(2015-12-11) Grim Findings
Grim Findings
Summary: Elijah makes a grim discovery and shares it with Bob. DRAMA!
Date: 12.10.2015
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Elijah had kept himself in the medical area most of the day. Mainly to file and organize things, but also to make sure he was close enough to monitor Bob and Holden and be there in case either of them needed assistance. Currently, he is close enough to both men's beds, but in a chair, reading through a book that is open on his good leg.

Bob awakens more easily today than yesterday. Which isn't to say that it is actually easy. It's just easier than yesterday. He grumbles and slowly opens his eyes. It takes a few moments to see Elijah and when he does, Bob mutters, "Doc."

He then starts trying to sit up. Again. This doesn't go well. Again. He collapses back down to a laying down position and sighs. "Where's Soph?"

Elijah is alerted to Bob's stirring when the man grumbles, putting his book away and standing. "Hey, Bob. Here…" As the man lays back down, Eli would at least put a pillow under him to try and help prop him up some. "Let me know if that helps any." At Bob's question, Eli shakes his head "She was in here earlier, but had to step out for a moment. I'm sure she'll be back though…she's been awfully worried about you."

Bob eyes Elijah for a moment and then shifts to make the positioning of the pillow easier. His shifting comes with wincing, it's a package deal. "Yeah, that's better." he rasps quietly.

"So, am I ready fer patrols yet?" Bob jokes and then he nods, "She's got stuff to do." Like look after the puppy, or make sure the camp isn't burning down. "Whose been makin the decisions while I've been in here, Doc?"

A brow is lofted at the question, "Oh tomorrow for sure…" Eli then chuckles "Now I feel the need to specify I'm kidding. Please don't try that…" knowing the man might full well try it! Then, Bob's question. Eli nods, "It's been a shared responsibility mostly, but then again I've been in here for a lot of the time so…I can't say for sure."

The doctor checks his vitals, listens to his breathing again…all that doctor jazz. "I know a few patrol groups have gone out to scout…make sure there aren't any Silencers. I don't know how much of the area they covered though. I can ask if you like?" Eli looks to the man.

A nod is offered, "Unless you tell me otherwise, people can come to me for big decisions. Otherwise, Soph should be in charge of supplies and storage. Terry is in charge of camp security till I'm able to move around, and he can set the patrol and watch schedules." And then Bob almost chokes on some air. That was a lot of talking for him right now. He coughs some more and just shuts up.

Elijah nods again, then winces at Bob's coughing fit. "Here…" He takes a pitcher of water and pours some in a glass for the man, offering it to him. The doctor falls silent, but there is an almost nervousness about it. He fidgets a moment before, "Bob…I know now is not an ideal time, but…I performed some studies on the…on Qera and the other we brought back. If you'd like to hear…my findings?"

Bob takes the water, sipping at it slowly and then offers a nod, "Yeah Doc…Go ahead." he coughs a bit more, but less violently. He sets the water down and gives the Doctor his attention.

As much as he didn't want to bring this topic up currently, given Bob's condition…it was the best time. Nobody else was in the room and Holden was asleep. So here Eli was…a fidgeting mess. "Well…upon performing my autopsies I discovered that both…specimens…" Elijah clears his throat a moment, obviously not comfortable with the word.

"They both appeared to be human. Rather, both of them were human." He reaches for a nearby notebook, flipping open the pages to reveal some scribbles he had done earlier. Notes. "Further inspection showed…nanites…flowing all throughout their bodies." The doctor stops there for a moment, seeing how Bob reacts.

Ok, human he understood. Nanites he did not. Bob just raises a brow faintly, "Doc…Let's pretend I'm just some back woods hick Sheriff. Because that's what I am." He takes another sip of water, "The fuck is a nanite?"

Elijah chuckles, offering Bob the notebook with his own notes in it. For being a doctor, Eli had decent handwriting! "This will explain it with some visual aid. I tried to draw some pictures for reference…" Indeed there were little nanite illustrations. Okay so he wasn't the best artist, but you saw what he was going for!

"Essentially…nanites are a nanotechnology that are incredibly small and can be injected into living organisms. Ideally, they are used to help aid in healing or repair of tissue or other matter in the organism, but…they are also known for being a tool in manipulation or control of an organism as well…" Elijah fidgets again now, "Both of them had nanites through their bodies. Qera's were mostly inactive and therefore ineffective, but…the other's…all were active."

Bob quirks a brow and cants his head, which earns a wince. "Ok…So that explains how she was still goin through those bullet wounds, right?"

A nod is offered and he closes his eyes, rubbing at them, "So, all the silencers have these?"

Elijah nods "It would seem so yes. Again though…Qera's were mostly inactive. She stated…that not all Silencers wanted to hurt us. Something about augmented bodies…alien consciousness. Failed mergings." The young doctor looks troubled, leaning forward in his chair slightly and lifting his gaze back to Bob. "Did you hear any stories in your travels? About the abductions…from people who saw it? Or claimed they got away…"

Bob frowns and shakes his head gingerly to avoid further pain, "Not really, Doc. My group was pretty small, and small town. After the bandits killed em, I did't run into anyone until Camp Hope." He glances to the window, and then back to Elijah, "So…If they don't want to hurt us…the nanites are inactive?" That's a pretty major logic jump.

Elijah nods "That is what I am going with…based on the difference between the two. I don't know what causes the nanites to be ineffective. If they stop working after awhile or if the how…humans fight against the control, but either way…it is a troubling thought." That the Silencers were humans. Controlled humans.

Eli frowns more, rubbing the back of his neck. "There is more as well. Bob…I don't know how to say this, but…I took Piper's blood. When I delivered Quinn. As a sample to make sure she was still healthy." The doctor breathes, "She had the same nanites."

See…Bob was dealing with all of this in his usual, calm stride. Up until this moment. Bob just stares at the Doctor. He has every impulse to get up out of this bed and go confront her. Or to move everyone while Piper sleeps. Or something. "And they are active….or….inactive?" He inquires quietly.

Elijah shakes his head, "I…Bob I'm sorry. I don't remember. At the time I took her blood I didn't know what to look for or that I should be looking for anything. I just…wanted to make sure she was healthy. After carrying the baby and in this kind of lifestyle." The doctor seems nervous now, but manages to look to Bob and speak with a calm tone.

"I don't think she's dangerous, Bob. Think about it. She's aided us when able. Given us information…" Granted how she knew that information made a bit more sense now with these findings, but still. "Piper has done nothing to pose herself as a threat before these findings. Please…I told you because you were one of the only ones…the only one I thought would react calmly and use reason. If the others find out about this…when they find out. You know what the outcome could be. Will probably be." Eli furrows a brow "Let me talk to her…" he offers.

To be fair, Bob is still being calm. Calm and collected. He frowns and nods to the Doctor. "Doc, I think I need to sleep on this. Let's not approach her until I've had a chance to think. I think you are right about her, but we've got a limited amount of information. I want more before we take any action." A beat pause, "And I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt." With that, Bob shifts to be laying down. He was exhausted to begin with.

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