, feeling like he's not explaining it right. He could feel it. That's…a whole other level they haven't even considered. The aliens may be stronger, faster, smarter than the humans, but if they have powers? His head shakes, "Just…something about… consciousness and merging not working." Finally he raises a hand to rub his face. He's not cried, been to frazzled to. And he's not going to start now, what good will it do. That's the moment his stomach, which has been neglected, decides to grumble it's protest.

Piper hmmmms contemplatively as he says the rest, quiet as if she were trying to figure out what that is supposed to mean as well. Bringing fingers to his scruffy face she gently tries to get him to look at her "Not going to figure it out exhausted," when his stomach protests its emptiness she glances down at it and then back up to his face "or hungry." a soft, reassuring smile turns her lips up.

Quinton lets her turn his face, but he doesn't say anything, just blinks at her. A soft swallow, "I just…I didn't want to scare anyone…." Wet hair wiggles as she shakes his head, "Kayla picks up on things and…I can't have her scared too. I just…" His eyes close and he leans his face into her hand, in some kind of concession.

"We're already scared." Piper points out, "But Kayla is brave, can handle this…anything." that has been proven to her, several times over. She's to soft, his expression the motion, it brings up the all the feels and she moves to put both arms around him and presses a gentle kiss at the corner of his mouth, not the cheek or directly on the lips, but nicely in the middle.

Corner of the mouth is always a confusing spot to be kissed. Is it a miss? A friendly motion? More? Less? he sighs, bring one hand up to loosely drape around her. He doesn't want her to feel trapped, he doesn't think he could handle that same scream he got from Kayla. Instead he just keeps his eyes closed. "…Sorry."

It's called safe…and not sure what the reaction would be…"Don't be." Piper loosen her arms around him, moving her hands to his shoulders "Stay." she tells him as she starts to get to her feet "Will get food…and stuff." she gestures to the complex on the other side of the fence.

Who's reaction? Quin finally opens his eyes and looks at her, perfect, perfect Savannah. His eyebrows furrow, but he'll nod. The poet shifts to sit against the wall, but then shrugs off his backpack so he doesn't crush anything.

"I'll be quick." she says as she scurries backwards through the hatch and disappears from view down the ladder. There is a gah! and Piper calls up "I'm ok!" and her footsteps can be heard running away. She's not gone long, more than five minutes, less than ten and she is once more climbing the ladder. Tossing her stuffed back in first she crawls through the hatch, this time closing the hatch behind her.

Quinton's not moved. Well, not much anyway. Currently he's sitting on the floor, his back to the wall with his eyes closed. There's a shift when he hears the hatch close and he turns his head, cracking an eye to look at her, "You ok?" for as upset as he is, his words are coming pretty easy today.

"Fine. Foot slipped." rain, wet rungs, it happens. Piper begins to unpack her bag, towel first, handed over so he can dry himself off a bit. Next is an afghan blanket, it's not a sweater, but maybe just the fact that it is knitted will help. Then the food, and nothing particularly healthy either, Twinkies, a couple of bags of mixed nuts, cheezits and oreos, along with juice boxes. Setting it all within easy reach of them both she plants herself next to him, draping the blanket over his shoulders. "Food, drink, warmth." its a start.

The towel is looked at slightly confused. Apparently he's not feeling the wet. But he takes it and wipes his face, and then his neck. The afghan has him tilting his heard, surprised. The sprawl of food and then her next to him has him watching her. This has to be the weirdest picnic he's ever been on. "Thank you…you didn't have to go to all this…" Instinctively his hand goes up and rubs the edge of the blanket, feeling the knitted material.

"You would…," Piper takes one of the juice boxes, pulling off the straw and jabbing it through the top "for me." she likes to think so anyway. The juice is set down and she repeats the process with the other. She gestures around the treehouse and then at the snack foods she gathered "With the ambiance, seemed right." they are in a kids treehouse, may as well eat like one.

Quinton nods, he can't deny he would. The comment gets a tug at his lips, the first one in two days. "Yeah…appropriate." He lets out a soft groan and stretches out his legs before reaching for a juice box. They should save those for the kids, but Quin isn't really thinking straight. Sugar sounds good.

Grabbing a few of the crackers, Piper looks around, eyeing the cabinets once more, "Nice surprise for them, once cleaned." them of course being the children. The fence could probably be taken down too so they can be watched a lot easier "The sofa will have to go." that moldy, mildewy thing is beyond saving.

Quinton's nose wrinkles, nodding in agreement. Yucky sofa is yucky. Bring up some Yard furniture….could be nice." He'll reach for whatever is closest, which happens to be a twinkie. After taking a bite he realizes he's hogging the blanket and will offer to spread it out over both their backs.

"Good idea." lawn chairs shouldn't be to hard to find in the state famous for its backyard barbecue customs. Piper wasn't going to complain, she's not the one that stayed out all night in the cold and dark "Tomorrow, rest today, and sleep tonight." she knows that's easier said than done of course. Pulling at the blanket she adjusts it so it draped evenly over the both of them, freely sharing her warmth as she does her food.

Quinton doesn't mean to, but he turns to leech off of some of her body warmth. He shivers as another bite of twinkle is taken. Instead of saying anything else depressing or defeatist he stays silent. Piper doesn't need that.

Piper has already hugged/kissed on him so it’s a little late to be getting twitchy about how close he is getting, instead she pulls the blanket tighter around them to hold in the heat "It'll get better." she puts a hand on his, today she can have enough hope for the both of them.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Men's tighty whities
1 Music Box
1 Book-Fiction-Russian Language

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